Obama likes to brag about his foreign policy successes.
We agree.

That Islamic Spring in Cairo was a roaring success.

Benghazi was a blast!

Those Libyans sure know how to hold a protest.

Bloody hand prints reveal the horror of the 9-11 attacks.

Hey! You don’t have to go far for that torched flag smell.

The Democrat endorsed #Occupy goons like to torch the flag here at home too.

Photo credit Founding Bloggers




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  1. I would add the continueing Chicago teachers strike to the list.

  2. Muzzies sure know how to destroy things, from the magnificent civilizations of others to countless human lives.

    As to building things of usefulness, not so much.

  3. POSTS ARE VANISHING AGAIN !!!!! Check your system JIM.

  4. obama and the democrats don’t want o return to the last decade. judging by the picture of the occupy protester(god bless him)it looks like we’ve return to the 1960’s.

  5. These are right on.
    Obama built this.
    I wonder where he is campaigning/golfing today?

  6. You’re absolutely correct Mr. Hoft! Obama owns this mess! Obama rests peacefully at night knowing that the world is burning and he can sit back while Pelosi rubs his feet. Obozo needs to get down there to Cairo fast with his best friend the teleprompter and settle things down. He thinks he’s the peacemaker.. maybe he can get right down there for a stellar performance in Tahrir Square. I’m sure the Mooslims will greet him with asses lifted and flowers in their hands! Or maybe bricks and stones..but I digress. ;)

  7. “obama built this,” you mean that sarcastically but this is exactly what obama and hillary have been working for over their entire adult lives.

  8. Yes, he most likely planned this to happen.

  9. Obama and his team work to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate. To do that, he needs the Muslims to forget their cultural differences and to identify themselves only by their religion.

    This is the reason he embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization will cells throughout the Middle East.


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