Dejected Libs Ed Schultz & Rachel Maddow on Obama’s Debate Performance: ‘I’m Disappointed’ (Video)

The liberals on MSNBC were distraught after tonight’s debate.
“I’m disappointed.”
The Blaze reported:

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  • Mad Hatter
  • regularguy

    Sounds like the leftists out there are currently busy filling their diapers or Depends.

  • Spider

    What are they talking about time?

    Somewhere they said Obama talked for 4 more minutes than Mitt.

    Its that Mitt’s time had substance, the Won had unicorn farts.

  • tom63010

    This is what someone looks like when they defend the indefensible!

  • bg


    well you know how the prog-dem-lib mindset works,
    if it wasn’t all about Obama, then it wasn’t all about
    them, oh wait..


  • Bill Mitchell

    BREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC Post-Debate flash poll. Who won the debate: Romney 67%, Obama 25%



    Ricky Madcow was mad the Moderator didnt throw softballs and call Mitt and Evil rich mean proick who hates kids and puppies

  • Paula

    Romney won hands I believe that Obama lost on purpose so that he could save face all he has on his mind is that 40 million estate in Hawaii was true after all good riddance to bad rubbish feel sorry for the people of Hawaii having him there.Go Romney/Ryan.But the biggest laugh is those stupid people in the media who won’t give the story of what dumbo really wants to do to this country that’s why I for one never listen to you’re stupid channels ever. We are getting a new President in November Go President Romney

  • Spider

    Mad Hatter, oh man Chrissy looks like his head will explode! Ed Schultz is the voice of reason!

    This just puts a nice red line around the 20% of crazy leftists that inhabit this country.

    They can never get this close to the levers of power again.


    I still wanted to see Obama say when Obama kept talking about budgets. Romney could have crushed him and said you have never signed a budget and never signed one as President in 3 years.

  • Buffalobob

    Rudy Giuliani about to bitch slap the nitwit on MSNBC who wouldn’t stop interrupting him while he was trying to explain why keeping the Bush tax cuts doe not raise taxes. Can you imagine the amount of alcohol Mathews, Maddow, Schultz and the rest of the pathetic losers will consume tonight after their moistest brilliant president ever ended up looking like a bumble head on national tv.

  • Mad Hatter

    Here’s the link to what Bill just posted.

    Wow is an understatement.

  • bg


    Mitt seizes his moment: Dominant Romney hammers lackluster
    Obama to claim undisputed victory in first presidential face off

    anyone else get the sense that the world feels like
    a heavy load has been lifted off of it’s shoulders??


  • BurmaShave

    [Obama is] “just not used to being challenged and pushed”

    Obama? Challenged and pushed? Would that be by the media? (ha, ha) By MSNBC?!?

    What a hoot!

    Hey, Ed, you reap what you sow. Oh, sorry, Ed, that is a bit of wisdom from the Bible. You ought to read it some day [soon].


    Romney needed to call it Trickle down poverty ! Trickle down misery, tricle down stupidity.

    The Liberal media is in the long run by treating him like a baby and never giving him hard questions he cant answer. The chickens are comin home to roost Biotches.

  • i don’t watch debates. but reading comments on the threads here almost everyone was complaining that obama was talking over his limit. yet the msmbc people believe romney was taking obama’s time. fact was that obama spoke four minutes more then romney. maybe the msmbc twits felt the way they did because even though obama talks alot he doesn’t say anything.

  • BurmaShave

    @#6 Bill Mitchell

    BREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC Post-Debate flash poll. Who won the debate: Romney 67%, Obama 25%


    Obama 25% ! Huh? This sounds a like another example of a Democrat – Michelle, in this case – voting multiple times. They really have to stop that stuff.

  • mcnorman

    Yeah, well Tingles needs meds now.

  • mcnorman
  • maraz

    Here’s a sample of how the Liberal moderator asked Questions:

    To Romney: Why did the Republicans ruin the economy? To Obama: What are your greatest accomplishments in bipartisanship?

    To Obama: Name your Favorite color? To Romney: Fix the Middle East, you’ve got 2 minutes.

  • 2catsmeowing

    I felt bad for him. He was not prepared. I’m glad they didn’t ask any golf questions.

  • donh

    OBAMA lost it from his opening with a big smooch out to his wife Michelle ….The gay humor of Mitt Romney’s sarcastic response was a TKO……OBAMA never recoved…All that was on his mind the whole 90 minutes was the verbal whoopin he had coming from Michelle for being humiliated without answer……Obama’s slow listless performance reminded me of Grady from Sanford & Son…>

  • and the spin begins:
    “he looked tired”
    “he has so many other things on his mind”
    blah blah blah

    The LSM is so dense they don’t even recognize an empty suit / empty chair when they see it.

  • Miller Time

    So Ralph Maddow says there were a lot of attacks by Romney to Mr. Eye Candy…
    really? Rebutting lies and putting forth truth are attacks???

    She must have been watching the same debate (that wasn’t THIS one) with that b#@*h Pelosi.

  • donh

    I hope someone with a camera is following Chris Matthews when he staggers out of the bar at 3:00 AM singing his ZERO Mostrel version of ” If I Were A Rich Man “….Will he make it home ? ….will he finish the song ? …or fall unconscious in a dark alley ? ….>

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  • donh

    Here is the ZERO Mostel song for Chris Matthews to sing as he stumbles down a dark sidewalk at 3:00 AM in drunken stagger…>

  • Sandy

    Romney had it all going on tonight. He was attractive, articulate and full of energy while Obama looked like he just wanted to get out of there alive.

    Reminds me of the debates between Carter and Reagan and G H W Bush and Clinton. Both Presidents listless and both went on to lose a second term.

  • BruceC

    When a leftie cries an angel gets his wings…

  • lizzytalorburton

    Hooray for Romney!!! He said the truth about EVERYTHING. He was has so much more everything and would be a real President not a fake one like Obama. Obama doesn’t care what the American people want, Loves the power and acts more like a dictator not an American president.

    Don’t trust Obama at all, he may win by fraud and the media and it would be very bad for all of us if he wins again.

  • Flintstone F.

    Coast To Coast AM, George Noory unscientific poll:

    After debate, who do you vote for? Right now 14%-Obama. 74%-Romney.

    I love the fact that Romney mentioned the 10th amendment. Americans love the constitution and the flag. Go figure.

    All Obama has left are the “coupla wars to wrap up…” Look out Libya.
    I really love this video: F-15 vertical take-off.

  • So did Obama’s pitiful performance after being coached by John Fraud Kerry put a crimp in Lurch’s chance at being Secretary of State if Obama gets reelected?

  • thescribbler

    I was hoping someone would mention that Romney did get the “the people are buried” line in. lol The good news is that we have a week before Ryan tears Biden a new one.

    It was good to see that even the main stream media can’t defend Obama on this one, let alone the members of his own party. The one woman that Fox had on to defend Obama was the only idiot, other than Juan Williams, who thought Obama did an excellent job.

    I bet that Obama pays us back with taking wifey on a VERY expensive belated anniversary excursion within the next few days…on our dime, of course.

  • Rose

    I must disagree with those who show themselves to be disappointed in the performance of our President.
    I will choose a president like President Obama, that is if I want a President whose heart is with the poor and needy(middle class); for we are the vulnerable ones whose well-being depends much upon the heart of the man in that Oval Office, and not how skillful he is in debates.
    It is not his performance, in debates, that makes him a well qualified leader, but the heart that lets him hear the cries of God’s poor and needy, and do his best to answer that cry.
    I speak out, because I am one of the 47%

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  • Rose

    I see you refuse to leave my comment up for readers to see. Was I wrong in placing such a message on your sight? if so you have apology; for it was not my intention to violate any rules. I was not aware that this sight was not for those who saw the debate in a different light, or had a kind word to say about the President of our United States.
    Again, I apologize, and will not post another comment.
    God bless you

  • Rose

    Now I must apologize for second comment, but the first did not show until after I had submitted the second comment, but I will still keep my word, regarding posting comments; for this is really not my cup of tea. Thanks for posting my first comment, AND I HOPE READERS FORGIVE THE SECOND COMMENT. GOD BLESS YOU

  • Mr. Saturn

    So you’ve sold your soul to the government, Rose? Well good luck with that. I hope that free cell phone keeps you warm if Obama gets a second term and slams the country full speed into deficit hell.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Go ahead and say it. 0bama sucks!

    To my few remaining Hollywood Talking Heads, all I need is more, coke, more lipstick and more of your donation money! This pig can fly!

    And, this is important for my Taking Heads! Send me more do notion money now!

    My campaign is in the dumps. That is why you must send me more money now… send me more money this very instant! And, quit hogging the spot-light. There is only room for me! Good day.

  • demoncrat

    What happened to all the MSM polls that usually follow the debates?

  • squeaky

    interestingly, one talking head tweeted that obama was rusty…had no one talk to him like that for 4 years. i wonder if the einstein factored in the verbal assault launch at anyone who dared criticize o. playing on the fear of being labeled racist………

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  • #9 rose…if you couldn’t vote that bleeding heart wouldn’t care if you starved to death.

  • squeaky

    ‘…that bleeding heart wouldn’t care if you starved to death.” red pill – blue pill alert.

  • xiphos

    I’d pay money to sit in and listen to Obama’s damage control team this morning. That is, if they’re sober.

  • BurmaShave

    I recall hearing Libs on numerous occasions confidently talking about how Obama would mop the floor with whatever stiff the Republicans pushed forward.

    Anyone else recall comments like that?

    The Libs have been living a ‘fairy tale’, to borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton.

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  • Bob

    Rick Maddow did not see who won??? OMG get real. Maddow, Schultz and Matthews have been carrying the water for Obama since 2007. NBC and MSNBC is an arm of the DNC and Obama campaign. Sorry Rick, your boy is not now or ever was Presidential material. Time for a real President to do the job.

  • Campfollower

    Look this morning at your local newspaper’s online commentary. Here in Georgia, we had a dozen commentors overnight (dumb enough to say where they are from) slamming Mitt’s performance and saying they’re voting for O.

    Libs/dems pay these people to sit at their computers all night and spin on local news websites from afar. We need to do what we can to counter and expose this practice. It started in earnest after the 2000 election, and they’ve apparently become very good at it.

  • Campfollower

    I just had a positive conversation with my 23 year old daughter. She was listening to the local rap station this morning and was surprised to hear the DJs talking positively about Romney. They invited any local black republicans to call them and give comments. Wow. What a change from 2008!!!

    Also, all the young people I know, college age and just out of college, were blown away by Mitt last night. If you are young and just watching politics for the first time, there was no contest last night. Obama looked uninformed and Romney looked like a nice, sharp guy who can help these young people find good jobs out of school and become successful, which they truly want to be. Let’s hope this is a sign.

  • workingclass artist

    Romney rocked it!

    Party like it’s 1980

  • Look-Out

    Rose, put your faith in God. Not the faithless Obama. If you’d done your homework back in ’08, you’d know BHO can’t be trusted. His word is not good. He cares for no one but himself. But God will never disappoint you.

  • mg4us

    If Schultz and Maddow are disappointed in Obama’s performance during the debate. . just wait until they get the focus group reactions. . .

    Hannity’s was best with Frank Luntz (nothing suspicious but leftist title)

    Even FAR-left leaning MSNBC had similar result
    Funny how only black was the moderator. . .

    Obama has lost the mainstream American voter. . . the PATRIOTIC American

    It was not about debate performance but Obama’s Performance over these past four years

    Last night showed how INEPT and INCOMPETENT he is. . .and so disconnected from reality. . .repeating his false campaign talking points over and over again.

    Libtard heads exploding!

    All I can say to Maddow and Schultz are two words
    November 2010!

  • mg4us

    Oh and Maddow and Schultz ought not to forget the BIASED CNN poll which continued to OVERSAMPLE DEMS
    YET SHOWS ROMNEY winning more than 2 to 1 (closer to 3 to 1)

    For those who Follow Obama, no need for you to be a loser like him, come join the RIGHT side of History!

  • Miller Time

    The best moment for Mr. eye candy was when he realized this slaughter was over…but, oh wait, then “the Mrs.” walked on stage…(I could hear the “Jaws” music in my head…)

  • H8Unions

    They SHOULD know disappointment, they work for MSNBC.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    With 7 minutes left, Andrew Sullivan tweets:

    10.23 pm. “Lehrer has basically handed the moderation of this to the candidates, and Romney has taken command. And he has done so by speaking for three minutes less.”

    So, what is Rachel talking about “We’ll have to do the word count” about who was speaking more? I guess she’s talking about the um’s and uhh’s from Obama.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    With 7 minutes left, Andrew Sullivan tweets:

    10.23 pm. “Lehrer has basically handed the moderation of this to the candidates, and Romney has taken command.”

    As he will on the world stage.

  • mg4us
  • Joanie

    Rose….oh PLEEEEZZZZE…are you bowing as you grovel?

  • Steve

    From the beginning of the primaries, mitt looked and acted like the only adult in the whole contest, either party. This president is just, and never was, qualified to
    do the jib he was elected for. He didnt do anything in his lufe to show he should be president. However, we survived and now he has to go and let the adult take over. If obama wins again, it will be a tragedy of major proportions. Jyst a terrible thing. I hope there are enough people around whho want to elect a real president so we can save ourselves. The kast four years have been very sad with the population becoming hypnotized to believing a person who basically just walked in off the street could be the leader if the free world. Shame on obama and his wife for doing this to us. The obamas are very sad and unfufilled people. The country should have listened to her when she said she hated this country and we gave her a chance to destroy it. Please vote them out before they accomplish their goal.

  • Jerry C

    @ Rose

    Have you taken the Mark in your right hand or forehead for your messiah? Don’t answer. I already know.

  • The Jarv

    This is ridiculous. Obama beat the snot out of Romney in this debate. Romney contradicted himself perpetually, lied at least three times, and crushed Romney on substance. The thing is that what people perceive as “substance” isn’t numbers or well-crafted arguments, its persuasive statements. “Substance” in a debate is seen when the two debaters clash with one another in a meaningful way (Obama), not just repeating the same points again and again (Romney).

    Romney claims to want to get energy independent with the energy we have here, such as by authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline to get more oil from Canada? Improving relations with Latin America? Refusing to subsidize green tech? My point is that when he claims “independence” he is really just saying more oil from wherever we can get it…that’s not independence.

    Romney got crushed when he says he wants to be bipartisan and then never responded to Obama’s point that he would have a very busy day trying to repeal Obamacare which the Democrats loved. Further Romney conceded that Obamacare is awesome. He agrees with almost every part except the advisory board portion because it’s unelected. Maybe that’s true but I don’t recall casting my ballot for any of the Regence Blue Shield executives either.

    On the Medicare debate, Obama jabbed Romney plenty hard for forgetting about the 54-55 year olds who would be effected. Obama clowned on Romney the entire debate and anyone who didn’t notice is an idiot. Romney never effectively refuted that by creating a private alternative to Medicare, insurance companies will lower their rates until Medicare no longer becomes competitive and then jack them up again. Romney basically believes the private sector is universally benevolent.

    On the tax and econ debate for the life of me I have no idea what Romney’s policies are. Obama cites a statistic from a notable economist about how Romney’s proposals as articulated throughout his campaign will increase the deficit and the debt (if you don’t know the difference take an economics course). Romney’s response? “That won’t happen because I won’t do anything that would raise the deficit” (In other words…I am psychic and will fix the economy with magic)…

    I think it’s important to remember that Romney abandoned his platform and that he’s had months and months to prepare for this debate whereas Obama has been doing the whole leader of the free world thing.

  • The Jarv

    Oops…one last point. When Obama took office we were on the verge of complete and utter devastation. Since he’s been in office unemployment has been going down and we’ve had 30 consecutive months of job growth. He has also reduced the annual budget deficit since he’s been in office (no not the debt…the last guy to do that was Clinton). I don’t know how anyone can say he’s killing jobs. Whatever he’s doing is working…fact.

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