Secret Obama Program Releases High-Level Detainees in Afghanistan In Exchange for Peace

Obama Administration officials are secretly releasing high-level detainees at Parwan Detention Center in Afghanistan in exchange for peace.

Detainees at the Parwan Detention Center in Afghanistan have their cases reviewed. Those who no longer pose a threat attend what’s known as a ‘release shura’.

The Washington Post reported, via Free Republic:

The United States has for several years been secretly releasing high-level detainees from a military prison in Afghanistan as part of negotiations with insurgent groups, a bold effort to quell violence but one that U.S. officials acknowledge poses substantial risks.

As the United States has unsuccessfully pursued a peace deal with the Taliban, the “strategic release” program has quietly served as a live diplomatic channel, allowing American officials to use prisoners as bargaining chips in restive provinces where military power has reached its limits.

But the releases are an inherent gamble: The freed detainees are often notorious fighters who would not be released under the traditional legal system for military prisoners in Afghanistan. They must promise to give up violence — and U.S. officials warn them that if they are caught attacking American troops, they will be detained once again.

There are no absolute guarantees, however, and officials would not say whether those who have been released under the program have later returned to attack U.S. and Afghan forces once again.

“Everyone agrees they are guilty of what they have done and should remain in detention. Everyone agrees that these are bad guys. But the benefits outweigh the risks,” said one U.S. official who, like others, discussed the issue on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the program.

The releases have come amid broader efforts to end the decade-long war through negotiation, which is a central feature of the Obama administration’s strategy for leaving Afghanistan…

The program has existed for several years, but officials would not confirm exactly when it was established.

Who was the brilliant lib who came up with this program?

So, how’s it working?
Over twice as many US soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan under Obama in 3 1/2 years than under Bush in 8 years.

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  • nadadhimmi

    Obama is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing, and that is: Aiding the enemies of the United States to kill Americans in time of War.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Capitulating to the enemy. Works every time it is tried. These goons are about to decapitate a helpless 70 year old man and they’ll probably do it on the internet. So, sure, turn them all loose. What harm could it do? s/o

  • tarpon

    This is how liberals fight wars. Think Vietnam.

  • clarityrising

    “Stop! Or I’ll shout ‘Stop’ again!”

    So basically, the job I am doing here in Afghanistan, which is finding and catching bad guys, is a waste of my time.

  • PAvolley

    “Smart Power!”

  • squeaky

    “Unlike at Guantanamo, releasing prisoners from the Parwan detention center, the only American military prison in Afghanistan, does not require congressional approval and can be done clandestinely.” more leap frogging the congress. can’t say when it started but i suppose that’s to be determined later depending on whether or not it’s a success.

  • L.E. Liesner

    All this falls into the category of aiding and abetting the enemy. Our politicians have been doing it since the Korean Police Action and that ladies and gentlemen is why we have not won a war since WWII. Re-election is more important to them, then national security.

  • just-saying


  • Militant Conservative

    Send a loud clear message

    In November. The democrats

    Do not see what is coming.

    The TEA party is bigger, mad

    as hell and spoiling for a

    fight. This is our country and

    we are not leaving in her hour

    Of need.

    Powder is dry

  • bear

    Gee-whiz! They PROMISED obama to not be violent. Even obama is not stupid enough to believe THAT.

    A muslim promise has no more value than wet toilet paper, and our prez knows it.

    Just as in Fast and Furious, obama kills Americans and others to further his political aims.


  • would you expect anything less!

  • Mannie

    Cheeseburger Eating Surrender Monkey!

  • pink tie Republican

    Halsey, Nimitz, MacArthur,Marshall, Patton… all turning in their graves.

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  • Great

    Did that ‘peace’ thing come with a warranty?

  • bg


    May 06, 2012 –

    First the flash, then the bang

    [The world we see in the next decade — the challenges we face after
    2012 — will largely be a consequence of what President Obama has done
    over the last few years. This will not be true just for terrorism trends, but
    also from what threats we receive from belligerents and competitors such
    as Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. Also shaping the future will be the
    consequences arising from the Arab Spring, the fallout from the global
    recession, the threat of transnational crime, the rise of cyberthreats and
    the tide of anti-Americanism in South America.]

    we did not listen, we’re not listening
    still, and to our peril, we never will..

    my old old refrain is new again.. *sigh*

    btw, found out over the week end that Obama still has quite
    a few in denial parishioners who worship him above all else..


  • StrangernFiction

    Re-election is more important to them, then national security.

    Ah yes, the Rubio line: But for the quest to get reelected Obama could really be something, but his obsession with staying in the White House has made him just like everybody else.

    Sadly this is a$$ backwards, and obviously so. Obama is on tape admitting that reelection is keeping him in check.

  • burt

    We were allowed to win World War II. It was fought to make the world safe for Stalin.

  • What an incredible betrayal – my friends did NOT die for this.

  • Steve

    Of coarse re-election is important. After the last 8 years of having a republican in office and what that did to the country, why would you think democrats would not do what is needed to stay in office.

  • dunce

    They traded prisoners for a taqiyya promise, much like the failed land for peace deals the Israelis made.

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