AG Eric Holder Says House Contempt Vote a Political Stunt Not Based in Fact (Video)

Eric Holder called the House contempt vote today a political stunt not based in fact after the US House voted to hold the Attorney General in contempt.
The Attorney General held a brief press conference after the House contempt vote:

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  • FurryGuy

    All criminals declaim they are innocent, so nothing all that remarkable about Holder’s bleating protestations of political antics.

    I’m kinda surprised he didn’t throw down the Race Card and decry the racism of those persecuting him.

  • YT-owes-me

    Racist comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Brae

    Blab all you want holder, but you are still in contempt and 17 of your fellow party members helped vote you in contempt. Forever in history

  • Tyrconnell

    Disregarding the moby, does anyone associated with this administration know what “fact” really means?

  • Larkin

    The mantra, “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes!” should be on this president’s seal.

  • mcc

    Hey, Eric —

    What political stunt was played by 17 of those members?

    That would be those 17 of your OWN PARTY…those dirty Dems, as we’ve come to know them.

    Did they agree with those naughty R’s that you were in contempt…OR

    maybe was the “stunt” that they AGREED WITH THEIR CONSTITUENTS that you were in contempt? You know, in order to get their votes in a few months…

    Either way, Eric, you lose.

  • Nelle

    Supreme arrogance seems to be contagious, at least in Washington.

  • Chelie

    And this statement given from his vaycay at Disneyland. What a tool.

  • Chelie

    Oops – meant to say Disney World.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    @ YT-owes-me

    You should be banned.

  • Greg

    Today we saw Holder held in contempt by the repub house and 17 demo house reps and they call it a stunt.
    Earlier today the obamacare legislation passed by demos only was deemed to be acceptable by the supreme court as a simple majority.

    The standard for stunts here seems to be excessive

  • i second Bill Mitchell’s motion.

  • Holder and his boss the SCOAMF would know about political stunts with no basis in fact if anyone does.

  • Jenny

    Political stunt? So did he produce the requested documents? No and infact emphatically no – that’s contempt, idiot.

  • Buffalobob

    The stunt also included the killing of 300 Mexicans Nationals. No comment from Ra Raza.

  • donh

    Republicans managed to make it look like a stunt by timing this vote as an end of the day bone toss following a Supreme betrayal .

  • BurmaShave

    Eric Holder Says House Contempt Vote a Political Stunt Not Based in Fact.

    Oh really? Then disgorge the documents.

  • aprilnovember811

    Your decision to become a traitor and an accessory to murder started out as a political decision. You turned it into a crime. Go to hell, Holder, you bastard, traitor. Take John Roberts with you.

  • Blue Hen

    Facts versus stunts. Does this mean that all of those Mexicans and Brian Terry are actually alive? And that they didn’t lose track of all of those guns? And that the rtractions hes issued were gags?

  • Practical Jane

    Bohener is still playing Obama’s fiddle. Why else hold this vote today of all days? How many of the American people will know of Holder’s charge with Obamacare in the headlines? The Speaker is hiding Holder’s contempt in plain sight.

    RINOs must go – all of them.

  • Mo

    Provide the documents that were requested so we can judge whether or not this was a political stunt!!!

  • Joanne

    These people are so vile and disgusting. He is suppose to be the Attorney-General of the U.S., and he, himself, won’t obey the laws of the land. Arrest him and throw him in a cell. Anyone else would be put into jail.

  • gorgo

    Last week I made a prediction. I was off by a few days but check it out:

    1. Obamacare passes the Supreme Court. Since it shocks pretty much everyone and is good for Obama, there’s not much conflict the media can wring out of it — not nearly as much as if it had been called unconstitutional.

    2. Same day: House votes to hold Holder in contempt, with even some Democrat support.

    3. Media has no real coverage to distract from #2.

    4. This afternoon, this happens:

  • JIMB

    why is this guy not in jail?

  • Tim in Cali

    Political Stunt Not Based in Fact …Hmm

    Mr. and Mrs. Terry,The Attorney General of the United States believes you wanting the whole truth about Brian’s murder is a political stunt

    That’s about as disgusting, of a slap in the face as it gets…

  • Candy

    The “stunt” Holder talks of could just as well be the Black Caucus and Democratic party members walking out, right? Why the Black Caucus, by the way? Is this a cry of racism?

    I love the deflection. It couldn’t just be that the man refused to follow a subpeona and was held in contempt accordingly. Oh that’s right, whenever you don’t like something, make sure to cry “racism!”

  • Ella

    So we finally have Holder in contempt. His friend, that freak in the White House, will be kicked out on his scrawny a$$ in November. The Obama Tax is a short win victory for the party of moochers, leeches, lazy bums and victims, but get ready everyone else for the biggest landslide victory of President Romney in November!

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  • Militant conservative

    Just another whiny black guy

    Man up son, your a disgrace

    to blacks and your gender.

    What a tool. Guess what is

    Going to happen after

    November beeyotch.

  • Alewife

    So, 17 dems voted to hold Holder in contempt. Big deal! With 108 dems walking out, it was fait accompli. Plenty of cover so they could vote in favor of contempt and shore up their base for re- election in the fall. They’re still dems, which means they are still craven scum willing to do anything, say anything to get re-elected. This is not a brave act of principle on their part. I’m sure they got permission from their leadership to do it before they did it. These are dems-they don’t break ranks. This is nothing more than shallow politics, my friends.

  • Rachelle

    Holder is a stupid lawyer.

    Being held in criminal contempt is a fact in itself.

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  • atticcellar

    Walking out of a vote they know they can not win is nothing new.. They did it in Wisconsin actually leaving the state to advoid a vote they knew they could not win..

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  • Patty

    Ask yourself, do we care what Holder and Obamatax have to say. I mean really. Don’t hold your breathe to ever get to the truth before election Day. And even then, if he is re-elected we may never know.

    Obama and Holder have deceived this nation and both should be up on even more charges.

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    yeah, all these STUPID people in charge of US..

    what next, outpost wolves to guard the sheep??



  • valerie

    If this were really a political stunt, there wouldn’t have been 17 Democratic votes, and the Black Caucus wouldn’t have walked out to avoid voting in his favor.

  • Patty


    And in other news today:

    United Technologies sold military software to China: US

  • how dumbed down are we bg


    political stunt and how many dead?? /s/


  • AnnaS

    Holder thinks hey- we won the Obamacare thing- this is nothing- just call it a stunt. AND they do seem to be getting everything they want, no?

  • Patty
  • SeniorD

    Of course Eric Holder knows the contempt citations are ‘not based on fact’. He’s been withholding the facts in the first place! Time for Holder to do a ‘perp walk’ to the D.C. jail.

  • SpideyTerry

    Republicans say it is based on fact, and Holder says it isn’t. If only there were some way to determine who is right. If only there were some evidence to prove either side right. Documents, perhaps. Are there any documents that could shed some light on this matter? Oh wait, there are.

    Memo to Holder: ball’s in your court, dumbass.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Eric Holder is finally learning from me. If you tell a big lie you can fool some of the people most of the time. My lies are not perfect and they will never be perfect… um.. I can’t see the teleprompter.

    Oh, wrong speech… Eric Holder’s lies are not perfect and they will never be perfect. So, he can now join the talk show circuit, polish a door knob, or go under the bus!

    But, I am not amused. The real political stunt was brilliantly orchestrated and executed by Me… leading to the Congressional Black Caucus walking out the door with a drunken-botoxed Nancy Pelosi. And, yes, the door knob hit her in the butt on the way out.

    Let me be clear, I will try to pardon Eric Holder as I leave office… if I am not in jail. But, I deserve all of the showmanship credit! Eric Holder sucks! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • Monkey Wrench


    He won’t need to be pardoned because he will never go to trial. For that to happen he must be indicted by a federal prosecutor and all the federal prosecutors work for Holder. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Today’s vote was symbolic. Boehner wants this issue to go away. There is a reason he scheduled the vote on the same day as the health care ruling. He knew it would be overshadowed.

    This is not going to be a campaign issue, except for the people that are already going to vote for Romney.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    AG Eric Holder Says House Contempt Vote a Political Stunt Not Based in Fact

    After listening to just forty-five seconds of the video, I had to wonder, what the hell is this a-hole talking about?

    The House is investigating Fast and Furious and issues a subpoena for internal Justice Dept documents. Holder refuses, Obie covers for him, and he still hasn’t turned over any material. That seems to be about it.

    With all the other irrelevant crap he’s spouting off, he may as well be going “wah wah waaah wah wah” like grownups in Charlie Brown cartoons.

  • obama is a fraud

    Holder has done this before with 16 FNL Terrorists–set them free. And Clinton defended him. Now he is doing it AGAIN. He let that Islamist nut job who gun down 13 American soldiers in Texas–as a WORK PLACE incident??? WTF? And was pregnant–the DOJ (HOLDER) ONLY defends you if your BLACK or a Terroist. Whitey doesn’t have a chance or Hispanic–they KILLED 200
    Hispanics and TWO Americans—and it was from the top. They don’t care if it was a WHITE BORDER agent–they are huge racists.

    What about the Security leaks??? They have committed TREASON all of them—we are in danger with this adminstration. They send a drone to IRAN-nothing done. GUNS to gangs? Our people being gunned down—they ARE the enemy. This is IMPREACHMENT!!! This
    all of this is TREASON to the American people!! The thugs are running the country!!! Its an embasraasment! And now 21 new taxes ? TAX TAX TAX TAX and EPA to tax un on the air we breathe?????? It never stops never! What is this?? Repreations on America to punish us???

  • Eric the Red is one dissembling POS.

    Now, Pubbies, take that contempt to Federal court and get a court order forcing Holder to release those damn documents — without redactions. Avoid the DoJ, as they have a rather severe conflict of interest in this case.

  • Ella

    STFU Holder. You and resident Obama are accessories to murder.

  • Mike

    Not based on fact? So Holder did turn over the documents?