Newt Tees Off on Tingles (Video)

Earlier today Chris Matthews slammed GOP Chair Reince Priebus. Chrissy accused the GOP of playing the invisible race card after Mitt Romney cracked a birther joke at a Michigan rally. (Only Barack Obama and liberals are allowed to crack birther jokes.)

Later today Newt Gingrich teed off on Tingles.
NewsBusters reported:

Matthews has lost it.

The Politico reported:

Hours after Matthews scrapped with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus over whether Romney had played the race card with a birth certificate joke, the former GOP presidential candidate defended his attacks against “food stamp president” Barack Obama by accusing Matthews of “being a racist.”

“Why do you assume food stamp refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have?” Gingrich said as Matthews tried unsuccessfully to interrupt him. “Wait a second, you’re being a racist because you assume it refers to black.”

Matthews said Gingrich’s and the GOP’s rhetoric about welfare had racial undertones, rhetoric that dates to President Ronald Reagan.

“This is a history we have here,” Matthews said. “And this lingo is so clear to every African-American watching right now.”

Gingrich disagreed.

“So we’re not allowed to tell the truth about food stamps?” he said. “Come on, give me a break.”

“You sit here and chuckle about it as if it’s not a game you’re playing,” Matthews said. “You’ve got that diabolic smile of yours, and you know you think you’re winning here, but everybody out there who’s black or white know exactly the game that’s being played here.”

“No, here’s the game. You have the worst president,” Gingrich said.

Tingles is more unhinged than usual lately. Obama must really be sucking raw egg in the polls.

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  • Emilie Green

    Tingles just doesn’t know when to hold ’em. when to fold ’em, when to run.

    And most of all, he doesn’t when to SHUT UP.

  • locomotivebreath1901

    These liberals got bupkis – zero, zip, nada – except dirty diapers and tantrums. And Matthews is a perfect fit for the in the toilet MSNBC.

  • Militant conservative

    America’s first food stamp

    President. He is Afro

    engineering america’s

    economy. Felt now it is a

    Presidential solution.

    What a hack.

  • Bob


    We must stop using the term “President Obama”, because Barry Sotero, aka B. Hussein is NOT really the US President, but merely an impostor posing as one. Chris Matthews is too hare-brained to know some basic facts here.

    The US Constitution, from which the office of the Presidency is defined and derived, has a condition precedent to these powers: that the person be a natural born US Citizen, which O. Hussein is not. If he was really born in the USA, as is required by the constitution, why he does not show his birth certificate? It is because Obama does not have a US birth certificate! All of Obama’s laws and executive orders are null and void. See

    When a case is filed and any issue raised, by law, discovery has to be allowed to determine the facts and the matter has to be tried by a Jury. This is the basic function of the Judiciary–to try cases when a violation of the law is alleged. It need not be proven for the case to proceed–it only needs to be alleged. The proving is done at trial. The jury decides, after the trial, if the proof was adequate or not (allegata versus probata).

    Nevertheless, no Court in the USA has dared to have a trial of this issue on the merits. They have dismissed all the cases illegally without a trial on the merits, by making up some bogus lies or excuses. Why? Because if they tried the case, Obama would be unable to produce a birth certificate and they will be forced to evict him. Why would the “independent” US Judiciary, with so much power, abdicate its responsibility and cower in fear? Why would the US Supreme Court behave like a Kangaroo court in this matter? There is only one logical explanation: The Judges MUST have been bribed, threatened or blackmailed by the Oligarchs. There is no other logical explanation. Those who sued have realized the same and called the Courts “sham scams” and “answering to a higher power.” (See

    So who owns Obama? Who is getting the cases against Obama fixed? And so many of them?

    It is very openly known that Obama was installed with Jewish support. As reported in Chicago Jewish News, “Obama is the first Jewish President.” See:

    Also see, “How the Jews took the White House” at:

    There is only one group in the USA with the money and power to bribe, blackmail, subjugate and control the Judiciary–the Jewish lobby and its billionaire Oligarchs. There is no other lobby as powerful. They own and operate the Democratic party, which receives 50% of its campaign contribution from the “Jews”. (The Democratic party, in turn, pays them back 10-100 times as much money disguised as earmarks, grants and contracts.) They collectively have trillions of dollars and legal support of the sovereign nuclear state of Israel. Mossad agents travel freely in the USA and can assassinate with impunity. These and other factors enable them to own and operate large chunks of the US Judiciary.

    It is believed that some Judges pay money to the Oligarchs to get the job, and then they are kept under the noose through blackmail for ever, as reported here:

    The Jewish Lobby decided to install an illegal alien in the White House this time so they can keep blackmailing him and keep him under their total dominion and control. Besides the usual motives of looting the US treasury (trillions disguised as stimulus and bailout), this time the big motivation may be Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the existential threat it poses to Israel. By having a puppet in the White House, they can use the US and its gullible army to carry out an attack against Iran also.

    It is likely they have Obama’s birth certificate is in a secret vault in Israel–ready to be used if he strays.

    The posting of an impostor in the White House is an international disgrace and will an everlasting blight on the US Judiciary until it follows the Constitution and removes B. Hussein and vacates all his statutes, appointments and executive orders.

  • Mope

    That’s the most I’ve seen of “Tingles” in 4 years. I hope to see him again in another 4. Or not.

  • locomotivebreath1901

    Hey, Jim. You got a couple of tin foil hat trolls roaming about, in here.

  • bg


    truly pathetic..


  • CV1

    Matthews is a cocky fool and the best media example of the cancer that afflicts our country. He spews his venom with a deviant smile and a forked tongue. He is Obama’s biggest fan.

  • ponderon

    Enjoy watchin the nitwit get slapped around by Newt….This how republicans need to handle these a##wipes in media…..

  • bg


    evidently CM’s bouts with malaria have affected his IQ.. *sigh*


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  • Militant conservative

    I don’t think so loco breath.

    Just saying the truth. Nasty

    Huh?! Been here longer than

    you. Just have a habit of

    pointing out the obvious.

    Which now a days is un PC.

    Eff em! This is a blood sport.

    Powder is dry

  • Cliff M

    I don’t care where he was born. He got to be President and no court is going to take that on even if he wasn’t. The important angle to take is he was raised a Marxist, educated as a Marxist, associated by his own admission, with marxists throughout his formative years. Promoted by, and groomed by a Marxist terrorist professor, 20 years steeped in black liberation theology; which is Marxism with a thin veneer of Jesus as a cover. He didn’t teach the constitution, he taught Alinsky’s subversions against constitutional republicanism. I do not go for elaborate conspiracies about the Joooos. The obvious facts are enough.

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  • Sarah

    “…most of whom are white…” Got that Tingles, you race obssessed fool who thinks he knows what’s in the hearts and minds of “everybody out there.” Time to call in the men w/the straight jackets cause this guy is loopdy loop!

  • mg4us

    Tingles need to stop hitting the bottle and avoid his racist mental masturbation . . it is starting to have a serious effect on him and appears all his racist mental masturbation, besides the tingle, is making him go blind to the truth. . .

    never seen him work so hard to keep the food-stamp addicted poverty people sucking at the government’s teats. . .

    Matthews should be the DemocRAT poster boy. .after all is is the perfect Jackass!

    Glad Newt took him on but frankly would prefer to see ALL CONSERVATIVES and REPUBLICANS EMBARGO MSNBC. . . wouldn’t that be funny. . .

  • Radegunda

    Funny how Dems take about racial code words when they’re the only ones who always free-associate “black” whenever they hear an unflattering word.

  • owl

    I propose Newt, Zell Miller and Sununu invite Matthews for an interview. I would watch.

    #5 “That’s the most I’ve seen of “Tingles” in 4 years. I hope to see him again in another 4. Or not.”

    You know it was Matthew’s mouth that Scooter called to complain about? Lying mouthpiece.

  • Patty

    If anyone can hand a head on a platter, Newt can. He has had it with the sleazy media is so bias, so pathetic, so hateful and what does Newt have to lose by letting them have it.

    Tingles your are being served and you never saw it coming. Time to take the trash off the air.

    I loved him in the Debates and what a powerhouse.

    I believe he is so instrumental in influencing so many when it comes to the lame stream media and it’s fairytale reporting. He is a leader and he needs to be recognized for this.

    Kudos! Newt.

  • Patty

    This time around the Race Card, actually, there really wasn’t a time for the race card.

    But if more stand up and fight back, I never saw anyone standing up to the Democratic party bashing Bush. Whether you like him or not, shame on this nation for what they didn’t do to the liberals and democrats and even some republicans.

    Allowing this disrespect for President Bush and where was the courage and outrage. Shame on everyone.