A$$hat Chris Matthews Slams GOP Chairman For Playing Invisible Race Card (Video)

This was horrible.
Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews lashed out at GOP Chairman today for playing the race card… because Romney cracked a joke about Obama’s birth certificate.
What an unhinged idiot.

Because only Barack Obama can make jokes about his birth certificate.
This was awful.
But Reince Priebus was brilliant.

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  • MicahStone

    I wonder – does hiding IN THE CLOSET and refusing to acknowledge one’s REAL preference make a person even more mentally deranged than that of a usual d-cRAT socialist extremist?

    Come out, Tingles!

  • Patty

    Obama cracked a joke about Birth during WH. Dinner.

    Give it a rest.

    Romney was MAKING A JOKE.


    Krauthammer On Romney’s Birth Cert Remark: ‘It Wasn’t An Error, It Was A Joke’


    Sick of these pinheads regurgitating, lies!!!!!!!!!!!! about Romney. This is all they have, then we win, they lose.

  • Emilie Green

    Everything, but everything, is seen through the racial light filters by leftists. Not because they care particularly about blacks, but rather because it gives the opportunity to put GOPers on the defensive and in a bad light.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I used to think Obama would have mental issues on 11-7-2012. I, for one, will be watching The Chris Matthews Show for the first and last time on that day. Talk about entertainment!

  • NeoKong

    So according to Matthews there is no doubt that food stamps and welfare means minorities huh…?
    Is that how he sees black people?
    He sees them as unemployed helpless people who cannot feed themselves without the help of some benevolent white liberal but it is Romney pulling the race card.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Oh dear!

  • grandmaC

    Chris Matthews is the joke! He is as much a lunatic as Biden. Some people do not like Fox but at least when they have a “lefty” on they get equal time. Reince was set up.

    I feel it is racist for Chris Matthews to insinuate asking people to work for welfare is somehow against blacks. One of my close relatives is able bodied, 40 and white, on welfare who sits around on the computer or hanging with friends. Why should he not have to work?

    Where are the blacks who should find Chris Matthews a racist? As for the joke from Romney, he just meant at least that is one thing he does not have any problem with – his own birth certificate, period!

  • Little David Puddy

    It obvious that I would never be qualified to chair the RNC, because if I was sitting in Preibus’ seat, I would have got up, walked over to Matthews, stuck my fist down his throat and ripped out his voicebox. That probably wouldn’t have been good for the Republican Party.

  • bobbymike

    Please ask Chrissy why Welfare = Blacks?

    Wanting people off of welfare and in a good job is racist but wanting them as, let’s face it, slaves to the government is not racist?

    Democrats and the left honestly make me sick!!

  • Robodog7

    Reince Priebus struck a nerve , he should have brought up Choomie’s college transcripts as a follow up to tingles rant.

  • valerie

    Chris Matthews is a bore. The rest of the panel knows it.

  • valerie

    Also: Romney cracked a joke about his OWN birth certificate, not Obama’s.

    Just sayin’

  • I guess Tom Brokaw must have been studying up on Obama since he admitted that he didn’t know anything about Obama during the last campaign!


  • MonkeyLeader

    LOL.. Chris Matthews calls Obama “Osama” at the 4:54 mark. The guy is so out of control he can’t even keep “his” guys name right.

  • mg4us

    Hey Tingles. . .You hitting the bottle again?
    Hearing things that no one else heard? Secret messages like Pelosi and the Spirits she hears & sense.

    Tingles. . Playing race card? Don’t know what u are playing with (why can I not see ur hands on TV Tingles?) but if we were playing cards a full house beats an ace of spades!

    Broorowing from SNL
    Chris you ignorant slut. . .there is no coded message but if there was he is what it says:

    After all, what is Obama hiddin’????

    Now if you were expecting something racist. .the closest I could give u is a single word:

    Why are black youth attacking whites there?

  • McCloud

    He was “brilliant”? Hardly. He looked weak trying to defeat the bully even if he had a few good points. Imagine Herman Cain or Palin in that role, smiling all the way through it as they carved up Matthews. Preibus wasn’t designed to get into altercations.

  • Ghost

    Why did Preibus even agree to go there? Was he surprised by their venom?
    He did NOT do a good job. he demurred.
    if you’re not gonna get tough with them, if you’re too afraid of offending weak-kneed Sunshine Independents, then stay the hell out of the Lion’s Den. You don’t HAVE TO! go there, dammit.

    One day there is going to be someone who Stands Up Strong! without apology and sticks their crap Right back in their faces to make them smell it.
    One day there is going to be someone who will be unafraid to say out loud what the rest of us are already thinking.
    One day there is going to be someone who will forgo elegance and grace because losing is not sexy, and with destruction at hand will Bulldog The Left they way nobody ever has.

    it doesn’t matter whatever else you think, there is a reason why Donald Trump surged, and there is another reason why he was crushed

    must America experience a catastrophe before it can recover?
    or, will we have to see the rise of a third “American” political party? (in which case, Republicans will become the third party, or even die like the ‘Whigs’)
    or, will we get our long deserved Divorce?

    We are in a Civil War, you just don’t realize it because there isn’t any shooting (well…)
    do you the think the 1861-1865 Civil War was confined to just those four years? Read up! that Civil War was on for years, and brewed all during the 1850s. Immediately after Lincoln’s election, in November 1860, but BEFORE the Inauguration on March 4, 1861 SEVEN! States seceded. wow.

    or, maybe Russia, China, Islam will take advantage of this Leftist-led discord to put us out of our misery for good. The Left will have used America’s Goodness to destroy it.

    it’s so damn obvious that these Leftists seek to win by intimidation.
    (have you seen the internet clips of CNN’s interview with D’Souza?)
    I, for one, will drool when the First Conservative stands up strong and punches back, I just hope it’s not too late already.

    Nice Guys Finish Last. Da’ Bro Gotta Go.

  • donh

    AGREE #17…..NO BRASS KNUCKLES THERE……BRASS KNUCKLES ARE FOR PROLIFE REPUBLICANS LIKE TODD AKIN ……Rinse Prius also sold out all those people who are agry about the iron fisted censorship surrounding Obama’s vital records by waving a white flag on it being a non starter bogus issue.

  • citizenjane

    Priebus was inept, visibly stung. He just sat there and stunk. I’m not looking forward to this

    guy doing anything strong or positive. Cowed, totally.

  • Hugh

    I am not getting the “Reince Priebus was brilliant” part. He was uncharacteristically inarticulate and wimpy here. What a bummer. He has all the facts he needs to snatch that stupid baby rattle out of Chrissie’s hand and slap him over the head with it and he blew it.

  • This is following Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals to the letter. It’s not about Blacks, Democrats could care less about Blacks and I don’t care how many programs they have initiated to take care of Blacks, that is racist and discremitory because they assume that Blacks can’t take care of themselves and need help to the level of the kind of help that would come from a government program, not the Black person just going over to the local church and getting some help from them, or some community chest program originated by local city folks to help the needy. But no, Liberals believe that Blacks are so helpless that they need the kind of help that only a government level kind of program could provide. That’s pretty racist if you ask me, and discrimitory to the point of distraction because only a truely helpless person would have to be put on a government program to provide care for that person. Except in this case it’s millions of Black people across the nation. Look at Atlanta GA.. Probably over 90% of Blacks in that city are on some form of government aid, and the Black population in Atlanta is over 95% Black. Los Angeles, Detroit, Washington, D.C., all these cities are mostly Black, and run by Black city officials and look at them.

    Are we to believe that only Democrats can see the suffering of only Black people but forget about everyone else? Are we to believe the old saying that, “Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life.” Is there any truth to that when we find ourselves up against the wall under attack by the likes of the drunk Chris Mathews? Could we ask Chris to explain to us what the Democrats have done for Blacks that could teach them to take care of themselves and after awhile we wouldn’t need any of those trillion dollar programs ever again? Could we expect Blacks who’ve learned to take care of themselves to teach young Blacks to do the same? Or are those Blacks who’ve been taught by the government programs that Democrats run, to take care of themselves well enough where we can shut those programs down now? They’ve only cost us six trillion dollars in the past forty years. What good have they done other than teach Blacks how to stay on those programs all their lives and they in turn teach their young to do the same. The programs are self sustaining.

    Wanting to shut down those programs is a bad thing? It’s racism? It’s discrimination? Believing that Blacks CAN take care of themselves is racism? Discrimination?

  • Tom63010

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in Priebus’ reaction. How would any of us act if an idiot was ranting like this at us?

  • Practical Jane

    The President of The United States will not produce his bonefides to the American People. It’s not only an issue – it’s a problem.

  • Tom63010

    The joke that Romney told was just as much at the birthers as was at Obama. Whether the birthers are right or not the time frame for that issue was prior to his election.

  • Contessa61

    “he has an African name and he has to live with it”


    What a friggin racist Matthews is. Shame on him.

  • Practical Jane

    #23 Tom:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not cowed by a cow with a loud mouth. I’d have ripped him to pieces. Up one side and down the other.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    His reponse should have been:

    “Chris, if it’s a racist subject, why did you just bring it up? Since we already know he has a black father and white mother, exactly what is racist about a birth certificate?

    “I think you and Obama actually LIKE the birth certificate issue because then you can distract the American people away from the miserable failure that is barack Obama. 8 percent unemployment for four years, Trillion dollar deficit every year. Highest number of Americans living in poverty since the Great Depression. Yeah, you WANT to talk about the birth certificate.

    “You, Chris, are a disgrace for ginning up the race card again, just like your intellectual colleague Joe Biden talking about “shackles”. You did four years ago, and we aren’t going to let you get away with it this election, you fraud. This is not about race. It’s about incompetence, and you are part of that problem.”

  • Dave in NYC

    Obama didn’t make a joke about his birth certificate–at least not in the video you posted. Did you even watch it? It was a comment on people who questioned his citizenship–and if it was a joke, he was making fun of them.

  • Ghost

    hey thanks for your help, “prior to his election” while the rest of us were screaming from the mountaintop- you were there, right?

    your logic- if a criminal gets away with it, especially with the help of powerful enablers, well, we should just let him
    because as everyone knows there is a statute of limitations on Constitutional crimes like the Greatest Hoax and Fraud ever.

    you are frikkin’ pathetic. do you ever think through what you say or are you always a blurb?

  • Tim in Cali

    Invisable race card ?
    Fake girlfriends ?
    Dreams of my Father ?…(shadow author) wink wink

    Is there anything real about these people
    Other than the voices in their head !!!

  • Ghost

    do y’all realize that “birth certificate” is nowhere mentioned in The Constitution?
    do y’all realize what this issue is really about?

    after FOUR YEARS! you could have done your own investigation.
    have you? are you interested, at all?

  • averagemelon

    Bravo Ardirondack Patriot @28!

    What the hell would a conversation about welfare benefits sound like if we WEREN’T talking about race, Pissy Chrissy Tingles? Or, in your estimate, are ALL welfare bennies are about being BLACK?

    Come on, Tingles. Think hard.

  • mcc

    Romney had some gall to poke fun at Barry. And, worse, have it go over so well.

    You KNOW Barry sent his lapdog out there to tear into RP because of it.

    It’s meant to intimidate Rs from ever trying anything like that again.

    Barry can make the same joke. But not a Republican. Certainly not Whitey.

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  • Spider

    Brokaw coming to the righties defense?

    You know you have gone completely off the left wing ding cliff when Brokaw is on your side.

  • Spider

    when Brokaw is on the other guy’s side….

  • ebay one kanobe

    Tingles, huh? I’ve always referred to that fat bloat as “The Spitter”, as he can’t seem to control that emulsion that oozes to the side of his pie hole.

  • xyz’ing


  • xyz’ing

    #26…oh, let him speak. The more he does, the more he steps in it. Total revelation into who these (people?) are!! Evil…pure evil!

  • Stella Baskomb

    What to call a person who invariably detects hidden “racism” in the ordinary conversation of ordinary people using ordinary words in ordinary ways?

    What kind of person is that?

    Chris Matthews, hard balls, soft head?

  • Obama is not a American citizen. He has a fake Social Security card in the name of one of his White relatives. But no one will call him on it because of the color of his skin. The Democrats are the ones who are holding the gun to everyone’s head over this issue and everyone knows that they are prepared to level the big guns on you if you mention one thing about where Obama was born. But it’s true that Obama is not a American, and you can tell because of the way he is treating this nation, how he is going about bringing this nation down, and how he is beholding to Islamic terrorists who want to destroy our country are all in his favor. No one who was born and raised in this country and lived their life in the we all do growing up in a neighborhood and going to school and all the other experiences, going to college with other American’s who have a common bond with their roots here in this country would never treat this nation in the way he does.

    I still say that even the most stauch Communist still loves this country deep down inside, and if it really came down to it would defend this nation even though their supposed politics would seem like they don’t like this country, they do deep down inside. And it’s because they have alot of good memories growing up in America that bonds a person to this nation. Obama doesn’t have any of those memories, none. That’s why he can hate this country and want to kill it and not have any quomes about it. Not one Democrat would hate this nation like Obama if they were President. Not even the Clinton’s would hate this nation like Obama, because they like making money the way they can make money only in America. And only in America could a person make money the way they would make it. But not Obama. He has stolen tax payers money to pay off his supporters, and funders, and bundlers. That’s the way he has learned to do it according to Rules For Radicals, and the Communist Manifesto.

    Obama is also a Communist. He joined the Communist Party USA when he was running for city council in South Chicago in the 90’s. All his mentors are Communists and now there is rumor that he might be the offspring of Frank Marshall Davis, rumor, not for sure, but what is true is Davis taught Obama everything he needed to know about how Communism was better than Capitalism, and how if he ever was in a position to do something to change America into a Communist country he should put forth all effort to do that. And that’s what Obama has been doing since he graduated from Harvard. And by the way he was going to Harvard on a loan as a foreign student from Indonesia.

  • PhillyGuy

    Reince was so far from brilliant. He was flat out awful. That was an embarassing moment for him. However Joe Scarborough lost total control of the show and should not have let Chris Matthews attack like he did. That was really bad. The anger coming from Matthews was inappropriate.

    But the chairman of the RNC needs to be better than that.

  • xyz’ing

    The left is REALLY coming unhinged. They think the louder and faster they speak, the more they’re relevant. “Diarrhea of the mouth” wasn’t coined for no reason….

  • Granny

    You know, it sounds to me like it is Chris Matthews who is the one with the huge RACISM problem. After all, he must believe that all Food Stamp and Welfare recipients are black – they must be if wanting a work requirement is “racism.” POVERTY is NOT a race!

    The only racist I see in the room is Chrissie “Tingles” Matthew himself . . . I think I will go call his network and demand that he be removed.

  • Truthseeker

    All politics aside, Chris Mathews is a totally disgusting and rude talk show host. Is this the best MSNBC can find?

  • Carl

    Some may disagree but I think Romney needs to ridicule this bozo into oblivion. The Left cannot handle their own weapon being thrown back at them. If this is done enough they will become so unhinged the average voter will have no choice but to vote for Romney. So let them foam at the mouth. Hey, it’s a joke guys. Remember?

  • USMC Thomas

    Tingles Matthews is an obnoxious buffoon whose interviews are boring as his tactic is to never allow the other person to finish answering the question.

  • john b

    Rience should have answered the worfare-welfare change as follows: Tom (see… say Tom and you knock Chrissie out of the loop), the presidnet’s change is clear and makes workfare SUBJECTIVE to the whims of his administration. Thus, it is no longer a law for ALL. this is clearly specified in the original law. Second, Tom as you know more white people are on welfare than black people. So, in what manner are you claiming racism, Tom?”

    As well, Rience missed an opportunity when Chrissie said Romney was a product of prep schools. Rience should have said, “SO, what? Obama is a graduate of the largest most exclusive prep school on Hawaii! If you want to discuss the differences between the two men, say concerning marijuana and cocaine use, by all means let’s have that discussion.”

  • Practical Jane
  • SoLongSong

    I’ve been in this kind of situation before – when someone attacks you out of left field. Sure, we’re not the GOP Chairman and of course he needs to do better, but it’s ALWAYS easier to do better after the fact.

    Tingles was absolutely nasty, making a barrage of accusations, one more outrageous than the last, without giving Priebus a chance to BEGIN to respond. I don’t think Priebus expected even Tingles to be THIS rude.

    I like Priebus. He’s (so far) the least namby-pamby Republican rep. I’ve seen. I think he’s learned his lesson and will be better prepared next time. Dirty Tingles doesn’t play clean.

    POST #36 Ponderon: EXCELLENT movie preview link – THANK you!!

  • orangeblossom

    You are absolutely right #13 and I’m disappointed to see GP quote this way:

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, August 27, 2012, 2:14 PM
    This was horrible.
    Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews lashed out at GOP Chairman today for playing the race card… because Romney cracked a joke about Obama’s birth certificate.

    Here is what he said:

    “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” Romney said, according to reporters following the candidate. “They know that this is the place where we were born and raised.”

    You can make any inference you want, but the fact is that Obama and his bc were never mentioned.

  • Ed

    I’m thinkin I’d like to see p**sy tingles try that on Allen West. But I do think Priebus w**sied out too. Looked real bad.

  • DanO

    Ahem…did Matthews actually challenge Priebus’ assertion that Obama looks to a European model by saying “What? This is insane…you think a Keynsian fiscal policy is so phfft (European)?”

    Check it out @ the 3:52 mark.

    Uhm, yeah Chris. Keynes was a British economist who offered the Ruling Class of 1930’s Europe an academic theory to support their desired policy of governments regulating the business cycle in the name of the common good.

    Oh yeah, from Europe in the 1930’s to…Europe and Africa in the present day, that sure has worked well!

  • Ghost


    you couldn’t be more wrong.

    when you step into the batter’s box you better expect fastballs up in tight
    when you take the handoff you better expect to get hit hard
    when you go under the backboard you better expect a hard elbow
    when you’re in front of the net you better expect a hard charge

    if a Republican goes into the Lion’s Den of State Media unprepared, he sucks

  • Ella

    Just think, everybody, how crappy and miserable these lefties are going to feel the morning of November 7 when we have thrown their boy out of office in an overwhelming landslide….. chrissy may have a big mouth now but we voters will have the last word and there is nothing Chrissy can do about it.

  • Ghost


    that’s the way it should be, but there are no guarantees- for one thing there is voter fraud to worry about which is why we have to build in a 5% cushion. Then, who knows what dirty tricks they plan?

    btw, when was the last time you rooted for your favorite sports team to ‘play nice’?

  • BarbaraS

    This is why I quit watching TV. These libs drown out the Rs. They get their turn at bat but don’t shut up and let the Rs get theirs. They all talk over the Rs loudly. The libs don’t know the meaning of civil discouurse. All they know is don’t let the opposition speak their viewsbecase somebody might be persuaded that voting R is better for the country. Chris Matthews is a giant blowhard. He used this show as a monologue. It’s really funny that obama and his minions can call Romney a felon and tax evader but Romney can’t bring up obama’s birth certicate or the lack thereof. Libs like Matthews have decided that ANY criticizm of obama is racist. Best to ignore them and for heaven’s sake, don’t go into enemy territory and give them a chance to drown you out. I think even Scarborough has gone over to the other side.

  • jl

    “Priebus was brilliant.” Brilliant at what, showing he has no spine? The last thing the Rebuplicans need is another wussy going on TV proving he is one. Fight back, man! It’s like John McCain became Priebus.

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  • owl

    #23 “I wouldn’t put too much stock in Priebus’ reaction. How would any of us act if an idiot was ranting like this at us?”

    Not like he did. After I read an entire thread of Bushbashing, I bash back. When someone say’s illegal immigrants and point at Bush, I point at a hero Reagan (I adore) who made the mistake that opened the door. Adore Reagan but hate hypocrites.

    #52 “I like Priebus. He’s (so far) the least namby-pamby Republican rep. I’ve seen.”

    At first I did not, but then he got into the game and I credit any that will stand up. He was doing so good but screwed this one up. What I hated was the way he kept apologizing. He said some of this stuff a few times earlier in week and I hated it. Romney needs to say everything that Chris was ranting about a few thousand times.

    Why let a panel of true Scoopers sit and dictate what Romney can say? Priebus damaged Romney and I don’t know how he walks it back.

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  • Objective Analysis

    What the RNC chairman needs to say to Chris Matthews is “Are you upset that Obama denied you your interview request at the DNC Convention to be held in North Carolina? Are you upset you can’t get that tingly feeling up your leg again?”

    Answer these Obots with a question of wit. See how they go bizzerk.

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  • Tim in Cali

    Liberals are the biggest bunch of punks walking earth !!!

  • Mark S.

    Wow… When Chris actually called Priebus at the end ” .. You’re garbage”, everyone else notice how Uncomfortable everyone on the set looked?