It Begins… Bayonet Company Rips Obama: “He Should Get Educated”

Via Pseud O’Nym

Last night Barack Obama mocked the use of horses and bayonets in the military.
Today Bayonet Inc. told Obama to “get educated.”
TMZ reported:

TMZ spoke with multiple people in the bayonet industry who tell us they were shocked and even offended when Obama brought up the weapon during last night’s debate.

According to the official U.S. Marine Corps website, every Marine is STILL required to complete a bayonet training program … because “the weapon becomes just as effective [as a rifle] in close combat situations.”

We spoke with Dan Riker from Bayonet Inc. — a leading military surplus outlet that specializes in bayonets — who tells us he believes Obama’s comment was “ignorant … because our soldiers still use bayonets.”

He adds, “[Bayonets] are still distributed to the military all the time — he should get educated on it.”

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  • Jeff

    Obama’s quote was “LESS horses and bayonets.” This is indisputably true.

    The point was that times change.

    If you do not understand this and/or if you insist on purposefully misunderstanding what he said, I feel sorry for you.

  • great unknown

    Agreed that he should get “educated on it”, but on the enormous list of what Obama is ignorant about and needs to get educated on, the bayonet issue is way down the list.
    At least Biden has the excuse of being not quite as brilliant as he thinks he is.

  • Hal Jordan

    More hilarity. Obama can’t make a move without stepping in something smelly.

  • serfer62

    Yeah Jeff
    and ships that go underwater are called “Sunk”!
    Go bow down to someone and apologize

  • Dagny

    “Obama’s quote was “LESS horses and bayonets.” This is indisputably true.”

    HA! Sorry Jeffy, but the U.S. inventory of bayonets is 400,000. MORE than we had in 1917 so his statement is demonstrably FALSE.

    BTW, it’s “fewer” not “less”. “Fewer” is used for a number and “less” for an ambiguous amount as in less water, fewer horses.

    The ocean has not shrunk by the way and more ships not FEWER are needed to keep the sea lanes open.

    Silly Jeffy

  • the Boodge

    Hey Jeff, your right, times do change and its TIME for obama to GO!

  • Ace

    The Drudge page is hilarious. “Obama” hugging a baby looking over his shoulder with a sad face at the polls: Rasmussen R+4 Gallup R+6. Headline—“Needs A Miracle”. But when you hit the link, the corrupt AP claims the race is tied!

  • chuck in st paul

    Jeff, please quote us the numbers for “less” bayonets.

    Is that total or per capita? Comparing which decades of the US military? Is the Air Force to be included? They didn’t exist for the first 150 years. Even so, our commandos carry KBars. Do KBars count if they do not fit on a bayonet fixture?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Underwater Ship

    We don’t need the horsies and knives, we have me and my friends.

  • Dagny

    Hey Underwater Ship, aren’t you technically a “boat”? Obama apparently doesn’t know…

  • Jeff

    You all understand that the reason conservative blogs are pushing this issue so hard is because it’s an attempt to dampen what most people saw as Obama’s most effective refutation of Romney last night, right?

    That’s all this is.

    Do I really need to count up the number of horses and bayonets for you all?

    Look, hate Obama all you want (personally I think he’s a terrorist and I would love to see him out of office) but please focus on REALITY.

    you’re all being taken advantage of.

  • DecentAmerican

    Lol Jeff, typical racist liberal nut job, you try to make a point just like Obozo, and it backfires on you.

    The bigger point is that it shows how grossly IGNORANT Obozo is on the military. He is Commande in Chief to our military, the strongest in the world, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, men with long long histories of military service report to HIM, this Urkel in big pants, and yet he is completely clueless. You do recall that he can not even pronounce “corpsman”?

    And you Libby nut jobs have the audacity to call Palin stupid?

    Get it straight…Obozo did not get Bin laden…..our brave seals did. Obozo did NOTHING. in the fast and furious scandal, he armed the enemy with assault rifles, and our our border patrol with bean bag bullets. That is nothing short of TREASON.

    and yet you Libbos still defend this savage? Our brave men and women have fought for years so that Americans never have to bow before anyone again, and this Urkel bows to numerous leaders?

  • Underwater Ship

    Well Dag, the brilliant leader said I exist, therefore I am. :)
    After all, he’s so brilliantly brilliant the rest of you people don’t
    understand the way his brilliantly brilliant mind works so brilliantly.

  • Jeff

    DecentAmerican, that’s a lot of very rude words. Please don’t ever call me a liberal again.

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  • Conrad

    @Jeff: The point is, if the U.S. military has fewer bayonets today than in 1916, it’s mainly because, in 1916, the U.S. was gearing up to fight a war (WWI) which would eventually see the Army grow to something like 3.5 million men. If we have fewer bayonets today, it is NOT because bayonets have somehow become technologically obsolete, as the president and you seem to suggest.

    Admittedly, “times change” and there’s an argument to be made that simply comparing the number of specific weapons between now and 1916 won’t always tell the whole story. However, Obama looks ignorant in trying to use the example of bayonets to make that point for the reason that bayonets are still a part of a modern’s infantryman’s gear.

  • Navyvet

    So the Joint Chiefs of Staff all agree with Obama. Too bad nobody mentioned that each of them serves (like every military officer) at the pleasure of the President. Obama appointed the Chiefs, of course they agree with him. How PC is the Joint Chiefs crowd? Too much for my taste and, unfortunately, not good for the nation.

  • Big Bird

    Thank you, President Obama, for using taxpayer money forme and my friends on Sesame Street rather than the Navy.

  • snap boy

    Why waste the classroom space; maybe he could just waft off to Hawaii and play golf for evermore.