New Mexico Gets Republican Squish, Heather Wilson, For U.S. Senate Race

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By: Rachel Pulaski

On Tuesday, conservatives lost a battle for the Republican US Senate seat in New Mexico. Conservative candidate, Greg Sowards, lost to “moderate” Republican, career politician, and Queen Rino, Heather Wilson.  Despite receiving a recent endorsement from Rand Paul, and last week releasing an effective attack ad against Wilson, Sowards lost the primary, only receiving 30% of the Republican vote.  The ad released by Sowards’ campaign, perhaps too late in the election, called out her past votes to increase the debt ceiling multiple times, and her vote in favor of S-Chip (precursor to Obamacare) as well as increasing its budget. Soward’s ad also pointed out Wilson voted in favor of TARP, voted yes to the UN Cap and Trade Scheme, and while serving in Congress she voted in favor of increasing her pay 6 times.

New pay to play allegations are now looming over the Wilson camp. A new press release by ProgressNow New Mexico says Wilson is being investigated by the Attorney General for sending her earmarked federal grants to her campaign contributors. The NM Telegram reported:

Our investigation reveals that donors connected to that Albuquerque company and two other associated companies gave Wilson more than $20,000 in campaign contributions and received more than $6 million in federal and contacts and grants, like the one earmarked to BCSO.

The same group announced the launch of their new website called

Wilson’s voting record on abortion and tax payer funded abortions have many pro-lifers and fiscal conservatives upset as well.  According to SBA, Congresswoman Wilson voted four times in favor of using tax payer funds for embryonic stem cell research. She also voted twice to allow FDA testing and approval of the RU-486 abortion pill and refused to support her fellow Republicans in voting to stop the public funding of Planned Parenthood.  The Susan B. Anthony Foundation targeted Wilson during the 2008 election saying:

“Heather Wilson calls herself pro-life, but her voting record clearly shows otherwise. New Mexicans deserve to know the truth about her votes to spend dollars from the pockets of principled pro-life Americans to destroy human lives,” said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “From her support for Planned Parenthood, to approval of the deadly RU-486 abortion drug, Heather Wilson’s record is anything but pro-life.”

That does not seem to bother Wilson, she told the Associated Press, “I am pro-life. The pro-life Democrats are going to vote for me. There’s no question about that.”

Since two birds of a feather often flock together, in April “Republican” Senator Lisa Murkowski flew from Alaska to New Mexico to campaign for Wilson.  Murkowski and Wilson are part of the dwindling number of “moderate Republican” female politicians who have a long history of supporting abortion and Planned Parenthood.   In fact just a few days before Murkowski left to campaign for Wilson she had this to say:

“The right to a safe and legal abortion has been affirmed by the courts, and I stand by that,” she said. “I will continue to support funding Planned Parenthood.”

“It makes no sense to make this attack on women,” she said. “If you don’t feel this is an attack, you need to go home and talk to your wife and your daughters.”

Wilson is sticking with the old Republican campaign tactic, independent and moderate votes are how you win an election.  She fails to recognize the conservative and grassroots Tea Party voters who will get out and actively campaign for their candidates.  Wilson is unelectable and her voting record is less than conservative. Daily Caller recently said, “Heather Wilson can’t win”:

Wilson is everything Americans despise about politicians, regardless of party. A cursory look at her career reveals profligacy, cronyism, abuse of power, lies, cover-ups and a sex scandal. She’s seldom crossed an earmark she hasn’t liked, including the infamous $398 million Bridge to Nowhere. She is a crony of the first order, landing a cushy state job with a $93,000 base salary for her husband Jay Hone.

The same Jay Hone was accused of inappropriately touching a 16-year-old boy in 1993. The sensitive state file containing the accusation mysteriously disappeared three days after Wilson was appointed secretary of New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department. When confronted about the missing file by a local KOAT news reporter, Wilson denied removing the file. Days later, Wilson admitted that she had taken the file and lied to cover her theft. Her husband should be presumed innocent, but Wilson stole government documents and lied in front of cameras.

In a better world, Heather Wilson’s voting record would disqualify her from representing a major party. (Her votes to implement cap and trade and the anti-industry Kyoto Protocol should be enough by themselves.) There’s plenty to dislike in her policy positions. But her personal baggage and professional misconduct overwhelm any policy discussions. She’s simply unelectable.

Wilson’s win is a loss for conservatives but she will have a hard time against her opponent Martin Heinrich in November.  Most likely Wilson will lose in November because she is the type of Republican that Republicans don’t want representing their party anymore. It is time for career politicians like Wilson to change parties or end their political careers. Either way, they will not be missed.

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  • snap boy

    So the author is rooting for the democrat to win?

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  • TheDefLeprecon

    Sounds like in this race the D and the R are the same.

  • valerie

    For the upcoming election, party matters. If you are a Republican, Tea Partier, or disaffected Democratic voter, you need to keep from electing Democrats in the next election, PARTICULARLY IN THE SENATE!

    You might think she’s a squish or a RINO, or whatever, but for now, the Senate needs to come out of Democratic control.

    Party matters, for this election.

    After the election, though, feel free to write, and express your support for the positions you want, particularly if you think this person might not agree with you.

  • Old Fan

    Equating the Democrat and the Republican is one of the dumbest fashionable devotions. Indeed, a number of those like McCain have enabled the worst, but Conservatism is about facts, basis, reality, not blurring the actual. The author is far too overt and harsh in demeanor, this only guarantees a poor political offering, lowering credibility and turning many away. It is the fashion driving the poor offering. One the Primary is done, you better get the Republican candidate elected, period. We need to obtain a Majority in the House, take the Senate, and reclaim the White House, regards who won the Nominees – or it is game over, period. Time to get past the hostile angst and bitter demeanor which assumes all share the same manner. We have to remove the Democrats from all power. You can constructively, maturely, soundly improve the Republican Candidates after some sanity is restored – with the removal of the disastrous Democratic Party from any influence.

  • CT

    Squish sounds about right to me for this Rinette, that’s why I make my contributions directly to candidates and never to the RNC.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Heather Wilson is exactly the kind of Republican the Establishment Republicans want in office. As a Conservative Republican, I will have to hold my nose again when I vote. A lot of people I have talked to are not happy about Wilson getting the nod and are unhappy with the State Republican Party leadership on this issue. There is no way in hell that I could bring myself to vote for the Democrat, Martin Heinrich, even though the only difference between the two is the “R” and “D” after their names. God, it wouldn’t be great if we could get people into the House and Senate that could actually read and understand the Constitution.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Looks like New Mexico has their version of Lisa Murkowski…..the RINO

  • Natalie Chadborn

    Seriously! Heinrich and Wilson both voted for TARP,Cap and Trade, and funding Planned Parenthood. They are the same, except Wilson is trying to hide her D with an R and we conservatives should stand for what is right, not who the nominee is. I will not vote for either, they are both wrong. Republicans cannot gain control of the Senate when the Republicans don’t vote Republican.

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  • Char

    I live in New Mexico. I looked up Heather Wilson’s record because of accusation’s that she was a RINO. She is WAY more conservative than reputed to be. She was labelled a RINO during the campaign by Greg Sowards, who wanted the Tea Party vote, but really she is nothing of the sort. TARP funds were largely paid back and were a realistic attempt to temporarily deal with a serious problem and were nothing like the stimulus pork wagons for democrats. There is disagreement about this, which is why it is an issue that wa used to target Wilson.

    Don’t believe the BS. Heather Wilson is not a RINO! Greg Sowards, however, is an ungracious, self important, tactless politician, who never held office, who tried to take advantage of New Mexicans natural desire for reform and better government by constantly and unfairly smearing Heather Wilson in order to win the primary race. He talks a good talk about himself but is far less impressive when questioned closely or when you meet him in person, whereas Heather Wilson answers honestly and clearly about her voting record. I know. I have questioned them both.

  • Mad Hatter

    If you read the American Spectator piece, she’s apposed to having Obamacare being repealed. She’s also a supporter of TARP, Kyoto Protocol, and Planned Parenthood.

    Page 1 of the article.

    “The feminized Richard Lugar of the piece? That would be former New Mexico GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson. A member of a GOP group that opposes the repeal of Obamacare.”

    Here’s some more about Heather Wilson. Page 2 of the article.

    • TARP: Wilson voted for “TARP” — the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” or “Troubled Asset Relief Program” that bailed out Wall Street to the tune of $700 billion.

    • Kyoto Protocol: Wilson voted to begin implementing the controversial global warming-based Kyoto Protocol, legislation that included the even more controversial concept of “Cap and Trade” taxes.

    • Planned Parenthood: Yes indeed, she was an enthusiastic supporter of federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

    With a record like that, she’ll get plenty of the Progressives to vote for her.

  • richard

    Heather Wilson does not seem so bad now except for the abuse of power. Moderates and progressives are good for reform. Mandates are bad. Wasteful spending is bad. Hurting babies is bad. Population explosion is very bad. Too many laws and taxes are bad. One can be conservative without being a religious extremist.