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  1. Wow and this a****** has the nerve to say Romney doesn’t have for experience. after 4 years the stupid bastard has proven he s not qualified

  2. This is the result of our leader meddling in the Middle East. Remember his Cairo speech of 2009? Look at the results of his “understanding the muslim world”. Now he is complaining about Romney’s criticism of his response to this deplorable situation. I got news for you Mr. Obama. It’s not just Mitt Romney who is complaining. This is an example of someone who is in way over his head without a clue how to proceed. This blood is on your hands, Mr. Obama. I hope you are happy.

  3. You people are all wrong! These images are the helpful Libyans trying to help our poor Ambassador.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IS WHAT THE LEFTY MEDIA AND OBAMA is trying to put that story out as a fact?. This is worse than Carter and the Iranian hostage fiasco…TIME TO TOSS THIS A HOLE OUT!!!

  4. This is what the whole Middle East will be soon. When you promote the rise and takeover of a country by Muslim extremists like President Obama did, this is what happens. These people represent the new government, regardless of what the
    President says. They hate the nation of Israel, and hate any country that recognizes Christ and doesn’t adhere to Muslim law. We will see more of this in the future as the extremist take over, just like what happened in Iran. These people are not a small group, but represent the majority opinion towards the USA and Israel. President Obama has avoided meeting Israel’s leaders, stating he didn’t have the time, and embraced these new governments and has basically said that we apologize for hurting your Muslim beliefs. He will not do anything to these people. Let’s remember that President Obama has turned his back on many of the commandments and laws God set forth in the Bible. Yet, many who CLAIM to be Christian, still support his anti-God policies. How much more will God take? Shame on our President for turning his back on the nation of Israel, and Jesus Christ. Just remember, Christ’s father will always protect Israel, and never be defeated, but will eventually say enough.

  5. There are consequences to elections, folks. If Obama gets a second term, this country and Our Constitution are likely doomed. Just saying…

  6. I would worry more About the liberties and freedoms Obama is taking away from Americans almost monthly!
    For just a short list go to
    In July Obama did another executive order giving him total control over all communications in the USA.
    What’s next gun control?
    If Obama controls our information and our guns were finished as a FREE country!
    What about Obama and the placement of ABM Missals in Russia’s waters China and Russia could start a war over this.
    People Obama is a country deviding dictator!
    But hes excellent at convincing the less well off he cares for them and Romney doesn’t !!!
    Please tell everyone you know VOTE Obama out?

  7. tell me please… they keep saying this man was rushed to the hospital where he later died of smoke inhalation… so tell me… was that BEFORE OR AFTER HIS LIFELESS BODY WAS DRAGGED THROUGH THE STREETS?? something is wrong with the WH accounts!

  8. Found this in Investor’s Daily. Bravely written, IMHO.

    Posted 09/11/2012 07:09 PM ET

    Barack Obama is very dangerous, the apotheosis of an insidious strain of authoritarianism that destroys freedom from within.

    It had been gnawing away at America’s vitals since the 1930s. Then, impatient for power, Obama’s Chicago contingent hit upon the ultimate quick-acting fraud; capture the White House by electing an illusion.
    They conjured up an imaginary Obama invested with virtues never before or since found in the original. The make-believe Obama then starred in an electoral fairy tale scripted by the media and proclaimed a hit by bewitched voters.

    Thus did it come to pass in the year 2008 that Americans were duped into electing a president quite different from the illusion for which they voted.
    The real Obama is a steely-eyed autocrat, dedicated to expanding power at the expense of our liberty, still a bit of a Marxist, alternately hostile to or agnostic about capitalism, and intent on transforming America into a government-controlled society composed of obedient automatons.

    The lights of freedom are starting to flicker. If Obama gets a second term, they’ll go out. As Charles Krauthammer said, Obama “will take the country to a place from which it will not be able to return.” On arrival, we’ll sink into a new dark age of absurdities designed by Obama.
    Centuries of American law and civilization will be turned upside down. The sacred will be defiled, the repugnant exalted, the Constitution inverted. Instead of protecting us, it will be used to exploit and enslave us.

    Our rights to speech, religion, property and privacy will be transformed. They’ll become Obama’s rights to take our property, tell us what to say, how and whether we may exercise our religion, what medical care we may receive and how long we are permitted to live.
    Swarms of bureaucrats will tell us how to raise and educate our children, what they’ll be taught, what job they are to work at, the wages we receive, what to do with the money, and if we’re allowed to “own” a business, whom to hire and fire, what to produce and sell, and how much profit we are permitted to make.

    Is this apocalyptic prognosis overstated? Perhaps, but only the willfully obtuse fail to see how life is beginning to resemble Obama’s Orwellian world.
    That’s because Obama’s forerunners in the Democratic Party spent decades forcing government’s tentacles deep into every nook and cranny of our existence. All Obama needs to do now is wind the coils tighter.

    Confident he can kill off the remnants of capitalism and other earthly freedoms, Obama has opened a second front by attacking the Catholic Church on matters of conscience; the inevitable effort by a would-be totalitarian to eliminate competition and gain control over the spiritual lives of all people of all faiths.
    Ronald Reagan forced Mr. Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” and freed the world from the scourge of old-style Soviet authoritarianism. Obama, the new-style authoritarian, is now ensconced in the White House, transmitting secret messages to Vladimir Putin and directing the final assault on Reagan’s “shining city upon a hill.”

    Obama is already bombarding America with deadly deficits, exploding debts and debilitating regulations. The economy is badly wounded. Millions of jobs have been obliterated. There is “Obama money” and make-work for those who collaborate, but hard times for everyone else. That’s the way Obama’s “protection racket” works.
    He has cruelly targeted the old and sick, threatening them with the emotional and medical horrors of ObamaCare. He has stolen the future from the young. Already facing a lifetime of high unemployment, high taxes and slow growth, they’ll stare in horror as a re-elected Obama tramples underfoot the last vestiges of the American Dream.

    Obama will not throw dissidents into torture chambers or send trainloads of us off to gulags in Siberia. He won’t need to. He’ll use federal rules and regulations to break us. No scars, no screams of agony, only the crushed spirits and shame of people bound head to foot in red tape and groveling for crumbs.

    Think ObamaCare for your body is hazardous? Wait till you experience ObamaCare II for your mind and ObamaCare III for your conscience and soul.

  9. Can someone tell me WHY Ed Rollins is out there saying “Obama won this week?” I have never dreamed of such incompetence in a president! What in the world did he win???

  10. Americans in an uproar over this; as they should be. Wish they would have shown the body of James Byrd after he was dragged in the streets from the back of a pickup by some rednecks. Wish ALL americans were just as outraged.

  11. Mi voto ya esta decidido y el de mi Familia, somos tres, voy por Romney………… hasta el final.

  12. Libya must be a country of cowards! From what I can tell it’s a mob against 1 (innocent) person. They should be ashamed. I know these cowardly bastards will get exactly what they deserve in the end, though.

  13. maumau68: In our culture, such graphic displays of the deceased are considered extremely disrespectful. At the trials of each of those low-life murders, photographs of James Byrd’s badly mangled body were indeed shown – as you suggest they should have been. However, out of respect for Mr. Byrd and his family, the photos were not widely broadcast to the public. James Byrd’s killers were all tried, convicted, and at least one has already been EXECUTED by the State of Texas.

  14. Why? Hope and promise is all we got. Never saying how or what promises he intended to keep. I am not ragging on anyone who voted for him, but those who did, was taken in by the national news. They never let up on Bush after he won the 2000 election. Nothing the man did was right, and they brought up each and every thing he or his family did. When Obama was elected, this country went into a frenezy. The first black man to be president. I think that is the main reason he was elected. In the last four years, has it ever been clearned that he isn’t black, he is black/white. His black father had nothing to do with him. His white mother had little to do with him. His grandparents raised him, but he talks about looking at his grandparents always thinking they are white folk. He has tried to divide this country from the day he took office. He was raised a socialist, is a socialist, and has tried from day one to make this nation a socialist nation. He has no pride in our constitution, and wants to destroy it. I know this isn’t PC, but I am tired of the black community that thinks he is the next God, and never looks at just how little he has done for them. He has an aunt here in the US on welfare and illegal. He has two half brothers, one living on .75 a month, and one in a dirt hut. With all his money, why doesn’t he take care of at least his family. It is because he is afraid that one of them might tell the truth of his back ground, his education, and why we have never seen any collage papers . I can’t remember when we haven’t been able to look up a presidents collage papers. Has anyone ever wonder why he made that quit trip to see his grandmother when she was dying, but didn’t return for her funeral. Could it be because he needed to make sure that there was nothing she had kept that would give him away as the fraud he is. Please maybe you don’t think Rommey is the greatest, but give him a chance, We know what we will face the next four years with Obama, and we know this country will never be the great country it has been since the discovery of America. Maybe Rommey isn’t the best, but anyone will be better for this nation than Obama has been for the last four years. Take pride in our nation, our constitution, our freedom, and never let anyone take it away from us.

  15. Obama partied while the world was burning. Like Nero?

  16. After the Union Army pillaged Fredericksburg in 1862, one of his aides asked Stonewall Jackson how they could stop this from happening. The General said, ” Kill ‘em. Kill ‘em all.”

    That ought to do it. It’s going to get down to them or us sooner or later. Let’s get it on.

  17. obama is a dickhead im a libyan and proud u amercan r just trying to take over our country (libya) white bitches


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