Communist Party Leader on Obama Years: “There Could Not Be a Better Time to Be Communist in USA Than This”

Communist Party USA leader Scott Marshall told an international conference in 2009, Barack Obama’s first year in office, “There could not have been a better time to be a communist in USA than this.”
He meant it. We got it.

The Times of India
reported, via Urban Infidel:

The three-day international conference of communist and workers’ parties began on Friday amidst a call to intensify popular struggles and expand solidarities in the wake of the current world capitalist crisis.

So confident are communist leaders of the solution they can offer to current crisis in capitalism that even the leader of Communist Party of USA, Scott Marshall, said, “There could not have been a better time to be a communist in USA than this.”

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  • Economan

    But the left has a fit when anyone calls Obama on his Communist policies. Like we’re really that stupid.

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  • stuart

    For the first time in my living memory the Communist Party USSA is telling the truth. If you’re a Red it is a good time…If you’re a Red.

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  • Sarah

    Raised by a mother who was a communist. Mentored by people who were communists. Befriended people who were communists and terrorists. No surprises here, though refreshing to hear someone speak the truth. (Not that the media will pick up on it.)

  • Bill Mitchell


    Marxists hate us…

  • Tim in Cali

    OT…From the….you just can’t make this up file..

    Libs now complaining Ryan has no(drum roll )..PRIVATE SECTOR experience

    “For one thing, Ryan has no significant private-sector experience”

    Read more

    Hypocrites to their last breath

  • Carbon Pootprint

    They say Romney wants to take us back to the 50s. We use to prosecuted and execute communist for treason in the 50s. Bring on the economic terrorism trials!!!!! Build the gallows!!!!

  • Sarah

    #6 – Love the bumper sticker idea!
    Here’s a bumper sticker that’s been seen in Florida and it’s a bute!

  • Jeff

    If you spend ten seconds reading the article, it’s clear the guy is referring to the financial crisis as an opportunity for communists to offer reforms. There’s no inherent connection to Obama except for the one Jim Hoft just made.

    Weren’t you all just complaining about Obama CUTTING money from the blatantly socialist Medicare earlier today??

  • Patty

    True. Because Obama has communist ideas. He is using the playbook.

  • stuart

    Jeff # 10
    What did I ay in comment #3 about the Communists lying. It didn’t take long for you to go back to your old tricks. Pigs may fly but they don’t soar for too long.

  • Al

    Back in the day we’d kill folks claiming to be communists in our country for treason. Time to reinstate some old school politicking.

  • bg


    Jeff #10 August 12, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    re: [no inherent connection to Obama]

    just a sample:

    Obama (#13)

    [Illinois: The first NP member heads to Congress, as Danny Davis wins an overwhelming 85% victory yesterday (he got a higher percentage of the vote in that district than the President). NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested. Interestingly, it appears that the local Democratic machine is trying to distance itself from our folks. At a “Democratic Unity” march on Chicago’s West Side, a flyer invited community members to join with a host of local democratic candidates. The only two west-side Democrats not listed: NP members Danny Davis (U.S. House candidate) and Michael Chandler (Alderman and Ward Committeeman).]


    [“There is a statement made on nationalization [in Sessional Paper No.
    10]. True there are cases in which nationalization is bad, but there are,
    likewise, quite a few benefits to be derived from it. On this subject I
    would like to refer the authors to Prof. Bronferbrenner’s [sic] work on
    the “Appeals for confiscation in Economic Development”* [sic — the
    referenced article is titled “The Appeal of Confiscation in Economic
    Development”]. Nationalization should not be looked at only in terms
    of profitability alone, but also, or even more, on the benefit to society
    that such services render and on its importance in terms of public
    interest ..”]

    Obama’s Mama (#72)

    [When Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii, she was a full fledged radical
    leftist and practioner of “Critical Theory” (Is the examination and
    critique of society and culture.. Which had two different meaning”
    .. a stricter Marxist as a revisionism or visionary.]

    Obama’s Uncle Jerry (#31)

    [Islam and BLT are theologies that have a political goal of making
    all politics submit to their demands. Submission is the political goal.]

    Obama’s Aunt Frances (#17)

    She’s considered by many as the grandmother of using the American welfare state to implement revolution. Make people dependent on the government, overload the government rolls, and once government services become unsustainable, the people will rise up, overthrow the oppressive capitalist system, andfinally create income equality. Collapse the system and create a new one. [.]

    In a chilling and almost unbelievable editorial again in The Nation
    (”Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17, 2011 edition), she calls
    on the jobless to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force.
    As before, those calls are dripping with language of class struggle.
    Language she and her late husband Richard Cloward made popular
    in the 60s.

    “So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations,
    sit-ins and unruly mobs?” she writes.[.]

    and then there’s the Ayer’s, Khalidi’s, Farrakhan’s, al-
    Mansour, Black Panthers, Rezko, Auchi, etc, etc, etc..


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  • Sickofobama

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told I’m full of shiite for saying Obama is a Communist.


  • bg


    re: #14 August 12, 2012 at 2:54 pm bg

    Obama’s “shared values”

    bit more of much more here (#24) here & here..

    February 24, 2011

    Meeting Young Obama

    [Boss and Obama, however, had a starkly different view. They believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back in terms of the coming revolution. As I recall, Obama repeatedly used the phrase “When the revolution comes….” In my mind, I remember thinking that Obama was blindly sticking to the simple Marxist theory that had characterized my own views while I was an undergraduate at Occidental College. “There’s going to be a revolution,” Obama said, “we need to be organized and grow the movement.” In Obama’s view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution.

    I know this may be implausible to some readers, but I distinctly remember Obama surprising me by bringing up Frantz Fanon and colonialism. He impressed me with his knowledge of these two topics, topics which were not among my strong points — or of overwhelming concern to me. Boss and Obama seemed to think their ideological purity was a persuasive argument in predicting that a coming revolution would end capitalism. While I felt I was doing them a favor by providing them with the latest research, I saw I was in danger of being cast as a reactionary who did not grasp the nuances of international Marxist theory.]

    September 14, 2011

    Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past

    [What would you do if you knew that the top Democrat
    running for president was lying about his past?

    That is the question I was faced with in 2008. I had met the young Barack Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College, and I knew that his commitment to socialism was deep, genuine, and longstanding. See my earlier article on American Thinker.

    I had been a leader of the Marxist students at Occidental College myself, starting in 1976 when I founded the precursor of the Democrat Socialist Alliance on campus. The young Obama I knew was a Marxist socialist who would have been quite comfortable with Communist party members like his Hawaii mentor Frank Marshall Davis, retired domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, or active socialist politicians like Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer.]


  • Finncrisp

    Obama’s policy is MUD – Marxist Utopian Delusion; he cares not for America and he hopes that there are comrades who will keep him in office, probably for life…

    I sure don’t want this dope to keep doing executive order end arounds for life until there is no America left.

  • bg


    re: #14 & #17 August 12, 2012 bg

    again, just a few more connected dots..

    Big (#15) Red (#49) Bow (#9)

    [In 1997, Strong went on to accept from Tongsun Park, who was found
    guilty of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent, $1 million from Saddam Hussein,
    which was invested in Cordex Petroleum Inc., a company he owned with
    his son, Fred.]

    [In 1953 Strong was hired out of the UN Security section and sent
    to Kenya by the Sidley Austin law firm acting for New York-based
    Rockefeller Family trusts which now handle university endowment
    funds and $55 trillion in the Carbon Disclosure Project.]

    “The social experiment in China under Chairman Moa’s leadership
    is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

    ~ David Rockefeller (#36)


  • bg


    bigger problem is, there’s an ongoing NAZIS, COMMUNISTS, ARAB
    (#62) connection that goes back to the
    good old Hitler & Mufti days.. *sigh*

    not to mention Breaking Free From The
    Constitution & the War Mentality

    [In 1933 the German establishment thought it could use Hitler to
    restore a modicum of order to the confused and confusing Weimar
    Republic. In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment,
    but not exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had
    wanted; and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom.
    Nevertheless, the Western World did not complain in 1933 because
    Hitler, though a fascist and a totalitarian, was seen, like countless
    American puppet dictators today, as someone who leaves the
    established order in place.]

    January 18, 2001 (#37)

    [Mr. Obama’s comments take a turn from discussing the historical
    record. Unprovoked he laments that the Supreme Court “could not
    break free from the essential constraints placed by the Founding
    Fathers in the Constitution.” He further describes the Constitution
    as “a charter of negative liberties.” This is at odds with the preamble
    to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    ipso facto: anyone who thinks Obama is alone in these endeavors might
    as well drink the prog-dem-lib koolaid and enjoy what little freedom their
    great great children may only be able to dream about if he is allowed to
    continue playing the “NOTHING” in the elite NeverEnding powers that be
    Story.. gah!!