Obama Knew About Gun Walking Program in 2009 – Used “Fast & Furious” To Make Case For Gun Regulations (Video)

Barack Obama knew about the gun walking program in March 2009.
The Right Scoop reported:

In April 2009 Barack Obama traveled to Mexico and blamed US gun sellers for violence south of the border. Obama told his Mexican audience, “This war being waged with guns purchased not here but in the United States.” Just to be sure, a few months later the Obama Administration started running their own guns to Mexico, at least 2,000 guns.

Barack Obama, April 16, 2009:

“This war is being waged with guns purchased not here but in the United States… more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that lay in our shared border. So we have responsibilities as well.”

There is also proof that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives discussed using “Fast and Furious” to push for new regulations on gun sales.

Yesterday the Obama White House refused to turn over documents on the Fast and Furious gun walking program.

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  • Finncrisp

    No question, this is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER. He now is competeing for other awards. New categories – Least transparent, highest hatred for American values, most lawless, highest ignorance of actual Constitutional princples, most self serving, and most loathsome towards Israel.

    His condescention knows no limit.

  • http://astuteblogger.blogspot.com/ reliapundit


  • Libtards lie

    Well of course he new, it was his program from the start. Look at the statement he made in Mexico and to Ms. Brady. It’s obvious that this President only cares about tearing up the constitution and making us all slaves of the UN. Obama and Holder should be taken to the wood shed, literally.

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  • luckyone

    Hillary Clinton is in on this too. I remember her speaking about the guns coming from the US.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    An Obama assault on the Bill of Rights surprises no one.

  • bobdog

    Two choices:

    1. Obama is taking the high road asserting Executive Privilege because there is a national security issue at stake or the White House needs to protect the constitutional separation of powers for the Executive Branch for all future presidents.

    2. Or, the Justice Department has in fact been turned into the political enforcement arm of the White House, and catching the Attorney General in a cover up would reflect badly on Obama’s fading chances for reelection.

    Is there anybody left with a double digit IQ, even among Democrats, that really thinks that choice number 1 has anything to do with this case?

  • Ella

    Are we to believe that Eric Holder is going through this because he’s protecting a few dumb underlings who supposedly conceived a terrible idea? Riiiiiiiiiight.

    Wise up, America. He’s protecting Barack Obama. The president is the one behind all of this. Barack Obama has an awful lot of blood on his hands.

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  • http://www.truthandcommonsense.com archer52

    I remember Obama telling the anti-gun people when they complained he was avoiding the anti-gun agenda “Don’t worry. We have something working that will change things. You will be pleased.” That was around 2009.

    Then the political messaging started that the violence in Mexico was the fault of gun shops, too many guns being purchased etc., and something needed to be done. They showed photos of “seized” American weapons including things we couldn’t buy here. But that was the narrative pushed into the MSM and then pushed out to us.

    The Senate offered up a bill to combat the sale of weapons in America to stop the violence in Mexico.

    THEN F&F came out and things started going wobbly.

    But the Senate, I think Feinstein, went ahead and tried to get the bill passed. However, the facts were coming out, ATF agents were flipping and telling the story and the energy for the bill died. She still blabbered and stammered, but to no avail (She is in on it too BTW).

    Suddenly, what was a ghost operation running behind the scenes to push another assault weapon ban here became the story and Holder found himself the target. Thus, as always, the coverup started. Lawyers are schooled in the art of delay. They hope things happen (Zimmerman anyone) that will take the focus off of their case by just throwing up crap and hoping for the best.

    But that didn’t happen. Gratefully, the opposition party held one Branch (much like in the nineties with Waco and Ruby Ridge) and were able to bring light to the scheme. Had that not been the case, the “truth” would have never come out. Much like how we are now learning about Obamacare’s deals with all the special interest groups instead of back in 2010 when it was being formed, having all three branches controlled by the Democrats guarantees an almost Soviet like atmosphere and until one Branch breaks through, it is what we are going to suffer from forever as the MSM has been compromised.

    This is Obama’s reelection year. If Holder is smart, he’ll cut a deal where he gets immunity and leaves. If not, if Obama doesn’t get reelected, the serious investigations may start and Holder, a man of questionable judgment and morals, may realize what so many tyrants and arrogant leaders discovered much to their dismay- he stayed one day too long.

    Imagine him doing the perp walk!

  • rich

    The scumbag obama is guilty as hell in this

  • MAJ Mike

    Well, duh!

    This is what “…working on gun control under the radar…” means. Anything a Lib-Cong says is an act of treason.

  • http://html mutt

    Every committee member that voted against the contempt motion yesterday should be exposed, pilloried and kicked out of Congress by the electorate. It is Congresses job to ensure that any and all officials of the US government, regardless of Party be held to a higher standard. The stink clearly goes all of the way to the White House. The fact that two US agents lost their lives makes it worse than Watergate. Shame on those who failed in their duty to the US people. This whole failed exercise was nothing more than an attempt to weaken the 2nd ammendment and play homage to their left wing anti gun supporters. Partisan Politics and corruption has become the norm under Obama and Holder tag team. Holder has lost the confidence of theAmerican people and should be fired asap.

  • bigL

    O’Reilly said to for get it as to the punishment-no one will be punished for this. He said ther will be no arrests or even a federal Law suit. Now Mark Levin has a grat description. Do not go thru the D.C. Attorney who is from the Justice Dept and will do nothin. No, go into federal court, there is a name and file there and serve the papaers. Then there is discovery and the admin-Junta has to answer.

  • Robodog7

    This really needs to be made into a campaign ad by one of the super-pacs.

    If you think Obama is looking out for Latinos, then why did his administration allow thousands of deadly weapons to be sold to the violent drug gangs resulting in the MURDERS of hundreds of Mexican citizens? Show pictures of the carnage that is still going on south of the border.

    You know the Dems would.

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  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon

    15# spot on

  • Faye

    The dems are good about first; telling lies and then second; making them true.

  • chuck in st paul

    That “90%” is total BS.

    What it refers to is the gun traces sent to us by the Mexican authorities on weapons that appear to be of US origin, usually by way of admission by the captured bad guys. In point of fact, the greatest majority of illegal weapons are stolen/sold by the police and military who are armed with guns purchased by the US government and given to the Mexicans along with thousands and thousands of AK’s and other weapons smuggled in from China and other non-US manufactureres. The guns purchased on the border and smuggled into Mexico are a problem, but it is a drop in the bucket in overall gun smuggling there.

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