#OccupyRNC Goon says ‘F*ck The Rich’ – Wants Marxism (Video)

What an enlightened young lad.
#OccupyRNC Marxist goon says “F*ck The Rich.”
He wants a perfected Marxist state like Somalia or Afghanistan(?)

Andrew Marcus of Hating Breitbart ran into this loon earlier tonight:

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  • Mad Hatter

    And what did Lenin and Stalin call them….

    Sadly they were right.

  • bigkahuna

    He should sell that camera he had and give the money to some poor person who sits on their butt waiting for a handout who deserves it.

    That punks parents must be so proud…what drug was he on ?

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  • neverends

    The parents must be soooooo proud!!

  • robotech master

    The irony of this is he seems to be a very well educated marxist because he understands that Somalia is a socialist utopia. I can’t tell you how many brain dead socialists I talk to believe that Somalia is “rightwing”/ in “anarchy”/”capitalism”.

  • Stu

    “We don’t need jobs. We need housing and food. ”

    There is no chart for how stupid this man is. He’s a law unto himself.

  • listingstarboard

    Is that Susan Sarandon’s goofy looking boy toy?

  • Contessa61

    Let’s send him to Afganistan.

  • this guy must be the second smartest person in the history of the world. he has the same beliefs as the smartest person in the history of the world.

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  • befuddled

    He spews his Marxism like a lazy homework assignment. When you water down curricula, this is what you get.He’s a robot.His intellect is as lazy as his ambition. Hopefully this video finds its way to his job interview. As we all know, only the lazy,poor and Marxist among us create jobs and opportunities.

  • Winston Wolfe

    F*ck The Rich?

    No. F*ck you.

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  • spotted reptile

    These idiots honestly believe that the government creates money. They have this big tree out the back, you know.

    They have absolutely no idea how revenue is generated. They have never created any themselves, and none of their layabout friends have either, so they think money comes from the government, rather like steak comes from supermarkets.

  • American Woman

    This guy has tweezed his eyebrows for this performance, which means he has plotted and planned his debut. I hope it secures him a one-way ticket to Cuba.

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  • bobdog

    And the people of Somalia and Afghanistan are doing so well, too…

    The envy of the world.

  • suzsanne

    Embrace this Democrats!!!!

  • Robodog7

    If Obama had a son, he would sound like this!!!!!!!

  • mg4us

    Went and Saw Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2016: Obama’s America. . . OMG very powerful and insightful. . .thought I understood Big Ears but the film opened my eyes further and exposed some pieces that now make total sense. . . and it is scary. . .

    D’souza does an excellent job linking key influences on Obama Like Frank Davis, Bill Ayers and Jerimiah Wright. . but two I never knew or heard of before. . .The Columbia pro-palestinian and islamic professor and a Radical Harvard Professor of Brazilian decent (so radical that Brazil kicked him out). They helped ingrain in him ANTI-colonialism feeling and contempt for the West.

    D’Souza does an excellent job and most of the film explaining just what this anti-colonialism thinking implies as he too grew up surrounded by it in India and what it means for America going forward with Obama in the WH. And yes, it is ANTI-WHITE MAN!

    D’Souza does not challenge where Obama was Born (takes it as a given for this film). . he focuses more on THE DREAMS FROM MY FATHER that Obama penned.

    One interesting part was the conversation with Obama’s half-brother in Kenya who wrote a book about colonialism. . . At the time of Kenya independence from the Brits, Kenya had a higher GDP than Indonesia Malaysia and Korea. . . now look at it. . . Same with South Africa. . . and Zimbabwe!

    However, the real eye opener and the root of Obama’s thinking and character was his Mom. . .
    She is the one who filled little Barry’s head with thoughts and concepts . . . and was ANTI-American!

    D’Souza highlighted from OBAMA’s own words in his book (p47 in Dreams). .
    Lolo invites Obama’s mother to attend dinner parties with American businessmen. She refuses and says, “They are not my people” (p. 47)

    Obama’s mom hated America. . .and Capitalism and her father was a Commie sympathizer and pal of Frank Davis.
    For mor about Obama and his mother’s influence, see page 52 in the following link

    So Obama in his head, when he flies over the US looks down and says

    Go see the film, , and bring a friend!

  • scituate_tgr

    “…we don’t need jobs. We need housing and food. ”

    as in “I need housing and food.”


  • scituate_tgr

    #21 mg4us commented:

    I saw this yesterday and learned a few things myself. Would recommend this film to anyone – regardless of political affiliation.

  • Tee Dub

    Looks like a perfect candidate to become a grunt with a rifle sent to some hell hole country that Marxist governments like to send “advisors” to.

    Ah, the pseudo-intellectual, always thinking they’ll be part of the politburo, then ending up in a gulag, prison, or unmarked mass grave of other “intellectuals”.

  • john b

    aaahhhh…. so he is NOT an anarchist. he IS a socialist…. and thus one and the same with Obama.

  • Chris

    I don’t see this guy running to Somalia or Afghanistan since he wants to live that way so badly. He’s nuts, but he’s all talk or drunk. I’d say both.

  • Chris

    I’ve come to realize that Obama is a Muslim without technically beinga Muslim. Meaning;he has their extreme ideologies, but he just doesn’t follow their ways to an extent. If that makes sense. Probably not…but just enlighten me and go with it.

  • Karen S

    Geez would love to have know what college this young man graduated from- seems that he has been completely indoctrinated – testament to America needing to Occupy our education system.

  • Mekan

    Somalia and the Stan would be wealthy if the Capitalist Pig Corporations of the world…AKA “The Man”, “Da Man”, “Whitey”… would stop robbing them of their wealth and resources!

    Intelligence is God given, but what one does with that gift is all up to you.

    Indoctrination is American Public School System given, and they tell you what to do with it.

  • even steven

    Ten million years of human history? Last I heard, the oldest modern human fossil dates back roughly 196,000 years. I’ve always known that professed Marxists were idiots. Marx even knew communism wouldn’t work and discussed why in the Communist Manifesto.

  • He wants Marxism? So does Obama.

  • paul52

    I agree with #27 Chris. Nerobama is too arrogant to be a Muzzie, but he likes their slavish devotion to authority. In his head, we should ALL devote ourselves to the state, the ONLY higher power…. The punk in the video; bet he has never worked a day in his sorry, little life. Just another parasite.

  • What.about.the.Arab.lobby?

    Man in “F the Rich T-shirt” says, “It’s not jobs we need; it’s housing and food.”

    Think about this for a moment, whether you are a Marxist or not. Do housing and food come from the environment without work (i.e. jobs)?

    He’s not a Marxist, just an ignorant person with ideas of entitlement.

    Perhaps on a tropical island people can frolic in the sunshine and eat ripe fruit from the trees; but an accident ending with a broken leg leaves that person to suffer helplessly. Like the gentle Eloi in Verne’s “The Time Machine”, this man’s version of Marxism would give him a brief lazy life and a prompt, painful death.

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  • kato

    The symbiotic relationship between media and leftists. It’s called the media freak show. Too bad this loser wasn’t dressed up as a vagina.

  • Truth Teller

    Is he “special”?

  • noway

    August 30, 2012 at 10:33 am
    What.about.the.Arab.lobby? commented:

    Man in “F the Rich T-shirt” says, “It’s not jobs we need; it’s housing and food.”

    Think about this for a moment, whether you are a Marxist or not. Do housing and food come from the environment without work (i.e. jobs)?

    He’s not a Marxist, just an ignorant person with ideas of entitlement.

    i agree. in fact willing to be if an informed communist quizzed him on communist ideals, he’d fail.

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