Author Jodi Kantor tweeted this from Chicago about an hour ago.

Barack Obama held a fund-raiser designed for younger supporters, each of whom will pay $51 to attend. That event takes place at the Bridgeport Arts Center, a collection of studio and gallery space south of Chicago’s downtown.

Thousands turned out for the Romney-Ryan event in Manassus, Virginia yesterday.




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  1. *snort* Obama/Biden..old and busted. Romney/Ryan.. new and shiny. You’re going down Obama. Hard.

  2. Obama will lose in November…

  3. His fans were probably too busy practicing “Chicago Values.”

    Boom boom.

  4. Well, when ya can’t find a job, $51 can be a huge amount to give up … sad …

  5. OMG! Time for a some R&R!

  6. To be frank: it’s not that nobody in Chicago wants to see Obama speak, it’s that not very many people in Chicago have that much money that wouldn’t be better spent on gas, food, taxes, fines, fees, bribes, tolls, and parking.

  7. The significance of $51, his birthday ego? Why not $51.25?

  8. Obama supporters are EITHER out commiting MURDER….it’s the Chicago way OR or their money is needed for more important things like drugs…bullets….you are going DOWN BIG TIME JUG EARS!!!!!

  9. Make no assumptions. Vote.

  10. Awwww… I feel so bad for Obambaloney… NOT! He should start packing NOW!

  11. LOL Way to go chitcago!

  12. Make no assumptions is correct. Remember there are about 1 hundred million people (citizens and non-citizens) on some form of welfare. Natural constituency for Obama. Romney’s voters need to turn out in big numbers.

  13. Should have made it $57 — $1 for each state.

    Promote it heavy that way and the place would have been filled to the rafters.

  14. @ #7

    …….or ‘blow’, or ‘smack’, or…..

  15. #4 August 12, 2012 at 4:51 pm
    dba…vagabond trader
    His fans were probably too busy practicing “Chicago Values.”

    Boom boom.

    probably more like Choom Choom…………

    just sayin’

  16. I’m kinda hoping the Ryan choice will enable Romney to pick up a lot of the 3rd party voters. There are a lot of them this year with Gary Johnson and with Ron Paul who will probably still mount a campaign. You can bet dollars to donuts Johnson and Paul (if he runs) will be right there on the podium next to Mitt and Obama for one of the debates. The Obama media would never let a chance like that to wound Romney pass them by.

  17. they would have to pay me to go see that “commnunist” speak or actually see the teleprompter speak. On second thought even if they pay me I still wouldnt go, it would be comparable to jury duty and I dont do jury duty.

  18. Unless Mom (or Dad, if around) foots the bill, that $51.00 can buy a little more “blow”.

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