Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told FOX News that the far left Southern Poverty Law Center was not responsible for the shooting yesterday at the organization’s headquarters… But Perkins said the SPLC is responsible for creating an environment that led to yesterday’s shooting.

“I’m not saying that the Southern Poverty Law Center is responsible for the shooting. Floyd Corkins is responsible for the shooting. They are responsible for creating an environment that led to yesterday’s shooting.”




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  1. the SPLC is a marxist hate group.

  2. Tony Perkins is right on the money….

  3. Those morons will never take responsibility yet they want us to take responsibility for every other shooting regardless of who gets shot.

  4. Perkins is absolutely correct. SPLC is a Left-wing hate group.

  5. The SPLC has a long history of lieing to anyone that will listen. Unfortunatly, many politicians have the same problem.

  6. The SPLC is itself a hate group. They have been in the hate business for decades. The primary targets of their hate today are conservative groups and individuals (as well as pro-Israel/anti-Islamization groups and individuals). That people of moral conviction would respect anything this reprehensible organization has to say just shows just how demoralized our society is. They deserved to be sued by the FRC.

  7. Megyn Kelly is smokin’ hot!

  8. While I agree with all the above. .I think the real blame lies with a President who divides, who creates unrest & envy and with a President that says: They Bring a knife We bring a gun!

    (PS those knives he saw was for eating lunch. . oh well. .he followed Obama’s orders verbatim).

    And what is with the Chick-fil-A – – blame that on Obama’s buddy Rahm Emanuel . . it is the Chicago way.

  9. This is a communist group with a nice sounding name, just like CAIR. They are anti-Anerican. We need to get responsible people elected to office, clean all communist infiltrators out of the DOJl, and investigate these groups.

  10. Mg4us,
    You are right. Obama and his ilk are creating a violent society. He is lawless, and they are.

  11. SPLC is a subdivision of the FBI/DHS with the power to fund spies and ” sting ” operations. They maintain a myriad of small fake hate groups to entrap the ” white racist red neck ” , and to infiltrate and destroy gun rights movements. These shadowy government black operators have mutated under Obama into ” fast & furious ” programs…Instead of baiting traps to snare the last remaining member of the KKK…… Instead of jailing satanic psychopaths like Wade Page, these sickos are recruited by shell front groups, kept on a leash in the darkest shadows of government…and cut loose by their handlers when government feels the need to terrorize American citizens , like around election time.

  12. I have to agree with that statement. They are a bunch of Marxist rabble rousers.

  13. The media, the SPLC, and Al Gayda all but stuck the gun in the guy’s hand and drove him over to the FRC. Why? Even today they persist in calling the FRC a “hate group,” throwing it in the same box as the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, Christian Identity, and American Neo-Nazis. By its logic, the Roman Catholic Church, every Orthodox synagogue, the Southern Baptists, Pentacostal churches, and every mosque are “hate groups” too. People belonging to those groups are routinely monitored by law enforcement and you can be denied jobs requiring a background check if you’re noted as a member of a “hate group.” That’s how serious this is. The SPLC is not a government agency but it is for some crazy reason taken seriously by the media and law enforcement. They are using opposition to left wing causes to make you a criminal, an object of contempt, an outcast from society, and an acceptable target for violence. This is how they expect to “win” the culture war.

    The shooter here has gotten earful of America being a country of “hate,” where Christians “hate,” where fast food places serve “hate chicken,” and all of that “hate” causes bullying, drug addiction, murder, and suicide. Seriously, I have seen blogs and FB accounts where according to these folks, the streets are flooded with the blood of GLBT etc. “children” shed by those who just aren’t convinced by “marriage equality.”

    The left pre-emptively blames the right for every instance of mass shootings (unless they involve gangs) and demands we change the tone and promote civility. All that is code for, “Conservatives, shut up” even though the event didn’t have anything to do with conservatives. Yet the left ratches up its rhetoric all of the time, laughing and cheering at every misfortune that befalls somebody they don’t like, such as the NYT food critic who rejoiced at the death of a Chick-Fil-A executive. This is what the left wants: death to anyone who gets in the way and they’ll send some loser to do the wetwork while they sip chardonnay. The only thing is so far, they’re not very good at this sort of thing. This shooter could only injure the guard before he was quickly subdued and then he pled for his life. But it won’t always be that way.

  14. This group and others like them actively recruit the crazies and ignoramuses of this world. They don’t have to look far, there are a lot of them. These people remind me of the muslim suicide bombers. They are willing to take one for the team to push their agenda. Too stupid to realize they won’t be around for armageddan. Useful idiots, all.

  15. Can you find any groups website that SPLC lists as a hate group, that actually LISTS those who they hate? ONLY the SPLC as a hate group, actually lists and gives details and locations of the groups SPLC hates and wants to take down.
    That is a hate group if anything is.

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