This Is Big… Obama Catholic Support Cut In Half – Only 27% of Catholics Support Abortion President Today (Video)

Catholics took to the streets to protest Obama’s HHS mandate that forced Catholic organizations to fund abortions and birth control (Tom McLaughlin)

More bad news for Democrats.
They may want to rethink the abortion-palooza they’ve planned for the DNC.

In 2008 Barack Obama carried 54% of the Catholic vote. Today only 27% of Catholics support Obama. There are over 77 million Catholics in the United States.
The American Life League reported:

Between August 15-19 of this year, American Life League commissioned a nationwide telephone survey of 900 self-identified Catholic registered voters. The focus of the survey was Catholic perspectives on the Church and nation. Below are some of the results of the survey.

Only 27 percent of the Catholics surveyed support President Obama. Of those surveyed, 74 percent of Catholic men over the age of 50 do not support Obama, while Obama support among Catholic men under 50 years is only 25 percent. With Catholic women over the age of 50, the president’s support is only 23 percent, with just 31 percent among Catholic women under 50 years.

American Life League speculates that such a dramatic shift may be caused by Obama’s HHS mandates and ensuing legal battle over religious freedom, as 73 percent of Catholics polled believe that the mandates violate their religious freedom.

“This nationwide survey revealed surprising results that should cause our leaders to pause and consider the consequences of their decisions and the impact it has on their constituents. Can Obama’s support among Catholics be dwindling this fast?” said Paul E. Rondeau, ALL executive director. “One thing is certain: Catholics, like most Americans, feel strongly about their religious rights and are committed to defending their faith. Both Church and national leaders should heed this notice.”

This week the Barack Obama Campaign denied Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s request to say a prayer at the DNC.

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  • Emilie Green

    Could never understand how any, any, believing Christian or Catholic could ever vote for any Democrat. It is the party of death on every issue.



    Amazing that 27% STILL support the Usurper-Ustupid ticket.

  • Patty

    I would hope even non Catholics but all Christians will stand together and elect Romney, not just for the reason of contraception but for just about Everything Obama has done, is doing and will do if reelected. The worse president in America’s history and the title has officially been handed off from Carter to Obama.

  • Patty

    #1 August 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm
    Emilie Green commented:

    Yuck, at the end is hilarious! but my sentiments, exactly.

  • Mad Hatter

    Disaster? It’s not a disaster, it’s incredible. People are waking up Obama’s Eddie Haskel act.

  • bitterclinger

    Now to see what Cardinal Dolan will do. Aside from inviting Obama to the Al Smith dinner in NY, the cardinal offered to give a blessing at the DNC and was flatly denied. Does he really not get it?

  • Patty


    Also a disaster imo for Obama.

  • Little David Puddy

    Now if only the Jews would pull their heads out of their asses.

  • bigkahuna

    Well miracles do happen !

    Keep up the good work of dividing the country Barry

  • Kate

    Appears like the great masses are finally waking up.

  • kato

    I dispute that 27 percent figure. Catholics, by and large, are liberals. They’ve been supporting abortion-rights candidates for years. Schools like Notre Dame support every redistribution of wealth that government comes up with. Catholic priests and nuns have a long history of supporting left-wing guerrilla groups, illegal immigrants, and almost any fringe group that preaches socialism. We just had a crackpot nun invade a nuclear power plant last week. Many Catholics believe they can pick and choose their own dogma, and even more have no idea of what the teachings of their church are.

    Take a look at your Catholics in government: Pelosi, Biden, Durbin, Kerry, the dead Kennedys. Not merely liberal, but hard left. Most of thes Catholics voted for ObamaCare.

  • Granny Kate

    ‘2016: Obama’s America’ is running #1 at box office this weekend.

  • kato

    I wish I could provide a citation, but I recall reading of a study several years ago that concluded that Catholics have a higher number of abortions than almost any other Christian denomination.

    Some Catholics may be incensed at the infringement of government upon Catholic institutions, but I doubt they’re incensed about the Democrats’ support of abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.

  • Noovuss

    kato, #11
    You are right on target!!!

  • Theadora

    It should be ZERO support!

  • illini guy

    The “Catholic” vote has decided all elections going back to at least FDR…it is NOT a monolithic vote but does follow a trend…..the Reagan Dems were predominatly Catholic….blue collar white fairly educated fiscally conservative liberal on many social issues. The national elected Catholics Piglosi et al are an aberration.

  • valerie
  • Denise

    You are absoluly incorrect about most Catholics being liberal, it’s probably split 50/50 just like the country. I am 100% anti abortion and 200% anti big O and many, many in my Parish feel the same way. Our parish put on a BIG push to educate parishioners about the HHS mandate and our Cardinal is coming next week to speak about the mandate and religious freedom. I think a lot of Catholics who voted for Obama are starting to wake up. Or I really hope so.

  • Flintstone F.

    Waking up indeed.

    No reason to dispute the number. Most of the time the issues that make up the core of the Godless left are disguised and health issues and rights issues for the mother. So often the argument is had and settled without any mention of the unborn child.

    Ignorance is bliss. Most of the older and less attentive Catholics, those who don’t delve into the political issues and get their news from television, dismiss the entire subject of abortion for that simple reason that it’s disguised as not that big of a deal.

    It’s starting to be seen for what it is and Obama brought that to us. Thank you president Obama. Please retire to the French Riviera, or go rule a riding lawn mower in Chicago.

    I’m going to accept the number for now. I really do believe things are much worse for Obama than anyone can imagine. I think the whole country might be pissed.

  • Jeannie

    EWTN, where Romney interviewed, is the largest Catholic station in the world, has its own satellite and is in over 100 countries.

    Brilliant move by Romney’s campaign manager.

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  • Amash

    In response to Kato,who apparently believes Pelosi, Biden, etc. are representative of what good Catholics are, you have no idea what most Catholics. As one who attends Mass each week, take my word, Catholics will not vote for this guy even if they did last time. They see right through what h really is now. They are not liberal. Pelosi, Biden, etal. Are An embarrassments to the Catholic faith. Romney will get the votes.

  • Jeannie

    #11. Ryan is a hard line Catholic. So is Santorum. Both of them practicing. All of those you cited are CINOs.

    Catholics, according to OBama, are all CINOs at this stage. What he may have seen is that an amazing amount of young people are supporting Catholic beliefs such as chastity, monogamy, abstinence, NAPRO (better pregnancy prevention rate than the pill AND better fertility rate than invitro and long since clinically supported), and OBJECTIVE TRUTH.

    CAtholics, until this election, had CINO bishops. If you want to look back at the last 6 months and the newly installed bishops in Denver, Philadelphia, Florida, Baltimore and now SAN FRANCISCO, you will see that even the CINOs are getting excited by conservative Catholic values.

    NOBODY was trying to steal religion away from us until OBama. Catholics just became conservative in HUGE amounts because Catholics are very charity oriented and a disproportionate amount of our charities are not through churches but through thousands of local mission sites that are all in jeopardy of being shutdown by the HHS mandate.

    Plus, 760 billion out of senior medicare is resonating with retiring liberal CINOs. Ryan had earlier interviewed on EWTN and done a superb job describing the massive cut on senior aid if OBama pushes through again.

    YOung AND older CAtholics are flipping to Romney.

    and the young are disproportionately pro life since they realize one third of their number was aborted, because their mothers capriciously couldn’t be bothered to carry them to term and at least adopt them out to someone else. It is no good reflection on the previous generations that we have viewed our youngest as infinitely expendable.

    Which gets us to the last major group of Catholics: voluntary soldiers, among whom a disproportionate amount have ALWAYS been CAtholic, since the Civil War.

    Can’t beat that.

  • JoyO

    If I were Catholic, I would be furious about the Obama HHS mandate requiring the Catholic Church to cover abortions and contraceptions. Like so many things this Administration has done, this mandate clearly violates our First Amendment rights.

  • Jeannie

    #22. 🙂 Well put.

  • Jeannie

    #16, we have NEVER had a president trying to shut down the Catholic church, certainly not FDR.

    Nothing before can determine this election’s voter direction

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  • bigkahuna

    I would venture to say that urban catholics tend to be more liberal than those from rural areas. I have never met any catholics in the rural areas who are for liberals.

  • Jeannie

    #13…bogus. Find that result because while I am sad to say that they have been equal in abortions they were never more. Additionally, the youngest are not trending the way the previous generations, so tied to the ‘me’ consumerism, adolescent sex craze, did.

    50 years of kids having to deal with stepparents, single parent families, domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect and kids coming a DISTANT second to parental libidos and cultural consumerism, has wrought a lot of changed viewpoints.

    Look up March for Life for the last 3 years and you’ll see that those marching against Roe v Wade are now disproportionately under 20.

    Even in San Francisco, the Walk for Life, usually the day before D.C’s march for life, the last 7 years, the trend has gone 85% both up in numbers overall and in the young even more so. and not just Catholic youths. has links to all of this, as does

  • Jeannie

    #28 – urban Catholics have had to be PC for the last decade, just minding their own business. They’d never expected to be the #1 target, especially given the historical liberal Catholic vote.

    Obama, whose faith is as superficial as his compassion, has ZERO clue to what happens to Christians when persecuted. He probably has never read any history of the 2000 year run of persecution/accceptance/persecution of Catholics. Had he begun just from the country’s start, with the only Catholic signer,Charles CArroll, who at the time was not even allowed to hold office, he’d have had a little idea of the fight we had to do to get rights.

    Charles Carroll would have shown Obama that Catholic reasoning of natural law, gave Maryland its arguments for independence. An excerpt from an interview by Scott McDermott who wrote a book on Carroll after his conversion made him want to see if any Catholics played any part in our Declaration of Independence. He found Carroll, at the time not allowed to vote, but still a signer:

    ” His thought clearly reflects Catholic political precepts such as the priority of the common good, corporatism, the liberty of the Church, popular sovereignty, the natural law, and what later came to be called subsidiarity.

    But Carroll had to be careful about quoting any of the great Catholic doctors of the Church, because of the taboo against Catholicism in English political life. Carroll brought these ideas into the mix at the time of the Founding, without acknowledging their source.

    I’ve been accused of saying that the American Revolution originated directly from Catholic political teaching. This is obviously not the case; the truth is more complex and interesting.

    Catholic teaching was almost totally suppressed in the British Empire in the 18th century. The colonists thought they hated the Catholic political tradition, which they mistakenly identified with the Stuarts’ doctrine of divine right. But the Founding Fathers really had no idea what the authentic tradition was.

    When they began to resist the king in Parliament, they had to develop a new political science fast.

    There was a radical political tradition in England coming from the Puritans, which included the idea of resistance to tyranny; but the Puritan tradition emphasized the supremacy of Parliament, the same Parliament that passed the Stamp Act, and the Townshend Acts and the Intolerable Acts. So the Americans had to dig deeper.

    There was the common law, under which laws that violated the natural rights of Englishmen were theoretically null and void. But in spite of the lip service paid by Coke and Blackstone to this theory, the truth was that no judge in England was willing to throw out acts of Parliament, especially those relating to American colonists, on grounds of natural law.

    So the colonists had to go back beyond common law, to its roots in the natural law, as proclaimed by Bracton and St. Germain and the courts of equity prior to the Reformation.

    I argue that the Founding Fathers unknowingly reinvented the Catholic political tradition. If anyone had suggested to them at the time that that is what they were doing, the Founders would have been horrified. Paradoxically, they were able to revive several elements of Catholic thinking because they were totally ignorant of the authentic tradition.

    They also had Charles Carroll in Congress and in the Maryland Senate, pushing them toward Catholic political practice without ever letting on what he was doing. And this is what the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore meant when it said in 1884 that the framers of the Constitution were “‘building better than they knew,’ the Almighty’s hand guiding them.”

    The results were not perfect, but approximated Catholic political thought in a number of important ways.

    Q: How did Carroll use natural law and natural rights in arguing that the colonies were justified in breaking from England?

    McDermott: In his “First Citizen” papers of 1773, Carroll argued that it was necessary to move back beyond the common law to the “clear and fundamental” principles of the English constitution, namely the natural law.

    Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence cites the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” to justify the Revolution, and appeals to the natural rights that derive from the natural law.

    At the same time, Carroll was writing his own “Declaration of the Delegates of Maryland” to explain Maryland’s vote for independence. Carroll’s natural law thinking as expressed in this document complements Jefferson’s approach while correcting some of its distortions.

    Carroll wrote: “We the Delegates of the People of Maryland in Convention assembled do declare that the King of Great Britain has violated his compact with this People, and that they owe no allegiance to him.”

    Then he went back and crossed out “of the People.” Thus, in keeping with Catholic corporatism, the “Delegates of Maryland” represent the whole body of society, and not just the majority will. Popular sovereignty is not a matter of ongoing revision of the Constitution by majorities, as Jefferson supposed.

    Also, Carroll’s document stays with the traditional natural rights of life, liberty and property. “Slaves, savages and foreign mercenaries have been meanly hired to rob a People of their property, liberty [and] lives, guilty of no other crime than deeming the last of no estimation without the secure enjoyment of the two former.”

    Jefferson, of course, substitutes a right to the “pursuit of happiness” for the right to property. By inventing this new right, Jefferson distorted the concept of natural law, with dramatic consequences for the rest of American history.

    Maryland’s Declaration appeals for its truth “to that Almighty Being, who is emphatically styled the Searcher of hearts, & from whose Omniscience nothing is concealed.”

    Jefferson’s original draft described the natural law as a “sacred and undeniable” truth. Franklin insisted on suppressing even this vague reference to the divine, and so we have the phrase “we hold these truths to be self-evident.”

    Well, they are self-evident, but they also come from a personal Divine Lawgiver without whom natural law has no meaning. ”

    As you can see, this is wholly at variance with Obama’s view of things and had he known of it he might have reconsidered targeting Catholics first for losing religious freedom. We are ALWAYS prepared to be targeted, it’s in our history just as much as Jews, our ancestral spiritual brothers.

  • Jeannie

    For those of you confused when you read of Carroll’s holding office this explains the further developments, special provisions seemingly originated for him:

    Although as a Roman Catholic Charles Carroll (1737-1832) could not enter politics, practice law or even vote, he could engage in business, and by the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, was one of the richest men in America. But in yet another break from British practice, Carroll was elected as representative from Maryland to the Continental Congress in 1776, too late to vote for independence, but in time to sign the Declaration. When he died in 1832, we was the last living signer of the document (and the one who had lived to the greatest age – 95). He often, as on the Declaration and this receipt, signed “Charles Carroll of Carrollton” to distinguish himself from his father, Charles Carroll of Annapolis, who lived until 1781. Though re-elected in 1780, he declined to continue serving in the Continental Congress, and thus did not sign the Constitution. It has been suggested, however, that the first amendment – especially freedom of religion – was passed in appreciation of his service and financial support of independence.

    Carroll continued his public service in the Maryland senate, was elected as one of the first two Senators to the Federal Congress, but was prohibited from holding both positions simultaneously. He chose to serve Maryland, and resigned from the U.S. Senate. He retired in 1801, but came out of retirement two decades later to help create the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The laying of the cornerstone for the railroad was his last public act, limited by failing health, although he lived four more years.

  • Multitude

    Are the rumors floating around feminist communities correct that Obama’s considering a Burqa ban and a show of force against the Muslim community by forcing it to comply as the Catholics have had to with abortions after the four-month limit intrinsic to Islamic interpretation?

    This could be a major motivating factor for getting out the vote with feminists as Islam in the United States has not been as tolerated in its demands for submission by women. It also would put to rest a lot of the rumors that Obama’s secretly still a Muslim by throwing them under the bus just as he’s done with the black community on the issue of gay marriage.

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  • Jeannie

    #6, an interview Dolan gave shows that he offered benedictions to both parties. As preeminent CArdinal in all of America, his job requires him to have no special interests to ANY human being.

    Love the sinner hate the sin.

    He is also not allowed, by the terms of the Vatican, as well as American guidelines, to publicly endorse either candidate.

    It’s very tricky to have real faith because you have to be a child. you have to be open to trust and to see the best in everyone…but you have to also recognize evil choices.

    Like a lot of libs, he was duped by Obama’s alleged (I never saw it, O’s eyes have never had any warmth in them as far as I could see) charm and believed Obama’s pre-election promise that he’d never make abortion MORE accessible…which he flatly reversed his first month in office signing one of his first bills.

    Dolan has visibly become more conservative since same sex marriage passed in NY, after advisors had promised him that he need not get involved, it would certainly not pass. AFter it passed he publicly apologized, admitting that he had fallen for lies of ill meaning advisors and ought to have fought tooth and nail, publicly, to defeat it.

  • Jeannie

    #32 – Please show the source of these rumors. I have not seen any mention that any Muslim practice or event enjoys anything but full and enthusiastic from hte man who cites end of day Muslim chants as the most beautiful sound in the world and assures the Middle East that Muslims are a large part of America’s background, since the beginning, something he has never said to my knowledge to any country about Christianity.

  • Limousine Barry

    What? I lost the Catholic vote? I can’t think of the reason. That is a real butt scratch-er!

    Let me be clear, I am for late term abortions, really late term abortions and I support gay marriage. Barney Frank can attest to that!

    I want all American women to under go a government sponsored abortion. In fact, it should be mandatory!

    Gad, I look at my ugly brats and I see the same brattyness in all Americans – white, Asian and black. Kids are heavy burden on my 0bamaCare!

    That is way I have mandated abortions be funded by the crappy tax payer – even if they are Catholic! I say screw the Pope and “Barney Frank” Cardinal Timothy Dolan!

    I have been to all 57 states and as a child prayed a various mosques. I have found that having your head in the ground and your butt in air is good. You might even get a free Wedgie!

    I will not allow a man like Cardinal Timothy Dolan – who has probably never had the pleasure of a wedgie from Barney Frank or his male husband to say a prayer at the DNC!

    If you like the way I crap upon the Catholics then vote for me! Send me $30,500.00 before midnight. My campaign is going bankrupt!

    My big black pig of a bus is running low on diesel fuel and Davy Axelrod has a new scam for my Hollywood Donors. It’s the old “pyramid” scam. I cannot go into details at this time. My last scam did not work. besides, my Hollywood donors always vote for me – screw them and move on to greener pastures!

    My campaign stinks to high heaven but once I bankrupt my Hollywood Donors and move their money to the Isle of Man it will suck worse! Good day.

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  • Jeannie

    For what it’s worth, if he manages to regain support and turn votes to his side I’ll be happy for him…but I’ll want to see if he’s humbly grateful or smugly vindictive to those who requested him to leave.

    I’ve seen more rudeness from Akin supporters than I have from his detractors. The rudeness I’ve seen from Akin detractors has been largely in response to initial rudeness from Akin Supporters.

    We are already fighting this battle with Ron Pauls who threaten the same no show on the vote.

    And yes, these are GROUPS who support Akin and Paul. Might be unpalatable to admit but it’s undeniable.

  • Jeannie

    Shoot. Wrong thread. Sorry all.

  • Margaret

    I have read for many years that the Catholic vote is a very important voting bloc. I don’t believe that if Obama loses even close to half of his support in this bloc, he can win. Maybe that’s why he’s suddenly attending church again and speaking about his ‘Christian faith’!

  • there are some viciously anti-catholic posters here.

  • YourMaster

    what are the odds… that michelle 0bama tries a run for the presidency in 2016?

    anyways even if this is good news for romney should not let up on trying to get as many romney supporters to the polls as possible… can’t risk it even if it seems like romney has 7-10 point lead in the final stretches of the election.

    ….there is definitely cause to say they will resort to fully using dead people, dogs, illegals to vote for obama… if they can’t seem to get the citizen’s on their side. …but he should end up like jimmy carter. …his poll numbers are about as low as Bush Sr. and jimmy carter …both of which were 1 termer’s

  • Scott Falkner

    This is, of course, completely meaningless without also reporting Romney’s support among Catholics as well as a comparison to a similar poll of Catholics before the 2008 election. For example, If Romney’s support is 23% then the split among decided Catholics would give Obama the same 53% support as in the 2008 election.

    Half a story is no story at all.

  • Jeannie

    #41, no worries. We’re used to it. When they need food, shelter and medical care and cannot get it from heartless government they always come round. 🙂


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  • retire05

    Funny that Jim Hoft touts the fact that Obama is losing the Catholic vote but then continues to slam Todd Akin, indicating that if McCaskill wins AGAIN in Missouri, all hope is lost of electing Romney.

    Catholic make up the largest religion in Missouri, accounting for almost 20% of the entire population of Missouri. Is Jim Hoft saying that the Catholic vote the poll says Obama is losing will vote for Obama in Missouri?

  • BS61

    #13 kato commented

    I wish I could provide a citation, but I recall reading of a study several years ago that concluded that Catholics have a higher number of abortions than almost any other Christian denomination.

    This isn’t about whether they practice what they preach – it’s about their right to have what ever religious beliefs without gov’t interference. That’s what Chik-Fil-A day was about too – I saw lot’s of people that didn’t agree with the same sex marriage stance but they were there supporting FREEDOM!

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  • Jeannie

    #47, unfortunately Catholic women who are single do not represent well in conservatives,more in libs, but with this election they could be swinging independent…because of the economy. It is this demographic that is not very responsive to the war on Catholicism, vying instead for the false ‘war on women’. With that the case, Akin loses Catholic votes that might have gone for an economy based candidate. As it is, they are going to be undecided about McCaskill…making it an uncertain bet how they’ll vote. An uncertain bet that would have been a certain bet before Akin forgot to think before he spoke. Do we need another person who is dangerous without a teleprompter? We’ve learned they are not reliable.

  • American Dream 246

    Catholic – abortion – catholic – abortion…hmmm…. 27% of Catholic support abortion??? How dare they call themselves catholic? Shame on those 27%. Shame on you. I am a catholic. Those 2 words certainly don’t go well together the way I was brought up.

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  • victoria in san diego

    You are not Catholic if you support a pro abortion candidate.

    God Knows.

  • mg4us

    Obama not even Welcomed at Virginia university. . snubbed!!!

    Guess folks are loosing that loving feeling

    Not 2008 Barrack. . .

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  • You are all … staggeringly confused as to who is in the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church has a mountain … of Ex-Cathedra Dogma on AUTOMATIC excommunication for heresy.

    I list these infallible Sources of Dogma on Section 13.2 of

    Second Council of Constantinople, 553 A.D. — Ex-Cathdra Dogma >
    “The heretic, even though he has not been condemned formally by any individual, in reality brings anathema on himself, having cut himself off from the way of truth by his heresy.”

    Council of Florence, Session 11, 4 February 1442 — Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
    “The Holy Roman Church … condemns, reproves, anathematizes and declares to be outside the body of Christ, which is the Church, whoever holds opposing or contrary views.”


    Now … does Dolan, the politicians who call themselves Catholic, the fake priests and nuns … do they believe for example the Sources of Dogma below on Salvation and Water Baptism ?

    No … of course they don’t believe the below Dogma … WHICH MEANS … they are NOT in the Catholic Church … but are excommunicated from Christianity (the Catholic Church) …

    Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Session 8, 22 Nov 1439 — Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
    “Whoever wills to be saved, before all things it is necessary that he holds the Catholic faith. Unless a person keeps this faith whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish eternally.”

    Council of Florence, Pope Eugene IV, Session 8, 22 Nov 1439 — Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
    “Holy baptism holds the first place among all the sacraments, for it is the gate of the spiritual life; through it we become members of Christ and of the body of the Church. Since death came into the world through one person, unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot, as Truth says, enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The matter of this sacrament is real and natural water.”

    If commenters or readers of this site want to leave Satan’s pro-abortion vatican-2 heretic cult (which was founded in 1965 at the Vatican) … and enter the Catholic Church … you have to make the Formal Abjuration of heresy I have on Section 19.1 of

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  • shawn

    27% hmmmm, no, the Catholic Church laity supports Obama more than that. I would say 60% easily!