The US military will run urban exercises in North St. Louis this week. Local residents hope it will cut down on the crime in the area.

FOX 2 reported:

St. Louis Police say you shouldn’t be frightened if you see Army vehicles in the city. The U.S. Army is conducting training in St. Louis city neighborhoods during the next week.

There are dozens of army trucks, humvees and armed vehicles on a parking lot along Goodfellow.

They are there every day at the US Army Reserve Center. But St. Louis police say that some army vehicles may be driving through neighborhoods for the next week.

It is part of army training that will be going on until June 28th.

FOX 2 has made several calls to army offices in St. Louis and Washington, D.C. to get more information about the training, and why it is being held here.

Zero Hedge added this on the urban military exercises.

I have to say that this event, which is being labeled a “training exercise”, makes very little sense to me. U.S. Army troops all the way from Maryland running open exercises in armored personnel carriers on the busy streets of St. Louis? I know Maryland is a small state, but is there really not enough room at Ft. Detrick to accommodate a tank column and some troops? Are there not entire fake neighborhood and town complexes built with taxpayer dollars on military bases across the country meant to facilitate a realistic urban environment for troops to train in? And why travel hundreds of miles to Missouri? At the very least, this is a massive waste of funds.

On the other hand, such an action on the part of the Department of Defense makes perfect sense if the goal is to acclimate citizens to the idea of seeing tanks and armed military acting in a policing capacity. Just check out the two random idiots the local news affiliate picked to interview in St. Louis on the subject. Both state that they think the exercise is a “great idea”, because having the military on the streets would help to “reduce crime”.




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  1. Escape From St Louis
    Starts this Friday at a theater near you.

  2. Practice for the act of marshal

    Law and the end of your

    freedom. Time for me to

    practice stealth and targeting

    The local armory. Oops

    Already have. Military

    stateside is a static target.

    We are gurillas. Powder is dry

  3. My guess is they’re worried about riots in November, and this is one hot spot to be ready for.

  4. My guess is they’re worried about riots in November, and this is one hot spot to be ready for.

    They’re doing it in St Louis because conducting the exercise in Los Angeles would have been too obvious…

  5. training for what!

    This bs should not be going on in any neighborhood.

  6. This is the typical pre-requisite to a false flag. Some military group or simiiar group trains in the streets while someone important gets murdered. I wonder who is the target?

  7. Bitter Clinger: (noun) A political office holder who refuses to vacate her or his elected place, after democratic rejection by the electorate. Usually associated with totalitarian rule. See ‘dictator’ or ‘anti-democratic tyrant.’

  8. Desensitizing the peons for Martial Law.

  9. Hmmm . . . ominous. I don’t think I have ever once in my life, despite years as an Army wife, ever heard of military exercises being conducted in a civilian neighborhood. EVER.

  10. No. Don’t do this. This is bad. Federal troops have to be invited in by the Governor. Related to
    Posse Comitatus law. City councils cannot do this and local lieutenants can not order this. In Katrina GWB kept calling the gov of LA to bing in the troops to faclitate the evacuations. She said no. that that was one of the causes of the mess. But GWB had to request the permission. Also The Tenth amendmet too. States are Souverign.
    Once again thank you GOP for being the mute town criers.:ettin all these lefty donks dothese outrageous things.
    Cancel it.

  11. Anyone who lives in the STL knows that going north of Washington Street is taking a substantial risk. Developing Washington Street was a big effort and it was revamped very nicely, however it is also very convenient for the criminal element. A friend of a friend is a downtown police officer. He told me that his cop friend said the crime problem has been suppressed by local media in an effort to get people downtown. Now that Washington Street has become as popular as The Landing the media is being force to report the crime. Not sure what the solution is. Unfortunately bad behavior has been exploited by the Democrat Party for political power. We have a long row to hoe to get our country back to where it once was!

  12. It ain’t good. It isn’t the Right Wing of the Military I worry about – it is the DIM POLITICIANS, and their new Dim Military leadership rising.

  13. Hope it doesn’t put any of our military in danger, that area IS almost a war zone.

  14. “St. Louis Police say you shouldn’t be frightened if you see Army vehicles in the city.”

    Now why would anyone be afraid of our military coming down the street? There is only one answer-obama.

    #6 June 23, 2012 at 1:40 am
    midusdew commented:
    training for what!
    This bs should not be going on in any neighborhood.

    Exactly right!

  15. And don’t worry when you see your neighbors being carted off. They are volunteers helping the military simulate the taking of prisoners.

  16. As hazardous as North St. Louis is, the troops warrant being paid hazard or combat pay.

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