Secret Wiretap Applications Reveal Holder Lied to Congress on Fast and Furious

On May 3, 2011 Attorney General Eric Holder testified under oath before a Congressonal committee that he first heard of the gun-walking program Fast and Furious in the last few weeks.

“I’m not sure about the exact date but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

In October of last year FOX News reported that AG Holder was identified in documents to be aware of Fast and Furious not once but twice in 2010. One document was post October 18, 2010 and the other was from July 2010. Then in January 2012 another document revealed that Eric Holder was notified of Fast and Furious the day Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona.

Now this…
In May Rep. Darrell Issa (R_CA) delivered a letter to Eric Holder containing a startling amount of detail about the Fast and Furious operation. Holder has maintained that the wiretap applications did not contain such detail. It looks like Holder was just caught in another lie.
Rollcall reported:

In the midst of a fiery floor debate over contempt proceedings for Attorney General Eric Holder, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) quietly dropped a bombshell.

The May 24 letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), ranking member on the panel, quotes from and describes in detail a secret wiretap application that has become a point of debate in the GOP’s “Fast and Furious” gun-walking probe.

The wiretap applications are under court seal, and releasing such information to the public would ordinarily be illegal. But Issa appears to be protected by the Speech or Debate Clause in the Constitution, which offers immunity for Congressional speech, especially on a chamber’s floor.

According to the letter, the wiretap applications contained a startling amount of detail about the operation, which would have tipped off anyone who read them closely about what tactics were being used.

Holder and Cummings have both maintained that the wiretap applications did not contain such details and that the applications were reviewed narrowly for probable cause, not for whether any investigatory tactics contained followed Justice Department policy.

Doug Ross located the actual documents describing the wiretap applications.

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  • jim m

    When Alcee Hastings says that Eric Holder is not corrupt I have to take that very seriously because Alcee Hastings has personal knowledge of what real corruption is. /sarcasm

  • donh

    These wonderful patriots make a fatal assumption…That anyone will care about LYING from this administration. Obama is now advertising Obamacare a Victory for freedom…and he still lies about it being a TAX….and that your insurance will be free…and that you can keep your doctor…..that you will get the healthcare access you need…..LIES ….just like all his vital records ….LIES LIES…everywhere you look…but it gets me free stuff so care be damned …. ALL HAIL SATAN !

  • john b

    “The May 24 letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), ….” This makes everything Cummings has said a lie. Yep, he is a LIAR. but, he walked at Selma so that makes it ok.

  • Robert

    Take it to the Supreme Court and they will decide using the free trade agreement that the government has the right, duty, and obligation to secretly let guns walk to Mexico and people get killed. Then they will explain how the Commerce Clause actually requires this action.

  • bigkahuna

    I am not a crook……oh hell you caught me….I lied and am a scumbag obama slut….so what ya gonna do? Sue me? Areest me? Haha im above the law…oj yeah…im gonna sue your state now

  • #4 hehehe…… good one

  • ahem

    Secret Wiretap Applications Reveal [To The Clueless Half of the Voting Public That] Holder Lied to Congress on Fast and Furious

    Our half has known for quite some time now.

  • Holder is up to his eye-balls in corruption here’s another one you hear about in bias media……………..

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  • Mad Hatter
  • Remco Kimber

    If he lied if would explain that executive privilege stunt.

  • mcc

    Sure wish far more than half of Americans would realize the difference between Dems and Republicans.

    And it’s an important distinction:

    That – help me here: in every case? – Republicans will clean their house of dirty players when they’re discovered.

    Democrats defend theirs and let them continue to cheat and lie to you. It’s almost as if they think they’re a real plus to the party. I’d say a plus to the nation, but that never occurs to them. It’s always the party.

    Take a bath, Dems, and make America smell better.

  • Mormon Convert Mom

    FACT: Eric Holder is a founding member of the Black Panthers, a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of hundreds of white Americans

    These Godless Marxist fiends are using the constitution to clean catfish on.

  • Mormon Convert Mom

    Holder is a criminal liar and a psychopathic murderer. How did we get a convicted murderer as AG? Alberto Gonzalez is turning cartwheels in his grave.

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong?

    My chief law breaker only sold 852 guns to one Mexican gangbanger and hundreds more to others. I have kill over 300 Mexicans and a boarder agent. I’d say that is pretty darn good! And, no I don’t give a hoot about Brian Terry – he is just another typical Whitie – big deal.

    Unfortunately, my lacky Eric Holder got caught! Worse, he was held in contempt of congress… like most of my other cronies should be.

    Let me be clear, I have ordered the Justice department to not touch Eric Holder… until he is under the bus or I am out of office.

    Sure, Issa will sue Eric Holder in civil court and dig up more criminal wrong doing. But, I plan to drag it out as long as possible. By then Eric Holder will be on the game show circuit, polishing door knobs, or under the bus. Ha ha!

    My limousine is overheating and I have another pack of lies to tell my donors for another round of funding. It involves payloa and rote dishonesty. I have more sectors of the economy to wreck and more jobs to kill. I am a one man wrecking ball. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • Militant conservative

    So, I sent Issa and westmorland a cspan video
    Clip of Deputy AG grosby
    Saying this was at the direction of the president and AG holder. The rat bastards
    are guilty as sin.

    Powder is dry

  • Mormon Convert Mom

    Listen Barry, I really doubt if you have a limosine, but it is filthy animals like you who come here with your liberal lies trying to get our goat. ha ha ha m*therf*cker, just wait until Romney kicks you in the p*ssy, you race baiter.

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  • Perfected democrat

    Tantamount to perjury in the official public conduct of his position, nothing less; wonder how Roberts would parse this reality if Holder’s record ever comes before him in court…

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  • yeah, but what does this really mean? The book on Fast & Furious was supposedly full of hard and damning evidence, every other day there’s “breaking news” of a new email or memo that will be the nail in Holder’s coffin … blah, blah, blah.

    Case goes nowhere, dims yell racist witch hunt, media sides with dems … blah blah blah.

    Even if they get Holder on civil contempt, he’ll get a slap on the wrist and by then, America will just be a faded memory.

    These people should be in jail, but Holder doesn’t even look the slightest bit worried. In fact, thru’ most of this he just looks bored.

  • Militant conservative

    They can only abuse the

    Unarmed. Those in America

    That rely on the “others” that are armed and prepared.
    How many of you idiots are not prepared. You deserve your fate. I will not help you.

    Powder is dry

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    no no no, he told the truth, and that’s a lie damnit!!

    [guess don’t you have their little bass ackwards
    prog-dhimmi-fiberal translation book handy.. /s]


  • Bill Mitchell

    And yet, Obama has gained 7 points on Romney in the past week, even on Rasmussen.

    The problem with things like this is that the average person doesn’t understand them. They are complicated. So instead of being outraged they feel sorry for Holder and Obama for being picked on by the mean Republicans.

    Remember, Bill Clinton’s approval ratings went UP not DOWN after his impeachment.

    Obama really is amazing. I mean one really cannot imagine him being a bigger disaster yet sane, rational people are seriously considering re-electing him – even those like the blacks and youths who have suffered so badly under him.

    We are living on a Fonzie world where “being cool” seems to trump everything.

  • #16 Militant
    “So, I sent Issa and westmorland a cspan video Clip of Deputy AG grosby Saying this was at the direction of the president and AG holder.”

    where’s the clip? would love to see it.

    Also – MCMom #17: I believe Limosine Barry writes spoofs, as in a parody of what Barry/Barak is thinking. (They crack me up.) Am I missing something?

  • #24 – it’s not just about being cool, altho’ that’s part of it.

    For the last 3+ years all we’ve heard is “it’s the fair thing to do!”, “it’s the right thing to do”, “level the playing field”, “social justice” yada yada.

    Americans have been conditioned to believe and support the underdog, and to feel guilty about slavery — to the point where minorities and bleeding hearts don’t even realize that Oblahblah’s policies are designed to keep them enslaved in poverty and dependency forever.

    Where is John Galt when we need him most?

  • sandy

    New Romney Ad — Surely We Can Do Better Than This! Well its not a new Romney ad but it should be.

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  • sandy

    Obama will get a short term bounce from the Supreme Court ruling but once the questions are asked about Death Panels, 21 new taxes and healthcare rationing. Like Humpty Dumpty down he goes.

    There is something exciting for a while about someone who wants to live on the edge all the time but when he is living on our money — it gets a bit old.

    As for Holder, the more frightened Obama gets that he might not win. Look for Holder to make an appearance from under that Obama bus.

  • mcc

    #25 — meximom — I think this might be the one:

    went looking for it, but this deputy ag’s name is ogden

  • Patty

    The Justice Department will not prosecute Holder.

    Deputy Attorney General James Cole confirmed in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner that the department in fact would not pursue prosecution. The attorney general’s withholding of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, he wrote, “does not constitute a crime.”

    Read more:

  • mcc

    Oopsie, BO’s own words trap Holder:

    CNN’s John King asks the hard question.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Now we know why all this stuff is under court seal. Looks like the courts are just as corrupt as the Department of Injustice. If all this stuff was out in the open, the Obama administration would sink like a rock. So much for transparency.

  • #30, well if that video clip isn’t enough to get Holder arrested on contempt, I don’t know what will. I guess congress doesn’t watch youtube 😉

    #32 – too bad the guy didn’t ANSWER John King’s question; too bad King didn’t PRESS him for a real answer. And therein lies the problem. These guys just mumble some pre-approved well-rehearsed dodge and you never hear another word about it. Makes me want to puke.

    Journalism is dead, America right behind it.

  • donh


    The date of June 30 marked the beginning of the Night of the Long Knives.

    Holder should refresh his history of how Adolph Hitler took care of his favorite enforcer Earnst Rohm ….>

    ” Although determined to curb the power of the SA, Hitler put off doing away with his long-time comrade to the very end. A political struggle within the party grew …

    Leading officers were shown falsified evidence on 24 June that Röhm planned to use the SA to launch a plot against the government (Röhm-Putsch).[8]

    By this time, these stories were officially recognised. Reports of the SA threat were passed to Hitler and he felt it was time to act….>

  • Patty

    DOJ hides Documents and HOMELAND SECURITY.


    Border Patrol union blasts Homeland Security instructions to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’ from gunmen

    “CBP workforce training is designed to prepare all employees, including leaders, managers, supervisors, law enforcement personnel and non-law enforcement personnel, to understand their own roles and the roles of their fellow employees in responding to threats. In an active shooter scenario, employees are taught to take actions that keep them alive.

    {……..} MUCH MORE HERE
    Read more:

  • Patty



  • I can’t even conceive how someone would be dumb enough to think that an agency undergoes such a major operation without bothering to inform the guy in charge. That’s simply absurd. I’ll buy that Holder is such a bozo he didn’t bother reading what he was given or listen but he was told.

  • mcc

    Ah, well, here’s the LYING CHAMP —

    Seven Lies in Under Two Minutes:

  • Patty

    Picture this. Taser guns were put in an Officers hands to detain without force a criminal who is being combatant.

    TAZER DOESN’T WORK ON SOME PEOPLE. And taser does on some.

    Scenario: Now remember police are human too. Criminal the stands up and charges the officer. Officer has just moments to react. So, he tases him again if possible but if he can, the criminal is now on top of the officer and reaches for his gun, it is his life or the criminals. I guarantee the officer will do all he can to save his own life.

    Training for Border Patrol is uniquely the same. Police who have let the force are hired at the borders often. I don’t feel this men and women are going to run and hide. That would be the last thing they would want to do.

    So, when you have Academia in charge you get a bunch of pansies. And these officers are no Pansies.

  • Patty

    #38 June 30, 2012 at 9:45 pm
    Christopher Taylor commented:

    I can’t even conceive how someone would be dumb enough to think that an agency undergoes such a major operation without bothering to inform the guy in charge. That’s simply absurd. I’ll buy that Holder is such a bozo he didn’t bother reading what he was given or listen but he was told.

    You don’t tell an ego maniac like Holder what to do. He is above the law. THE LITTLE WEASEL.

  • Patty

    People in America are unaware of who is supposedly leading our nation. He is a celebrity, a devil may care sort of guy, with one friend by his side. HOLDER the WITH HOLDER.

    Oh, he’ll be gone and it would be a miracle if he were to resign. He tried but Obama said no. Threw out that Executive Privilege to save his boy.

    Then you had couple of dozens so called other pansies leaving and not voting.

    If they could get there’s too that would be a miracle. As I see it, this has been a lot of work by some good men but this nation is so involved in the Pretty Boy and the believe what his media people are saying.

    Voters have a Job to do and hope they do it well. Because if not these disinterested and fool hearty will get exactly want they deserve and take the rest of us with them, AGAIN.

  • lonestar

    Oh come on! Holder is allowed to lie to Congress. After all, he’s black and if you don’t like it, you’re a racist! 🙂

  • myvoice

    Perhaps if those that make uninformed comments here would actually take the time to research the facts, they would realize that the officers involved actually had their hands tied and were not permitted under Arizona law to arrest the individuals that were purchasing guns and transporting them across the border. Additionally, the only person tied to our government and the one responsible for walking guns across the border was the “whistleblower” who is buds with Issa. Get informed for goodness sake, you all look like a bunch of willfully ignorant fools!

  • Flintstone F.


    You so funny.

    Then why all the deception, lies and delays and refusals to hand over information congress had a right to see? Why the executive privilege granted by Obama?

    In light of new information I think your post would have been more effective a week ago.

    One eye closed it seems (Mr. president is that you?)

  • Patty

    To summarize, if Issa is providing an accurate summation of the aforementioned wiretap application, it apparently makes it clear that one or more of Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco, and Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Keeney knew as early as March of 2010 that:

    Various individuals were planning to illegally resell firearms in Mexico;
    That these individuals had already purchased large numbers of firearms, many of which were later found in Mexico;
    The various methods by which these individuals planned to illegally resell, and in fact illegally sold, these firearms;
    That surveillance on the individuals in question had already failed on several occasions;
    That guns purchased by these individuals had already been found at Mexican crime scenes;
    And that the individuals in question did not have the personal resources to make the purchases in question.

    And you can bet your sweet pibbie that Holder was involved up to his eyebrows.

  • Patty

    #45 June 30, 2012 at 10:29 pm
    Flintstone F. commented:

    I was laughing so hard I nearly feel off my chair. Voice would love that. Too bad I didn’t.

    Is this RED HEN! UNDER ANOTHER NAME. I think he or she has changed their name.

  • morman convert is a fraud!

  • Patty


    just remembered: BLUE HEN. now, I get it. Blue democrat disguised as a liberal, Red a republican. 🙂

  • west1890

    If they’re talking they’re lying. It should be a headline when and if they ever tell the truth. I’m sure not holding my breath waiting for that. I just keep thinking that lightning is so cheap I wonder why God doesn’t make better use of it.

  • Tim in Cali

    Everyone knows that wiretaps are racist…”resist we much”

    I got a feeling no matter how the election turns out,I smell a pardon in the future

    They’re just running out the clock now,Holder knows his goose is cooked

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  • Liz

    Yes. Holder has a lying problem, and an accomplice to murder problem. Both jailable offenses at his level of government.

  • jaiphx

    There is no one more STUPIDLY blind about what happens around them than a liberal. You know if this had happened to a Republican attorney general, the MSM would be all over it. Everyday in all hours they would be hollering and bellowing, until they had his scalp. Notice how silent they all are?

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  • I’ve maintained from the beginning there was no way, and I mean NO WAY, Holder didn’t know all about F&F. Why? Because at the federal level, they don’t do anything without asking and getting approval from above. It is the way the system is designed so everybody knows everything, and everything is approved and cleared first.

    It is not a bad idea because of the power of the feds to have oversight. The bad part is just how slow and cumbersome it is for them to operate. If an agent gets a simple idea, like doing surveillance for a single day on a target, nothing big, just follow him around etc., he just can’t go out and sit on the guy. THAT WOULD GET HIM IN TROUBLE!

    No, he has to ask his direct supervisor, who will ask him to do an op plan. The plan would include who the target is, cars, units involved, where they are going etc.

    This is common practice at the local level for big ops. But not normally done by local cops for small operations.

    Heck, if we got a tip, we’d just haul butt out of the station, yell as we passed our boss we were going out for a while, and out the door. If it panned out we’d call and let him in, if not nothing would happen.

    Not the feds. The op plan would be reviewed locally, sent to division who may send it to DC or higher for approval. Then it is sent back modified or denied or approved. THEN the agent can go out and do something.

    Afterward, they have to send a after action report in detail to the supervisor who sends it back up the chain the same way. HUGE on paperwork, but slow on execution. A one day op could take four days to plan, approve and execute.

    Now, that said, how is it that the DOJ, which was knee deep in this from the outset, suddenly not have any reports, after action reports, op plans or requests for approval? How could no one at the upper levels of ATF or DOJ not know about sending 2000 weapons across international borders, without notifying the Mexicans, in hopes to recover them at Mexican murder scenes?

    Remember, they want to follow a guy for a day, D.C. might be notified. How is it they did this long range operation and nobody knew?

    Because they are lying. And Issa knows it. Holder knows it. Every agent in the ATF knows it. (Which is why some have had enough and are speaking out. There are good guys in that agency, tasked with a horrible and I think abusive mission statement, but they are still honorable people trying to do the right thing.)

    If Holder weren’t Holder, Obama not Obama, and we weren’t crippled by political correctness AND have created a system where some are above the law, Holder would be doing a perp walk for lying and obstruction.

    Mexico would be seeking an indictment in the world court for the cross border intrusion and official sanctioning of the U.S. trafficking in illegal weapons with their murderous drug cartels.

    Somebody would be going to jail for a long, long time.

    But, our world is backasswards and controlled by people with power who believe the ends justify the means.

    Compared to these guys, Nixon was a piker.

  • Valerie

    And yet, The New Yorker wants to tell us that the contempt vote was all about race:

    Check out the comments. They only thought they were preaching to the choir

    The author, Alex Koppelman, is being fundamentally dishonest in the way he portrays the seriousness of the charges, and Eric Holders action. Shame on Alex Koppelman.

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