The liberals on MSNBC were distraught after tonight’s debate.
“I’m disappointed.”
The Blaze reported:




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  1. Sounds like the leftists out there are currently busy filling their diapers or Depends.

  2. What are they talking about time?

    Somewhere they said Obama talked for 4 more minutes than Mitt.

    Its that Mitt’s time had substance, the Won had unicorn farts.

  3. This is what someone looks like when they defend the indefensible!

  4. ++

    well you know how the prog-dem-lib mindset works,
    if it wasn’t all about Obama, then it wasn’t all about
    them, oh wait..


  5. BREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC Post-Debate flash poll. Who won the debate: Romney 67%, Obama 25%


  6. Ricky Madcow was mad the Moderator didnt throw softballs and call Mitt and Evil rich mean proick who hates kids and puppies

  7. Romney won hands I believe that Obama lost on purpose so that he could save face all he has on his mind is that 40 million estate in Hawaii was true after all good riddance to bad rubbish feel sorry for the people of Hawaii having him there.Go Romney/Ryan.But the biggest laugh is those stupid people in the media who won’t give the story of what dumbo really wants to do to this country that’s why I for one never listen to you’re stupid channels ever. We are getting a new President in November Go President Romney

  8. Mad Hatter, oh man Chrissy looks like his head will explode! Ed Schultz is the voice of reason!

    This just puts a nice red line around the 20% of crazy leftists that inhabit this country.

    They can never get this close to the levers of power again.

  9. I still wanted to see Obama say when Obama kept talking about budgets. Romney could have crushed him and said you have never signed a budget and never signed one as President in 3 years.

  10. Rudy Giuliani about to bitch slap the nitwit on MSNBC who wouldn’t stop interrupting him while he was trying to explain why keeping the Bush tax cuts doe not raise taxes. Can you imagine the amount of alcohol Mathews, Maddow, Schultz and the rest of the pathetic losers will consume tonight after their moistest brilliant president ever ended up looking like a bumble head on national tv.

  11. Here’s the link to what Bill just posted.

    Wow is an understatement.

  12. ++

    Mitt seizes his moment: Dominant Romney hammers lackluster
    Obama to claim undisputed victory in first presidential face off

    anyone else get the sense that the world feels like
    a heavy load has been lifted off of it’s shoulders??


  13. [Obama is] “just not used to being challenged and pushed”

    Obama? Challenged and pushed? Would that be by the media? (ha, ha) By MSNBC?!?

    What a hoot!

    Hey, Ed, you reap what you sow. Oh, sorry, Ed, that is a bit of wisdom from the Bible. You ought to read it some day [soon].

  14. Romney needed to call it Trickle down poverty ! Trickle down misery, tricle down stupidity.

    The Liberal media is in the long run by treating him like a baby and never giving him hard questions he cant answer. The chickens are comin home to roost Biotches.

  15. i don’t watch debates. but reading comments on the threads here almost everyone was complaining that obama was talking over his limit. yet the msmbc people believe romney was taking obama’s time. fact was that obama spoke four minutes more then romney. maybe the msmbc twits felt the way they did because even though obama talks alot he doesn’t say anything.

  16. @#6 Bill Mitchell

    BREAKING: Results of CNN-ORC Post-Debate flash poll. Who won the debate: Romney 67%, Obama 25%


    Obama 25% ! Huh? This sounds a like another example of a Democrat – Michelle, in this case – voting multiple times. They really have to stop that stuff.

  17. Yeah, well Tingles needs meds now.

  18. Here’s a sample of how the Liberal moderator asked Questions:

    To Romney: Why did the Republicans ruin the economy? To Obama: What are your greatest accomplishments in bipartisanship?

    To Obama: Name your Favorite color? To Romney: Fix the Middle East, you’ve got 2 minutes.

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