What an enlightened young lad.
#OccupyRNC Marxist goon says “F*ck The Rich.”
He wants a perfected Marxist state like Somalia or Afghanistan(?)

Andrew Marcus of Hating Breitbart ran into this loon earlier tonight:




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  1. And what did Lenin and Stalin call them….

    Sadly they were right.

  2. He should sell that camera he had and give the money to some poor person who sits on their butt waiting for a handout who deserves it.

    That punks parents must be so proud…what drug was he on ?

  3. The parents must be soooooo proud!!

  4. The irony of this is he seems to be a very well educated marxist because he understands that Somalia is a socialist utopia. I can’t tell you how many brain dead socialists I talk to believe that Somalia is “rightwing”/ in “anarchy”/”capitalism”.

  5. “We don’t need jobs. We need housing and food. ”

    There is no chart for how stupid this man is. He’s a law unto himself.

  6. Is that Susan Sarandon’s goofy looking boy toy?

  7. Let’s send him to Afganistan.

  8. this guy must be the second smartest person in the history of the world. he has the same beliefs as the smartest person in the history of the world.

  9. He spews his Marxism like a lazy homework assignment. When you water down curricula, this is what you get.He’s a robot.His intellect is as lazy as his ambition. Hopefully this video finds its way to his job interview. As we all know, only the lazy,poor and Marxist among us create jobs and opportunities.

  10. F*ck The Rich?

    No. F*ck you.

  11. These idiots honestly believe that the government creates money. They have this big tree out the back, you know.

    They have absolutely no idea how revenue is generated. They have never created any themselves, and none of their layabout friends have either, so they think money comes from the government, rather like steak comes from supermarkets.

  12. This guy has tweezed his eyebrows for this performance, which means he has plotted and planned his debut. I hope it secures him a one-way ticket to Cuba.

  13. And the people of Somalia and Afghanistan are doing so well, too…

    The envy of the world.

  14. Embrace this Democrats!!!!

  15. If Obama had a son, he would sound like this!!!!!!!

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