Gross… Unearthed Video Shows Obama Supporting Late-Term Abortions (Video)

Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack has unearthed an old video from 2003, when President Barack Obama was running for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, in which he defends his position favoring late-term abortions.
Life News reported:

Of course, this political position in itself, makes Barack Obama the most radical president in US history. But, don’t expect the media to report on this.

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  • Ghost

    our President, Satan the Usurper

  • Hoft Watch

    Another entirely disingenuous Hoftline. Obama simply stated his belief that the decision ultimately rests with the one who is pregnant. I thought Republicans did not like government poking its nose into people’s business, so why would you attack Obama for stating his belief that the government should take a back seat on the issue of abortion?

  • Robodog7

    What he left out……..

    “But government should meddle in everything else.”

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  • Emilie Green

    The sheer number of reasons of why this person has no business being such outrageous positions of power !!! is beyond numbering.

    But he has been elected to each of these positions because the people are sooooooo stupid. Don’t ever say that “public education” hasn’t worked.

  • Tim in Cali

    Obama…”I don’t believe it’s the Governments role to meddle in that choice”

    Hmm..but you believe it’s the Governments job to pay for the abortion or birth control

    Hey Obama,that is the Government meddling in the choice

    If I pay for your CHOICE, I get a VOICE

  • Redwine

    Comrade Barry has a lot of the blood of the innocent on his hands.

  • Adam

    Didn’t he write a bill when he was a state senator that would have legalized the murder of a baby that survived a botched abortion attempt? This video is not surprise.

  • Sasja

    I’m not sure he wrote the bill, but it was one of few bills he didn’t vote “present” but voted “aye.”

  • jim m

    Obama blocked the born alive infant protection act in the Illinois Senate even after NARAL and NOW came out and said that it did not encroach on abortion rights. Once he left the bill sailed through the dem controlled Senate and was signed by the dem Governor.

    obama doesn’t just support late term abortions, he supports infanticide. No amount of spinning from leftist kool aid drinkers will change the facts.


    Adam & Eve = Chick-fil-A Values.
    Adam & Steve & Baby Killers = Chicago Values.

  • Dale

    And I believe woman make the choice when faced with uh…uh….uh…..uh….. (Let me fill in the blanks on what hes thinking – an UNWANTED PUNISHMENT!!!!). Sooooooo revealing.

    EFF you Barack Barry Soetoro Obama – how about the Baby’s right to LIVE you stupid son of a B#$%@!!!!!!!!!! Oooooooh, I hate this man!!

  • Louis

    OBAMA Said … I DON”T WANT MY KIDS BURDEN WITH A BABY… Sir Wasn’t your mother Burden with You!! … LIFE

  • President Obama is the most pro-abortion president in history, his daughters are lucky to have survived. The man is almost pathological in his glee about child murder.


    The Usurper and Born Alive

  • Sasja

    I was wrong.

    When both the US Senate and House unanimously voted for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, signed by President Bush, it only applied to federal law. States then started passing their own versions of the bill. The federal bill contained a “neutrality clause” which affirmed this did not apply to the unborn.

    Obama stated his opposition to the Illinois legislation was that it did not contain a neutrality clause and he thought it would negatively impact Roe v Wade.

    However, Obama was the chair of the Senate HHS committee that presided over the born alive bill and a “neutrality clause” was included which was “virtually identical to the federal law.” He is also on record as the one “who led the charge in committee” to kill the amended bill.

  • mcc

    Meet Gianna Jessen.

    Maybe she’ll express what those of us cannot:

  • Patty

    Gross, Unearthed, Partial birth abortions. Sounds like a Horror movie, doesn’t.

    Representing America is a tough job and when you unearth the monster on video is seems Obama owns it.

  • myohmy

    Why all these are coming out now? Are the special interests group got what they want from their guy, like load and load of printed money and there are no reason to support him now?

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  • Buffalobob

    So the take away point of all of obama’s stances is he supports killing black babies.

  • Morgan

    Hoft Watcher:

    I don’t know what you watched but I heard Barack Obama being asked about late term abortions, to which he replied he was pro-choice and the government should not meddle in a woman’s decisions.

    A late-term abortion destroys a baby who would be viable outside the womb.

    Obama later voted to allow an infant who survived an abortion to expire. That means die, Hoft watcher.

    If you are here to watch, start paying attention.

  • Marxist don’t care about anyone but himself………… states get to work start defunding this baby killing machine …..

  • mr_e_m_t

    This is nothing. Seriously.

    Obamao voted against the Born Alive bill that would have allowed babies born alive during botched abortions access to health care.
    His statement explaining his vote was that giving a baby that survived an abortion health care access violated constitutional rights of the “mother”
    I believe michelle was the one who wrote his opinion too.
    I knew about this prior to his being elected in 08.
    Where the hell has the “conservative blogs” been if its shocking that obamao supports late term abortions?

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  • Ragspierre


  • Mama Grizzly

    Obama has been a long-time proponent of abortion (any kind, any time) on demand forever. Good to remind people of that.

    But look how far down the rabbit hole goes:

    Now compare photos of Malia, especially easy to see with this one:'s%2Bdaughters%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=photos+of+Obama's+daughters&usg=__DBugV71-47J8WPrxyCL627kgoN8=&sa=X&ei=CYw1UM9Uq7CKAovwgTg&ved=0CBsQ9QEwAA

    with GRANDAD MalcolmX, here (and elsewhere):

    Unmistakable identity. Also, quite easy to see if you compare photos of Obama and dad MalcolmX.

    So… the Soviets (always pro-abortion) involved from the start:


    The “mystery” surrounding Obama. The cover-ups. The phony father stories. Dems behind him, supplanting Hillary of all things (that wouldn’t have happened if Obama hadn’t been deemed “ready”–and he would have been less likely to win had a woman run against him–would have taken away the “specialness” of a FIRST BLACK AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Problem with their conspiracy is that back then there was no information highway as there is now, and the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG, never to be shoved in again.

    Sorry, but not this time (unless they pull it off through a crisis and Obama staying on as dictator).

    “We will take America without firing a shot” –Kruschev

  • did you notice what a great speaker he was?

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  • Flintstone F.


    Hoft Watch forgot that life begins at conception and that at 6 months a fetus is identifiable as human. Hoft Watch forgot that, that is a person and a fragile one, who deserves the protection of the US Constitution.

    Hoft Watch forgot that Obama voted 3 times (no, present, present) against legislation to give babies surviving abortion attempts medical attention. Outside the womb and breathing? No question it’s a person.

    So it doesn’t really matter where you put the line with regard to the beginning of human life with this president. Start at the embryo and go all the way to alive and breathing oxygen outside the womb. Obama won’t protect them. It’s above his pay grade. It’s murder.

    “I don’t want my daughter punished with an unwanted baby.” Solution: Kill the baby. It’s Obama’s bottom line.

  • mg4us

    What a vile and despicable person. . If you take him for his word then a women should make the choice as she knows best, then shouldn’t she ay for it. .why does government need to get involved. . .

    He even supports late term abortion. . .

    Has he no regard for human life.

    Too bad his mother didn’t have an abortion when the condom broke

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  • qzy

    Late-Term Abortions and Food Stamps… It’s the New American Dream.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, I support late term abortions!

    I support vary late term abortions… say the fourth trimester! I And, I support Supper late term abortions… like end of life counseling for old people who want to have a hip replacement! Old people are a waste of our governmental resources!

    Just think of old people as clunkers. You get your primary 0bamaCare provider to give you the proper papers and we can handle the rest!

    We will give you old loved ones an insightful end-of-life counseling session; then one free 0bamaCare ticket to our huge Dehydration with Dignity Facility. And, you get your loved one back in a brass urn. No fuss and no muss!

    This can be extended to little Joe and Sasha. They both seem to show symptoms of Down’s Syndrome and you forgot to get that late term abortion. No problem!

    You just tell your primary 0bamaCare provider you realize that you should have had that late term abortion and we will do the rest!

    We will do some cursory tests; then some end-of-life counseling and off to the great 0bamacare End-of-Life Facility for the necessary Death by Dehydration treatment. You will then get your loved one back in a cheap made in china urn.

    The financial savings of my 0bamaCare Death by Dehydration will be a huge relief to society… and particularly to our bankrupt Medicare and crappy 0bamaCare system.

    No, my cronies and I will not be joining 0bamaCare! We have our lush government health care and our monthly checks. 0bamaCare is for the Taxpayer – not for the sleazy government bureaucrats and politicians!

    My campaign is going sour and Davy Axelrod has yet another scam to inflict upon my Hollywood donors. It’s a version of the Roach Motel. The Hollywood donors checks in but never check out… we have their bank account number and automatically drain their bank accounts on a weekly basis – it’s in the fine print before the fund raiser dinner!

    I cannot go into details at this time. My last scam failed. Besides, my Hollywood Donors always vote for me – screw them! My campaign may suck but once I muck up my Hollywood donors it will suck worse. Good day.

  • SoLongSong

    Bless you, Limo Barry. You’re consistent, you don’t get down and dirty, and you’re a breath of fresh air in this workaday world.

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  • Frank Keefe

    Oh I see,so in this despicable area he does’nt think the government should interfere its a pity he doesnt think like that on 99.99%of his government knows best thinking.he is without a doubt the most evil of Presidents.