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  1. This reflects the sloppy, lazy style of this administration. “Nothing to see here!!!…Off to the golf course or a fund raiser”

  2. Voting for Obama is like backing up the Titanic and making another run at the iceberg. Do you really expect a different results?

    Retire Obama so he can build homes for Habitat and hang out in LA

    Jimmy Carter’s the president when
    Some insane Arab protests begin
    And is justly rewarded,
    Being rightly regarded
    As a laughingstock ever since then.

  4. There must have been something there at one time. Probably something that made the Obama administration look like fools – oh wait, scratch that, it’s a moot point in making a fool look more foolish!

  5. Obama is a complete imbecile. He needs to be voted out and remembered as Jimmy Carter’s prodigy. He’s the weakest president in my adult life. Give him a basketball, some golf clubs, and whatever else he wants, just to get him out of the White House. He belongs in a Chicago neighborhood trying to convince teens to go to school and do what he can to curb flash mobs. Vote him out!

  6. I feel for the families of the victims. This did not have to happen and now they are covering it up.

  7. There’s something more nefarious than ineptitude going on here. I believe they are allowing these activities to foment into a full fledged crises so that military activity will be the only option for the entire region. Armageddon anyone?

  8. Well, the upside is that Hillary can kiss 2016 goodbye.

    Maybe Zero can kiss 2012 goodbye, too.

  9. What happened to all that transparency Obama promised?
    This entire Administration stinks to high heaven.
    If Hillary decides to run in 2016 we will remember how she stood back and let Obama dictate his thug way of doing business and she just did his bidding.

  10. Arrest Hillary and her gf and Obama

  11. Liar, Liar O’s pants are on fire

    Revealed: inside story of US envoy’s assassination
    Exclusive: America ‘was warned of embassy attack but did nothing’


    Al-Qaida says US consulate attack ‘revenge for drone killing of #2


    Al-Qaeda says attack on U.S. consulate in Libya ‘revenge’ for death of its 2nd man


  12. Yep we have gone back in time to the era of Jim my ‘Pea nut’ Ca rter. Who ever ‘Thunk’ that we would be sentenced to reliving such B S twice. If we going to have to do it again and go back in time, at least I should be able to be 28 again instead of 62.

  13. in the words of maxwell smart “the ole document shredding trick”

  14. Apparently Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign ranks higher than any security threat. At least in the White House. How many times are we going to hear the Bin Laden is dead speech?

  15. What idiots! Go get them Issa…or someone who has a backbone!

  16. We have a mad man for president. He is totally disassociated from reality. Too much pot as a kid has rendered him a megalomaniac.

  17. This is definitely Bush’s fault.

  18. Over the week-end I heard Obama hollering……Get George Bush on the Phone.I need someone who knows what to do.
    It was said that Bush told him to go f^^^ himself.

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