Obama DOD Runs Military Drills in St. Louis City – Establishes Marine Law Enforcement Battalions

The Department of Defense started running military drills in the streets of St. Louis City in June. Local residents have been warned to not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling down residential neighborhoods after sightings of the vehicles provoked fears of martial law.

Then there’s this…
The Marines Corps created their own law enforcement battalions recently to consolidate the military police and capitalize on police training.
The AP reported:

The Marine Corps has created its first law enforcement battalions – a lean, specialized force of military police officers that it hopes can quickly deploy worldwide to help investigate crimes from terrorism to drug trafficking and train fledgling security forces in allied nations.

The Corps activated three such battalions last month. Each is made up of roughly 500 military police officers and dozens of dogs. The Marine Corps has had police battalions off and on since World War II but they were primarily focused on providing security, such as accompanying fuel convoys or guarding generals on visits to dangerous areas, said Maj. Jan Durham, commander of the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion at Camp Pendleton.

The idea behind the law enforcement battalions is to consolidate the military police and capitalize on their investigative skills and police training, he said. The new additions come as every branch in the military is trying to show its flexibility and resourcefulness amid defense cuts.

Marines have been increasingly taking on the role of a street cop along with their combat duties over the past decade in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have been in charge of training both countries’ security forces. Those skills now can be used as a permanent part of the Marine Corps, Durham said.

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  • Granny

    I’m dying to know how they square military drills on the streets of US cities with Posse Commitatus . . . and who authorized a Marine police battalion.

  • Ryan

    I’ve worked with LEPs (Law Enforcement Personnel) in the Marines. They attach to Battalion before going to Afghanistan to help them train Afghan National Police. Sounds like they are trying to build that capability because building the local capability for law enforcement is critical to a counterinsurgency effort. Not worried about military being used as police forces within the United States.

  • Obama expecting election results trouble? from whom? Occupy STL?

    Conservatives don’t riot so there ya go…

  • xkaydet65

    We should go back and look at the Corps’ history in the ’20s. Haiti, the DR, Nicaragua and China. The Corps’ detachments all served a combat AND police function. This is simply going back to the Small Wars manual which took the experiences of the 20s and the Corps’ tactics and strategies and codified them in that late 1930s manual. This is no biggie and it is doubtful it came from POTUS. More probably it arises from a search for mission as future cutbacks are being aimed at the Marines.

  • Ryan

    Not sure why the Army would be training in the streets. We have a lot of great Urban training environments, MOUT Towns, what have you to train in. Pretty sure they shouldn’t be authorized to train in a civilian town like that. Transit through would make sense. I’ve drivin M777 howitzers down I-10 between 29 Palms and Camp Pendleton, but not tactically.

  • coolidgerules

    Posse Commitatus. Yeah right-this commie thinks and does as he pleases. And the spineless wonders in Congress do nothing. And I doubt any national mainstream news media will let the country know either. We are on our own

  • Economan

    There’s no rational reason to roam the streets in these vehicles that is why they have mock-up towns and training facilities at Marine bases. This is very unnerving especially coming from this outlaw administration.

  • bg
  • bronxdude

    Super 8.

  • October surprise……

  • anti-bho

    Guess Holmes antics sucked all the oxygen out of a commonplace murders (happening nightly in a city near you) like this one. No way for the media to sensationalize this, just too common.
    I don’t think it will take the Marines to curb this activity, though if local police need to be allowed to kick the living sh*t out of the scum who are pulling these stunts and then prsosecute the lowlife bastards accordingly.

    Prosecutor: Teens killed man in ‘knock ‘em down’ game – Chicago Sun-Times


  • JenBee

    Let’s just imagine for a second how the Left and the Media (one and the same, I know) would absolutely totally completely lose their collective minds if Bush were President while this was going on. Hell, they freaked out just knowing the government could find out what library books they were checking out. Why is THIS okay??? Why the hell is there absolutely ZERO public outrage except from Conservatives, who have been labeled by this Administration as ‘enemies’ and ‘terrorists’???

  • sorry posted wrong link there

  • atticcellar

    Just preparing the masses for the comming collapse and riots which will follow..

  • anti-bho

    Videos of an armed citizenry, left to it’s own to provide its own protection against the uncivilized, back in the early 90s….. it worked, by the way.
    It just takes a few with the b*lls to apply the arms against “the problem”.




  • Redwine

    “…accompanying fuel convoys or guarding generals on visits to dangerous areas

    Sounds like the regime is preparing (i.e. as a warning?) for unrest during a coming (and likely intentional) fuel shortage for cars and home heating as winter – and either a defeat OR a win for the regime – approaches. I sense that something really “bad” is in the works.

  • Desensitization. We humans are creatures of habit, and when it becomes the norm to see these types of activities, (which used to be shocking to see on the news in other nations), it will be easy to pounce and take control with no resistance. JM’tinfoilhat’O I guess… I just keep thinking of a mouse who gets fed over and over and over and then one day goes to the trough and BAM is smooshed dead.

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  • George Semper fi

    “Posse comitatus” my butt…I trust the Marines far more than I trust the Obama’s, the Reid’s, the Schumer’s, the Pelosi’s, and that poor member of the lower middle class, Wasserman Schultz.. The Corps and the Seals and the rest of non-politicized Military are possibly the only remaining institutions in this country that have integrity and the complete faith of the citizenry. Would you not feel safer in downtown Chicago, New York, St. .Louis, or Baltimore if the streets guarded by the “United States Marines” ?
    The Corps (USMC) should have had been authorized for a 50,000 increase in head count when these TSA clowns were creating their politicized, UNIONIZED” DNC contributing conglomerate. The process would have been done with adherence to Marines usual exemplary code, rather than the embarrassing circus we are continuously displaying to our populace and the rest of the world. By the way it also would have been economically much more efficient. Don’t expect me to ever fly commercially again. There are alternative methods of travel you know.
    Que c’est la…
    George Semper fi…

  • radioone

    They did it in St. Louis rather than Chicago where they might actually get into a real “fire-fight”.

  • jony101

    these are the same soldiers that are going to line you up on the wall and machinegun everyone down. The liberals see nothing wrong with soldiers in the street but never trust no one.

  • Skandia Recluse

    I barely remember Detroit back in ’67, (I was out of the country at the time) but I do remember seeing the news that the Michigan National Guard couldn’t handle the riots and the 82nd Air Borne were dispatched to restore order.

  • Dave Nelson

    We are so screwed, I always thought the USA would not make it to2050 or so, now not sure we will last to 2020
    Sure glad I never had children

  • bg


    July 23, 2012

    Character, Not Skin Color Matters

    [Being in the company of churlish, scowling, and spoiled children is an event best avoided, and associating with adults who are insolent and procacious is no bargain, either. Worse, however, is to witness these behavioral traits in the president, a man who has refined tempestuous, purposely misleading and scornful language to an insidious art form when it comes to discussing success in the private sector and marginalizing those who shun the umbilical cord he obsesseses to attach to everyone and every entity. Moreover, the Revelation at Roanoke underscored his utter disdain for entrepreneurial endeavor of any type, a mere extension of when he stated earlier this month that the private sector was doing well. Though impossibly dim and detached at times, what he meant was that the private sector is doing well enough according to the perverse manner in which he keeps score. Translation: Through tax and regulation I’ll keep a lid on their earnings and that’s exactly where I want to keep them, which is an euphemism for a Marxist government wherein everyone carries the same robotic designation and takes orders from Fearless Leader.

    Can you spell C-A-S-T-R-O ?]


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    AND…please note that cops have to shoot later…
    Not so with USMC LEOs
    AND…this is a NEW Program ((and the Gov’mnt)) is not SURE that USMC can transition from Shoot To Kill First.
    And THIS IS Civilian


  • gastorgrab

    What’s wrong with NCIS?

  • gorgo

    #22 July 23, 2012 at 4:27 pm
    jony101 commented:

    “these are the same soldiers that are going to line you up on the wall and machinegun everyone down. The liberals see nothing wrong with soldiers in the street but never trust no one.”

    Don’t be foolish, that’s what blue-helmets are for.


    Please read the news from Military.com
    We are in uncharted waters…..

  • Funny. I got out of thee Corps in 1970 and soon hooked up with a rural Sheriff’s Dept. with a Marine Sheriff and a Marine Chief Deputy. For some strange reason that whole Dept. was filled with men (and now women) who served in the Corps. I’m retired now, policing is really a job for the young but compared to the other area LEOs I’d stand that outfit up in first place.

    Marines took an oath to defend the Constitution, not any one politician. Then, as now, Marines are required to refuse unlawful orders. And we did, and still do.

  • jtb012u340

    they are just practing for their police state which is coming momentarily….

  • #31 … Thank you for serving our Nation. I have a question, what about the Marine who said on facebook that he would not follow an unlawful order from obama? He was disciplined / discharged for that comment, because it violated Pentagon policy limiting speech of service members, correct? My question is, if our Service Men are not allowed to speak against an administration (politician), than how can we be comfortable knowing they will hold up their oath to defend the Constitution? Please know, I am NOT trying to be nasty against any of our military, God bless them for protecting America.

  • mg4us

    Welcome to the Obamnation and the upside down logic of it all. . . This is wrong. . Military should not be in the streets of a US city.

    Is this the same America the Reagan once presided over. . Not any more. . .

    The inmates are running the asylum. . .

    And the Mainstream Media is providing cover and propaganda to lie and distort the truth, especially the sin of omission and not reporting these things to the public at large.

    Time will tell whether we can restore the Country to its former glory. . but first we need to send Obama and his cronies packing.

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  • owl

    #7 “There’s no rational reason to roam the streets in these vehicles that is why they have mock-up towns and training facilities at Marine bases. This is very unnerving especially coming from this outlaw administration.”

    Back in 2005, I developed a fear of Obama. I doubted he could beat the Clinton machine but by the time he announced he would run, I bet my money on him. Scary. I could not ever think of another word to describe what I felt. Scary.

    #7 It is worst than unnerving, it is scary. Flat out scary and I do not hear a single ELECTED official explaining what could cause this to happen. I thought it was against the law.

    I have said all along that if Obama thinks he can not cheat it out, he will go to war. He will also have all this thug gangs burn us down. Then he will call out the dogs.

    Any other time in my life, I would think this was crazy thinking. It is too scary.

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  • Flintstone F.

    It seems to me that Obama is getting a late start for this martial law thingy. I suppose he’s not concerned with proper training. Then again he did say at the beginning of his term something about being president for, four or five years.

    I don’t doubt the soldiers will uphold the Constitution, but who knows what the masters of “gray area” will determine to be a “man caused disaster” or not?

    Lot’s of gray area, lacks gray matter. But we knew that about Bobo.

    Thanks Camilla.

  • JenBee

    #24 Dave Nelson, I am SO with you… I’m 41 and never had children either, and I thank God for it every day. I’m worried enough about the 20-30 years *I* have left in this country, wondering just how bad it’s going to get… thank God I have no kids to worry about, cause who knows what sort of America they’d have to live in. Sad times indeed.

  • AnnaS

    In a word: Intimidation!

  • gorgo

    Folks, relax.

    Even if this is gov’t prepping for something nefarious, and even if the USMC has been infiltrated by traitors at all levels, MOST officers and enlisted would NOT take up arms against the citizenry except it the most absolute dire circumstances — like mass chaos and complete collapse of all social order.

    Do I doubt for one second liberal statists (and even some repub ones) would resort to that if they could? No. I’m just saying we’re not there yet.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Roll em into Manhattanstan. Plenty of economic terrorist in that progressive chit hole.

  • Tabby

    Hey everyone that’s concerned with the current state of things; please check out the new ‘Vendee’ presentation on youtube by Ann Barnhardt. I think the woman is a wonderful teacher & true patriot. It’s too bad a Godly woman like Ann have to be the ones to step up & lead the flock because currently there are no males to do so..But thank God she followed through because without her knowledge many would never hear or see what is happening. She’s like today’s Joan of Arc.

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  • jimstlmo

    For those old enough to have lived through the cold war, do you every remember seeing anything like this during the height of tensions with the old Soviet Unions? I heard a lot more sonic booms back then but I’ve never seen this except in 2003 in NYC, but that was just after 9-11.

    I don’t trust our government at all, I don’t care which party is running it. DC is owned and operated by statists and 80% of the GOP in DC are tripping over themselves trying to kiss their rear ends.

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    Flintstone F.
    Thank YOU, too.
    And you are welcome.
    I was wondering what is the reason they need to become familiar with driving Tanks on the streets…..
    From Military.com, this NEW Program is civilian and the mission is tareted or narcotics, religious groups…
    And there is concern that Police Officers are to maintain peace whereas military are trained as warriors…..

  • Julie

    Any one of you who thinks this is acceptable and that O Butthead will not use these people against us need to share whatever drugs you are on. Absolutely amazing that people still go through their daily lives with no clue as to what is building around them. If you tell me that some of the lower military don’t believe this will happen, I agree, but the higher (or highest level military) know exactly what is brewing.

  • Tigertail

    Honest question: Aren’t there a lot of UN police over here already with power granted to them to follow UN dictates (which bear no resemblance to our Constitution) as they will against US citizens? Is it true that we are no longer a sovereign nation?


  • Vince

    As a Marine I trust the military being trained in the United States off-base as much as I trust my mechanic performing heart surgery.

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  • James

    George Semper Fi. I am a Marine and you could not have said it better! The Marines will always protect the U.S. Constitution. This Marine Police Battalion does not scare me and it is something we really have always done throughout our Marine history. America calm down please!