Photo of the Day: Turncoat Chief Justice Arrives at “Impregnable Island Fortress”

Turncoat conservative Chief Justice John Roberts arrived at his impregnable island fortress today.

Chief Justice John Roberts arrives for a lecture on the history of the US Supreme Court at the Old University of Malta, in Valletta, Tuesday, July 3, 2012. Roberts’ cast the key vote last week to uphold President Obama’s health care law. (AP Photo/Lino Arrigo Azzopardi)

Today a Supreme Court source told Salon that Roberts actually wrote much of the dissent, as well as the majority. opinion.

Here’s another view.

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  • aprilnovember811

    I hate this man. He’s done enormous damage.

  • mcc

    And Barry’s at Camp David:

    Twenty-two people have died, and residents around Washington, DC are struggling to navigate roads whose signals have not worked for days. If not for the July 4th week, the disruption would have been even worse. But President Obama has left the messy job of handling the emergency to state and local officials. Damage that has been described as “worse than some hurricanes” has not moved Obama to interrupt his air-conditioned holiday.

    This dereliction of duty is not happening in distant New Orleans, but right in the heart of the nation’s media and political center. Yet the mainstream media has not bothered to comment on Obama’s absence. As for the Obama campaign itself, it hawked t-shirts to “keep cool” while the Romney campaign actually took the disaster seriously, organizing a drive for donations of basic necessities to stranded residents, such as canned food and water.

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  • What else would a coward do? Rot in hell John.

  • snap boy

    So Roberts is lecturing on the history of the Supreme Court. Wonder if he’ll include the public’s perception of the court after he sold out the American people to win friends in the left wing media. Of course Roberts’ need to be admired is more important than his oath to uphold the Constitution (of the United States, not South Africa or Malta or France).

  • Multitude

    Nothing like a retreat to his people, the useless children of pedigree and privilege. Justice Dred Roberts gets to spend some time in his global elite social circles, partying, wining, dining all in exchange for a few hours a day to the nobility’s offspring.

  • SNewb

    Just look at the expression on his face in the photo..
    Says it all. Afraid of the MSM, copped out.
    Let’s hope he stays in Malta..S.O B.

  • lizzy84

    “Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a
    good idea,” John Roberts said, drawing laughter from about 300 judges..” funny when you screw over a whole nation of people and then share a good laugh over their anger and shock.This man is a disgrace.

  • rolling thunder

    The constitutional mess this man has created may never be undone.

  • atticcellar

    Don’t count on the government.. Be prepared! Minimum 30 days worth of water, food and ammo..

  • kimberly

    Why do students in Malta care about the history of the US Supreme Court?!

  • obama fraud

    they all make me sick..and all the loosers who voted for these evil parasites..down with EPA

  • just-saying

    RollingThunder at 9:03pm has a great point: How do you “fix” a bad supreme court decision? They’re too egotistical to overturn a rotten opinion immediately, aren’t they? Does it have to be done in steps, or what’s the deal??

  • myohmy

    Since Roberts voted to upheld the mandate, we should just send him the tax increase. This monstrosity will only bring more corruption, keep the status quo and amassing wealth for the democratic mafia bosses and their mob.

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  • roberts is a benedict arnold!-
    While a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it

    at West Point-Arnold’s plaque at the Old Chapel was ERASED by the cadets! not removed-erased but still hanging!
    it is time to get rid of- by VOTE- those Presidents who give us the “benedict arnold’s” (LCOP)* supreme court justices!
    erase treasonous
    There – I’ve stated the obvious!-
    Let’s get at it Patriots!

    *LOCOP-Lower Case on Purpose

  • Winghunter

    “The truth is, that, even with the most secure tenure of office, during good behavior, the danger is not, that the judges will be too firm in resisting public opinion, and in defence of private rights or public liberties; but, that they will be ready to yield themselves to the passions, and politics, and prejudices of the day.” — Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

  • donh

    TREASON…Find the bribe…Void the ruling…Supreme Court Jester Roberts did what the New World Order told him to do. As a Roman Catholic Roberts obeyed a foreign entity, the Sovereign Oder of Malta , the fraternal military knighthood of the Vatican. Roberts is not only in rebellion to the US constitution, he is party to a conspiracy against the Pope. Either that or the Pope himself remains a Hitler youth fascist reviving Dr. Mengele from the grave…and the prophesy of Saint Malachy is upon us….>

  • Guys, go easy on the meth.

  • Redwine

    This one man, this dishonest, vain and superficial miscreant who cared more about his image above upholding the Constitution – the job he was appointed to do – has singlehandedly undermined, even destroyed, the perpetuation of liberty in this country.

    This collection of onerous taxes above and beyond the taxes already on our backs. O-Tax has nothing to do with healthcare, but everything to do with power over our lives from conception to grave.

    This one foolish man has delivered us into totalitarianism.

  • Redwine

    Darkness descends on us…
    “SCOTUS’ Obamacare Decision Gives the IRS Even More Powers Than Previously Thought”

  • FurryGuy

    Roberts was reportedly trying to find a way to make the SCOTUS less controversial and partisan so he ruled the way he did. The irony is that the decision is turning out to be exactly the opposite of what he hoped for.

    The Tree of Liberty is looking mightily parched after this prime example of judicial activism decision.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    I’m surprised that Roberts left as many holes in his decision as he did. Of course the GOP is rolling over and making like a Possum already. It’s time for a TEA Party, make mine a double.

  • StrangernFiction

    That is one impressive train of abuses.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Meet the new supreme court – same as the old.

  • Robert

    “a lecture on the history of the US Supreme Court” highlighting how he himself was able to use the court to accomplish the final step of obliterating freedom in America.

  • Fuquay Steve

    There might be 30 pieces of silver in that fancy briefcase. where’s his donkey?

  • Senah

    Well, there was four other POS that voted for it too. All 5 of them can rot in hell for all I care.

  • Rose

    Let Roberts’ Harvest find him speedily, seed in Kind, cleverly, unexpectedly, suddenly, totally unawares, and stunningly unique in its sublime Justice, in the Name of Jesus, Amen!

    Psalm 109. Bless him with an exponentially extraordinary Harvest of Seed in Kind.

  • Rose

    Jefferson asserted, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong?

    All I did was give some grease money to Roberts and let him do the dirty deed. Then I packed him off to Malta. This is Chicago style politics!

    In Washington DC we don’t call this corruption! We called lobbying! It’s a system of checks and balances.

    George Soros gives me a large check. I give Roberts the cash and he adds it to his Swiss Bank Account Balance. There you have it – a system of checks and balances!

    My limousine is belching soot and David Axelrod has a new scam to trick my donors. It’s a variation of the Roach Motel scam. The donor’s money comes in but, never comes out… until it is safely in a hidden in my off shore bank account. I cannot answer anymore questions. Good day.

  • progressoverpeace

    #11 July 3, 2012 at 9:20 pm
    kimberly commented:

    Why do students in Malta care about the history of the US Supreme Court?!

    They don’t. That’s why they got Benedict Roberts to lecture them. It’s a series on “How to Kill the Supreme Court Like A Weasel” with a bonus lecture at the end, “Why Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg Was Right Telling Foreigners How Sh!tty Our Constitution Is”.

  • Rose

    #28 July 3, 2012 at 10:16 pm


  • bigkahuna

    Pass a constitution tax just on supreme court pinheads….76% sounds about right

  • lizzy84
  • bigL

    It came down to what one lefty said “can 5 white guys deprive the first Afro-american President the signature legislation of his Presidency, and gutting same”?He couldn’t and he didn’t.

    We better get to work and stop focussing on these distractions. Once again Obama and Axel and Jarrett hav driven the awful Obama tote off the front pages and off the dinner table.
    there are only about 20 weeks left.
    We have to get the voter reg rolls fro our respective precincts and contact those that don’t vote. In 08, 56 % of eligible voted. we need some of the remaining 44%!
    Somebody must know these folks in your block or so.
    It is what I can think of to do. forget the polls, they are owned by donks, the questions are asked by donks, the tabulation is by Donks, and the reporting by Donks. so is it any wonder that Obama is 49% to 43 %.
    Forget roberts
    (looks like he has a diffferent toupe on…)

  • raybojabo

    Don’t be surprised when this jerk announces his resignation. They got their decision, he got his payoff, life is good for Johnny boy.

  • Purple State

    Liberals hate Roberts. Conservatives hate Roberts.

    See, we all can agree.

  • Little David Puddy


  • Sha Shea

    Jim Hoft if off his rocker. Stop attacking the Chief Justice ,, He has other cases to hear and I’d prefer he not be pissed off

    As for the Obamacare ruling , Roberts ruled completely conservative , YES COMPLETELY CONSERVATIE ……. YOU just dont like the outcome . YOU wanted Roberts to throw the entire Obamacare out without any rational

    The mandate being ruled unconstitional would NOT have stopped Obamacare, just that mandate , which does not fund but a tiny bit of Obamacare

    Thomas voted to have the mandate unconstitional but was not going to vote to throw out the entire law. And I suspect most of the conservative judges werent either.
    So Roberts did the right thing, he called a tax what it is a tax
    Only in the LIBERAL World does someting look, operate and have the effect of a tax but isn’t a tax
    WE ALWAYS SAID IT WAS A TAX and now that it’s ruled a tax Hello you want to deny it……for no reason other than you are confused about what the alternative was

    Repealing Obamcare was always the ONLY way to get rid of it. Always
    Now , because of Roberts, it going to be easier to repeal it

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  • Hester

    #11 July 3, 2012 at 9:20 pm
    kimberly commented:

    “Why do students in Malta care about the history of the US Supreme Court?!”

    Good grief, We are in trouble.

  • Ace

    Watch out for Obots like #40 folks, trying to disperse our righteous anger.

    True that Roberts is one of the most vile criminals in this country’s history, but he’s not as bad as the main guy.

    Time to get over the shock of Roberts pissing all over the constitution and cleanse our White House.

  • bigkahuna

    #40…Are you high ????

    1. He Changed the law to call it a tax…Something it doesnt call it in the bill itself. He made it up and changed a law…NOT interpreted.

    2. There was no severability in the bill. If the madate was found unconstitutional as it is…The whole bill was trash.

    3. If it was called a tax it wouldnt not have been passed even by libtards who were bribed to vote as it was.

    4. If it was a a tax the bill by law has to originate in the house not in the senate as this disaster was.

    5. Plain old common sense tells us this is illegal, immoral, and a clusterf*uck that cant be read or managed.

    6. If it is a right….Tell me one other right granted us is FORCED ONTO US at threat of a fine, tax, penalty, jail or whatever ????? Freedom of speech ?, Life ? pursuit of happiness ? Liberty ? What right requires 16,000 IRS agents to force you to accept ?

    7. This Bill is a freaking joke. The ruling should be grounds for impeachment as should anyone who voted for it. Screw them all. Come take me to jail I won’t pay the tax, fine or fee.

    8. Americans should simply ignore the law as Obama does laws and make up our own as Obama does.

    9. Republicans should place riders in every bill that comes through that gives waivers to anyone who asks for it, repeals taxes, increases Fees on Liberals, judges, hollywood actors, and liberals in general, repeals waivers for unions.

    10. Pass l;aws repealing federal employees and congressional healthcare and force all of them into Obamataxdontcarecrap.

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  • Joseph

    Roberts cares about the rich fat cats more than anything. He knows this is a big giveaway to private insurance companies. The Heritage Foundation invented this as the Conservative solution to give people healthcare, but most of you would rather see poor people get sick and die than see a doctor because you, quite frankly, are hideous monsters.

  • sablegsd

    I hope his meds fail.

  • AuntieMadder

    #8 July 3, 2012 at 9:00 pm
    lizzy84 commented:

    “Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a
    good idea,” John Roberts said, drawing laughter from about 300 judges..” funny when you screw over a whole nation of people and then share a good laugh over their anger and shock.This man is a disgrace.

    I hear ya.’

  • AuntieMadder

    Promoting unanimity will not be an easy task, Roberts acknowledged, after years of “the personalization of judicial politics.” He said that he had to emphasize the benefits of unanimity for individual justices, in order to influence what he called the “team dynamic.” “You do have to [help people] appreciate, from their own point of view, having the Court acquire more legitimacy, credibility; [show them] that they will benefit, from the shared commitment to unanimity, in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise,” he said. Roberts added that in some ways he considered his situation—overseeing a Court that is evenly divided on important issues—to be ideal. “You do need some fluidity in the middle, [if you are going] to develop a commitment to a different way of deciding things.” In other words, on a divided Court where neither camp can be confident that it will win in the most controversial cases, both sides have an incentive to work toward unanimity, to achieve a kind of bilateral disarmament.

    The article is long but go read it, anyway. Roberts is all about consensus among SC justices, reputation (his own and that of the SC), appearing non-partisan, appearing non-political, being liked, being remembered favorably by history…he’s all about appearances and not so much about law as per the US Constitution. He’s another f****** narcissist with skewed principles and a misdirected sense of purpose.

    Why Didn’t John Roberts “Stretch” to Find Arizona’s Law Enforcing Federal Immigration Statutes Constitutional?

  • Calliegirl

    At this point we are doomed. I guess the Catholics & their freedom of religion case will get the same treatment.

  • CatoRenasci

    It didn’t take mere money to bribe Roberts, it was reputation. The adulation of the leftist academic legal establishment, the American Bar Association, the Northeastern leftists press (The New York Times and the Washington Post), and the DC Democratic social circuit.

    Every man has his price; Roberts’ just wasn’t very high.

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  • FurryGuy

    Thanks to Robert’s flip and upholding a bad policy and law now July 4th should be remembered as Government Dependence Day. We have truly lost our freedom and liberties thanks to one man.

  • bigL

    on the news this am 60% of our FED budget is on assistance programs. Think that is true?

  • Lim Lynn

    Wow the picture tell more than a 1000 words Knight of Malta is he a traitor for Vatican?

  • iamsaved

    Rather than Roberts being worried about his or the court’s popularity, or his being bribed, that may be. I believe a simpler answer is that the Obama machine made an offer Roberts couldn’t refuse and that no one will ever hear about. If it were any other administration, I’d say that’s a far fetched statement but with the Chicago style politics these people play, its entirely within the realm of possibility.

  • mcc

    Has he repulsed you before? Beckel is out of control. He can join Roberts in that fortress and both can stay there. Permanently:

    Bob Beckel literally says he would wield a shotgun against Michelle Malkin and total crickets. What had the slimy lout up in arms this time? Michelle Malkin’s total smack-down of Juan Williams when Mr. Williams called her “just a blogger.”

  • Hugh

    This man’s actions were criminal. This man is a criminal. He was horribly wrong and inappropriate in where he went–from a mandate as presented, to offering it back as a legitimate tax. And the price we may pay going forward is utterly unforgivable. He should be removed from the bench. He will find he has few friends going forward. He may want to take up permanent residence there. And we are forgetting about Kagan who should have recused herself as she did with the Arizona case. She is a criminal as well. We have ventured into a time when there are no standards, no rules, no accountability–when our officials seem to think they can do whatever they please—and they are getting away with it!

  • pink tie Republican

    Sort of like how Michael Corleone had to flee to Sicily after murdering Salazzo and the police Captain.

    Roberts is a black stain on the honor of the SC, his family and his country.

  • He’ll be lecturing on Prostitutional Law.

    I can’t believe that jackass decided, “To Hell with the country! To Hell with freedom! I’m going to vote to maintain the prestige of the Court!” What a feckless little weenie! And that smug, brainless smirk of his! Where did they find this putrid little twerp?

  • dwd

    Anything in the Constitution that says the same justice can’t write the dissent AND the majority opinion? Who would have thought they’d need to include THAT?

  • AuntieMadder

    #57 July 4, 2012 at 8:00 am
    mcc commented: “Has [Beckel] repulsed you before? ”

    The question is: When has Beckel not repulsed me before?

  • valerie

    The question is “What do we do now?” and the answer is “Throw the bums out.”

    Candidates. We need candidates, especially for the Senate. We need to keep the house, take the Senate, and take the Presidency.

    Then repeal that clumsy mess. Repeal ObamaTax, or ObamaInsuranceTax.

    Calling it “care” or “healthcare” is not quite true. It’s all about who pays.

  • Linda

    We need to impeach this man. He obviously either doesn’t know that his job is to protect the Constitution, not protect the “integrity” of the court or he just chose not to do his job. Justices can be impeached. This one needs to go or have so much pressure put on him that he has to resign.

  • BLACK MAIL ………Dirty Chicago gangster Axerod found an old boy-friend or something thats smells in the adoption of his children……

  • Happy Birthday To US!!


    will ask yet again, does “unsigned joint dissent” mean
    something different in legalese terms vs common sense??

    hence imho, and albeit presented to appear to be divided,
    sure seems to me as if Justice Roberts was not alone..

    [Short version: the joint dissenting opinion by Justices Scalia, Kennedy,
    Thomas, and Alito refers to Justice Ginsburg’s concurring opinion as
    a “dissent,” is written as though it were the majority opinion, and
    says that if the individual mandate were really a tax, they’d have to
    address the close constitutional question of whether it was a direct
    tax -something they don’t address even though, as the case was
    ultimately decided, the issue was squarely presented

    bit more here..

    [The opinions released Thursday contain clues the justices were deeply divided and perhaps uncertain of the outcome. For example, the dissenting opinion of Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. does not criticize the chief justice’s controlling opinion. Instead, it refers to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent on the individual mandate.]

    okay, is it just me, or are they conflicting statements??

    and a reminder of what else, aside from taxes
    death panels, is coming up the road here.. 😯

    aah, so many questions, answers, not so much.. /s/

    thank you.. bg


  • Happy Birthday To US!!


    re: #66 July 4, 2012 at 4:55 pm bg

    taxes AND death panels


  • John Roberts is currently in position similar to Benedict Arnold after West Point. Keep in mind that Arnold was a hero to the Revolution, instrumental in a number of hard-won victories and severely wounded in battle. But in his mind Arnold struggled between the cause of American independence and personal recognition. In the end, in one fateful decision he joined his former foes.

    We are not in a shooting war and John Roberts need not fear the noose, but he does share a problem with Arnold. The Americans made Arnold’s name synonymous with treachery and the British didn’t trust him. I’m sure the Roberts decision on ObamaCare was seen by him as Solomonic. It wasn’t, and as his decision is analyzed and as sources in the Supreme Court expose the deliberations, Roberts will be seen as a man who put self before principle by his previous allies. The Left will take what he can give them but always view him with ambivalence.

    The composition of the Court also makes it impossible for Roberts to recover his previous position as a moderate Constitutionalist. There are four Liberal votes on the Court who vote as a bloc on important issues that divide Conservatives and Liberals. Roberts can guarantee a Liberal majority in these cases, but can’t reliably deliver a Conservative one. By crossing enemy lines, he may have no choice but to join their side wholeheartedly if he wishes to leave any legacy except that of a failed traitor.

    We may, unfortunately, have to live with that.

  • stormyweather58

    His sudden flip flop might have something to do with his adopted “designer” children. If he bent any laws concerning the adoption of those children then he could be threatened with removal from the bench, prosecution, etc. if he did not vote the way he was instructed to do. Hmmm…..bears investigating.

  • All of this was engineered at Harvard. Joanthan Gruber who wrote both the Romney and Obama plans, also David M. Cutler, Joseph P. Newhouse, Frank A. Sloan, Katherine Baicker, all with degrees from Harvard. And Judge John G. Roberts is a Harvard Law School graduate. As was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who gave the health insurance industry their special privilege of excluding the cost of employer-paid health insurance from the federal income tax, the nation’s costliest tax subsidy, that cost the Nation $246 billion in 2007. This is what enabled them to suck in most of the population and become so powerful that their interests have totally eclipsed the interests of the American people. And the Harvard School of Public Health perpetrated the scientific fraud that their “wellness and prevention” lifestyle garbage is based on.

  • SSS

    Some people have gotten this wrong.

    The SOVREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA were thrown off of Malta and reside in Rome (Not the Vatican) and they are not the same as the English Derivative of the Knights Of Malta who are on Malta at the moment which is the pro-Masonic variant.

    The one there at the moment are allied with the Knights Templar (Red Cross on a white field) elements from whence Masonry comes from, whilst the Sovereign Military Order Of Malta (SMOM) were from the Knights Hospitaller (Whits Cross on a Red field…opposite of the Templars) who were the original order who ran the hospitals in the Holy Land before the Banker Oriented Templar Order/s came to rape sack and pillage the Holy Land for personal glory and gain.

    These groups have always been rivals and the English Templar based heierarchy have been assuming their name (Knights of Malta) in their own recreation of the order. The SMOM in Rome is different from the one that is on the Island of Malta which Roberts has visited/escaped to.

    Anyone interested in the difference should research the wars of the Guelph Vs Ghibbeline controversies of the Medieval period. Guelph = Red Cross on White Field whislt Ghibbeline = White Cross on Red Field.

    Not saying the SMOM isn’t corrupt now or anything but they seem to have hisorically been opposed to the Templars whos Masonic based Orders are now entrenched in Freemasonry.