Eric Holder Knew of Fast and Furious the Day Border Agent Brian Terry Was Murdered

On May 3, 2011 Attorney General Eric Holder testified under oath before a Congressonal committee that he first heard of the gun-walking program Fast and Furious in the last few weeks.

“I’m not sure about the exact date but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

But in October FOX News reported that AG Holder was identified in documents to be aware of Fast and Furious not once but twice in 2010. One document was post October 18, 2010 and the other was from July 2010.

Now this…
A document released this weekend shows that Eric Holder was notified of Fast and Furious the day Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona.
The Daily Caller reported:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice dumped documents related to Operation Fast and Furious on congressional officials late Friday night. Central to this document dump is a series of emails showing Holder was informed of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder on the day it happened – December 15, 2010.

An email from one official, whose name has been redacted from the document, to now-former Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke reads: “On December 14, 2010, a BORTAC agent working in the Nogales, AZ AOR was shot. The agent was conducting Border Patrol operations 18 miles north of the international boundary when he encountered [redacted word] unidentified subjects. Shots were exchanged resulting in the agent being shot. At this time, the agent is being transported to an area where he can be air lifted to an emergency medical center.”

That email was sent at 2:31 a.m. on the day Terry was shot. One hour later, a follow-up email read: “Our agent has passed away.”

Burke forwarded those two emails to Holder’s then-deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson later that morning, adding that the incident was “not good” because it happened “18 miles w/in” the border.

Wilkinson responded to Burke shortly thereafter and said the incident was “tragic.” “I’ve alerted the AG [Holder], the Acting DAG, Lisa, etc.”

Then, later that day, Burke followed up with Wilkinson after Burke discovered from officials whose names are redacted that the guns used to kill Terry were from Fast and Furious. “The guns found in the desert near the murder BP officer connect back to the investigation we were going to talk about – they were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store,” Burke wrote to Wilkinson.

We now have at least three documents from 2010 that prove that Holder was aware of the Fast and Furious program despite his sworn testimony from May 2011.

It’s time for Holder to step down or be prosecuted.

The family of slain border agent Brian Terry blamed Eric Holder for their son’s death in a November interview.

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  • gazzer

    “It’s time for Holder to step down AND be prosecuted”…Fixed it for you!

  • Bitter Clinger

    Holder, like his boss, is immune from prosecution. Obama didn’t even appear in court in Atlanta last Thursday even though under subpeona! He’s black. Case closed.

  • Patty

    YOU CAN BET HE IS A LIAR, CHEAT AND CON. Just like his boss. Weasel.

  • Patty

    Lied under oath. LOCK HIM UP!!

  • Nancy

    You can’t lock him up. That’s raaaaacist.

  • jorgen

    Of course he knew. As did Obama.

  • valerie

    Drip, drip, drip. This is how a case is made against a dishonest administration.

  • JenBee

    I don’t watch the mainstream media… can someone tell me if this is getting ANY traction in the MSM?


    lying sack of $hit just like the entire administration….JAIL THEM ALL

  • Ausonius

    Typically, a prosecutor is given absolute immunity, rather than qualified immunity. However, this usually does not extend to cases in which criminal conduct occurred. That being said, unless the media picks this up, the only likely way this charge can grow legs is if the HOR would take extraordinary measures, such as de-funding the DOJ, in protest to pressure him to step down or be forced out.
    The sad reality is Boehner doesn’t seem up to this sort of play, at least there is no indication he’s up to it thus far.
    Great job by Issa though.

  • Ausonius

    but then again, his role in this case isn’t as a prosecutor, but a dept head; neither should affect being charged with lying under oath to congress.

  • moron

    Sounds to me that the report described the success of the program. That is, the AK was “purchased” in a Phoenix gun store, therefore mission success—outlaw gun purchases in the USA. ??

  • listingstarboard

    Maybe Drudge could put this story as headline instead fo running the same primary one for days.

  • jainphx

    Romney will NOT care one bit. Prosecution will not come under Romney. I have but one question to ask. Why would those that shot Terry leave the weapons behind. What reason could there be to leave the weapons?

    Could it be that they were left behind so that the administration could use it to further their attempt at gun control, and it all backfired?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    We now have at least three documents from 2010 that prove that Holder was aware of the Fast and Furious program despite his sworn testimony from May 2011.

    Indictments, please.

  • Redlite

    He and alot of others belong in prison. Like to see him do time in Sheriff Arpio’s jail wearing pink boxer shorts,
    of course this won’t get any traction in the MSM as they are protecting this whole corrupt administration.
    Ditto on Drudge they have had the same banner headline up for the last few days.
    I just sent a news tip to Drudge…will wait and see.

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  • vityas

    What recourse do the people have against this lawless regime?

  • valerie

    #18 January 29, 2012 at 2:12 pm
    vityas commented:

    Elections. I would suggest Operation Counterweight.

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    liar liar pants on fire………………………….

  • Multitude

    The more interesting thing is that President Obama clearly knew that Holder lied and has been covering it up all along.

    Whether or not he’s prosecuted and jailed for it, or verifies further that we’re no longer a Constitutional Republic, history will remember him as a crook worse than Nixon.

  • lizzy84

    @jainphx commented.
    You ask a good question and one that I’ve asked myself too. Why was that gun left behind? The only thing that I can figure is along the lines of your thinking.. that is, in doing so, a climate of terror was created that this lawless regime could seize upon to forward its agenda on gun control and further dismantling of our 2nd Amendment rights.

    I pray we see Justice served in this case, but have little hope remaining– I hope I’m proved wrong.

  • David Christensen

    Hey! Lay off Holder. I think he’s one of my people. He walks upright and can mumble incoherently.

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  • Not Likely

    You might want to check the updates to the article Dim.

  • Ipso Facto

    The blacks created a huge wave of sympathy for themselves not simply to have equality, but to get a foothold on the rungs of the political ladders in order to practice payback against white people – which they are now doing in spades.

    When black people get power anywhere, the first thing they do is to stick it to white people. They feel totally justified today for practicing the worst kind of racism because of what was done to their ancestors a long time ago. So we now have black people today who were actually given affirmative action, set-aside programs, welfare, and racial preferences, and these blacks are acting out in anger against good people who denied opportunities to other white people and gave those opportunities to blacks instead.

    We were duped. We would be wise to totally stop all affirmative programs and let the black people figure out that until they embrace education and stop employing the language of street urchins, they aren’t going to ever advance themselves. Only THEY can make a difference in their own lives. We tried and our efforts were clearly for naught. In fact in many cases giving blacks free money made their lives much worse.

  • Mueller

    It’s time for Holder to step down or and be prosecuted.

  • Beachluver

    can’t remember the mans name….the BLACK man BTW!!!! who said that the ONLY reason blacks are not marching on Washington is because ODumbo is BLACK!!!! At least he spoke the truth. If he were WHITE D.C. would be burned to the ground!!!! He is the VERY worst “EXPERIMENT this country ever did!!!! I’m also getting sick and tired ….you can’t criticize Obama….YOU ARE A RACIST!!!!! if you do!!!!! The word is MEANINGLESS now… carries no weight and is way OVERUSED!!!! Bingo cards…Lottery tickets and cigarettes…..welfare at it’s very BEST!!!! Get a F789ING job….quit depending and looking for ” OBAMA MONEY!!!!!! Carry your own ass for awhile will you please?!!!!

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  • holder lied before congress. its a good thing for him he’s not a baseball player.

  • Hubcap

    Holder is a raciest liar and his hatred for white people is because he is short sighted and lazy.

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