Horror!… Lebanese Reports: US Ambassador Raped Before His Murder

Arab Spring…
On September 11 radical Islamists attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya with rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire.
They murdered US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Islamists dragged the dead body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens from the embassy after he was murdered last night.
The radical Islamists attacked the embassy with rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire.

Al- Ahram

But there’s more…
Kerry Picket at The Washington Times reported:

According to the Lebanese news organization Tayyar.org, citing AFP news sources, U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, who was killed by gunmen that stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday, was reportedly raped before being murdered. A google translation of the report says.

A news report made by the Libyan Free Press is also reporting that Ambassador Stevens was sodomized before he was killed:

Here is another shot of the murdered ambassador at the embassy.

The ambassador’s body was not recovered for 12 hours after the attack.
God rest his soul.

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  • jorgen

    Hillary will prefer to put is as “he had been entertained before our Muslim friends gently carried him to the hospital”.

  • ply313

    But I thought they hang gays.. oh never mind…

  • SoLongSong

    I heard that he died from smoke inhalation.

    Regardless, seeing these animals heaven help me, but I’d just like to line ’em up…they’re turning ME into a savage!

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  • Fuquay Steve

    If this was bush’e term MSNBC would be running theses photos non-stop. But tell me again, who is playing politics?

  • donh

    9/11 Was a GREAT and MIGHTY day of VICTORY for JIHAD !….Allah Allah Allah ! Dancing in the Arab street…Candy for the children…Gone is the mighty America ….NOTHING to FEAR…You can sack American Embassies…KILL their Ambassadors, burn their flags, and the GREAT SATAN cowers like a lamb for slaughter.


    I am sorry for the Ambassador’s rape and murder…..but NO LONGER can the elites who plot and plan our policy in the ways of cowardice ….No longer can THEY sit inside their impregnable fortress while our fine men in uniform suffer painful sacrifice ….Our soldiers pay a very heavy price on account of their quisling superiors…..and now this price has been shared upon our TOP officials….The barbarians have brought their savagery to the VERY HIGHEST LEVEL of government. ….THIS IS WHAT APPEASEMENT HAS BROUGHT YOU……DEATH

  • Nate

    I see at least 3 more dead men in those pictures.

  • briscuit

    This strategy of obama’s is despicable. obama, and his progressive sec of state, is despicable.

  • Militant conservative

    Supposedly the one true God

    Of the muslim religion will be

    born from a mans poop chute.

  • Robodog7

    1# Jorgen

    Either that or she will tell the public that the Ambassador recieved a rectal example while at the hospital.

    Meanwhile Dear Leader is on the campaign trail instead of meeting with his intellegence officers to plan a swift response to these attacks. Instead he can’t even figure out if Egypt is an ally or an enemy.

  • briscuit

    Think hillary will pull out another ‘re do’ button? Now that was successful wasn’t it~~~ True amateurs. Very dangerous in their stupidity.

  • pjean

    I want truth and fact. If this happened, it’s deplorable, but I also don’t want any media source, especially those whom I trust, to play on my emotions in an effort to spark an irrational hatred of an entire country. These are radical Islamists who have done these hateful things and I am not in denial of that. I simply want facts to guide my emotions and not embellished stories that haven’t been authenticated.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    While not as ball-less as Dear Leader, where is the Republican House on this? There should be a special session and a declaration of war. Send the bill to Reid and Obama and let them bury it.

  • Sean

    Obama built this.

  • Mama Grizzly

    #6: Well put!

    #12: This is all over Arab press–closer to what’s happening. It’s the American press covering the facts. It was probably worse than is being reported anywhere.

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  • Stan

    Outraged that a film dared to say that Muhammad, the ideal man, liked to sodomize boys the Muslim mob sought to get revenge for such an outrageous lie…by sodomizing a corpse.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Of course, Pjean, they’re all just playing on your emotions!

    The ambassador actually died, swiftly and painlessly, of smoke inhalation, after being tenderly carried to a nearby hospital by tender hearted locals, who rescued him from those bad radicals, who are just a small minority, and not representative of Islam as a whole, which is a peaceful, wonderful, gentle, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

    P.S. If you trust certain news sources, why would you doubt what they say?

    P.P.S. I never believed that “Died of smoke inhalation” story myself; Hillary and Huma spun that one, to ensure that we wouldn’t hate our dear, sweet, lovable, wonderful Islamic allies in Libya.

    How’s that Arab Spring working out for everybody?

  • lol

    they are savages. for hill and zero to come out knowing what the animals did to an american, and covering up for the pigs with the they helped carry him to the hospital meme is disgraceful.


    Add homosexual perversion to pigslamic pratices and this is what you get. Imam Obama and Hillary Clinton have this blood on their hands.

    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon…

  • bg



    i’m shocked!!

    seriously, that’s all these Islamists are born and trained to do,
    rape, pillage, terrorize, and die in the name of Muhammed the
    one true messenger of doom and gloom.. *sigh*


  • AuntieMadder

    These aren’t radical Islamists. Islam is violent. Therefore, Islamists are violent. Radical Islamists are the peaceful Muslims. More aptly put, the Muslims who are currently not committing violence are radical Islamists.

  • Agent 99
  • wheat farmer

    Next week one more of my sons graduates from army boot camp and once more I get the privilege to look young men and woman in the eye that have more courage and honor than any political. I will look them in the eye all the while knowing that this SOB Obama will SD some of them to slaughter for his democracy project

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Think an autopsy will be performed and this claim confirmed?

    If it turns out to be true, will it end up being hushed up?

  • stonedome

    hey hitlery, how is your “thoughtful” foreign policy going so far? this was one of your guys that helped with your wonderful libyan campaign. what a pathetic, i got where i am because of my husband, goon. i’m sure, being a woman, you command respect amongst those muslim men and they fear your stern words of rebuke. we are in great trouble if we return these people to power.

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Coming soon… outrage over a film showing muslims sodomizing people before killing them!

  • Flora Myers

    This is sickening and there should be justice. The MSM wil not add this sexual assault part to the story . If this is not enough to vote out obama what is. They are all rising up before he gets out of office becuase they know the US will not do anything to retaliate.

  • blackbush666

    God damn primates.

  • MT Geoff

    1. It’s possible that the ambassador or others were sexually mistreated but I doubt it. The flow of the events and the photos don’t indicate anything of the kind.
    2. The ambassador was murdered, along with three other Americans and, according to one report at least, three or more Libyan security team members. Oddly, the ambassador seems to have died as a result of the fire (smoke inhalation) but the others apparently died of gunshot wounds. Possibly the event was staged to grab the ambassador and failed.
    3. I’ve seen photos and videos of Arab mobs dragging their victims through streets. The photos I’ve seen of the ambassador and the mob are very different. The faces I can see are concerned, not gloating or triumphant. The ambassador is being carried or propped up or laid on a makeshift stretcher — he’s not being dragged. My interpretation is that those photos do show some mob members who are trying to help him. Keep in mind that the mob members may not even have known who the ambassador was or what he looked like. Some of them may have gone along to loot and burn but with no intention of killing anyone. If a hit team meant to capture the ambassador and failed, some members of the mob may then have tried to succor him in his last minutes. I hope this is true and it’s consistent with the information we have. It’s not definitive, of course.
    4. The Arab Spring wasn’t, and we knew it, and here is some of its fruit. I’m one who believes Obama’s weakness helped to invite this tragedy. The primary blame lies with the perpetrators, then with the Libyan pretense of a government for failing to protect the mission.

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  • chris

    You’re crazy for blaming Obama for this!!! Are you serious??? How in the HELL did Obama do this to this poor man?? If Obama was taking care of this right now, he would be blamed for not taking care of something else. Get real.

  • USMC Thomas

    According to SØBama, Egypt is neither ally or enemy, but present.

  • MT Geoff

    Howdy chris
    Any thinking person puts the primary blame on the murderers — whether members of a mob or a hit team that used the mob for cover.
    Security of the mission in Benghazi is supposed to be the joint responsibility of the host government (such as Libya has one) and the US. It sounds like security for the mission had been allowed to fall far below acceptable levels. One reason for that might well be Obama’s feckless attitude toward Islamists and Muslims in general. At that level, it’s fair to ask oneself how much this falls onto Obama’s responsibility. And having asked, one must reach an answer.

  • Kadafi was stabed in the ass before being shot in the head… Maybe is there a link ?

  • Jack

    The rape and murder the guy who more than any one else pushed for the no fly zone the ousted Khadaffy. Let this be a lesson to those who want us to intervene in Syria. We should get out of there so they can go back to killing themselves and when they are all dead we can go in and take the oil.

  • jesse

    Typical salafists.

  • joe q. citizen

    If he was shot, then I wonder where he was hit?? I see no blood from bullet wounds or bullet holes anywhere on him in these pictures. (Pictures, which are awful, btw. I understand peoples need to know, & perhaps ‘see’ the truth.. But I wonder how his family feels about these being published like this.. OR of these aligations, for that matter?!?! Truth or not, it MIGHT not be the kind of thing they want splashed all over the internet.. And as an American webpage, you would think a little more respect would be shown?!?!) :\

  • It is amazing that most of the people leaving comments seemingly forgot that it was Obama not Bush who killed Bin Laden, Gaddfi etc. Do you not remember navy team 6, while Bush and Chenny potficicated; so who was the weak person on terror again?

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  • FF1059

    Why isn’t this being reported anywhere else?

  • bg



    how effing dumbed down & weak are we?? 😥


  • joe q. citizen

    I would like to note that….
    “Afghan President Hamid Karzai called the making of the movie a “devilish act” but said he was certain those involved in its production were a very small minority.”
    “In Egypt, Prime Minister Hisham Kandil called on Washington to act against the film’s makers for stirring up strife but condemned the violence saying that they had “no relation to the (U.S.) government”.” [source: Reuters]

    So apparently NOT ALL MUSLIMS support this.. In fact, MOST CONDEMN THESE ACTIONS. (Jst something to take into consideration. I personally would not want any people in other countries condemning ALL AMERICANS, speaking about bombing us, due to the actions of a small group of terrible people.. I realize that we are all very different & should not be held accountable for the horrers inflicted by a few. Just as all white Americans were not responsible for the assassination of MLK, & therefore violence against them afterwards was wrong & condemned.. Not all Lybians are responsible for this. People must not allow their emotions and fear to cause them to think or behave irrationally here. — Not to mention the hypocracy of it. They punish & murder an innocent man over an action – a movie – which was not his, and they were wrong to do so.. It would be doing the same thing in reverse if we were to attack the entire country, and we would be wrong to do so. A good Christian KNOWS this is not the correct way to behave.)

    “Tributes poured in to honor Stevens, who said in a video posted on the embassy website of his involvement in the Libyan revolution: “I was thrilled to watch the Libyan people stand up and demand their rights.”
    Stevens, who was 52, grew up in California, graduated from Berkeley and worked in North Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. He taught English in Morocco before joining the foreign service where he worked in the Middle East and North Africa.”

    Clearly this was a man who dedicated his LIFE to helping, understanding, & showing love & compassion to human beings of all ethnicities & religious denominations (specifically Islam).. And I am certain that he WOULD NOT want there to be a bunch of anti-Muslim backlash or hate-talk taking place on his behalf. So, as an act of respect to him, and his LIFE WORK, I personnally will not take plart in such speech, & I condemn anyone who does.. Because I KNOW what TRUE respect IS, and how to PROPERLY HONOR HIS MEMORY. — And also, dont bother making comments which would try to justify such hate DUE to what happened now.. Its foolish. GOOD MEN like Stevens know what conviction & character is.. And they want peace & love & understanding shown to others DESPITE what befalls themselves, (like MLK & Ghandi did too). 😐

  • MT Geoff

    Howdy stop_ignorant_racist
    1. Barack Obama did give the order to complete the Bin Laden mission when he had the opportunity. So would any thinking president, so some credit but only some.
    2. GW Bush launched the policies and the procedures that located Bin Laden and led to his death. Bush kept his priorities right, though; dealing with the Taliban and Al Quaeda was always more important than killing Bin Laden.
    3. Not only did Obama not kill Kaddafy (Gaddafi, Quaddafy), he condemned the murder of Kaddafy without trial. As he should have done.
    4. GW Bush sought and obtained the concurrence of Congress before he launched attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama specifically refused to seek Congressional concurrence. Who was the cowboy?
    5. The US embassy in Iraq was stormed — when? The US ambassador to Afghanistan was murdered — when? Oh, right, never.
    It’s hard for me to imagine any way to portray Obama’s foreign policy as strong, determined, or even guided by America’s interests.

  • ParadoxGentleman

    Well, USA hepl those guys to kill Muamer… what comes around goes around!

  • MT Geoff

    I’ve just looked again at the last picture in the series above. I had thought Mr. Stevens was being placed on a makeshift stretcher; as I looked again, I realized that he is leaning against the legs of a man, probably the same man who is supporting him in the first picture — the man with the cell phone in his mouth.
    My impression of the images is basically the same, though. These people look to me like they are trying to help Mr. Stevens, not gloating and certainly not harming him. They are less gentle with him than trained medics would be but we are talking about a crowd scene here. This is how I’ve seen crowds — okay, mobs — like this caring for their own friends.
    The reports I’ve seen say that Mr. Stevens died of smoke inhalation. That seems very likely; he shows no signs of bullet wounds or of being assaulted in these images. A person can die of smoke inhalation quite a while after the exposure.

  • LOVE

    Sad & disgusting…..This is the house that Bush built.

  • I think we should clear out our people and NUKE the BASTARDS!

  • dominoe4

    Obama reportedly green with envy…he’d even been practicing his ‘bow’.

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  • wideawake

    You don’t really think that Obama calls the shots do you? It would be relevant to know that we funded and supported Al Qeada to overthrow Qadaffi in Libya. We are also supporting them in Syria. In fact the C I A created Al Qeada. Come on folks, this is not a left/ right issue. It’s about our government being controlled by globalist elites. Obama said that we went into Libya under the UNs authority and that he didn’t need the Congress to declare war. Don’t be so naive. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are right. http://www.infowars.com/al-qaeda-murders-u-s-ambassador-and-staff-in-libya/

  • I suggest all of you step back and look closer. This entire propaganda event has all the attributes of the mossad. To every muslim wanting to vent.. I do not blame you nor do do I try to lessen your anguer. But you must understand my country has been usurped by the zionist agenda for many decades. The majority of my countrymen are victims also. I do not compare myself to you not even to a slight degree… but I tell you now that we are awakening.. the truth is spreading with a finality the world will soon understand. It will not be easy.. revolutions never are. I hope and pray everyday that muslims will show their historic fair play as per the teachings of their prophet and try the best they can to identify the culprits of this global engineering we have been victimized with… your people and mine. I for one have awakened.. i do not support my real enemy… that enemy is but one country and one school of thought… zionist israel. As Dr Alan Sabrosky has clearly laid out, 9/11 has been an israeli mossad operation from day one. Muslims have every reason to hate what has happened.. but I hope you will direct your disgust to the system and their officers, all of whom are primarily zionist or zionist brown noses like obama.

    Funny thing about truth is… it will debunk the lies. the lies are now identified.

    you take care of your infidels muslims… we will take care of ours.. It is best this way.

    there is hope that one day soon justice will prevail. Our jails will be emptied out from non-violents and filled with scum like michael Chertoff, joe Lieberman, Chuck Chummer, Lloyd Blankfein, Paul Wolfowitz, Philip Zachain, the names are many.. but they are known and on record.

    patience muslims… this country has not faded away yet… it is very possible we will come back after finally having learned our lesson. Like Dr Ron Paul says… mind our own business, be friends and trade with everyone or at the very least be respectful. it is on the peoples of each country to organize and change their country.

  • we all know what is happening.just think of ”24” and remember the message JACK BAUER is passing.well it is pathetic,but what can we do.he was killed just as COLONEL GADDAFI.so we just have to accept it.

  • may his soul rest in peace

  • This is absolutely horrible! How about we line up about 20 B-52’s and carpet bomb Benghasi, just fly back and forth until we run out of bombs. One of our people are worth a thousand Arabs. It sure is funny that Muslims enjoy dragging dead bodies around the street for awhile before they do something else with it that’s appropriate. Falushia was the same and they were dragging body parts around.

    Has our fearless leader called the family of Ambassador Steven’s and gave them his condolences yet? Obama has always waited days before he does anything that needs to be done right now, how many days is he going to wait before he calls them and does his duty?

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  • Marissa Andrews

    My in-house democrat is so smug. She just came in and with great applomb announced that her president, Obutthole, would be sending in his “Ninjas” to take care of these terrorists. Right. Obh is too busy campaigning, playing golf and smoking and drinking his special WH brew to bother with a little upsetting news. The media will cover up for him and he gets to live in “Neverland” away from reality. He wants to be President, he just does not want to do the job. The laziest SOB ever to serve in the White House. And, my “in-house” democrat is too stupid to really care. She goes bonkers if I even “try” to tell her the real truth. Like any liberal, when faced with the truth scream and curse your way out of it.

  • Guest

    Soon…very soon!

  • Guest


  • AlCrazyGal

    To: John Q Public
    And, how did this work out for him?

    “Tributes poured in to honor Stevens, who said in a video posted on the embassy website of his involvement in the Libyan revolution: “I was thrilled to watch the Libyan people stand up and demand their rights.”
    Stevens, who was 52, grew up in California, graduated from Berkeley and worked in North Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. He taught English in Morocco before joining the foreign service where he worked in the Middle East and North Africa.”

  • jeffrey

    Treating these savages as they are, does not make one a savage himself. Treating these dogs as dogs does not make us animals, but masters.

    I would have bombed the courtyards with F-18s during their pep rallies !!!
    The 6th fleet is minutes away by air, all we lack is a commander in chief.

  • jeffrey

    Treating these savages as they are, does not make one a savage himself. Treating these dogs as dogs does not make us animals, but masters.

    I would have bombed the courtyards with F-18s during their pep rallies !!!
    The 6th fleet is minutes away by air, all we lack is a commander in chief.

  • Lisa

    Remember that after the murder of Ambassador Stevens The pant load went to Vegas to fund raise for his reelection! Remember this when you vote in November. When Mr. Stevens dead body was being dragged through the streets President Obamination was moving on with his fund raiser.

  • Valintina

    Okay, I’m assuming those photos are after the rape. So those idiots are dragging this brilliant diplomat through the streets like a dead dog, shows how ‘religious’ they are. Anyway, why are his pants completely done up? I can’t imagine one of these guys re-dressing him as a sign of respect after a raging public sodomy (esp. with their cohorts looking on)…so it stands to reason that if he was sodomized it was after these pics were taken. I doubt even THEY would do that. I almost jumped on the rape news bandwagon about this, but it is in Libya’s interest to report information that is utterly devastating- esp. according to their culture – as a ‘coupe de grace’ to shame America by ‘pouring salt into the wounds’.

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  • Katie Henri

    Go back to sleep Mister President and may America awaken to a new President SOON!!!!


  • Joe Frakenson

    These F***KEN animals in the middle east should be NUKED! And where is our DAMN president? Out campaigning, cause God forbid he shouldn’t win a second term and not be able to completely destroy this country! What a F***KEN sorry POS!! What a great commander-in-chief we have! AMERICA, let me ask you this. HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SORRY BASTARD WE HAVE FOR A PRESIDENT? WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO FINALLY PISS YOU OFF ENOUGH TO THROW HIS SORRY, SKINNY LITTLE SOCIALIST ASS OUT OF OFFICE?

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  • DaveH

    The ambassador died of smoke inhalation? They must have been blowing in from behind!

  • DomesticGoddess

    Told you so! I also watched about five minutes of the vomit inducing (campaign speech) presser where Hill blamed the YouTube video for the violence and reiterated that the US Govt had nothing to do with the video. All in front of the dead bodies returning home.

  • Ghost

    it’s what they did to Khaddafi

  • Geof

    Salafists are homos as well as fanatics. Your actions define you. Amb Stevens was trying to help the Libyan people reach freedom and a new life. That says a lot about him.

    The Salafists are violent radicals defined by their actions.

  • Nunya B. ZNISS

    I cannot see how murdering anyone could get my junk up! and even if a dead body was gorgeous, I am pretty sure I could not do that with it
    Add to that another man?

    Yeah, Islam is such a nice peaceful belief system.

    The nice peaceful muslim is one of two things, a myth or a muslim in name only, not a true believer.

    Screw it, I will not capitalize muslim ever again, they do not deserve the respect that pressing the shift key denotes!

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  • Starting war

  • Jerry_Rigger

    Oh, so the faggot muslims got themselves a little “pleasure” before they dispatched another infidel. Some poor goat got a rest for a day! Oh, I forgot that homosexuality doesn’t exist in the muzzie world. Yeah, and faggots don’t exist in the White House either. Perhaps they were just sending a coded message to the FagInChief.

  • DLL

    Look at the bruising or blood pooling on his stomach. He didn’t die of smoke inhalation.

  • Lowell

    I say “Pull all of our people back home. Then every one left there.

  • Lowell

    I ment after all our people are safe, NUKE all the animals left there.

  • Truthbetold

    The radical Muslims are animals. They should not be considered to be of the human race. How any so called religion could sanction this kind of behavior must be a demonic cult.

    The bible says an eye for an eye…. If I were President …. I would drop leaflets like we did in Japan before we bombed them… so that anyone who wanted to leave ..could. I would have the military filter and catch the radicals as they fled like cockroaches and lock them up, put them on trial and then execute the guilty. Then I would proceed to blow any stupid enought to stay….to pieces. There will be no peace in the world until these animals are annihilated. Then the other countries who think they can challenge the western world’s ability to protect themselves would also get th message. Ryan is right… Peace through strength. Plain and simple, it is the only thing that works. It should be obvious to our “community organizer” that talking with demonic idiots…. gets you nowhere! I keep hearing that there are many nice and respectful Muslims. Where in the hell are they when something like this happens. If they are in the majority… why don’t they police their own demons? Don’t they have a conscience? If they don’t want to step up…then they have to expect to get hit by some of the flack fire. I was taught that sitting back, saying nothing is being complicit which makes you part of the problem. So… I will have no guilt feelings if they get caught in the cross fire! They should have ended this depravity in their own communities’ years ago!

  • Mavis B.

    While his death is borrific, I’m not sure he was raped. His pants are still on and these people are so barbaric, they wouldn’t bother dressing him again! What I want to know is what if anything is being done?! We are acting like a bunch of chickens and this is the land of the brave, Mr Obama! For petes sake, act like the President and standup for our murdered Ambassador and the others! I also want to know if its true Obama had issued orders to take their weapons away and they had no way to defend themselves! Can’t anyone override this president?! Can’t Congress?! Come on, people….act like Americans and stick up for our people! Embassys are supposed to be safe havens just as if they are on American soil!

    God help us if we continue in this vein! If this man is reelected, it’s all over but the shouting! My prayers are for the Lord to come back!! I was so upset yesterday watching the bodies being returned and Hilary Clinton speaking and Barack Obama headed up to the podium I was almost physically ill and had to lie down! I’m not a violent person, but I think at that moment I could have hurt one of those people, if only with words! Dear God in Heaven and on earth, we need Your Divine Help!

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  • jimmy

    send them all to heaven where they can be with their beloved muhommad. lets kick them out of our country starting with king obama.

  • Boerebull

    Let God judge the Terrorist but its the US Marines job to arrange the meeting.;-) I am sure they will be accompanied by some Navy Seals and a few other MOS’s. In 86 when Libya killed Americans Ronald Regan bombed their leaders house 😉 let see if Obahma will live up to that.

  • Jim S

    The pictures you have posted are of a rescue effort to get this man to a hospital…Am I missing something here?

  • Jon

    Sodomy and murder of our Ambassador is another one of Obongo’s foreign relations miracles.

  • These murderers took human life and spirit from four men who did not deserve the atrosity.
    I only wish that something would be done somewhere by someone. We have never been without leadership in the 70+ years that I have lived. So, so sad
    Just think what it will be if there are another four years of this. The Muslims will be a majority here in the United States of America.

  • Aaron

    Idiots. He was declared dead IN A HOSPITAL within MINUTES of the attack, not hours. These people are the Muslims who pulled him from the smoking ruins and rushed him to that hospital. Not that you all care. That doesn’t fit in with your Islamophobia.

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  • OldGloryForever

    For eons desert men have raped their prisoners as a form of domanence. Read obamas book in it he says if the winds turn bad he sides with the muslims. We have a man who needs to be dragged from his home and gang raped and then tell us how you feel. Get our money drill for our own oil and arm Israel. We don’t need to be in the Mideast. We have a pus$y for a president and if we arm Israel they will handle the Mideast as they did in the 6 day war. We are getting weaker and weaker and have no international respect. I’m ready for some payback,

  • Dragon 36

    The amazing thing about this is that Obamanation is a dyed in the wool muslim carrying out a jihad. The Korectum specifically instructs muslims it is ok to lie to the infidels… translated anyone who is not muslim… in the name of Aah ha la. The Obamanation has turned the middle east into a firery 27 country terrorist display of what true islam is all about. Our troops ought to dip there bullets in swine feces before they go out on patrol… then when they kill some feed their bodies to swine or bury them with freshly slaughtered swine. Other than that I hope all the millions who proclaim in these protests to be Oswineas get swine flu and die.

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  • Mary

    Disgusting…our president is an embarrassment…no true God would condone such vulgar and heinous behavior.

  • Meg

    You people are the most misinformed, scandously evil people I’ve come across in decades worth of surfing.

    Go to hell all of you and trust me, when a muslim tells you to go to hell, we generally mean it.

  • Melanie


    Yeah, we know muslims “really mean it” when they tell people to go to hell, because they quite often precipitate the trip themselves by suicide bombing or flying planes into skyscrapers. So I wouldn’t preen myself, if I were you, on the sincerity of muslim savagery and brutality.

  • Linda Ryder

    I am so sorry, I now that it is not enough but its all I can say seeing these pictures

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