In 2007 Barack Obama made the argument that the day he was inaugurated Muslim hostility would ease.
What arrogance!

Guess not.

Muslim protesters hit caricatures of U.S. President Barack Obama and Florida pastor Terry Jones with brooms during a protest, against a U.S.-made film they consider blasphemous to Islam, near U.S. consulate-general, in the southern Indian city of Chennai September 15, 2012. (REUTERS/Babu)

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani, center, attends a protest after the Friday prayer, on Friday, Sept. 14, 2012, while a worshipper holds up a poster of US President Barack Obama, as part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about a film ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. (AP /Vahid Salemi)

Muslim protesters hold a caricature of U.S. President Barack Obama during a protest against a U.S.-made film they consider blasphemous to Islam, near the U.S. consulate-general, in the southern Indian city of Chennai September 15, 2012. (REUTERS/Babu)

Protesters torch an effigy of Barack Obama in Afghanistan. (AP)



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  1. Yeah you just know this hurts his sensitive ego and bruises his thin skin.


  2. Heard Freedoms Works Bootcamp would be available online. Anyone know where? So sorry I couldn’t make the trip, but would love to know what else we can do to wake up our friends.

    I am afraid we will not survive another term.

  3. Zippy’s Grim Fairy Tales

  4. It’s not “failed” – it’s “incomplete”! First, he inherited the most Anti-American world since World War II. He made such a beautiful speech in Cairo. He finished the war in Iraq – it brought tears of love to America to millions of Muslims in the Arab street. Then he ousted Qaddafi and Mubarak (apparently, Mubarak’s reaction to that Cairo speech wasn’t sufficiently adulatory).

    Anyway, he made great progress, despite Republicans in Congress that opposed him every step of the way. And who could expect a Coptic Christian to shoot a blasphemous movie in clear violation of his parole! If it were not for the movie and neocons – Egyptians would be laying flowers at the Embassy. It’s all about the movie!

  5. Errr… I’m thinking about becoming a Muslim. It seems to me like it’s the only force that has the balls to confront the vulgar progressiveness of western decay. I’m looking for a used bee keepers outfit for the wife. Any suggestions?

  6. “You like me…you really like me”.

    Sally Fields, harmless boob.

    When Barrachah entertains the same narcissistic fantasy, it is DANGEROUS…!!!

  7. #7 Get the wife a Gilly suit, instead.


  8. Felix, you are living in fantasy land. His speech in Cairo appealed to the muslim world because it was a groveling sad mess. Like Osama bin Laden said, muslims are attracted to the strong horse, and Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech showed that America under his rule would be the weak horse. Great progress? Is that what you see happening right now? The muslim brotherhood taking over the presidency of Egypt, is that what you see as helpful to the Western world? Have you looked at their constitution? Do you understand what their goal is? Do you see that the ‘Arab spring’ has been a complete disaster? Or are you blind to the facts on the ground, getting your talking points from Media Matters and Kos? To people like myself, it’s downright scary that you have the right to vote, because you are the epitome of the uninformed voter. You know nothing, you do not care about the future of this country, you are clueless as to the threats future generations face from islam… all this makes you THE ENEMY.

  9. Sarcasm challenged #10?

  10. Felix #6: It’s all about the movie!

    You are behind times: 1) The attacks were planned in August long before the movie was shown and 2) none of the protesters have likely seen the movie.

    Add to this: during the years of Bush, the extremists had respect for USA.
    And, no, Obama’s appeasing speech in Cairo did not make them like him: when you have the choice between a strong horse and a weak horse …

  11. #11 if you think Felix’s post was sarcasm, then it’s YOU who’s sarcasm challenged.

  12. Of course Obama is completely blameless for the American deaths and the Musllim attacks on our embassies. Naturally it is all the fault of that video and what Mitt Romney said. It has nothing to do with the fact that the democrats spent their convention giving Obama credit for single handedly killing Osama Bin Laden. That’s why the Muslim terrorists are chanting, Obama, we are all Osama”. If You Tube would just pull that terrible video, the Arabs would go back to loving and worshiping Obama.

    Of course, things might be a little better if Obama would get some adults to help with foreign policy and realize that telling the bully that you’re sorry won’t keep him from beating the crap out of you and taking your lunch money.

  13. Felix #6
    A kool Ade drinking troll.
    How far down does this country have to go before you bafoons quit carrying the water of this little man that has no idea of what to do as a head of this Great Nation. The only thing he knows how to do is attack Republicans. He has no idea, nor inclination to work with the other side to come to any conclusions that would put this country back on the right track. He is much too busy with Jay Z or the ‘”Pimp with a limp” to get serious about being a president.
    This self loving , self worshiping baby boy needs to go back to community organizing, and leave the government to the grown ups.

  14. hey #2 granny kate

    here’s the link to watch

  15. Hey, Felix, I got it. Some here are “irony challenged”.

  16. Yep, them Muslims sure loves them some Obama now, don’t they?

  17. did anyone at MSMBC call these people racists?

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