MIC CHECK! Vegas Right Online 2012 – It was a party for the ages—–
Wish you were here, John Podesta.

Group shot—-

The Loesch’s, as always, hold their cool.

Larry Solov, Dana Loesch, Jim Hoft

Larry O’Connor, Guy Benson and another pretty conservative woman.

Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft

Vegas Super Jew Crew (their name, not mine) Andrew Marcus, Beverly Zaslow, Jeremy Segal, Tony Katz

John Sexton from Breitbart.com, the great Andrew Malcolm, and Jim Hoft

Stephen Crowder, Melissa Clouthier, Chris Loesch

Dr. Gina Loudon, Scott Rasmussen, Jim Hoft (Great speech, Scott! Nice to hear those Romney numbers!)

James O’Keefe, Sonnie Johnson

Dana Loesch and Kerry Picket dance with 80’s dude in zebra suit

Breitbart’s Pam Key and Jim Hoft

UPDATE: Tim in Cali added:

If Barack Kardashian didn’t like Vegas before…

These pics should make his head explode




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  1. Crikey! What has happened to Steven Crowder? Has he been very ill? He’s a skeleton!

  2. There’s more intelligence represented in one of those photos than in the entire MSNBC staff.

  3. My heroes!

  4. Lets observe….no mention anywhere in the news about Fathers Day, including the conservative blogs. A mention of WTF congratulating gay folks Friday but nothing regards Fathers. Looks like the break down of the family is complete

  5. Wowzers! Conservative lady bloggers are hot!! I know we’ll win!!!

  6. If Barack Kardashian didn’t like Vegas before…

    These pics should make his head explode

    Aw yes…The big bang theory..he’s evolving,you know

  7. Rodney King was a mess, but he won me over with this statement


    Rest in peace.

  8. You people are having too much fun, Jim Holt. Me? Jealous?

  9. ++

    i heart your shirt GP.. :-)


  10. ++

    Candy #10 June 17, 2012 at 10:36 am

    sad.. :-(


  11. OT: “(Newser) – A furious Texas father pulled a man who was molesting his 4-year-old daughter off of the child and beat him to death, he told police. The dad spotted the man on top of the girl behind a barn during an event where several people were grooming and caring for horses about 120 miles west of Houston, reports the Houston Chronicle. The father raced to the scene behind the barn when he suddenly heard his daughter screaming. ”

    I hope this father isn’t “Zimmermanned” by libtards if, justifiably, no charges are filed against him.

  12. Paging Mr Hoft: Clean up on aisle 17!

  13. Dang! I do wish I was there!

  14. Guess Mike up there got ROL mixed up with OWS

  15. #16 Mike

    There are #22 comments on this thread and ONE is like no other. Can you find the one?

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