Turncoat conservative Chief Justice John Roberts arrived at his impregnable island fortress today.

Chief Justice John Roberts arrives for a lecture on the history of the US Supreme Court at the Old University of Malta, in Valletta, Tuesday, July 3, 2012. Roberts’ cast the key vote last week to uphold President Obama’s health care law. (AP Photo/Lino Arrigo Azzopardi)

Today a Supreme Court source told Salon that Roberts actually wrote much of the dissent, as well as the majority. opinion.

Here’s another view.




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  1. I hate this man. He’s done enormous damage.

  2. And Barry’s at Camp David:

    Twenty-two people have died, and residents around Washington, DC are struggling to navigate roads whose signals have not worked for days. If not for the July 4th week, the disruption would have been even worse. But President Obama has left the messy job of handling the emergency to state and local officials. Damage that has been described as “worse than some hurricanes” has not moved Obama to interrupt his air-conditioned holiday.

    This dereliction of duty is not happening in distant New Orleans, but right in the heart of the nation’s media and political center. Yet the mainstream media has not bothered to comment on Obama’s absence. As for the Obama campaign itself, it hawked t-shirts to “keep cool” while the Romney campaign actually took the disaster seriously, organizing a drive for donations of basic necessities to stranded residents, such as canned food and water.


  3. What else would a coward do? Rot in hell John.

  4. So Roberts is lecturing on the history of the Supreme Court. Wonder if he’ll include the public’s perception of the court after he sold out the American people to win friends in the left wing media. Of course Roberts’ need to be admired is more important than his oath to uphold the Constitution (of the United States, not South Africa or Malta or France).

  5. Nothing like a retreat to his people, the useless children of pedigree and privilege. Justice Dred Roberts gets to spend some time in his global elite social circles, partying, wining, dining all in exchange for a few hours a day to the nobility’s offspring.

  6. Just look at the expression on his face in the photo..
    Says it all. Afraid of the MSM, copped out.
    Let’s hope he stays in Malta..S.O B.

  7. “Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a
    good idea,” John Roberts said, drawing laughter from about 300 judges..”

    hahaha..so funny when you screw over a whole nation of people and then share a good laugh over their anger and shock.This man is a disgrace.

  8. The constitutional mess this man has created may never be undone.

  9. Don’t count on the government.. Be prepared! Minimum 30 days worth of water, food and ammo..

  10. Why do students in Malta care about the history of the US Supreme Court?!

  11. they all make me sick..and all the loosers who voted for these evil parasites..down with EPA

  12. RollingThunder at 9:03pm has a great point: How do you “fix” a bad supreme court decision? They’re too egotistical to overturn a rotten opinion immediately, aren’t they? Does it have to be done in steps, or what’s the deal??

  13. Since Roberts voted to upheld the mandate, we should just send him the tax increase. This monstrosity will only bring more corruption, keep the status quo and amassing wealth for the democratic mafia bosses and their mob.

  14. roberts is a benedict arnold!-
    While a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it

    at West Point-Arnold’s plaque at the Old Chapel was ERASED by the cadets! not removed-erased but still hanging!
    it is time to get rid of- by VOTE- those Presidents who give us the “benedict arnold’s” (LCOP)* supreme court justices!
    erase treasonous
    There – I’ve stated the obvious!-
    Let’s get at it Patriots!

    *LOCOP-Lower Case on Purpose

  15. “The truth is, that, even with the most secure tenure of office, during good behavior, the danger is not, that the judges will be too firm in resisting public opinion, and in defence of private rights or public liberties; but, that they will be ready to yield themselves to the passions, and politics, and prejudices of the day.” — Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

  16. TREASON…Find the bribe…Void the ruling…Supreme Court Jester Roberts did what the New World Order told him to do. As a Roman Catholic Roberts obeyed a foreign entity, the Sovereign Oder of Malta , the fraternal military knighthood of the Vatican. Roberts is not only in rebellion to the US constitution, he is party to a conspiracy against the Pope. Either that or the Pope himself remains a Hitler youth fascist reviving Dr. Mengele from the grave…and the prophesy of Saint Malachy is upon us….> http://youtu.be/PsLlMVo_9mQ

  17. Guys, go easy on the meth.

  18. This one man, this dishonest, vain and superficial miscreant who cared more about his image above upholding the Constitution – the job he was appointed to do – has singlehandedly undermined, even destroyed, the perpetuation of liberty in this country.

    This collection of onerous taxes above and beyond the taxes already on our backs. O-Tax has nothing to do with healthcare, but everything to do with power over our lives from conception to grave.

    This one foolish man has delivered us into totalitarianism.

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