Labboun Allaboun was arrested in a house located in Colony Francisco de Montejo in Merida, Yucatan. (Yucatan Times)

The American citizen of Arab origin Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, a suspected member of the terrorist network Hezbollah, was arrested Saturday night in Merida, The Yucatan Times reported. George Abdalah Elders and Justin Yasser Safa were also arrested; both Belizeans citizens with valid migratory forms (FM1) issued by the INM.

The three Hezbollah members were arrested in Mexico on Saturday.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Authorities in Mexico arrested three alleged Hezbollah members over the past few days in the city of Mérida, Mexican media reported Monday.

Two of the suspects are Belizean and the third, arrested Saturday night, is a US citizen, according to reports. The US citizen was carrying a false Belizean passport and was identified as Rafic Moha-mmad Labboun Allaboun.

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  1. I’m sure they were just there on vacation, they never would have thought about crossing the border illegally.

    Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda are working with the drug Cartesl since they have a common enemy, the United States. Too bad we don’t have a President or a media that will talk about it.

  2. HUMMM! Now with our Global productivity rating, 2nd in the World. Downgrade, Obama amateur presidency, Fast and Furious. Well, then, do Americans enjoy the poor job that Napalintano is doing and this administration when it comes to our Borders and our National security.

    Yet, Obama has a stellar approval rating. I ASK WHY?

  3. Dios mio!


    I mean, “Allah mio!”

  4. It’s just a matter of time before something serious happens on U.S. soil that can be traced to illegal entry from Mexico. Of course, don’t expect to hear or read any details in the media unless there’s someone other than a Democrat in the White House…

  5. Our ripe, helpless belly is being filled to bursting with these demonic parasites. How many more just like this trio of dirtbags have already slithered into our country and now walk among us and our children – waiting for the signal….

  6. Enemies on the doorstep, and we still won’t do anything about our porous borders. Both parties are complicit in this mess.

  7. Rigorously interrogate him for all he’s worth, shoot him and then track down all the leads and repeat.

  8. Mama Grizz, unfortunately, they’re not just on our doorstep; they’re inside and ransacking the house – and have been for many years. We have an enemy army on our soil at this very minute, hundreds of thousands strong and getting stronger every day. Between the sociopathic scum flowing north across the Rio Grande and the Mexican and black gangs running amok in our major cities, I’d say we’re not too far away from qualifying as an occupied country.

  9. The saddest part of all is that Mexico is being a better neightbor than we were to them with Fast and Furious.

  10. This emphasizes the importance of border control. We can welcome the striver who wants to escape poverty or oppression (often the same thing) but we can still require that striver to come through the front door. A porous border that allows large shipments of drugs will also allow the movement of much worse things. (The drug debate is a different topic worth many threads.) A border that allows able-bodied but impatient workers also allows able-bodied parasites to come in — and worse than them.

  11. This is the first good news from Mexico that i have heard in years, there must be a lot more to this than is being reported. It is significant that it was reported at all, they could have been taken into custody completely unannounced.

  12. And how many more has odumbo and his admin let walk right through the non existent border…only a matter of time

  13. DHS: the Tea Party is our real enemy! And survivalists! RIGHT WING EXTEREMISTS are EVERYWHERE!!!

  14. That’s nothing. You should see the Muslim evangelization efforts among the indigenous Mayan people of the Chiapas highlands. There are Muslims from Spain working near San Cristobal de las Casas-The Royal City. This city is a big tourist attraction because of it’s mix of Mayan and European culture and artistry. You can spot, here and there, Mayan women and girls wearing their native attire but with some form of hijab.

    Not saying it’s a good thing, but “Religion with a sword” just might sound a lot better than “love your enemy” to people who have been mistreated, marginalized, and abused. Must say though, Protestant Christians are making more inroads than the Muslims… Sure hope it stays that way.

  15. No doubt planning on entering the USA to vote for Obama in the election.

  16. There are thousands of militant moslem operatives in the US, targeting key cities. They will wait for the signal and launch a coordinated attack. Most have been coming up through Mexico, some Canada, but the 3-man cells are already in place biding their time. They are highly trained and they easily find their way here by paying guides/drug and human trafficking cartels to bring them in. Once in, they disperse. Lots of Iranians.

  17. One day the US is going to suffer an enormous terror incident at the hands of these idiots waltzing unhindered across our southern border and abetted by the idiots in govt who refuse to fix the border problem. It’s going to be ugly and every effort will be made to cover up the origins and itineraries of the attackers.


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