UN-Real… Obama UN Ambassador Rice Blew Off Netanyahu Speech Too (Video)

Barack Obama blew off Netanyahu this week. He refused to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister while he’s visiting the US. He said he was too busy but took the afternoon off on Thursday according to his schedule. He’s going to call Netanyahu between campaign stops today.

Meanwhile… Obama’s ambassador to the UN Susan Rice also blew off Netanyahu’s speech.
She went to lunch with Hillary and some other officials instead.

Greta Van Susteren broke the story on Thursday:

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  • Rhoda R

    The Obama Administration is telling Iran, and the rest of the world, that’ll be alright for them, Iran, to attack Israel because the US won’t do anything. In fact, I’d say that Obama is telling them that after 6 Nov they can do anything they want to Israel.

  • JenBee

    I have trouble watching video clips, so I didn’t watch this one…

    Are you saying that our UN ambassador actually sat through A-mah-dinner-jad’s entire speech yesterday, but was not in attendance whatsoever for Netanyahu’s speech today???

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama, Rice, and Hillary didn’t meet with Netanyahu. They were too busy taking orders from their master, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    We’ve been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, we know what side Hillary’s buddy, Huma Abedin is on.

  • Fu#k Obama

    Lunch with CAIR, The muslim brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah with a special invite to Cuba and Venezuela…

    Discussing how to cook Christians, Jews and other undesirables

  • saveus

    The “too busy to meet” Obama took the afternoon off after having a one hour campaign stop and the UN ambassador was at lunch.
    Obama’s message to Israel is loud and clear – he stands the enemies of freedom and insults our allies time and time again. Our enemies are gloating since he is on their side.

  • SeniorD

    Two reasons Dumbobama isn’t a friend of Israel:

    1. He favors the Muslim solution to the existance of Israel
    2. Their Prime Minister has orders of magnitude of leadership in his left little toe that Odumba has in his entire body.

    When (not IF) Israel is attacked, the blame can and should be placed right is the Coward in Chief’s lap with extra helpings to the rest of his Communist Regime. And the Middle East oil, upon which most of the world is addicted to, will be radioactive for the next 1,500 years.

  • Liz

    I side with Netanyahu, he does have a grasp of the truth, whereas Obama and his posse run as far from it as possible. Usually to the golf course, or on a very expensive vacation somewhere.

  • Terry Gain

    Rice followed the orders of her Muslim boss. 65% of American Jews will still vote for the SCOAMF.

  • what makes people think that anyone in this administration considers israel the ally. if you were paying attention in 2008 jesse jackson told everybody what was going to happen to our relationship with israel.

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  • Highlander

    And the 47% aren’t paying the least bit of attention to ANY of this ….. so, it’s up to us folks.

  • Obama Brotherhood

    Anyone watch Becks The Project? Reading a few of the source documents actually makes Obama and Hillary’s incompetence seem rather rational and methodical.

  • coolidgerules

    Burning the place to the ground. If he gets re-elected its what he wants, anyway. If not, he trashes the place. He gives not one iota what happens. Complete and total narcissism.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The way I’d like to see the Israelis can get back at this administration:

    After they’re all booted out of office in November, if ANY of them, including Obie himself, try to go to Israel for whatever reason in any capacity, refuse them entry in customs. Make them go back on the plane and go home.

  • Sarah

    Y’all. Every day brings a new onslaught of horrors. Please make sure you are doing everything in your power to make sure Obama is not reelected. Sacrifice. Donate. Make calls. Canvas in swing states if you can. Light a fire under others. Make very interaction with every person between now and election day about the election.

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  • Kathteach

    Susan Rice is following the orders of our REAL American President – Valerie Jarret.

    Scary stuff in this White house folks…..someday someone will write a book telling us all what has really been going on.

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    Netanyahu has been, and remains, THE most eloquent and powerful voice in the world against nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.
    He is a leader. He speaks clearly. He is firm. He garners support by his courage and his eloquence.
    He is a believer. He recalls, and HAS SEEN BEFORE, the potent power of the Great Jehovah preserve Israel from its enemies. I can only suspect that some, just some, of his most favorite Bible verses are these from Isaiah 50:8-11 (KJV)
    ¶For the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.
    8 He is near that justifieth me; who will contend with me? let us stand together: who is mine adversary? let him come near to me.
    9 Behold, the Lord God will help me; who is he that shall condemn me? lo, they all shall wax old as a garment; the moth shall eat them up.
    10 ¶Who is among you that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him etrust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon his God.
    11 Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow.
    – How powerful the warning. How fierce its author!
    Hussein Obama–ye shall lie down in sorrow
    Hilly Clinton–ye shall lie down in sorrow
    Hamas–ye shall lie down in sorrow
    Al Qaeda–ye shall lie down in sorrow
    Ahmedajin–ye shall lie down in sorrow
    TODAY, you strut, you preen, you are fetted, you are hailed as heroes and commanders of all. But, ye shall all lie down in sorrow at the hand of He whose hand is stretched out still to save. Not too late.

  • squeaky

    “The Obama Administration is telling Iran, and the rest of the world, that’ll be alright for them..”
    by their actions or lack of. remember this is the guy who considered himself to be a blank screen. [.Audacity of Hope,” Barack Obama said: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”]. manipulating people to do the bad things you yourself won’t do and making them think that it was their idea.

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  • ken schwenzer

    I believe that this administration has essentially established Islam as the state religion, in violation of the constitution. this sounds extreme, however, consider:
    1. When the affordable health care act was passed, the administration told us that everyone would have to buy insurance since, if they didn’t, paying for their health care would be a burdan and a tax on every one who had health insurance, in the form of higher premiums.
    2. Followers of Islam are released from having to buy insurance, according to the act, because Islam
    considers insurance to be gambling.
    3. Therefore, by this administrations own statements, those of us who are not Islamic, are supporting health care for Islamic people with our tax and insurance dollars.
    4. This is effectively a dhimmi tax supporting Islam and thus, Islam is effecxtively the law of the land.
    Thank you Huma, Obama, Nancy (you have to pass it in order to know what is in it), and Harry.

  • mg4us

    To our jewish American Friends. .
    Wake up and smell the humus. . .see the disrepect from this Administration towards Israel

    it is purposeful. . .

    If you have Hope then make a Change come November. . .

  • Finncrisp

    The object lesson part of the speech was priceless. Only thing that could have been better is when he drew the red line, he would have stopped and asked – Any questions?

    He is the man for the hour, and he will do what is necessary to proect his sovereign nation. On the other hand, Barry is just the opposite.

    America needs to get rid of Creep Obama.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    “And the 47% aren’t paying the least bit of attention to ANY of this …..”

    They’re too busy playing with their Obama Phones.

  • bigL

    Obama wil get all theroman Catholic vote too. He has been invited to NF again and Dolan never ever said to voteforRomney or “this time vote GOP” Mor did ANT oftherest of Bps and cardinals.
    Babies?Abortion?Christianity? eh-h-h… Liberalism is more important!

  • Campfollower

    Husband works with some black former Marines, very nice guys, upstanding, good jobs. But they are brainwashed for Obama. Asked them about his foreign policy, it’s all Bush’s fault. Ask them about Israel, they say Bibi is “bullying” their man Obama. They love his cool factor. They rationalize absolutely everything at a visceral level, dismissing facts. If you mention how Obama is cutting defense but increasing their Tricare (military medical) insurance premiums by 300 percent, they seem concerned for a second, but then dismiss it outright. Obama would never do that. It must be some old white guys at the DoD.

    If this is how productive members of society, nice guys, feel about Obama, imagine how the real 47 percenters feel.

    NOTHING is going to change the minds of these people, and we have to accept that and just hope and pray that the numbers haven’t tipped…turnout is crucial and even the libertarians who so stubbornly cling to Johnson MUST have a change of heart at the ballot box and vote Mitt.

    I fear Obama has done more to divide the races in America than any other one person.

  • Lio

    Who cares about Israel? Lets just worry about the US!! Ron Paul 2016!!

  • Taz

    You can’t make this crap up.

  • pamela

    Good! It’s about time we stopped kowtowing to Israel!!!! Being an ally is a 2-way street & while we give to Israel, Israel only takes! They have stolen from us, lied to us, spied on us, & regularly endangers us! With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?? BTW – for those of you support Israel instead of YOUR OWN COUNTRY, I ask – Where is your patriotism & loyalty??? Shame on you!!!!!!

  • buckeyejack

    If the Jews who live and vote in America can’t see the writing on the wall under Obama as President I feel sorry for them.

  • jnsesq

    I believe if my Jewish father were alive he’d still be reflexively voting for Obama. Are you watching, American Jews? Must we still keep you on suicide watch or have you learned anything YET about your new Democrat party?

  • Noovuss

    Lio commented:

    Who cares about Israel? Lets just worry about the US!! Ron Paul 2016!!

    I do and Doktor Paul will be a zombie by 2016.
    He did write that racist news letter and you know it. But what the hell, never let reality stand in your way.

    “The truly and deliberately evil men are a very small minority; it is the appeaser who unleashes them on mankind; it is the appeaser’s intellectual abdication that invites them to take over. When a culture’s dominant trend is geared to irrationality, the thugs win over the appeasers. When intellectual leaders fail to foster the best in the mixed, unformed, vacillating character of people at large, the thugs are sure to bring out the worst. When the ablest men turn into cowards, the average men turn into brutes.”

  • PTParks

    The problem is that the Jewish Community in America does not care one bit about what happens to Israel, so they will line up like good little obamabots and vote the democratic ticket every time. It’s shameful that they turn their backs on their own people while the rest of us provide moral support by defending their right to exist as a nation.

  • Due-dad

    Who is protecting from the domestic enemies (COMMUNIST/Fascist/ Rascists) in our state department and white House?

  • ELefevre

    Surely these two professional diplomats didn’t think such a minor snub could be anything of importance when……….THE EFFING MIDDLE EAST IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • citizenkk

    odrama hates israel…he loves the muslims and carries their water….what a drag for the rest of us…..

  • Anishinabi

    This administration is “out to lunch.” The signal being sent to Israel is you might as well act on your own. The USA does not have your back. It could not be more obvious that the intent is to insult Israel. Any Jew that votes for Obama has no concern for the continued existence of Israel, or the lives of its people. Obama and his appointed minions are deliberately sending the signal that they favor Israel’s enemies.

  • vangrungy

    My Shariah

    Ooh my little burka one, burka one.
    Gonna bury you up to your eyes, Shariah!
    Ooh you make my mullah rage, my mullah rage
    Gun a rock at your head Shariah!
    Never gonna stop, give it up.
    Such a pious mind. Always get it up for the touch
    of the beardless boys. My my my i yi woo. M M M My Shariah!…

  • GoldenRudy

    Can we get a comment from DNC Spokeswoman Debbie Blabbermouth-Schutlz? Has her pic been put on milk cartons yet?

  • Catherine

    I just wonder if all those oil fields in mussi land will work after an emp
    Hell their coffee makers sure wont.

    Just wondering.


  • Stella Baskomb

    That’s my guy, Barakhmed Obamadinejad.

    Eye candy for the ages he is.

    Meanwhile – – GM is dying and bin Laden is coming back to life.

  • Jasonn

    They’re ‘OUT TO LUNCH’ alright, following their boss’s example of not showing up for work. Too bad they don’t know how to play golf.

  • nomobama

    The Lame Cherry blog coined a word “Obamafama”. Israel best prepare herself quickly as an Obamafama is most evident. As for Pamela, shamr on you for being a schmuck. — From a patriotic American of non-Jew heritage

  • Constitution First

    What a metaphor for this administration: Mentally and physically absent at the most critical time.
    My Jewish friends: Is this who you really want leading your future?

  • way2confused

    She’s just emulating her boss. I don’t doubt Obama told her not to attend the speech. Yet another slap in the face of Netenyahu.

    if I were Bibi, I wouldn’t take a call from Obama–IF he calls. Bet he doesn’t–too busy campaigning again today.

  • nomobama

    Make the coined word from Lame Cherry “Obamafada”. Sorry about the typo.

  • enoughalready911

    This is intentional…in Revelations it says in the end times every nation would turn against Israel. i thought it not possible anytime soon but here we are. we will be at either civil war or wwiii by 2014 with another 4 for obama

  • Buck O’Fama

    If this turd isn’t flushed in November, we as a country deserve to be destroyed for allowing such stupidity to flourish in the first place.

  • Puppet-Master

    Although certainly no Obama fan, I think it’s wonderful that the president is able to say no, finally, to the constant whims of this Israeli warmonger. How many times do you need to meet with the man, who’s already in front of the US Congress, on US television shows, and in US media daily? Yes, we get it, you want us to send our boys instead of yours to take out Iran for you. Even though Iran having a nuke poses no threat to us and most likely serves to stabilize the region since Israel has over 300 alreay. You never pick on any country that has them, only the ones who don’t. Obama won’t get my vote for serveral important reasons, but he does get my respect for not caving to lobby pressure and committing not only the billions of dollars we already give Israel, but our son’s lives too that they request now.

  • Gas Passer

    I think Obama wants a terrorist nation like Iran to have nuclear weapons and wants Israel surrounded by countries run by terrorists.

  • Nick Grundman

    This is more proof of how unengaged this administration, and especially Nobama, is and how little attention they pay to the really important things. They will listen to our enemies while ignoring our friends. OMG -Obama Must Go.

  • Lee

    When tin hat nwo people write that our bureaucrats are chosen because they will do what they are told and go along because of the perks of their positions, were they correct?

  • Muslim Obamessiah

    Ambassador Susan ‘Spontaneous-Protest-About-A-Youtube-Video-Liar’ Rice?

    THAT ambassador?

    And someone is surprised?

  • Patrick

    Israel is alone in this fight…. its toast!

  • InAwe

    JenBee – Ambassador Rice (the same one who went on all the Sunday news shows insisting, a week later, that the Libya Embassy attack was caused by the film and was not a planned attack) also boycotted the Ahmadenijad’s speech.

    It’s still a highly visible “we’re not standing with you and your concerns about being obliterated” gesture. (Watch what I do, not what I say.) Amazing what some people will do if offered a free lunch.

  • stopthemorons

    What will it take for the Jewish voters to realize that Oback Orama does place the survival of Israel nowhere near the importance that he or members place on the subject of Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, and other causes of his closer that it should be behavior towards Muslims. It all goes back to where and how he was raised. If he was born in America he surely doesn’t act like an American. Where are his American values. They surely aren’t Ayers and Dorn are they.

  • Our Jewish complacency or stupidity will be the end of “Camelot,” if you vote for Obama. You need to wake up, and awaken Soros and the Hollywood crowd while you’re at it. November is not for awarding an Academy Award. It is for survival of a near and dear people.

  • TeaPartyPatriotTD


    Brought to you by the good people from the SEIU being bused into Detroit and paid $11/hour to talk about their Free Obama Phones…

    A – Association of
    C – Criminally
    O – Organized
    R – Radical
    N – Nitwits

    Ps- If you are offended by this remark, you should know that it is a play on words, which could certainly be construed as racist…but it’s not. You’ll find much more offensive things being said on SNL and in the Lame Street Media’s shows on MSDNC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, etc…

  • William Penn

    Every Jew who votes for Obama is contributing to Israel’s annihilation.

  • Andrew

    Obama and his minions make me sick. American Jewish voters need to give their heads a shake. I suggest Israel get its thermonuclear weapons locked and loaded.

  • NightWisp

    Is Michelle going to limit the calorie content of the lunch.?No booze allowed?

  • kimdi01

    Obama once again is proving to us all just what is most important to him. It’s not the United States. It’s not our allies.He refused to meet with our allies while in New York because he was too busy. Too busy doing what he has done since the day he was sworn in: campaigning for the up coming elections. Our embassies were attached in Egypt and Libya of Sept 11 and Obama criticised Romeny for making a statement about the attack(s) and then he went to solicit campaign money in Las Vegas. His employees are giving our allies the same treatment by not meeting with the allies and then going on television and lying, repeatedly (Susan Rice) about the attacks. Obama did find time to go on a television show or two while he was too busy doing things that would not allow him to meet with his counterparts that used to be our allies.
    What Obama is telling the world is for Iran to attack Israel any time it wants, as long as it’s after Nov. 6 because he will just sit back and call it a speed bump on the road to “peace.” Peace in his mind is a total Islamic state encompassing all the middle east and north Africa. The destruction of Israel is OK by him because that is what he was taught before he was in politics, attening muslim schools and listening to the Rev. Wright for 20 some years. The world is in danger according to Obama, and the Rev. Wright, because Nazi Germany did not complete their job during the 30’s and 40’s. Islam is the one true religion and it believes all non-believers, especially Jews, should all be removed from the face of the earth.

  • Arctic Lion

    In their greed for illegally taking over lands that belong to the Palestinians, the Jews have destroyed the Middle East. And in their insistence to be deaf to reason, which means we should use diplomacy and sanctions against Iran, they will destroy he world.

    The US has bent backwards for these people, but I think we are beginning to realize that enough is enough. They must be more realistic and listen to the word of reason. It is not that we area against the Jews— we are for a safe world, it includes everybody on this planet!

  • Cindi from DC

    Susan Rice had no problem with the administration sending her out to the Sunday shows 2 weeks ago to literally lie her head off. Why should she want to listen to a speech by the closest ally the US has?

  • Hazmat77

    It is inexplicable how anyone with the semblance of a brain cannot see that Obama is NOT what he pretends to be … he is what his life influences have made him … a collectivist and if NOT a Muslim, then surely a complete non-believer falsely hiding under the cloak of Chritianity.

  • Doug

    Netanyahu is an egotistical maniac who needs to be brought down to the size of his little apartheid country. Hopefully, the day is over when an Israeli leader can lead a U.S. president or secretary of state around by the nose.

    Netanyahu thinks he can bully the U.S. because AIPAC has bought and paid for our Congress. Happily, we have a separation of powers in this country.

    What is good for Israel is not necessarily good for the U.S. This is certainly the case with Iran.

    Netanyahu is not afraid of an attack on Israel by Iran. He simply wants to retain Israel’s nuclear hegemony and to maintain that overhanging threat to Israel’s neighbors and the Middle East in general.


  • greyfox

    Re elect Obama and banish all hope. He will reduce this country to a dung heap. Most Americans aren’t paying attention to what he’s doing they only hear his words which are, for the most mart, a pack of lies. He was going to cut the deficit….a big lie. He was going to unite the country…a big lie. Everything he promised was a big lie.

  • CT

    Just another example of how dire things are likely to become if our Incompetent Petulant Punk POTUS gets a second term.

  • Hazmat77

    ArticLion … the Jews did NOT illegally take over Arab land. Prior to 1948 Jews lived in what is called Isreal … many Arabs were PAID for land and as with most property sellers, they moved elsewhere.

    Before overt war broke out in 1948, the so-called ‘arab leaders’ exhorted the Arabs to leave and go to neighboring Arab countries … which kept most of the Arab emigrees in refugee camps … purposely to create the impression that they were victims of the Israelis…the Israelis defeated the Arab armies and pushed the Jordanians out of the West Bank – where they had mistreated their arab brethern …. Ask yourself, what were the Jordanians doing there in the first place?

    Just as the USA ‘won’ and kept large tracts of realty through wars with Native Americans, Israel has kept some territory. Almost every nation has land that was won through armed battles …. get over yourself..

  • Michael

    This is just a flat-out disrespect by the administration for a head of state. How is Obama leading in the polls? The country is being pulled down a “rabbit-hole.” (Serenity now! Serenity now!)

  • Jeanne Broadway

    It is beyond my imagination how a Jewish American could vote to re-elect this Islam loving President. Should he be re-elected and should there be a second holocaust, blood will be on their hands. Sounds harsh but I believe Obama would gladly sit back and watch it happen. After the election, if he were re-elected, God help us all. The next 4 years would be something we and the world would never recover from.

  • Todd

    Who cares! What the hell does israel do for us. And don’t give me that whole ally crap. US Israel relations have always been one sided. Screw them!

  • irishalaman

    One would be foolish not to realize that a New World Order is being made around
    Islam. What does Obama have to do? Hit you upside the head with a Burqa?
    The Jews will be the first to go…
    Then the Christians..
    Then, well, by then it is total anarchy..
    Thanks Democrats, and oh yeah..DO NOT , DO NOT.. DO NOT..
    Say…You did not see it coming..

    Traitors to Freedom, Democrats are..all for more handouts..
    No System may survive on that premise..
    All you NEWS? People who ushered in this Traitor. SHAME on YOU!
    SHAME for all eternity to betray Freedom for the Big Lie!
    SHAME on all you Union People that just wanted to make sure you
    could keep voting yourself Pay Raises..Now you will suffer too.

    Freedom may still be had.. November God holds out an Olive Branch
    of Romney and Ryan..

    I BEG YOU…BEG YOU..Please America Tell Your Neighbors..Tell your friends..
    IF NOT NOW FOR ROMNEY..Than NEVER will we know Freedom in this
    Life Again.
    IF NOT NOW to stop Islam..than never Peace on this Earth shall we have..

  • CT

    #19 Doug

    You win. You have made the most blatantly ignorant comment concerning the Israeli Prime Minister and current incompetent American foreign policy. Makes one wonder whether you are a pathetic Democrap Party hack or just an anti-Semite.

  • Bill Gower

    Who gives Israel the right to occupy other people land and threaten countries. Why not open its own nuclear program for IAEA inspections for a change

  • Bob

    The whole Nobama regime is a disgrace and embarrasment to real Americans. This Saudi plant needs to be defeated in November so he can work at something more akin to his abilities like delivering goat cheese pizzas in Kenya.

  • danshanteal

    These are three ignorant blokes. They don’t know their place and don’t deserve to represent America.

  • remy zero

    my feeling, is that Everyone knows israel was involved in the attack on the ambassador in libya, yet they are afraid to come out and state it. thus, the president refuses to meet with netanyahu, and to make it less pointed, refused all meetings with leaders at the un…..
    seems obvious to me…..

  • steve

    obozo allowed North Korea to get their nuke and now he will allow this nut to get his. obozo has no intention of doing anything, I say God Bless Israel and let them do what they have to do. obozo already threw them under the bus.

  • Who cares? How long are we going to involve ourselves with this nightmare? Thirty years after the founding of the current state of Israel then president Carter helped broker a peace deal between Israel and Egypt. Both Begin and Sadat paid for it with their lives, killed by their own.
    Now thirty years later we’re still involved with this madness, it’s time to leave the sand box, our involvement has only caused us grief, made a lot of enemies, cost us billions and killed a lot of people on both sides. Enough is enough.
    Netanyahu would not be shooting off his mouth about attacking a country with roughly ten times the population of Israel if it were not for the U.S. backing them for over sixty years. What he proposes is madness and would probably lead to the destruction of Israel.
    The zionists among us who constantly rave that we should attack Iran have not thought this through to it’s logical conclusion, and that’s total world havoc for no reason, other than to satisfy the wish of Israel total hegemony in the region.

  • DoTheRightThing America

    God help America if the 47% idiots, who got their free Obama phone, plus 4% beguiled, vote this prick and his degenerates back in for another four years!

  • rbblum

    Well, at least the Obama administration has been consistent in rebuffing Israel . . . . and embracing the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • TexasMom43

    Benjamin Netanyahu is the only real STATESMAN in the present world today. The people occupying our State Department, Administrative Office and UN representatives are Evil, Incompetent morons.
    Susan Rice is one of the worst. She projects such calmness as she LIES, like an automatronic wind-up – example? Her appearance with Jake Tapper after the rape and murder of our Ambassador. The planned, organized, anniversary of moslem attack of 9-11. These people are working hand-in-hand with moslems and the muslim brotherhood. They should all be tried for treason. We are at war. A fact only Mr. Netanyahu and a few others have the stones to address truthfully. It is WW3.

  • Shredder

    I guess this is the official nod to Iran. I wonder how the Jewish Council for Education justifies these actions. Jewis Council for Education…it’s time to WAKE THE FVCK UP!

  • radii

    the US released the information about Bibi stealing our nuclear triggers in the 80s – once he’s out of power and his diplomatic immunity ends we will arrest him for espionage … the American people and our defense/intelligence establishment have had enough of being bullied by the parasite that is zionist israel … Bibi’s been baying about Iran for 20 years and it’s BS – israel has 150 illegal nukes so they should shut up … so what if Iran had 150 nukes too? They will never use them – Iran has not started a war in centuries whereas israel commits state murder against children almost every day – even American children like Rachel Corrie

  • Charles Class

    Obama: “All he is saying,
    Is give war a chance.”

  • owl

    Mad Hatter #4

    Yep. I have always been extremely concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is playing with nukes for our country. Of course, I read he is moving off shore……..

  • tiredoftherunaround

    I can’t wait for this fool to be out of office, with all his incompetent entourage.

  • psadie

    This is so utterly distasteful and sad. WE know where this administration has been coming from for a long time. NOW, we have to do our part and vote them all out in November. The fate of the world rests with our outcome. Oh, and Bill, forget about Hillary running for President next time. WHAT makes you think that both of you are so beloved? WHAT has your wife done that is so spectacular? She is as bad as Obama, disgraceful!

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    If Israel were to believe the overwhelming electorial win were to go to our sitting president, they will surely attack BEFORE the election to force his hand in demonstrating Israeli support, and to secure the Jewish Vote.

    These Pollsters may want to think twice before consistently over-sampling Leftist intentions.

  • dr_bugsy

    Liberals, please explain how this makes you want to vote for Obama.

  • owl

    ME on fire. Obama and Hillary apologize for invisible film while standing over 4 dead Americans. ME on fire. Obama goes to Vegas. ME on fire. Obama goes on the View and skips meeting heads of state. ME burning. Obama’s lying woman that works at the UN skips Israel UN speech. ME burning. Brotherhood says we must not insult. Obama arrests man with invisible film. Obama says we must not insult Islam. ME burns.

    Professional Poop Scoopers scoop and mute. ELECTED voices hum.

  • Brian Lantz

    Something these people NEVER understand and the Arabs ALWAYS get is that Iran isn’t just starting a conflagration with ISrael. Iran has no problem nuking Saudi Arabia and Iraq with whom their Iranians had a very blood and recent war and those of the Emerites they don’t like. Oh… there WILL BE a conflagration. Bibi is just doing this for show to bloster the Saudi’s position when they ALL line up against Iran. These guys are UTTERLY INSANE.

  • Book

    “Israel” has been a parasite on American Taxpayers since 1948. What has it ever done for us?

  • james boyd

    How many Anericans would rejoice to read of the execution for treason of America’s Number One ememy- the lying Muslim from Kenya.

  • “When the winds of politics shall shift in an ugly direction I will be on their side ”

    Hussein Obama

    Audacity Of Hope

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  • Pingback: Shocking: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N Blew Off Netanyahu’s UN Speech (Video) « Nice Deb()

  • Ambassador Rice, under orders from Hilarity and Ozero to show the same contempt towards our former ally as they did to Ahminanutjob. Wake up America. America is in the hands of traitors and progressives. If you dont show up in November and vote for Romney /Ryan the blood of Americans and Jews will flow while Ozero fundamentally changes America ( and plays golf after licking the asses of Muslims). Its on you and your children.

  • jeff

    The Obama administration has sided with Iran and are really tired of Israel complain every day like a nagging wife.

  • Crashing Boulder

    These Obama idiots are so unbelievably incompetent, ignorant and irresponsible it defies logic. I despise these morons with every fiber in my body. These wretches are a complete embarrassment to this country and the vast majority of its people. Shame on every last one of these Obama traitors!

  • Friedo

    This is typical of the racist president Obama.
    He’s taking apart and draining Americas resources to assist Muslims and and the African Negro’s of African nations.

  • Thomas

    Why is anyone surprised at this,

  • Richard1725

    After all the obvious slights and outright insults directed toward Israel by Obama, I find it utterly incredible that 70% of Jewish-American voters are STILL going to vote for him! They are going to get what they deserve…unfortunately, SO ARE WE!

  • JDi

    Why but why do the American Jews persist on voting for these jerks!!!!?????

  • Peter kennedy

    The ignorance and stupidity of many of the comments is breathtaking! Obama is taking orders from the Muslim Brotherhood? Where is any evidence of that? Netanyahu has been a disaster for Israel. Continued building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land has almost killed any possible peace process, quite apart from being illegal under international law. Obama is doing what he can to cool down the appalling Netanyahu.

  • Oberon

    Israel doesn’t run the US. I’m sick of our catering to Israel. To he11 with Netanyahu.

  • BubbaJoe2

    The Thug-in-Chief was out in Cleveland buying the Bros and Hoes cell phones so they’ll continue voting for him.

  • Arctic Lion

    There sure are a lot of racists posting comments here. They don’t like the fact that our President is doing the right thing with the Israel-Iran issue. Worse yet, these minnows and tea-baggers don’t like their future because President Obama will be re-elected. We are tired of Israel— they are nothing but leeches sucking the life out of the US. Thay have done nothing for us— just like a good you know what— bunch?

    In their greed for illegally taking over lands that belong to the Palestinians, the Jews have destroyed the Middle East. And in their insistence to be deaf to reason, which means we should use diplomacy and sanctions against Iran, they will destroy he world.

    The US has bent backwards for these people, but I think we are beginning to realize that enough is enough. They must be more realistic and listen to the word of reason. It is not that we area against the Jews— we are for a safe world— it includes everybody on this planet!

  • SpendusMaximus

    Why should we hold Rice to a higher standard? Every one else in the NObama administration is incompetent!

  • k mack

    Re: Obama too busy with schedule… I’d tell Obama to be sure to clear the call through Whoopi, and “Pimp with Limp” radio show before excepting the call.

  • biscuitsngravy

    The actions of nominated officials of the present administration clearly reflect Mr. Obama’s personality.
    His arrogance and outright defiance of reasonable and appropriate actions are deplorable and should
    be embarrassing to all Americans. His inability to manage the affairs of this country are clear for all to
    see. All Americans need to take a serious look at what is happening now and think about the future of
    their country with this kind of ‘leadership’. It is really amazing to contemplate that almost 50% of citizens
    think Obama is doing a ‘good job’ and that he has their interest ‘at heart’. Let us all hope and pray that
    good sense will prevail before voters enter that voting booth.

  • John

    Could Susan Rice be the new Monica Lewinsky? Obviously she’s doing anything her master wants.

  • csd

    Isn’t Romney meeting with Bibi today ?

  • MChoudhu

    ALL of your commentators are either war mongers or racists. The President is doing what is in the national secuirty of the United States. For too long this country has sold its soul to Israel and their surrogates in this country. We have been swayed and blinded for so long by the Jewish media that is has become hard to realize where we went wrong. Wake up America! Being blind and ignorant has led us to two wars that is still taking its toll. Leave the Foreign policy for the President to decide, that IS his job! Let not the policy of our country be dictated by Israel or Iran for that matter!

  • Jsmith

    Wasn’t this the same sort of activity that made Saddam feel it was OK to invade Kuwait? The lack of concern by government. We should have learned something since then, but sadly the Administration has not.

  • ima doofus

    What would one expect from a group of one-worlders? I cannot wait for them all to be removed following the election.

    Speaking of the election, I will venture a couple of conditional predictions:

    1. If reelected the obamination will do everything in his power to suspend the Constitution, and turn this Republic into a fascist dictatorship, ala Il Duce of Italy. Should this occur there will be a continuous series of assassination attempts with loss of life to the perpetrators and his protective detail. Eventually, one of them will be successful.
    His inner city supporters will then burn the hearts out of most of our large cities, the cretin Biden will declare martial law, and there will be a civil war with the military coming in on the side of the Constitutionalists.
    It will be a very bloody period, but the Constitutionalists will prevail, both houses of congress will be dissolved, people such as nasty-nancy, reid, et al, if they survived, (probably not – they’ll be shot on sight), will be tried for treason, executed, and new elections held.
    The constitution will be newly amended to prevent any more career politicians from holding office, and all the lovely perks of the current occupants will be removed.
    This event will eventually be extremely beneficial to the country as a whole due to the extermination of the majority of the progressives.

    2. Should the obamination lose I predict an attempted coup, supported by nasty-nancy, reid, hillary, and co via multiple lawsuits challenging the polling results.
    Legal attempts to force his removal will be blocked by Holder.
    Eventually, the military will be required, by their oaths of office, to push aside his protective details, and take him into custody. At that time we may expect the scenario presented in option #1 to occur, starting with the riots.

  • CletusTJudd

    Obama would do well to understand what God promised to Israel – I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.

    Scripture is very explicit on what’s going to happen to those nations that have thrown in their lot with Isarel’s enemies. It’s going to be very very bad. Obama’s putting us on very dangerous ground with God

  • charjan

    And the Jew’s in US support Obama by 65%… What is this logic? Money (freebees) means more to them than their own heritage and homeland? No wonder people get feed-up with the Jews and they’ve been used a peon through the ages.

  • Dear Susan Rice:
    If you are incapable of being a responsible ‘ambassador’ to the
    United Nations, and after lying to the American people on behalf of the president,
    then we regrettably urge you to resign immediately.

  • MChoudhu

    You know why 65% of American Jews are supporting Obama? They realize that enough is enough, the US has been led by Israel for a ride all these years, now is the time WE have a leader who has the Guts not only to take out Bin Laden, but to take on Isreal. PEACE is more important than WAR. Human life is sacred to all religions. Let’s give PEACE a chance. This is the only President who realises that the only solution to a durable PEACE is the even handedness, and not to court the Double-Standard these country has been espousing for the last 60 years.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to see Israel live in peace without fear of being attacked? Just imagine… it doesn’t take much!

  • constantvigil

    Obama hates Israel/jews, loves Islam!!!

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  • JOHN

    When another surprise attack comes the US will once again be caught with their pants down. The collusion with our supposed “new friends” is nothing but a diversion to buy time. Obama will go down in history as the most naive president in the history of the US.

  • Mark Davis MD

    Israel’s Prime Minister deserves much credit for initiating conversation concerning Iran’s coming nuclear capabilities. Hillary, Rice and the rest of Obama’s minions are not worth the skin God gave them.

  • DaveATL

    This is stupid beyond belief. If Iran gets a nuke and launches it at Israel, Israel will launch 10 back and this time it would not surprise me if they also attack Lebanon (Hezbola) and Syria as well. Israel will not stop at just going after specific targets and then apologizing later. Millions will die and in the end Obama’s attitude will have caused it all. The only thing that keeps the balance in the Mid East is the Muslim world thinking that Israel has the backing of the US. Now, because we are seen as weak in the Mid East we are no longer a deterent. The only thing that the US can do now is withdraw and make arrangements to get our oil somewhere else. So much for leaving the heavy lifting to lackies to go off campaigning.

  • STV

    This administration is no friend of Israeli.

  • tc297

    One more example of how Obama and his administration show disrespect for our allies.

  • Buzz

    Highlander commented:

    “And the 47% aren’t paying the least bit of attention to ANY of this ….. so, it’s up to us folks.”

    They are too busy getting their free Obamaphone and other free stuff to pay attention. Romney was correct.

  • Wally Lind

    That should have been the headline in most media outlets, but I had to go to Drudge to hear about Rice blowing off the Prime Minister. It’s tough to get real news these days, you have to hunt for it on the internet. Most of the old news outlets, even Fox can’t be relied on to to get you the whole story, unless you watch them 24/7.

  • srw

    How many ways do the far left Dems.. Obumo, Hillary, their whole adm have to show us that they are not ready to take a 3 am call. They are truly a classless group. No character. You do not want to have these people in your fix hole. Your back is not covered. Unless of course you have $$ in your back pocket and they are “sharing your wealth”.

  • royg

    Are the W.H. people really that dumb?

  • Is THIS the Change his Voters wanted? oh wait…His Voters only wanted the FREE OBAMA PHONE and other assorted funding from the Obama Stash.

  • Joseph

    What do you expect from Obama after all he is an Arab. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a member of the Muslim brotherhood!

  • Clovis

    You gotta understand, it was Netanyahu and Israeli intelligence that had us chasing after WMD’s in Iraq…..only to find out that the intelligence was false from the beginning. Now Netanyahu is playing commander in Chief saying to the US, “Forward March, WMD’s in Iran, Go Get Iran”…..spend another few trillion, military lives lost, 100,000 Iranian civilians killed, $ 8.00 / gallon gasoline, credibility lost, etc… on another witch hunt for WMD’s. Why should we believe Israel again – same exact people, same exact lies.

  • Lemonaide

    American Jews had better wake up. They may not care what happens to their brethren in Israel, but if Israel goes down it won’t stop there. It will be open season on Jews all over the world, including the US. They’re delusional if they think Obama will stand up for them. Just can’t fathom why they would support someone who bows down to the muslims.

  • Pronghorn

    Does Susie’s failure to appear at Netanyahu’s speech count the same as walking out/failing to appear at Ahmanutjob’s speech? Obama administration is saying the two nations are equivalent, in the USA’s policy.

  • Obama has made and continues to make some fierce Enemies…It is just Unbelieveable how Incompetent and UnQualified this Regime in DC is. America appears weaker than at any time in my life, and I think the Obama people are actually putting the USA in a Dangerous position. How can the Jews in America EVER even THINK of voting for him again? Ed Koch was on Cspan the other day…and HE is STILL advocating for Obama…I cannot fathom WHY!!!

  • viking51855

    What a despicable woman that goes along with this despicalb e administration. She sat her ass for achmanazisams speech, but not for Netanyahu.

  • constantvigil

    …and 65% of jews support Obama?!?!?!

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Too many demo special interest groups to have good, sensible government. I said somewhere that I resent their using, stealing dead republican votes to be in office.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Romney will talk to him.

  • H Hawkins

    Why doesn’t this headline read, “UN-Real… Obama Secretary of State Blew Off Netanyahu Speech Today for lunch with Rice?”

  • Al Ruben

    Hillary Clinton’s husband has taken 10s of millions from Muslim donors for his library. Do you think that this might have an effect on Hillary’s viewpoint in the middle east? This is called conflict of interest.

  • Dugway

    Yes Israel, Obama has your back. Beware when he asks you to bend over…

  • Ken H

    The Obama administration’s contempt and hostility to the Land Of Israel has been obvious since day one of his administration. Who could not see it? And it continues to play out every day.

  • CM

    Good. Israel & Netanyahu want to fight a war with Iran to the last American soldier.

  • Jinglebob

    Susan Rice is a political whore for the Obama Administration. Just keep that in mind.

  • Rex Dobbins

    “I can well understand the reasons why the Czech Government have felt unable to accept the terms which have been put before them in the German memorandum. Yet I believe after my talks with Herr Hitler that, if only time were allowed, it ought to be possible for the arrangements for transferring the territory that the Czech Government has agreed to give to Germany to be settled by agreement under conditions which would assure fair treatment to the population concerned … For the present I ask you to await as calmly as you can the events of the next few days. As long as war has not begun, there is always hope that it may be prevented.”

    — Neville Chamberlin, September 27, 1938, British Prime Minister’s Address to the British People and the House of Commons

  • Bob A

    Yet 2 of 3 Jews will vote for the islamofacist in chief!!!???

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  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    Barack Obama and his thugettes Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice do not represent America.

    They do represent, however, the despicable hate-Israel pro-Muslim — actually, grovel-before-Muslims-and-kiss-their-posteriors–ideology of Obama.

    He and his thugettes are embarrassments to our country — and, taken singly or in any combination — represent the clearest and most present danger to our Republic, our Constitution, Israel and the world.

  • Orthodox Jew

    A liberal is a liberal is a liberal. Judaism and G-d, morality and intellectual honesty mean nothing to a liberal. Judaism is defined by those who resemble it. You can call yourself anything you want, but when you eat, breath, walk and think anything but Judaism, do us all a favor and call yourself anything but a Jew.

  • Tenring

    (What Would JFK do?)

    Does anyone see the similarity with what is happening between Israel and Iran and the Cuban Missile Crisis the US faced? President Kennedy was confronted with the placement of missiles 90 miles off the shore of the United States and he clearly drew a line in the ocean, bringing the US and Russia as close to war as we’ve ever been. But the point is, the President of the United States could not allow missiles targeting his country.

    Today we have Israel facing the very same, very real threat with the added horror of nuclear missiles about to be pointed at them. WWJFK do? What did the American People want JFK to do? And now, the President of the US won’t back up the only true ally we have in the Middle East? Hypocrisy at its finest and most transparent. Any and every nation has the right to protect itself from destruction, just like the United States did in 1962.

  • Marie Browning

    Obama has turned his back on Israel, the Jewish, Catholics, everyone except his muslim brothers. It will be even worse after November if Obama is re-elected. There will be no help for Israel and Iran will be able to do whatever it wants. I’m not sure the United States can survive four more years of Obama and I know Israel cannot.

  • jocko

    I have a friend who was advised not to visit Israel over the next few months. A member of the IDF told him military assets are being re deployed throughout the country. With Obama publicly disrespecting the prime minister and now this petty slight it is obvious Obama cares nothing about Israel. Yet American Jews are still 65% with him. I have been to Israel and these people will not be trifled with. They know who they are. They know their history. Something unpleasant is coming.

  • John V

    This do nothing Administration except support jihad needs to go.!!!

  • TreShonte LaVarius”Willie” Dixon

    Yet 65% of Jews will vote for these godless communist liberals? Either the poll is fake (likely) or Jews are just incredibly stupid. (less likely) God save our country.

  • Greg Neubeck

    If Barack Obama is re-elected, Israeli will cease to exist; and, a Muslim Caliphate will be established across the entirety of the Middle East with Jerusalem as it’s Capitol. The fulfillment of a life-long Obama dream. If you care to offer a cogent counter-argument to the foregoing conclusion, you might begin with an explanation, in terms of an enhancement to American security, why Obama would integrate members of the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood into his Administration! Even going so far as appointing Brotherhood members to the Department Of Homeland Security! If one can rationalize that, again in terms of American security, then you will join Newton, Einstein, Kessler, Edison, et al, in their remarkable contributions to the progressive development of societal intellectual advancements. It’s long past due for the ‘Rational Majority’ in our Nation to openly confront the dangers posed to our continuance as a viable/free society by the Obama agenda. Greg Neubeck

  • kogk1943


  • owl

    This site has been invaded today with a few people that are short on survival skills.

    All you commies/libs/whatever………………….do you really believe if Iran makes a nuke that it will not be coming to the USA??

    If you equate Iran having a nuke with Russia or even N. Korea you are nuts. Russians are not nuts. Even N. Koreans leadership is only semi-nuts. See the difference yet?

    Simply put………………………Obama sits up there blaming Bush while he uses 8 years of money that was put into agencies/military equipment/Gitmo/intell etc. He was left with one war won and Obama’s favorite that had less than 1/3 casualties that he needed to finish. Bush left two of those countries now burning in semi-safe hands. He seperated Syria from Iran with Iraq.

    Obama pointed his blame finger, used it all and threw away the already good things for the USA. What did Obama do? He used all the above that was BUILT by Bush and finally okayed killing Osama. Of course, he left the Doctor. What a nasty teeny weenie thing is Obama.

    So? Wait…………do I see fires in the ME? Must be that darn invisible video that happened to upset those little headchopping darlings on 9/11. Yep.

    Ignore that Iran will USE their nuke. It is not about Israel.

  • will sherman

    Why is this not bigger news? Why is it being ignored by the MSM?

  • Since all Jews vote deomocRAT, osamaobama is free to court the arab vote. The technical term for Jews voting democrat is dumbo.

  • Curly Bill

    I hope certain people remember this come November.

  • Maxine

    I would like verification of:
    #24 September 28, 2012 at 5:40 am
    ken schwenzer commented: 2. Followers of Islam are released from having to buy insurance, according to the act, because Islam
    considers insurance to be gambling.
    3. Therefore, by this administrations own statements, those of us who are not Islamic, are supporting health care for Islamic people with our tax and insurance dollars.

    Please let me know exactly where I can find this as a fact.
    Thanks in advance, Maxine

  • Curly Bill

    will sherman commented: Why is this not bigger news? Why is it being ignored by the MSM?

    You have to ask?

  • robert

    nobody from the us was at president armageddon of iran’s speech. we boycotted

  • djw663

    Ally’s we don’t need no stinkin ally’s

  • Tim

    It has become clear that Obama and his Chicago goon squad are anti-semitic.

  • Cottoneyed

    obama, hillary, rice et al, are, now, irrelevant. The leader of the free world is Bibi Netanyahu and somewhat shared with the Canadians. obama is small little “man”. Nothing more than “choom gang” street punk. In short, he’s a pizzant with average intelligence who has lied his way through life.

  • Roy Levine

    Obama is the WORST President the U.S. every had as well as Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice in their roles. If Obama gets re-elected , the next 4 years is going to be a disaster for the country. It will be a nightmare beyond imagination. Obama is a Kenyan, arrogant Muslim socialist.

  • Cottoneyed

    ALL who voted for this small, little “man” in 08′ have a lotta’ answer for and should have their voting privileges removed for life! Shame, shame, shame on you for putting the country through this NIGHTMARE! Damn you…………………

  • Rocky from Siberia

    It seems that the Unified Nazis of the World have forgotten that the baby boomers will stand and fight. Soros and the rest of his 4th Reich should have waited until we were pushing daisies.
    I guess King Barry and the rest of his Camel humpers have been so excited that they have all had political pre-mature ejaculation.

  • mike

    oh noes! he missed the meeting where nuttinyahoo drew a cartoon bomb to make it more simple to fool the sheep into thinking iran is some scary world ender? id blow him off too. nothing worse than sitting thru a boring propaganda speech from that joker nuttinyahoo

  • The ENTIRE Obam Cartel should be indicted and put on trial as TRAITORS to the Republic.

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  • Scott

    Reply to Kathteach: A book describing what has been going on has already written. It is called “The Amateur” by Edward Klein. I recommend this book to everyone. It shows the complete incompetence of the entire Obama Administration.

  • I see Hillary’s wearing green.. Is that a sign? I think she should get that hair platted, too. A woman pushing 70 sure don’t wear long stringy hair. A pig tail or 2 might be better.

  • Echo Sierra

    Cut Obama and Hillary some slack. They’ve just decided to come up with their own Final Solution to the Jewish Problem

  • Squidman

    Netanyahoo is a nutjob warmonger. We can’t afford allowing Israel to drag us into a war with Iran.

  • Wonder how much that lunch cost and who paid?

  • Larry Flynt

    Did they utilize a two-headed “MonsterDong” or the “UltraMonsterDong”?

  • mark green

    Bibi Nutandyahoo’s speeches are virtually incitements to mass murder. No one in Iran is as bellicose and war-like as he is. No one, not even Ahmadinijad. Just compare their speeches. Plus, Israel is trying to push America into war!

    Nutandyahoo should be in prison for war crimes. Israel should be on America’s list of rogue states. World’s #1 Problem: Israel and its nuclear arsenal.

  • OldGrunt

    American Jews should take note. Past performance and actions are the best prediction of the future performance and actions. Obama has little concern for those who have made America prosper — and even less concern, for a minority element that has contributed so much to science, technology, economics, medicine, and justice.

    Just hope we learned a lesson from our ancestors in the 30’s!

  • Al Ruben

    Isn’t Susan Rice the one that for a week after the murder of the ambassador to Libya said it wasn’t a terrorist attack.

  • AHGS

    As a Jew that lived through the the 1940’s, I am beginning to believe that his majesty Hussein Obama is no better than Hitler. My fellow Jews are going through the same process as they did in the 1930’s – DENIAL. Only after the re-election of this maniac will they see that Obama’s SS troops (the IRS and TSA) will be coming after us as Hitler did in the late 30’s. NEVER AGAIN must not have any meaning for my fellow Jews as most of them will still vote for this mad man

  • AHGS

    To Mary
    I’d rather see her wearing back and white stripes or an orange jump suit

  • Tom in NY

    Given how wrong these two were on Libya, I hope they both had heaping portions of crow.

  • Terry

    Fire this turd………….these women are going to get us all killed………..5 weeks to go America……lets boot them all out.

  • I cannot for a second begin to imagine how and why any Jew could possibly vote for Obama. Are they crazy? I don’t see how anyone else could vote for him either…but the Jews??? I don’t get it!

  • 44guyton

    Look at what Obama and his administration does NOT what he says. Susan Rice is just another Obama lap dog. She was given instructions by the Obama White House to disrespect Netanyahu and Israel. Sublte slap in the face.

  • James

    Susan Rice – another deadbeat sucking at the teet of american taxpayers.

  • cc turner

    Dont worry the Jewish community will vote Democrat and they can choke on the results. Typical. I Love Netanyahu- go figure them out!

  • cc turner

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” AND WE ARE TALKING ONLY 4 YEARS!!!!!

  • Wake up America

    I can’t stand to watch any of these lying fools anymore! i get literly sick to my somach! How the hell does Obama still even have any positive poll numbers?! Oh yes, it’s the “Obama free phone people” that will reelect this fool!

  • WWII

    The Black Muslim in the White House will let the Iranians annihilate Israel after the election; just Putin.

  • US politicians expect everyone to listen to them but when another country gets up to speak they leave. This shows what ignorant politicians we have. They are disrespectful and ignorant.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    I’m interested in what nationality Susan Rice is. Is she a Mid-Eastern?

    Old Huma, better keep a close watch out for Susan, as she’s just liable to try and steal Old Broad Ass Hilary away from her. Wouldn’t that be a hoot see a cat fight on the floor of the UN over Hillary?!

  • F.J.Sweas Jr.

    The expected 65 to 70% turnout of Jewish voters for Obama will make the “NEVER AGAIN”statement a cry in the wilderness.If the American Jewish population thinks that they can bargain or negotiate with the Islamic radicals to prevent a atomic holacaust or that Israel can pull a rabbit out of a hat,they are out of touch.Remember the drubbing Israel got a couple of years back from the Hamas/Hezbollah rag tag militia? Iran’s army is! not a bunch of camel dung shovelers!RISP

  • Christine Craft

    Netanyahu with his “wily coyote” bomb drawing… ah yes…He doesn’t want Israel to attack Persia…He wants us to do Israel’s dirty work for it…no one has the kind of bunker busting bomb that would actually reach the Iranian(persian) sites…so it would require Americans willing to die for the fears of the “chosen people”.. I say elect Mitt Romney and then the Battle Cry can be”Follow those Romney sons”
    Can you imagine an american politician going to Israel and telling the Israelis how to vote? It would never happen. Ask yourself why we allow it to happen here.

    p.s. there are no chosen people..anywhere…ever.

  • Cock Obama

    obbama and his ghastly crew have sent a clear message to Mockmood Ammadinnajod – that they will not stand by our ally Israel.

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  • Mhu Cao

    Rice is a lightweight and is a cup-sized water-carrier. Good riddance to them all in November.

  • Robert Wagner

    The U.S. State Department, regardless of who is the President, is made up of Liberals who happen to believe that all cultures believe as an American liberal educated at an Ivy collage believes.

    That foreigners have the same moral , ethical and religious standard as they do. They can’t understand that after years of brainwashing by the Ivy League that foreign means different.

    When the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 said that the furtherance of Islam was more important than the survival of Iran, he meant that mad (mutual assured destruction) was not a concern to the Iranian Government. This is not the cold war, These people are not Russians.

    We are more in danger of an Nuclear Holocaust today than even in the cold war.

    Robert Wagner

  • norman west

    how could ANY Jewish person vote for this President? Those of you, who do are known as
    self hating Jews that are ashamed of their religion.

    As a practicing Jew, I call you all a word that the world calls you “KIKES”, plain and simple.

    You should never go to temple or light a candle for anyone. You are despicable and need to realize that you are going to vote for someone who hates your religion and the state of Israel and prays that it is wiped off the earth. A Black Muslim is who he is and he and them hate Jews. We were the ONLY people who gave them their rights as lawyers and politico’s in the 60’s and died at the end of a rope for them also. If you worship Obama so much, then go hang yourselves asap. I am sick of you psycho rabid liberal bleeding hearts

  • Clearhead

    To all American Jews, and all Jews living elsewhere — including your own homeland, Israel:
    Here in America our so-called ‘president’ has tried to teach us how to submit, apologize, and ‘knuckle under’. The only one of those he has managed to teach us is ‘apology’. So to the Jewish people everywhere, I and untold millions of others apologize to you for the rancorous and radical attitutdes, words and influences obama has handed you. obama is NOT America, and obama is not American; therefore, please disregard his rude and outrageous activities under the guise of an American countryman. To those of you who will vote for him anyway, you’re only doing irreparable damage to yourselves. Americans will survive this in the long run.

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  • No more trillion dollar wars for apartheid/pariah Israel!
    Hang all Israeli spies beginning with Jonathan Pollard!

  • Jimmy Figueroa

    Lets see if I understand…the USA is not going to back Isreal if she attack Iran…Iran has said constantly that they would nuke Israel at the first chance…so if Israel attacks with non-nuclear bombs there is no assurance that Iran won’t develope the bomb now or in the near future…so what does Israel do? How about using nuclear bombs at the first strike? I think she is being pushed into this alternative…ask yourself the question…what would you do. A small nation surrounded by enemies on all sides. Six million vs. 1.5 billion. You can’t make a mistake; you can’t be concerned about what others will think; you have only one decision one time which will determine the survival of you and your family.

  • Dr B

    Every God fearing Christian and Jew needs to take notice. These are not oversights. These are purposeful slights to not so subtly convey a message to both Israel and the Islamic world. It’s time to unite and end this lunacy. Vote him out. World peace hangs in the balance.

  • Bippy Bellito

    Susan Rice is another Huma! A traitor from within. Why are she, Huma, and Hillary still on the job! At the very least they are insensitive incompetents; worse, they are complicit in the crimes committed in Libya.

  • Ocarter is my God

    Ocarter, Hiltery, and that other dumb broad shouldn’t be allowed in the same room as a man as great as Bibi. In a sane world it would be Netanyahu that is blowing THOSE ‘Rat bastards off.

  • Ocarter is my God

    Furthermore, both Rice and Hitlery should have been fetching sammiches for the men in the room, and not be allowed to leave until they are given their leave. Two rude a** Teewats! This “females can lead too!” hypothesis just hasn’t panned out. The only exceptions have (R) after their names.

  • Sal

    It is obvious the Obama administration is an enemy of Israel and an enabler of Muslim
    strongmen. Hopefully, the November election will change things. It is sad that American Jews seem not to understand their President is an anti-semite.

  • Sal

    It is obvious Our President is an anti-semite and hates Israel. Unfortunately, many American Jews are blind to this fact.

  • greg

    Why wasn’t Hillary in attendance as well?

  • blancojoe

    What else would you expect from these New Order incompetents? Please, please folks … show up and vote Obama and his sorry minions out of office. Every vote counts.

  • valerie


    If you’re Jewish, you need to read the comments here, today. You need to know what you’re up against.

  • james r.

    To be truthful I did not think Susan Rice was that intelligent, why should she attend the UNGA to hear Netanyahu’s lies! Reality Check, an August 2012 UN nuclear inspection report defines Iran’s total uranium stockpile at 91.4 kgs.,at a enrichment level of 20%. To construct one conventional nuclear warhead,25 kgs of uranium,at 90% enrichment is required. While Netanyahu a is stupid! man,and dangerously ignorant of fact, americans will be in the ridiculous position of funding any future war with Iran. As Tehran floods the navigable section of the Hormuz with petrol then sets it afire,followed by Iran enacting it’s own embargo of other Gulf nations by launching missiles at their oil production/export centers, americans will helpless! position of paying ’50 to 100′ dollars for a gallon of gas. Mitt Romney’s not! so very Blind Trust invested heavily in Russia oil, stockpiles which shall be untouched in the event of any future Gulf War. Perhaps he will give us a tax cut?, after all corporations are people too!

  • No surprise. Rice and Hillary probably had important things to talk about like, “Should Hillary run as an Independent since Barak is getting trounced in the objective polls.”

  • Massakneeuh

    She and Hillary are just getting their stories straight regarding their incompetence and lies in Bengazi.

  • john master

    AJew for obama is like a Jew for hitler.

  • Fogey0

    “Ambassador” Rice is more suited to mopping floors and making beds!

  • James

    It is all a big chess game. Maybe they are playing Iran to boost their egos while many countries are stock piling ships all along the Waterways near Iran. Trying to make Iran think they are winning to see of they go on the offensive to give reason to retaliate.

  • CHAS

    A DISGRACE! My vote is for ROMNEY…

  • Ken Cochran

    To my Jewish friends: It is time to see what this man is and to vote him out of office. People of your faith have voted for Democrats habitually for too long. Vote in your own self-interest and that of the good people of Israel.

  • J Lewis

    In the past, on many instances, American Jewry has come to the rescue of Israel with their support in the form of financial donations, political clout, tourism dollars and investment and even prayer.

    At this time, if the American Jewish vote goes in such a lopsided fashion to Barack Hussein Obama after his actions/inactions toward Israel, and these votes leads to the re election of a Islamic leaning leader…the American Jew is going to be responsible for any and all ills which befall Israel under an Obama second term. And, even possibly beyond.

    While BHO may not be a practicing Muslim, his sympathies lie with this religion and their caliphate which seeks to destroy Israel, the US, and dominate a world in which all others are less than equal.

    We’re in big trouble if this first affirmative action president becomes the first affirmative action two term president.

  • Michelle Castelli

    By ignoring Prime Minister Netanyahu’s repeated warning that a red line must be drawn
    with Iran in order to prevent war, Obama is risking you and your families security because he
    does not want to address this issue before the election in case it effects his election chances!
    This issue will not go away simply because Obama wants it to. VOTE THIS NOVEMBER FOR ROMNEY who believes in a strong alliance with Israel.

  • “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    Israel has about 200 nuclear weapons now and they put a man—nuclear scientist, Mordechai Vanunu—in prison for 18 years (11 in solitary confinement), for disclosing this fact! Now Vanunu is NOT able to leave Israel even though he’s been out of prison for eight years now. So Netanyahu, the man who sits on 200 nuclear weapons (WMDs), is threatening the country, Iran, that has none and we’re not supposed to restrain this man! The WSJ should disclose the REAL reason for the war of words from Netanyahu against the United States! Iran wants to disclose the fact that I will now mention, but remains a taboo subject in America, and it has nothing to do with some “nuclear weapons program.

    See, for example, Solving 9-11, The Deception that Changed the World by Christopher Bollyn or Extreme Prejudice, The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act And the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq, by Susan Lindauer. Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship), June 8, 1967…for those who couldn’t fathom Israel attacking American interests: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRZSzdQuOqM Yes, it’s happened before and many other “falseflag events” have been caused by Israel as well. Nine-eleven is just the boldest and most fantastic of them all. See reference 2 and 3 above.

    While the Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers continues with the deceptive story of Iran and it’s “nuclear program” IGNORING ALL THE WHILE ISRAEL’s REAL NUCLEAR PROGRAM, I haven’t seen a mention in the Wall Street Journal of this fact. (For more on how the Israeli Mossad/CIA might have killed JFK for fighting against Israel’s Nuclear Program back in 1960, go to Final Judgment, a book by Michael Collins Piper.)

    Yes, the United States has no moral right to restrain the Jewish State IF it doesn’t give it $3 Billion in annual aid and IF it doesn’t commit crimes inside OUR borders and IF it actually believes an attack on Iran would be ignored by the United States! However, by the looks of the members of Congress applauding this man last May, (The End of American Democracy, Video,

    Once again, with our ignorant lawmakers bowing to this criminal, he’ll get his way. Yet honest reporting (meaning telling the WHOLE story, not just a few tidbits for public consumption), by the WSJ could change all that! Honest reporting by the Wall Street Journal on subjects discussed in this letter could save the world from World War III! (Dishonest reporting by certain reporters over at a nearby New York Newspaper some nine years ago, resulted in an illegal war that has killed over one million Iraqis and nearly 5,000 U.S. Troops, so dishonest reporting, obviously, has consequences.

    Will the disclosure of the facts presented in this e-mail shock the American people? Yes, it would, but don’t Americans deserve the truth?

  • c5

    Guys, I’m not sure what planet you are living on. Israel is a nuclear armed country and has some of the most lethal weaponry on the planet. Ahmadinejad may well be an idiot, but Iran has never started any modern military conflict, nor is it ‘threatening’ to do so. It is encircled by about 40 US military bases and probably feels very threatened itself. If Netanyahu stops his ridiculous posturing to the Zionist crowd, he would probably be taken a lot more seriously. He is starting to make Ahmadinejad look reasonable.

  • Sorry, about that! I was in the middle of dinner and hadn’t meant for that comment to be published yet. The essence is correct, but ALL the comments above fail to mention ANY of the facts presented in MY comment…it’s as if barely any readers have been able to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, but INSTEAD rely on repeating what they’ve read in the newspaper. If you think this is how we become educated on events in the real world, you’re sorely mistaken. Real news is so often twisted to fit various ideological purposes, it’s amazing we can learn anything about what’s really going on in the world.

    PLEASE, before anyone comments, would you please state FIRST how many documentaries you’ve seen on false flag events of Israel (King David Hotel Bombing, 1946, Lavin Affair, 1954, U.S.S. Liberty Strike, 1967, etc.) AND how many documentaries you’ve seen on nine-eleven, such as Missing Links, Fabled Enemies, Loose Change, Final Cut, 9/11–Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out, etc. There’s only about 50…If you’ve seen NONE on subject, it’s ok to reveal this fact. Then your comment/s can be placed in the proper perspective. On another front, along with any comments, if you’ve read anything about 9/11 (other than the fraudulent 9/11 Commission Report), please note this fact as well.

  • Helen

    for you people defending isrl how about defending your rights? Iran is not threat as a matter of fact isrl has done more harm to the \US than any other nation and you you think they are our allies? lol you people watch way to much jewish owned media. you need a taste of real news once in a while.. as for the news caster well its obvious she is not a true american because if she was she would not have mentioned jewish holidays are more important than world peace.. personally i hope isrl dies a harsh death since it was created through terrorism it should die the same way..

  • Tom Petrie

    WOW! In just a few brief moments, a few sensible comments! Amazing and thanks.

    I would love for anyone who has read either Hendrie’s, Barrett’s or Bollyn’s latest book to let me know what they think of it! (If you’ve questioned what the heck does this have to do with Netanyahu, I return to my first question, then you’d know the answer and why his name is VERY relevant!

  • MrUniteUs

    I fault Netanyahu for publicly demanding that President of the United States do his bidding on 9-11. He showed no respect for thousands that died on that 9-11 2001 in part because of our relationship with Israel. What do you think?

  • MrUniteUs

    First other U.S personnel were there to listen to the speech.
    Rice probably had a copy of the speech and knew what he we going to
    She had lunch scheduled with the Secretary of State and several foreign
    ministers. I would rather her be at the lunch discussing important issues,
    than miss the luncheon because speeches ran long. I’m glad she didn’t stay for
    the speech because it might have looked better for Greta.

  • Anton Hackl

    Holy Cow….methinks this comment section is flooded w/ brain-dead (idiot-type) synagogue of satan worshiping protestants (i.e Christian-Zionists)…or some jooish (satanic DNA-seedline/Edomite/Canaanite/Pharisaic ) yeshiva…is on a mid-term break….& its prospective rabbi wannabes are….working the boards.

    What in the HELL is wrong w/ you people???????????

    Wake up!!! You’re being deceived & your mortal soul is at stake here…..

    Want proof that (per your KJV) that the criminal enterprise called israel is of satan???
    Grab a crayon -(you folks should avoid sharp instruments)- & draw the so-called “star of David” on paper…….(actually the star of Rimraf…a demon)…FYI.

    1.) count the number of points about the perimeter & write number down…

    2.) count number of small triangles @ outside circumference & jot number beside the 1st…

    3.) count number of sides to inner/center hexagram, write number beside other two…

    Hello….recognize the total (= 666)….see book of Revelations for details…*

    Wake up….you’re backing the wrong horse…it’ll cost you in the afterlife.

    * see reference per …..”for many shall be deceived….”

  • Anton Hackl

    Actually….my bad.
    Several posters are sharp & well ahead of the curve….israel is the ENEMY of mankind.

  • Gary

    What,is this the Israeli cheerleader website?LMBs!

  • the dave

    Excellent move, IMO. Israel is the 2nd biggest war monger on the planet (after the US) and they are terrorists. Iran has every right to develop nuclear power. Israel has it plus nuclear weapons and they are trigger happy, mass murdering nutjobs…. They kill and bomb indiscriminately – no trial – no evidence – just kill anyone who we don’t like.

    After the US, Israel is the biggest danger to the planet – they’re always planning a new war or violent act – just like the US….Libya anyone? We sure saved them – by bombing them back to the stone age just about…..

  • Angelasimons

    This is the most positive news in a long time. I don’t think much of the marxist Obama, but I am glad to hear he is ignoring the current “hollywood” jewscript used previously for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria invasions and takes a happy meal lunch break instead of being bullied by those zionists. It is time they were exposed as the liars they are…”by deception we wage war – MOSSAD”. Weapons of mass destruction, Nazis, Al”CIA”DA, terrorists, it is all a bit boring…next thing you know they will be telling us that the Syrians are making soap out of the rebels skin!!!

  • citizenx

    what a bunch of deluded, blind jokers and hypocrites

    netanyahu and his ilk are a bucnh of theiving warmogering satanists- who have stolen the land, hopes, lives and freedoms of the Palestinian peoples.

    now they want war with Iran- a nation that has not attcked another for hundreds of years (other than defending itself against the US sposored attack by Iraq)

    when will the blind open their eyes….and stop begging for more war…….If Israel attacks Iran it will lose and cause chaos in the M E…..do you really truly want that mess for the world?

  • Marcia jones

    Some Israeli officials around him think he’s deranged for good reason. His satanic eyes alone give him away. He’s a world class thug, a menace. He heads Israel’s most extremist government ever.

    He exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon and previous hardline leaders. He’s an embarrassment to democratic governance. He should have been kept out of New York instead of let in. He should be locked up for humanity’s sake.

    He represents state terrorism, occupation harshness, racist hate, neoliberal rapaciousness, and potential catastrophic regional war able to go global if waged.

  • Marcia jones

    He deplores peace. He’s all take and no give. He calls diplomacy a four-letter word. He turns a blind eye to equity and justice. He’s contemptuous of human and civil rights. He maliciously calls Iran’s peaceful nuclear program an existential threat.

    He’s silent on Israel’s stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. He won’t say it’s state policy to use them if threatened.

    He’s unfit to serve. He’s a menacing danger to humanity. On September 27, he proved it in New York. At the same time, he made a fool of himself before a world audience.

    His cartoon bomb went viral. It bombed. He looked more cartoonish than his prop. One cartoonist showed a picture of Daffy Duck’s head exploding. An observer referred to Bibi’s “Clint Eastwood chair” moment.

  • Tarkan Durum

    Another compared his explosive to what Warner Bros.’ animated character Wile E. Coyote used in Looney Tunes cartoons. A London Guardian commentator said his stunt succeeded but not the way he intended.

    The New Yorker said “the ridiculous deserves ridicule.” His “graphic, which he apparently made at Kinkos, is so ridiculous.”

    A Washington Post op-ed asked if his stunt was a “poor choice of a ridiculously-looking, over-simplified bomb cartoon (or) a calculated choice (to) create (an) indelible image…everyone would be talking about?”

    He didn’t calculate what they’d say. The Wall Street Journal compared him to Nikitia Krushchev’s shoe-banging incident.

    What’s at stake, of course, is war or peace. Netanyahu’s “red line” bluster wore thin long ago.

    The Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a national coalition of more 380 groups with thousands of members. It asked: “Bibi, where’s the red line on apartheid?”

  • Ahmadinejad

    Iran threatens no one. Nutten-yahu knows it. It hasn’t attacked another country in over two centuries. In contrast, Israel is a modern-day Sparta. It was created in blood and shed it ever since.

  • Goy Tov

    Make no mistake. He’s hell bent for war and intends to get it. Obama’s no different. Disagreement between them is only over timing.

    Both leaders ignore over 100 participating Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries expressing support for Iran.

    In late August, they met in Tehran for six days. The New York Times said NAM “handed…Iran a diplomatic victory.” The Christian Science Monitor suggested efforts to isolate Iran failed.

    The Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti) said participants supported Iran and its peaceful nuclear program. The Tehran Times said “NAM summit set back US-Israeli campaign to isolate Iran.”

    Press TV called the summit the “most important” political event in the Islamic Republic’s history. Iran emerged standing tall. Its government gained prestige. America, Israel, and rogue allies got long overdue black eyes.

  • Gilad Simhoun

    Like Obama, Netanyahu is a serial liar. They’re both world class thugs. They claim aggressive wars are liberating ones or waged in self-defense. They call mass slaughter and destruction humanitarian intervention.

  • Kolnidre

    As long as Netanyahu remains prime minister, war remains prioritized. He compared Israeli “civilization” to Iranian “barbarism.” Doing so inverts truth. Iran promotes peace, diplomacy, and cooperation. Israel can’t wait to start another war.

  • Danny

    What’s at stake, of course, is war or peace. Netanyahu’s “red line” bluster wore thin long ago.

    The Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a national coalition of more 380 groups with thousands of members. It asked: “Bibi, where’s the red line on apartheid?”

  • Akira Kawatech

    If the citizens of Israel do not stop their elected leaders from bullying and threatening the world with talk of war, I will step up and dissolve the state of Israel. Israel should not exist. They are in breach of their contract with their GOD.

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  • mad scientist

    The POTUS is a very powerful man in the world. We did not pay attention in 2008. Obama mania swept over everyone. He had mesmerized everyone. Wht did personal charm do to us? He did nto knwo wht he ws doing. All his policies of expanded welfare programs, restrictions on job growth and no economic growth t all. He never governed. He campaigned for 4 years. Want sto get reelcted with 6 trillion deficit, 49million on food stanps and 20% unemployment. Are his supporters totally blind to hte devastating economy. They still blame Bush for this. These brain dead morons live only for today. Tomorrow does to matter to them. FOOLS ONLY LIVE FOR TODAY. WISE MEN PLAN FOR TOMORROW. IS THERE ANY WISEMAN AMONG THE DEMOC”RATS” Wake up America. Wake up before it is too late. Gary Johnson is the spoler. He will steal votes from the winner. God save america from the narcissist.

  • general

    You all who are supporting Netnayahu the crazsy must be Idiots and stupids. Think and wakeup. He sucked your Money, Your children for war and now wants to destroy your mind.
    Because he knows you are nothing but Idiots.

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  • Laurie Karakhanian

    Obama & his Administration MUST be voted out in November 2012!!! We need a change for the better!!!

  • Blackphoenix

    Some of the comments here are just outright racist and sadly typical since Obama has taken office as President of the un-United States. Where is it okay for Israel to have nuclear weapons and no other country? How is it diplomatic to blatantly make Israel a part of our budget in giving monies that even the Muslims in this country pay as taxpayers ok, but to not look at the possibility that President Obama is a fair man who sides with that is right as oppose to being like cowboy Bush to start a war based on lies just to garner votes or make money for his Hawks!!! Naturally, FOX news will report any thing on Obama with a negative spin because…..who owns the station? There. Your answer will surely show how this station and many in this country are truly showing their true colors…and they’re are not RED, WHITE and BLUE!!