BUSTED… Former Top Defense Official: If Obama Gave Order to Protect Benghazi Heroes There’d Be Paper Trail (There Was No Order)

Obama Fiddled While Benghazi Burned–
Earlier today Barack Obama told Denver’s News9 TV this in regard to the Benghazi 9-11 terror attack,

“I gave three very clear directives. Number one, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to. Number two, we’re going to investigate exactly what happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice.”

Tonight however, Bing West, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense, told Greta Van Susteren,

“If that actually happened the way President Obama said it happened, there’s a paper trail and I think people reasonably enough can say, “Can we see the order?” because hundreds of others supposedly saw this order.

Obama just got caught. He lied about his securing our personnel in Benghazi. And now the world will know about it.
There was no order to protect our men on the ground.

It looks like Barack just boxed himself in.

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  • Jim

    The actual order is in a safe place, right on top of the birth certificate.

  • valerie

    Too many people know how our government works for him to get away with this lie, provided the word gets out.

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  • Conservative Ken

    There’s a document shredding party at the White House tonight!

  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    I am proud of the brave journalists and top officials that are actually researching and coming forward and speaking! THAT is America… America is TRUTH, America is HONESTY, America is MORAL. I am sure they are not the most liked for speaking up. Time ticks slowly as we wait and watch for facts to come out though…

  • FurryGuy

    #4 October 26, 2012 at 10:31 pm
    Conservative Ken commented:

    There’s a document shredding party at the White House tonight!

    Which would only serve to make the administration’s actions appear even more criminal and culpable. No, instead of shredding documents I fully expect a ginned up fake document trail. False Birth Certificate, Part Deux.

  • Bonnie

    It looks like a huge cover-up–that didn’t get covered up. I think it’s an inside job, and they are scrambling to get people to believe something! And some will…though, how, I don’t understand since he has lied about everything from the beginning. NOTHING he promised came true…he has another agenda….but whose? Maybe he can find a minnion to take the blame for not getting the order out. Someone will have to be a good soldier and stand up and take responsibility.

  • robotech master

    Paper trail? Proof? What next asking for his birth cert? Why do they keep letting these birthers on TV? /sarc

  • Joanne

    I heard on the radio that if it wasn’t for Whistleblowers, no one would know what was going on. I’m thinking Obama is losing his control.

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  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    March 26, 2008

    Obama ‘intended to leave no paper trail’

    October 2, 2012

    Breaking law in organized effort to ‘avoid leaving any trails’

    can you see that albeit Obama may be the leader of the pack,
    he has not, is not, and will continue to not act on his own??


  • Buffalobob

    If your going to be a congenital liar you need a good memory. O has the first not even close on the second.

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  • dw dude

    his goose is almost cooked…hey, pass your flame thrower.

  • [email protected]

    Fire up the copy machine!!! It’s copy-and-paste time!!!!

  • sharon

    it’s always hard to remember so many lies, eventually you forget and the truth will come out.

  • Limousine Barry

    I’ve always strait-out lied to the American people – I don’t want to lose the election!

    Let me be clear, this is something that the American people can take to the poor house – is that my administration plays this stuff with media spin. We don’t play politics when it comes to American national security unless it affects my reelection campaign – then we play the blame game!

    The first thing I did when I got the message about the Benghazi massacre was to make sure none of these terrorists folks got killed… only one American ambassador and three other Americans. I can’t lose the Muslim vote!

    Second, I called Davy Axelrod and ask him to get the spin machine going with my media cronies. We initially decided to blame some guy in Cypress California who made an obscure 15 minute YouTube trailer for a movie that has yet to be made. This trailer was over dubbed in Egypt to match the local language… But, the blame game must continue!

    Next, I called Maxine Waters (D-LA) and found out the unfortunate news that Cypress California only boarders Los Angeles County California and it was out of her hands – but she said she would arrest him anyway. I was grateful!

    Davy Axelrod suggested just trumping up a charge and Mad Maxine said “No problem. I have done it many times! I hope he is a republican!”

    He was arrested in front of the blazing lights of my media cronies. It made great headlines! Now, he has a price on his head and is a dead man walking… sort of likes my campaign!

    Third, I called Bubba and Shillery Clinton. I told them to lie, defect, and delay any investigation – my reelection campaign is already in the flusher as it is.

    Shillery said “I can use the old visa trick! I am the secretary of state and I can do anything I please. These yes men who work for me are spineless.” I said thank you. My reelection campaign is at stake!

    Then I called CNN’s Anderson Cooper to check my polling numbers and to see if they could please call one of these folks to find out if any of them were even hurt. Anderson Cooper said he and a date with Barney Frank but he would look in his Terrorists stringer/reporter data base and make the call before his date.

    By Allah, Anderson Cooper came through in spades! He not only talked to the perpetrators but he also bought Ambassador Chris Stevens personal diary. I congratulated him on his intimate relationships terrorists and said that it would make a great headline! It would distract the public from my blunders!

    Next, I got Susan Rice, a great team 0bama player to practice lying in front of the mirror until she could fool the Pope. She got up and lied a forcefully as she could in front of the American public, the families of those murdered, the UN, and the world.

    Her lies bought me time to make excuses for my disdain for American’s security. I only care about donations and my reelection campaign!

    I have to have Davy Axelrod shred, cleans, and wipe all evidence leading to me. That will probably include throwing Hillary under the bus. Bill can stay on for his third term in the White House – its only fair!

    Another lose end was Dave Ubben, the only survivor of the Benghazi murders, who is now recovering shrapnel wounds and smashed bones in Walter Reed hospital. Maybe Bubba can help.

    Dave Ubben is now surrounded by my guards and will not be allowed to talk with anyone – he may spill the beans!

    Should Dave Ubben die while undergoing surgery – then I will try to get an absentee ballot from him before he expires! I need every vote I can get!

    If you like the way I get our Ambassadors murdered, our American embassy personnel killed, the black flag of terrorism flying above our embassies, American citizens tossed in jail for political gain and my coddling of killers than vote for me!

    You think you may be thinking: “This 0bama guy is a blatant liar…” and “I can’t trust anything he says.”

    “0bama has so many media cronies lying for him – he makes con-man Charles Ponzi look good.”

    “0bama doesn’t belong in the White House!.”

    And, “0bama is a blow-hard!”

    That is true. But, I have an excuse! I am losing the election and I have to get the Muslim vote!

    And, this is very important! Send me $4,666.99 before midnight. I don’t know what Election Night will hold. I will probably lose! But we can still Booze it up at the loser’s party!

    I’d like you to be a part of the event here in Chicago! Any donation you make today automatically enters you for a chance to meet Barney Frank and me – airfare and hotel for you and a young male guest are covered! Barney’s Butt will be in the air and I’ll be on the prayer rug! Please give Barney or me a donation!

    **This offer has absolutely no guarantees! You may not get to meet me. You monetary donation is not tax deductible. Absolutely No Refunds allowed!

  • Robert

    If you give an order that nobody hears, does it make any difference?

  • lynno

    Their very first objective was to limit free speech. Don’t hurt the exteimist feeling’s. Blame it on
    the short trailer, that was so bad, one can not think this was to incite violence. Planned from the very beginning. This agenda did not work, so this administration begins it lies. IMPEACH THIS GUY