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The far left “Stop Allen West” organization just released an ad where West is seen beating an old lady. In fact, as the Shark Tank explains, ” ”The ad slyly uses a caricature of West and portrays him as a bully who hits women- more specifically, a white women- while he grabs money away from a ‘middle class’ family that just happens to be a black family.”

The Blaze reported:

Of course, if West was a Democrat we’d never hear the end of it.



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  1. This ad is sooo RACIST…

  2. Do as a liberal would.

    That’s racist and suggests all blacks are bullies, thieves and generally criminals who treat women bad.

    Racist, racist, racist

  3. #2 August 9, 2012 at 1:10 pm
    bigkahuna commented:

    He’s too classy and too much of a gentleman to do that. Can’t wait though for his reply!!

  4. Yup, racist scare tactics.

    It works on idiot uninformed


  5. ++

    how mentally ill is the
    Democrat party?? :-(


  6. ++

    re: #5 August 9, 2012 at 1:15 pm bg

    here’s part of the reason they hate Allen West, the
    other part is he’s a true American, not an IslaMarxist..


  7. All I can say is …..keep up this kind of culture-war campaign aimed at idiots who never even bother to turn their car radios to a lamestream news feed…..

    Bring it on – more of the same. The American people are smart enough to see through this kind of “targeted to the ignorant masses who can’t even read” approach.

    It might work when selling hamburgers or pizzas but…..we get real smart when we elect a new American President every four years.

    PULEEZE…….keep this stuff coming. We need a new Democrat sponsored ad like this a week.

  8. I have 100% confidence that LTC West will more than capably defend himself against this sort of BS.

    What I don’t have 100% confidence in is the Republican Party’s ability to watch and learn something from him.

  9. How can the Democrats have the nerve to run this ad*– THEY CUT MEDICARE BY OVER $500 BILLION TO PASS OBAMACARE. IN ADDITION, THEY gave the IPAB (Independent Patient Advisory Board) the authority to determine the medical treatments acceptable for the doctors to provide patients. The Progressives’ COMPLETE LIVES SYSTEM will be followed to deny treatment to senior citizens as well as all children under 15. And, now they say we have to pay for contraceptives and abortions for other women. I’m continuously amazed by how dumb the Democrats think American women are!

    *Just remember that George Soros is paying for the ads via one of his thousands of media organizations.

  10. I love West. Yep, this is racism because if it were reversed, the Racism Referee would rule in favor.

    Now go get em West. I have faith in you to defend your country and yourself.

  11. The Democratic party is just sick. Sick
    Allen West is such a good man.
    This is just sad. Makes a person so mad.

  12. Well – the Obama campaign is getting what they want – the public and media talking about the ads and not about the economy, his college records, his cronyism to labor and greenie commie causes, his downgrade of our credit, and the cherry of OBAMACARE.

    Wish the blog world would ignore this crap and hammer the sitting duck of a stuttering clusterf*k on the issues that Romney can rip him apart.

    Instead, we get the continual knee jerk that Axelrod wants.

  13. Ironic and unconscious at the same time.

    Just like the leftist rascals who claim to be charge of our nation.

    Because to “end Medicare as we know it” would be a GOOD THING.

  14. Unbelievable. This is one of the most derogatory, misogynistic, racist contrivances I’ve ever seen in an election year. What the HECK is up this year?

  15. The Commies want to stay in the White House. That’s what’s up.

  16. Everything and more West has said about the commies is true, so naturally the flack is getting thick.

  17. ++


    ht WND

    August 8, 2012

    King plans immigration order lawsuit

    [U.S. Rep. Steve King said Tuesday that he will sue President Barack
    Obama over an executive order that would stop the deportation of
    certain young illegal immigrants.

    ''I am bringing him to court and we're going to defend the Constitution
    of the United States and the separation of powers,'' the Republican
    from Kiron told a Humboldt audience.

    King added that he's thinking about introducing a bill, which if it
    became law, would repeal everything Obama has signed into law.]


  18. Allen West is a scary, crazy black guy who’ll assault and rob you. Is that about it?

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