Barack Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi to meet with him in New York next week.

But, not Netanyahu.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lectured Barack Obama in the Oval Office on the dangers facing the Jews back in May 2011.

In fact Obama will not meet with any Israeli official next week.
Israel National News reported:

Tensions between Israel and the current U.S. administration further deteriorated last week when President Barack Obama refused to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to New York, where he will address the UN General Assembly.

The White House insisted that the meeting would not take place due to the president’s pressing “campaign obligations” which would take him out of New York.

Obama has further snubbed Israeli leaders by refusing to meet with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who will also be in New York next week, WND news station reported.

Barak is scheduled to attend the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative, an annual summit of high-powered political and business leaders scheduled to overlap with the U.N. General Assembly.

While the President has not cited any pressing “campaign obligations” that would take him out of New York during Barak’s visit, he has, nonetheless, refused a meeting, WND reported.

While Obama will not meet any Israeli leader during their visits to New York, he will, however, find time to meet with Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Obama did find time to go on Letterman and lie about the national debt.



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  1. Ozero Obama, the greatest threat to Israel since Himler

  2. Obama is the biggest Turd to sit in the White House

    Can’t you smell the Stench from DC??

  3. What a shock, especially since he admits..ON VIDEO…he’s a MUSLIM and as a Muslim, I question if he subscribes to the hate…don’t believe it, see it here:

  4. Any Jew who still supports obama is suicidal.

  5. Perhaps Israel should just stop communicating with Obama all together.

  6. Obama’s campaign schedule no doubt has him meeting with more economically beneficial Jews at expensive campaign dinners. To bad those American Jewish servants of the Democratic party aren’t that concerned about Israel.

  7. Well, he DID tell us before he was ever elected that he would side with the muslims. Israel had better be laying in a big stock of lifeboats.

  8. Obama isn’t even trying to act like he isn’t anti Israel now. Yet how many Jews will still vote for this man? Any Jew that votes for Obama is worse than a fool. They are aiding in the attempted destruction of Israel.

  9. All this muhammedan chaos begs the question: Will the “current-occupant-of-the-oval-office-empty-chair” resurrect his 2009 executive order to satiate the Muslim Brotherhood and sacrifice Israel?

    “Recall that in December 2009, Obama signed “Amending Executive Order 12425″:

    “By removing language from President Reagan’s 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body, INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization), now operates on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests. “

    Alarming circumstances. . .especially given the timing with the general elections and Obamas efforts to undermine the US Constitution.

  10. Do you think barry will release the ‘blind sheik’ to Morsi’ ‘custody’ next week as a ‘good willl gesture’? Morsi says Jump barry asks ‘how high’? And after all the fake outrage over the Lockerbie bomber.

  11. “meet with a pirate this week”

    Busy re-negotiating Tripolitan Wars terms of surrender, no doubt.

  12. All muslims hate Jews. Obama, the muslim usurper, is no different.

  13. Barry continues to show what a “friend” he is to Israel. Looks like he is counting on American Jews sharing his view.

    Alienating America , one group at a time. Is this what being president to all Americans looks like to this toad?

  14. “Ozero Obama, the greatest threat to Israel since Himler”

    Ditto for the Pope, any Pope because they are just Himler, Hitler, Goebbels, Franz Von Poppen, Goering, Hess, Eichmann, etc… They were all sprinkled, confirmed anti-Semitic European Roman Catholics. So wasn’t Constantine, Nero, Charlemagne, and Napoleon.

    And, if you say Hitler was NOT a Roman Catholic then you call him a liar because he said he was in his autobiography Mein Kempf. He said “I was born a Catholic, confirmed a Catholic, raised a Catholic and I will die a Catholic. And, I was just doing what MY CHURCH (The Roman Catholic church NOT the Body of Christ) taught me to do.

    My guess is you don’t have the guts to read Mein Kempf or face the facts. Nothing new here….since we are waiting on the Roman Catholic man of sin…

    In the work by Stefan Lorant (Sieg Heil, NY Bonanza Books, p. 120) Adolf Hilter had an ID card and is photographed as a member of the NAZI party in Austria BEFORE he went to Munich. He is holding this card and his number is 555. So the next anti-semitic European Roman Catholic is your man (666). He will kill the Jews down to 144,000 and try to do what Hitler could not.

    Yea, when I kick my dog I expect him to yelp.

  15. I hate to be the realistic weasel of the group, but if you read the Daily Mail article you would have seen the picture was taken in 2009.

  16. Eric Holder’s team of terrorist sympathizers has already set the table for the Blind Shiek’s release by staging claims of deteriorating health….>

    Now Morsi will sit down at OUR table after the killing of our Ambassador and close the deal over a $700 bottle of champaigne , but Morsi won’t take even a sip of Champaigne in Observance to Sharia…….. but Morsi will raise his water glass when Obama repeats the TOAST he gave Rashid Khalidi at that LA banquet.

  17. I really loved the picture posted within the last week or two, of Netanyahu and obama the craven. It shows both as young men with Netanyahu in uniform serving his country and obambi smoking a joint and laughing. The caption read: One went on to become a great leader, the other a useless punk.

    This usless punk has been buying time for Imadinnerjacket for almost 4 years now, allowing them to aquire top of the line Russian AA, time to harden targets, time for Iran and its allies to come up with viable defenses to anything we could throw at them. If we or Israel had hit them 4 years ago like I have been saying for the past 4 years, the casualties would have been in the low 10’s of thousands. Now with the passage of time, preparations on both sides, hardening of alliances, movements of militaries, etc. etc. the casualties will be in the low 10’s of millions by the time it is over. And what would have only provoked a medium regional war will might very well now provoke WW4. (We’re already in a low conflict WW3)
    Eisenhower and the allies knew this fact prior to the D-Day invasion, the longer you take to prepare (even though preperation is vital) the more expensive in lives it finally becomes.

  18. When you give the guy in Egypt a Billion you are bound to get a good reception and Obama just hates to be called on the carpet by the leaders of that little country Israel which holds no value for him.

  19. So lets review… an 800 hit youtuber is singled out for persecution of his free speech for a video released after the Islamofascists, that Obama supported in his illegal war in Libya, led by a released Gitmo detainee who raped and murdered the US Ambassador and 3 other Americans in a carefully planned military assault on multiple embassies to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11 while the Obama administration for a second time enters into secret negotiations to release the ’93 WTC terror bombing mastermind, the “Blind Sheikh,” while Obama snubs the Israelis who are under the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons.

    Which is all being covered up by a mainstream media that is a partisan participant in all of this. Zero theory behind this conspiracy folks… all documented facts.

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