Obama Denies Catholic Cardinal’s Request to Say Prayer at DNC

Barack Obama turned down the top US bishop’s request to say a prayer at the DNC in Charlotte in September.
Obama doesn’t like his politics.
The New York Post reported, via Weasel Zippers:

President Obama turned down a chance to have Timothy Cardinal Dolan deliver a prayer at the Democratic National Convention after Dolan told Democrats he would be “grateful” to deliver a blessing in Charlotte.

Dolan — considered the top Catholic official in the nation, as head of the Archdiocese of New York and president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops — tipped off Democrats a few weeks ago that he had agreed to deliver the prime-time benediction at the Republican convention in Tampa next week, Dolan’s spokesman Joseph Zwilling told The Post.

President Thin-Skin doesn’t appreciate the Cardinal’s stance in opposing his HHS abortion mandate.

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  • http://gorightface.blogspot.com/ Kip

    So much for Democrats’ claim of inclusiveness.

  • Red

    All comments by this offensive and blatant racist have been removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • retire05

    Ummmm, does this have anything to do with the fact that the DNC is having Jumah At The DNC 2012, i.e. Muslim Day, at their convention?

    So Cardinal Dolan, who is a strong voice against Obama’s assault on the First Amendment, and who is a strong voice for protecting the unborn, is not worthy to speak at the DNC convention, but two radical Islamists, Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj, both radical Islamists who would destroy Israel and love to see Americans beheaded, are?

    More and more I am beginning to think that Obama really is a closet Muslim.

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  • retire05

    #2, so what if Dolan gives a prayer at the Republican convention. Are you saying that he has pick one side or the other?

    Let’s see: Irish Catholic born and raised in St. Louis. What are the chances his family were Democrats?

  • Bitter Clinger

    Looks like the Dems are planning an Abortion-Palooza in Charlotte. So, they will officially become the party of death and taxes. This decision confirms that.

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  • democraps suck

    of course obummer won’t allow a christian to give a prayer because it goes against his mooslum religion…..

  • christina

    This will be the first ever Islamic Democratic Convention. http://ramparts360.com/2012/08/obamas-islamic-democratic-national-convention/

  • owl

    #3 “More and more I am beginning to think that Obama really is a closet Muslim.”

    What else? I do not look at his actions since becoming president but who he associated before. The strong link between Wright and The Fruit for 20 years puts the lie to all he claims. Throw in his roommates, friends, where he was raised, and he probably just stands in the closet doorway, but his clothes are still in that closet.

  • owl

    When I think Catholic/Obama, the picture at Notre Dame still comes to mind.

    Wonder if they remember how they honored him and how he returned it?

  • JoyO

    It figures. I am not Catholic but I am praying that the Catholic Church is successful in its case against the Obama HHS Mandate forcing the Church to cover abortions and contraceptions. This is a clear violation of our First Amendment.

  • mcc

    “Obama doesn’t like his politics.”

    Even more likely he doesn’t like his religion.

  • forest

    Let’s hope Obama’s rage costs him his power.

  • Blue Hen

    Red commented:
    If this guy is performing at the RNC first why would the DNC want sloppy seconds? There’s plenty of other choices willing to administer a prayer.

    Golly, you’re right. There’s the Rev Al Sharpton, unless he’s inciting another riot getting Jews killed, and there’s the Rev Jesse Jackson, who is busy trying to get a rapist sprung, and there’s the extremely rev. David Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church (a minister, tort lawyer AND a democrat. Triple Crown winner!). They could always recycle the so-rev.-it-hurts Al Gore. Or maybe the Navaho shaman from the Arizona t-shirt giveaway/pep rally/memorial service (in that order) is up for another gig.

  • Conservative Ken

    Dumped for the Elizabeth Warren rain dance.

  • JT

    Dolan’s revised prayer at the Republican convention: “Oh Father, I pray for a fair and honest…I mean, that the democrats lose by a landslide! And that Obama’s War on Religion ends once and for all and that he will spend the rest of his life in a socialist country where he will feel more comfortable! Amen!

  • donh

    Yes Chief Two Moon will be performing his banishing ritual of the pentagram. You would think Obama would invite Dolan just to humiliate him, corrupt him, and make hyprocrite of all his abortion bloviating by having him cast blessing upon a NARAL convention.

  • Objective Analysis

    Obama feels comfortable with Rev. Jeremiah “G-D America” Wright though attending. He probably has him at the head table like he did 20 years before he ran for POTUS. Que the clips.

  • Ron

    the Cardinal invites Obama to the Al Smith Dinner and get’s a disinvite from Obama. Who didn’t expect this (besides maybe the Cardinal)?