This Is Big… Obama Catholic Support Cut In Half – Only 27% of Catholics Support Abortion President Today (Video)

Catholics took to the streets to protest Obama’s HHS mandate that forced Catholic organizations to fund abortions and birth control (Tom McLaughlin)

More bad news for Democrats.
They may want to rethink the abortion-palooza they’ve planned for the DNC.

In 2008 Barack Obama carried 54% of the Catholic vote. Today only 27% of Catholics support Obama. There are over 77 million Catholics in the United States.
The American Life League reported:

Between August 15-19 of this year, American Life League commissioned a nationwide telephone survey of 900 self-identified Catholic registered voters. The focus of the survey was Catholic perspectives on the Church and nation. Below are some of the results of the survey.

Only 27 percent of the Catholics surveyed support President Obama. Of those surveyed, 74 percent of Catholic men over the age of 50 do not support Obama, while Obama support among Catholic men under 50 years is only 25 percent. With Catholic women over the age of 50, the president’s support is only 23 percent, with just 31 percent among Catholic women under 50 years.

American Life League speculates that such a dramatic shift may be caused by Obama’s HHS mandates and ensuing legal battle over religious freedom, as 73 percent of Catholics polled believe that the mandates violate their religious freedom.

“This nationwide survey revealed surprising results that should cause our leaders to pause and consider the consequences of their decisions and the impact it has on their constituents. Can Obama’s support among Catholics be dwindling this fast?” said Paul E. Rondeau, ALL executive director. “One thing is certain: Catholics, like most Americans, feel strongly about their religious rights and are committed to defending their faith. Both Church and national leaders should heed this notice.”

This week the Barack Obama Campaign denied Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s request to say a prayer at the DNC.

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  • Emilie Green

    Could never understand how any, any, believing Christian or Catholic could ever vote for any Democrat. It is the party of death on every issue.



    Amazing that 27% STILL support the Usurper-Ustupid ticket.

  • Patty

    I would hope even non Catholics but all Christians will stand together and elect Romney, not just for the reason of contraception but for just about Everything Obama has done, is doing and will do if reelected. The worse president in America’s history and the title has officially been handed off from Carter to Obama.

  • Patty

    #1 August 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm
    Emilie Green commented:

    Yuck, at the end is hilarious! but my sentiments, exactly.

  • Mad Hatter

    Disaster? It’s not a disaster, it’s incredible. People are waking up Obama’s Eddie Haskel act.

  • bitterclinger

    Now to see what Cardinal Dolan will do. Aside from inviting Obama to the Al Smith dinner in NY, the cardinal offered to give a blessing at the DNC and was flatly denied. Does he really not get it?

  • Patty


    Also a disaster imo for Obama.

  • Little David Puddy

    Now if only the Jews would pull their heads out of their asses.

  • bigkahuna

    Well miracles do happen !

    Keep up the good work of dividing the country Barry

  • Kate

    Appears like the great masses are finally waking up.

  • kato

    I dispute that 27 percent figure. Catholics, by and large, are liberals. They’ve been supporting abortion-rights candidates for years. Schools like Notre Dame support every redistribution of wealth that government comes up with. Catholic priests and nuns have a long history of supporting left-wing guerrilla groups, illegal immigrants, and almost any fringe group that preaches socialism. We just had a crackpot nun invade a nuclear power plant last week. Many Catholics believe they can pick and choose their own dogma, and even more have no idea of what the teachings of their church are.

    Take a look at your Catholics in government: Pelosi, Biden, Durbin, Kerry, the dead Kennedys. Not merely liberal, but hard left. Most of thes Catholics voted for ObamaCare.

  • Granny Kate

    ‘2016: Obama’s America’ is running #1 at box office this weekend.

  • kato

    I wish I could provide a citation, but I recall reading of a study several years ago that concluded that Catholics have a higher number of abortions than almost any other Christian denomination.

    Some Catholics may be incensed at the infringement of government upon Catholic institutions, but I doubt they’re incensed about the Democrats’ support of abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.

  • Noovuss

    kato, #11
    You are right on target!!!

  • Theadora

    It should be ZERO support!

  • illini guy

    The “Catholic” vote has decided all elections going back to at least FDR…it is NOT a monolithic vote but does follow a trend…..the Reagan Dems were predominatly Catholic….blue collar white fairly educated fiscally conservative liberal on many social issues. The national elected Catholics Piglosi et al are an aberration.

  • valerie
  • Denise

    You are absoluly incorrect about most Catholics being liberal, it’s probably split 50/50 just like the country. I am 100% anti abortion and 200% anti big O and many, many in my Parish feel the same way. Our parish put on a BIG push to educate parishioners about the HHS mandate and our Cardinal is coming next week to speak about the mandate and religious freedom. I think a lot of Catholics who voted for Obama are starting to wake up. Or I really hope so.

  • Flintstone F.

    Waking up indeed.

    No reason to dispute the number. Most of the time the issues that make up the core of the Godless left are disguised and health issues and rights issues for the mother. So often the argument is had and settled without any mention of the unborn child.

    Ignorance is bliss. Most of the older and less attentive Catholics, those who don’t delve into the political issues and get their news from television, dismiss the entire subject of abortion for that simple reason that it’s disguised as not that big of a deal.

    It’s starting to be seen for what it is and Obama brought that to us. Thank you president Obama. Please retire to the French Riviera, or go rule a riding lawn mower in Chicago.

    I’m going to accept the number for now. I really do believe things are much worse for Obama than anyone can imagine. I think the whole country might be pissed.

  • Jeannie

    EWTN, where Romney interviewed, is the largest Catholic station in the world, has its own satellite and is in over 100 countries.

    Brilliant move by Romney’s campaign manager.