A$$hat Chris Matthews Slams GOP Chairman For Playing Invisible Race Card (Video)

This was horrible.
Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews lashed out at GOP Chairman today for playing the race card… because Romney cracked a joke about Obama’s birth certificate.
What an unhinged idiot.

Because only Barack Obama can make jokes about his birth certificate.
This was awful.
But Reince Priebus was brilliant.

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  • MicahStone

    I wonder – does hiding IN THE CLOSET and refusing to acknowledge one’s REAL preference make a person even more mentally deranged than that of a usual d-cRAT socialist extremist?

    Come out, Tingles!

  • Patty

    Obama cracked a joke about Birth during WH. Dinner.

    Give it a rest.

    Romney was MAKING A JOKE.


    Krauthammer On Romney’s Birth Cert Remark: ‘It Wasn’t An Error, It Was A Joke’


    Sick of these pinheads regurgitating, lies!!!!!!!!!!!! about Romney. This is all they have, then we win, they lose.

  • Emilie Green

    Everything, but everything, is seen through the racial light filters by leftists. Not because they care particularly about blacks, but rather because it gives the opportunity to put GOPers on the defensive and in a bad light.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I used to think Obama would have mental issues on 11-7-2012. I, for one, will be watching The Chris Matthews Show for the first and last time on that day. Talk about entertainment!

  • NeoKong

    So according to Matthews there is no doubt that food stamps and welfare means minorities huh…?
    Is that how he sees black people?
    He sees them as unemployed helpless people who cannot feed themselves without the help of some benevolent white liberal but it is Romney pulling the race card.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Oh dear!

  • grandmaC

    Chris Matthews is the joke! He is as much a lunatic as Biden. Some people do not like Fox but at least when they have a “lefty” on they get equal time. Reince was set up.

    I feel it is racist for Chris Matthews to insinuate asking people to work for welfare is somehow against blacks. One of my close relatives is able bodied, 40 and white, on welfare who sits around on the computer or hanging with friends. Why should he not have to work?

    Where are the blacks who should find Chris Matthews a racist? As for the joke from Romney, he just meant at least that is one thing he does not have any problem with – his own birth certificate, period!

  • Little David Puddy

    It obvious that I would never be qualified to chair the RNC, because if I was sitting in Preibus’ seat, I would have got up, walked over to Matthews, stuck my fist down his throat and ripped out his voicebox. That probably wouldn’t have been good for the Republican Party.

  • bobbymike

    Please ask Chrissy why Welfare = Blacks?

    Wanting people off of welfare and in a good job is racist but wanting them as, let’s face it, slaves to the government is not racist?

    Democrats and the left honestly make me sick!!

  • Robodog7

    Reince Priebus struck a nerve , he should have brought up Choomie’s college transcripts as a follow up to tingles rant.

  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon
  • valerie

    Chris Matthews is a bore. The rest of the panel knows it.

  • valerie

    Also: Romney cracked a joke about his OWN birth certificate, not Obama’s.

    Just sayin’

  • http://www.edmartinformissouri.com Tom63010

    I guess Tom Brokaw must have been studying up on Obama since he admitted that he didn’t know anything about Obama during the last campaign!


  • MonkeyLeader

    LOL.. Chris Matthews calls Obama “Osama” at the 4:54 mark. The guy is so out of control he can’t even keep “his” guys name right.

  • mg4us

    Hey Tingles. . .You hitting the bottle again?
    Hearing things that no one else heard? Secret messages like Pelosi and the Spirits she hears & sense.

    Tingles. . Playing race card? Don’t know what u are playing with (why can I not see ur hands on TV Tingles?) but if we were playing cards a full house beats an ace of spades!

    Broorowing from SNL
    Chris you ignorant slut. . .there is no coded message but if there was he is what it says:

    After all, what is Obama hiddin’????

    Now if you were expecting something racist. .the closest I could give u is a single word:

    Why are black youth attacking whites there?

  • McCloud

    He was “brilliant”? Hardly. He looked weak trying to defeat the bully even if he had a few good points. Imagine Herman Cain or Palin in that role, smiling all the way through it as they carved up Matthews. Preibus wasn’t designed to get into altercations.

  • Ghost

    Why did Preibus even agree to go there? Was he surprised by their venom?
    He did NOT do a good job. he demurred.
    if you’re not gonna get tough with them, if you’re too afraid of offending weak-kneed Sunshine Independents, then stay the hell out of the Lion’s Den. You don’t HAVE TO! go there, dammit.

    One day there is going to be someone who Stands Up Strong! without apology and sticks their crap Right back in their faces to make them smell it.
    One day there is going to be someone who will be unafraid to say out loud what the rest of us are already thinking.
    One day there is going to be someone who will forgo elegance and grace because losing is not sexy, and with destruction at hand will Bulldog The Left they way nobody ever has.

    it doesn’t matter whatever else you think, there is a reason why Donald Trump surged, and there is another reason why he was crushed

    must America experience a catastrophe before it can recover?
    or, will we have to see the rise of a third “American” political party? (in which case, Republicans will become the third party, or even die like the ‘Whigs’)
    or, will we get our long deserved Divorce?

    We are in a Civil War, you just don’t realize it because there isn’t any shooting (well…)
    do you the think the 1861-1865 Civil War was confined to just those four years? Read up! that Civil War was on for years, and brewed all during the 1850s. Immediately after Lincoln’s election, in November 1860, but BEFORE the Inauguration on March 4, 1861 SEVEN! States seceded. wow.

    or, maybe Russia, China, Islam will take advantage of this Leftist-led discord to put us out of our misery for good. The Left will have used America’s Goodness to destroy it.

    it’s so damn obvious that these Leftists seek to win by intimidation.
    (have you seen the internet clips of CNN’s interview with D’Souza?)
    I, for one, will drool when the First Conservative stands up strong and punches back, I just hope it’s not too late already.

    Nice Guys Finish Last. Da’ Bro Gotta Go.

  • donh

    AGREE #17…..NO BRASS KNUCKLES THERE……BRASS KNUCKLES ARE FOR PROLIFE REPUBLICANS LIKE TODD AKIN ……Rinse Prius also sold out all those people who are agry about the iron fisted censorship surrounding Obama’s vital records by waving a white flag on it being a non starter bogus issue.

  • citizenjane

    Priebus was inept, visibly stung. He just sat there and stunk. I’m not looking forward to this

    guy doing anything strong or positive. Cowed, totally.