Pizza Owner Who Bear-Hugged Obama Reportedly Visited the White House in July

President Barack Obama, right, is picked-up and lifted off the ground by Scott Van Duzer, left, owner of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant during an unannounced stop, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Ft. Pierce, Fla. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais – Salon)

Scott Van Duzer is a great guy. He runs the Van Duzer Foundation and spends time and money helping people in his community.

What the media forgot to mention is that Scott Van Duzer reportedly visited the White House in June.
So the visit today to Scott’s business was not so random.
The TCPalm reported:

Local philanthropist Scott Van Duzer and his team of St. Lucie County Boys and Girls Club members braved temperatures in the upper 80s Tuesday, pedaling through Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce during the second day of their monthlong, 1,000-mile Washington D.C. bicycle trip to raise blood donation awareness.

The team launched its Be a Hero Bicycle Tour on Monday from Florida’s Blood Centers’ Lake Park office in Palm Beach. The caravan, which includes several adult riders, four youth club members and a 38-foot camper, made a stop at a Martin County Boys and Girls Club before holding two blood drives at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center and Big Apple Pizza in Fort Pierce. The four youth riders informed more than 100 fellow club members of the importance of becoming lifelong donors once they are eligible.

“They were excited to see us and had a lot of questions for us,”said Fort Pierce Infinity Teen Center member Joseph Noble, 17. Noble said his mother needed a blood transfusion after the traumatic delivery of his older sister, three years before his birth. The teen plans to share his story with other children during scheduled stops along the way.

Van Duzer said his team is confirmed to meet with the U.S. Surgeon General on July 11 in Washington D.C. He added the deputy surgeon general will ride the last 50 miles with the team.

“Someone needs blood every two seconds. Forty-four thousand people have to donate every day to meet the need,” Van Duzer said.

The four youth riders hope word of the trip spreads to the White House.

“President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, we’re coming to see you,” said Ken Pruitt Unit member Cody Hatt, 14. “First Lady Michelle is big on health and if she sees we’re trying to promote awareness in our generation, she might get involved.”

Team members have more than 30 scheduled stops at Boys and Girls Clubs and blood banks. A blood drive will be held at each venue. Van Duzer said members will stay overnight at several club locations. During the next ten days the caravan is scheduled to make appearances in Brevard, Orange, Volusia, Flagler, St. Johns and Duval Counties.

Yup. Either the Secret Service guys were sound asleep on this or it was carefully planned and scheduled in advance.

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  • Bobby Starfish

    Here are 95 examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism

  • Patty

    Obama/Biden Cozy Up To Blue Collar Voters


    O, YES OT

    hugs all around.

  • Patty


    Well, that is about 10 more then I’ve got.

  • Granny Kate

    Be afraid! Everytime Obama features a business, they end up going under.

  • Gloria

    Everything about Democrats is so phony.

    Though the lying does come from the heart. Lying is a part of who they are.

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  • bg


    ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    like that wasn’t a planned photo op.. where are Barry’s
    body guards, ya know what i mean, what a farce of a
    farce.. how dumbedd down are we.. *sigh*


  • Keith

    Had to have been staged. If anybody not preauthorized tried to do that, the Secret Service would have them in handcuffs so fast it would make your head spin.

  • Patty

    He looks like a wittle kid. (obambi)

  • donh
  • Mama Grizzly

    Oh wow. What “a man of the people” and all. I’m SO amazed. Not.


    Right on the Secret Service detail. This was totally staged. Blech.

    Hope the riders get a lot of support though. It’s a good cause. Of course….more people might give blood or money if the economy was doing better. If Obamascare gets started, there probably won’t be enough blood, so hope they’re able to get the stores up while it’s still possible.

  • Redwine

    As I remarked on another thread, this made me feel sick to my stomach. Comrade Barry’s undignified, outlandish and childish behavior is unbecoming of a POTUS. It’s like the shoes on the Oval Office furniture and the sneaky flipping of the bird. It diminishes the office. We can’t fire him fast enough. As for his myriad high crimes and misdemeanors and acts of treason, he deserves a fate of life in prison.

  • In the video at the pizza place Obama tries to be so cool but watch his gestures closely. Obama’s very happy….of course, nothing wrong with that.

  • donh

    #12…There is a clear ” I LOVE OBAMA ” community organized message now being put forth in the media . Images of hugs, adoring fans , testimonials…and because people LOVE Obama personally …we are supposed pass on the verdict his record is due ….and forgive it all …

    SICKENING…. yes that the American people can be so played by the D team of hollywood set directors who stage craft these fake images. If only the same amount of attention were paid to running the country. ….and just where is Romney ? where are HIS staged public relation photo images licking ice cream cones, hugging an old lady, and kissing babies ?

  • Objective Analysis

    That is that reggie love mess with a white flair. Goodness! Gay marriage is on the way. LOL!

  • Hugh


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  • Redstate Red

    How many times do you think they practiced that “candid” shot?

  • @ # 14 Exactly!
    The weird thing is that they think all these odd photos resonate with the public.
    Apparently, they resonate with a certain cohort of women. They have to be a real turn off to most men.

    I really think the Republicans not attempting to take down his likabilty ratings a notch is a big mistake. They could have used the White House photos of him putting his feet on the Oval Office desk and furniture 15 times. I’ve been doing this for three years but they have been awol.

  • bigkahuna

    Thats pizza shop is going to see a drop in business.

    A registered republican voting for Obama ??????? Yeah right.

    Good luck as people start voting with their dollars / feet

  • donh

    #19 Romney best be up on the fact THIS is what its going to be from here on out. I LOVE OBAMA…GOD LOVES OBAMA….and OBAMA LOVES YOU…No issues to debate. ….no promises …just big smiles and hugs…..while Mr. Romney reads off the grim realities like some funeral director …reminding everyone about all the big problems everyone is trying to forget and pretend don’t exist…….being adult serious while your opponent plays tickle me Elmo….and in a nanny state Elmo has a good chance of winning.

    You don’t have to tear down Obama’s likeabilities…or counter with a hate Obama campaign…but CALL HIM OUT on what he’s doing….avoiding issues…avoiding his record….avoiding responsibilities……and just begging for Love.

  • If this guy’s a Republican, he’s a Charlie Crist Republican.

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  • Flintstone F.

    The thread above this one and below this one and including this one are great examples of the new tactic being coordinated by the president and the news media.

    They are going for the pathetic, absent minded professor, lost puppy dog, who could kick this cute kid to the curb, angle. They have no shame. His shouting and screaming won’t work so, just like a spoiled kid wanting a cookie, he’s going to curl his lip and hang his head and say “I still love you anyway” as he slowly turns away. So remember, when he looks back over his shoulder, we need to just flip him off and show him the boot.

    Gaffe: can’t count (just as dumb as Joe). Ah, poor guy.
    Gets bear hugged: Tiny guy, shriveling away as he works his fingers to the bone for the country. How could this good nature frail man hurt anybody? Ah, poor guy.
    Iphone: “Doop” gee golly gosh guys give me a hand. Ah poor guy.

    Never forget he’s an evil POS.

  • Flintstone F.


    Yep. The Joe pic with the biker chick was staged too. The looks from those two guys are too perfect for the photo to have been impromptu.

  • Practical Jane

    President Photo-Op. I wondered why he wasn’t tackled by the SS.

  • Rob S.

    Question: Where in the quoted article does it say that Mr. Van Duzer and his group visited the White House? All I see is that it says they were scheduled to meet with the Surgeon General. Yes, the White House is mentioned, but it’s in reference to someone *saying* they “hope word of the trip spreads to the White House.”
    And the quote that “President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, we’re coming to see you” is from a 14-year old. It’s wishful thinking on their part, not a statement that that’s what is going to happen.

    I’m not saying that they *didn’t* go to the White House, but the quoted article cannot, in good conscience, be used to say that they did.

  • bigL

    Obama puting forth a phony hug therapist image and Romney
    is scuttling his campaign and our future by trying to be a rino on ObamaSovietCare,to wit:I’d like to keep the kids on parents coverage, I’d liketo see pre-existing covered, but itwll be free right MItt? I’d lie to see this part kept.
    If Romney wins by some miracle we need a quarter million folks in D.C. to encourage his ass back to Conservative-land. We are here, we do not fear, we are in your face.
    We may,may vote for you..but you don’t own us.
    My friend owns an employee developer business where in he sends out IT emps or any type. but his health care plan doesn’t match what ObamaNoCare wants. The govt won’t approve it.
    so he could pay it separately and go broke or fire the employees,so 80 out of a 100 were
    trerminated.This is happening acc to him all over. More unemploymewnt.

  • Sam

    The right is being played…. Just before the conventions… The left , Hollywwod powerful and media decided the would give the democrat one big blow job….. Try to get Obama a bounce then pretend it’s momentum and use proproganda to demoralize the right….. All these guys know is proproganda they don’t know how to govern.

  • kato

    Why are there so many people trying to make us aware of things that we are all aware of? Do I really need to see some tattooed subprimer running around a football field in pink shoes to be aware of breast cancer? What a bunch of hucksters!

  • Jeannie

    Remember, Romney has to have a paid ad and he has to have it accepted and not blocked, so when you ask where are all of his photos do not forget that the media is blocking every avenue it can. All the more reason why the grassroots of email that so helped 2010 needs to happen again. People have GOT to stop worrying about offending friends and family and send them news…but selectively, not deluges. Like once a week or twice a week send something, don’t overwhelm….libs can take very little truth, it upsets their systems, they’re not set up for it.

  • Jeannie

    Sam, this is for the independents.Luckily independents ARE less susceptible to this schtick. I’m a conservative independent and while I’m not a Tea Partier I absolutely support no career politicians and either support the Constitution or leave that job wherein you were SWORN to do your best to uphold that self same Constitution.

  • Kathteach

    This is just as “staged” as are all the many ‘faintings” in Obama crowds.

    He has Hollywood producers and joke writers giving him all his lines and actions right now folks.

    Thanks for reporting yet another fake puppet propped up to show support for our King…Jim….keep doing what you do.

    AS Breitbart told us – we’re at WAR – and it’s not as much with Obama but the palace guard media that props him up.

    America can not stomach a King – we never could and we can’t believe we allowed one to sneak upon some kind of media throne under the Obama regime.

    And we will throw the bum out in November – take a powder, folks. Great days ahead!

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  • Freedom! Keep our FREEDOM!

    SICK… What about our 13 troops being gunned down at FT HOOD? A work place incident? What about sending Billions to Egypt? He has never visited Isareal not once! What about those white coal miners???????!!!!!! ??? Chicago thugs!He is such a FAKE like his fake marriage. Clint was right HOAX HOAX HOAX on AMerica!! Shutting down NASA for muslim out reach??????? PLZ..

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, my donors love me!

    For example Scott Van Duzer gave me a bear hug after I said I would refund his entire $34,600.00 0bama Campaign donation!

    If I keep this up I have all of my donors happy!

  • mg4us

    What a fraud and farce. . .

    This was planned all along. . Have you been to the Pizza shop in Ft. Pierce. . .that is the most people they ever had at that hour of the day. . .

    Second, What Kind of Pizza Shop is run by a guy called Van Duzer,
    Doen’t sound Italian to me. . .

    Finally, Don’t see anyone eating. . hmmmmm, no Pizza pies out and about hmmmmm

    I just hope Van Duzer and Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant are not stiffed again like Obama does every where he goes. .

    By the way, Didn’t Michelle Obama send out a request for Donation telling people to give up going out for Pizza? hmmmmmmm Give up their pizza Money

  • mg4us

    If you google the Restaurant to find out more you see it is part of a chain owned by the Lino Family

    So my Question is: Does Scott VAN Druzer really own the pizza shop or is he just the manager?

    If the latter, then it is OK for OBAMA to say “You Didn’t Build it”!

    I hope someone investigates and gets a statement from the owners of Big Apple Pizza.

  • DomesticGoddess

    So their new strategy is bear hugs and lap dances? Asselrod must be in overdrive.

  • Thundermouth

    This wasn’t aimed at the independents or people on the fence. It was aimed at the unsophisticated masses of morons who make up Obama’s base of support. Their whole election strategy now hinges on votes from that sort of voter. Nobdy else is dumb enough to intentionally commit national suicide.

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  • Sean

    Reggie Loves has competition for Hussein’s affections.

  • Alethology

    Stories like this (and so many others) are why you guys are needed, and why I steer clear of the main stream media.

  • stuart

    Thank you Obama. I guess you have made one thing clear. The old trop “there’s no business like show business,” is untrue. You have turned politics into show business and vice versa.

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  • wesmorgan1

    I’ll ask the obvious question – did you just make up the “reportedly visited the White House” and then insinuate the “carefully planned and scheduled in advance” stuff from thin air?

    Your linked source says nothing about a visit to the White House. Yeah, it quotes a 14-year-old kid as saying (if I may paraphrase – full quotes in the article) “gee, we hope they hear about us and get involved,” but there’s NOT ONE WORD about an actual visit to the White House – or any contact with the Obamas at all, for that matter. I also checked the Van Duzer Foundation’s website (which you could have done with a single Google search), and there’s no mention of a White House visit there, either. Don’t you think that meeting the President would have been a MASSIVE PR opportunity for the Foundation, and that they would have trumpeted it to the skies? Yeah, me too…

    So, either you have a reliable source you haven’t cited or you’re just making stuff up. Which is it? I’m guessing the latter, but would love to be proven wrong.

  • Dennis

    assumptions masquerading as political commentary, I guess.

  • J

    Well of course it was staged. You can’t get within 10 feet of him otherwise.

  • Rev. Elation

    I KNEW this was scripted the moment I saw it! It still reeks of Soviet Realism!

  • Susan

    I knew this was yet another one of the Obama scripted photo ops when I saw it. Kinda like they got a picture of Michelle when she was shopping at target. There is nothing the man won’t do to try to win. Right now a carefully scripted campaign is going on with the media to portray Obama as being the winner so why get out ande vote for Romney. They sued Galllup for putting out the real polling numbers. Good grief this adminstration is ugly.

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  • Joyce

    Great journalism! July in headline and June in body….yep your credible all right. Such sour grapes. And such a tolerant and educated reader….no wonder I want come back to this site. Reporting in its finest – not.

  • Arguably Obama’s visit to big Apple Pizza may or may not have been staged . likley at the secret service certainly would have preceded him … or maybe they smelled the pizza and got hungry ?
    You don’t think maybe that Rob Me staged his pancake breakfast at home with his family for TV? …… come on now!

  • Mike C

    This wouldn’t be the first time a “spontaneous” event like this happened:

    Remember a while back about the 3 veterans at the Cafe in Portland?

  • Jon

    What a buncha BABIES! Every one of you WISH you could hug the Prez, but never had a chance to even get yer picher taken with the secretary of the local rotary club! When a Pizza shop owner cants be a regular guy and have some fun with the PRESIDENT of the United States, without a buncha whiners shaking their wittle fingers at him, the world HAS gone mad, I’m ordering 20 pizza’s tonight from this guys place, Congratulating him, and farting in the general direction of every crabby idiot that gave him a hard time, buncha LOSERS!

  • jim

    Too funny..and yes, completely staged. Amazing what the Pres will do to help stop his sinking ratings. This guy is NOT Presidential material and demonstrated by his past FAILURE of almost 4 years! The past election was a social experiment that was fostered by a good amount of white guilt. Hope and Change..what a tired and complete mess he has made this country.

  • MGB59

    Of course this was a staged event. The pizza man got permission from the secret service, before he did this act.

  • pshaw

    Clearly fake. After all, what does Obama know about pizza, since it isn’t a normal menu item in KENYA!

  • HeavyDee

    Look, I couldn’t care less if some pizza guy wants to give all his money to the Big Zero. What I’m tired of is the media feeding us this crap like it’s some kind of spontaneous outpouring of love for Obama from the common man. I think everyone, from now on at every Obama campaign stop should just rush up to him and try to hug him. The Secret Service reaction will tell us right away that this crap was more staged than the Oscars. Sorry Lamestream Media, we’re done letting you pi$$ on our heads and tell us it’s raining. That only flies in liberal circles, and they don’t care what you tell them while you’re doing it.

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  • MrRolco

    Despicable since jimmy

  • Ed Castillo

    This looked phony to me from the beginning when I saw the bear hug. I thought, where in the H3LL is the Secret Service and why are they letting some guy GRAB THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES??!! No stranger would ever be able to get that close to the president. So after it happened I just said to myself, he had to have known him prior to today. And now it’s confirmed.

  • Clint

    Question: Where in the quoted article does it say that Mr. Van Duzer and his group visited the White House? All I see is that it says they were scheduled to meet with the Surgeon General.

  • furiousxgeorge

    “Question: Where in the quoted article does it say that Mr. Van Duzer and his group visited the White House? All I see is that it says they were scheduled to meet with the Surgeon General.”

    Answer: Dim Jim Hoft is an illiterate moron and his website is read by illiterate morons.

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  • Bobbi

    I will definitely buy a pizza there.
    Doesn’t anyone else see how wimpy Barry looks? I’ve never seen any man, let akknd POTUSA, allow himself to be trivialized so much as in yhis pucture.
    I think Druzer, a Republican, knew exactly what he was doing.
    He showed Barry for the pansy that he is.

  • LBR

    Those of us that live in the area have found a much better pizza shop… One without all the BS on the walls and floors. You’ll see a “For Rent” sign on the place soon enough.

  • So what?

    What, exactly, does this article “prove”?? He paid a photo-op visit. So what!! I guess George W Bush was visiting a school on 9/11/01 because he was really teaching kids, right?

    Tell me: is there some page in some campaign strategy book that calls for bear hugs?? Are you people kidding me? Get a balanced perspective and stop hating and truly analyze some substantive issues, will you?

    And BTW, I voted for McCain in the last election….

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Not sure what his little known website is all about, I’m only here because huffingtonpost added this as a link. As for, if this was staged or not, who cares? Clearly the punditry, which is easy since it is not like anyone can talk about Mitt Ryan’s plans on anything (they and their wives are on a national “do not ask list it seems). Your story actually makes this seem more real, because before this piece, I thought this must be a made up photo op! Now it appears President Obama is dropping in on someone he knows so the bear hug is all the more plausible. Was it staged in advance? Of course, the Secret Service would have pounced on the owner otherwise, so yes it was staged, but do these two men know each other and was this sincere, yes on that count too. And for anyone trying to hurt this guy’s business on Yelp or Urbanspoon is a typical Republican A-Hole who only sees self and does not care about anyone else. So you hurt his business and now he has to lay off staff that would have been working and contributing to the local economy. Typical Republican stuff, because as he fires folks unemployment goes up and now Mitt might have a real chance at becoming Presedente Mitt. As is all Republican politics today, it is a religion as much as it is anything. You live it, you breathe it and God help you if you cross the aisle and vote for the other guy.

  • Jim

    Just the other day on the Discovery Channel, a retired Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail member said that (I’m paraphrasing from memory) anything that the president does that looks unscripted or unexpected, is not. There is nothing the president does in public that is not planned and rehearsed.

    President Ford or Johnson (I can’t remember which) like to be seen walking the sidewalks unencumbered past local businesses to look like he was in touch with the regular people. Only thing was, that there were no regular people to be in touch with because the streets were shutdown two blocks in every direction!

  • Cindy Starfish

    When Barack Obama lived in Chicago, he refused to allow his children to attend Chicago’s public schools

  • PeterStarfish

    Chicago’s striking public school teachers earn $74,839 per year, and 39% of them send their own children to private schools

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