Eric Holder called the House contempt vote today a political stunt not based in fact after the US House voted to hold the Attorney General in contempt.
The Attorney General held a brief press conference after the House contempt vote:




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  1. All criminals declaim they are innocent, so nothing all that remarkable about Holder’s bleating protestations of political antics.

    I’m kinda surprised he didn’t throw down the Race Card and decry the racism of those persecuting him.

  2. Racist comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  3. Blab all you want holder, but you are still in contempt and 17 of your fellow party members helped vote you in contempt. Forever in history

  4. Disregarding the moby, does anyone associated with this administration know what “fact” really means?

  5. The mantra, “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes!” should be on this president’s seal.

  6. Hey, Eric —

    What political stunt was played by 17 of those members?

    That would be those 17 of your OWN PARTY…those dirty Dems, as we’ve come to know them.

    Did they agree with those naughty R’s that you were in contempt…OR

    maybe was the “stunt” that they AGREED WITH THEIR CONSTITUENTS that you were in contempt? You know, in order to get their votes in a few months…

    Either way, Eric, you lose.

  7. Supreme arrogance seems to be contagious, at least in Washington.

  8. And this statement given from his vaycay at Disneyland. What a tool.

  9. Oops – meant to say Disney World.

  10. @ YT-owes-me

    You should be banned.

  11. Today we saw Holder held in contempt by the repub house and 17 demo house reps and they call it a stunt.
    Earlier today the obamacare legislation passed by demos only was deemed to be acceptable by the supreme court as a simple majority.

    The standard for stunts here seems to be excessive

  12. i second Bill Mitchell’s motion.

  13. Holder and his boss the SCOAMF would know about political stunts with no basis in fact if anyone does.

  14. Political stunt? So did he produce the requested documents? No and infact emphatically no – that’s contempt, idiot.

  15. The stunt also included the killing of 300 Mexicans Nationals. No comment from Ra Raza.

  16. Republicans managed to make it look like a stunt by timing this vote as an end of the day bone toss following a Supreme betrayal .

  17. Eric Holder Says House Contempt Vote a Political Stunt Not Based in Fact.

    Oh really? Then disgorge the documents.

  18. Your decision to become a traitor and an accessory to murder started out as a political decision. You turned it into a crime. Go to hell, Holder, you bastard, traitor. Take John Roberts with you.

  19. Facts versus stunts. Does this mean that all of those Mexicans and Brian Terry are actually alive? And that they didn’t lose track of all of those guns? And that the rtractions hes issued were gags?

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