Grim Milestone: Over Twice as Many U.S. Soldiers Have Died in Afghanistan Under Obama In 3 1/2 Years Than Did Under Bush in 8 Years – Media Silent


Another grim milestone: Over twice as many US soldier have been killed in Afghanistan under Barack Obama than under George W. Bush.
Texas Conservative Republican News reported:

1954 U.S. soldiers have been lost so far in the Afghanistan war according to icasualties

1324 of those deaths occurred in less than 3 1/2 years under the Obama Regime while only 630 of those deaths occurred in 8 years under George W. Bush.

Of 2983 coalition deaths in the past 10 years, 1954 of the lost soldiers were from the United States.

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  • StrangernFiction

    BOTH parties are down with nation-building in Muzzy (ie enemy) countries. BOTH PARTIES.

  • bigkahuna

    The media dont care about soldiers or soldiers families or the country……unless its an evil republican in office.

  • GoldGeneral

    On pace for 414 in 2012, depending on when the latest figure where tallied.

    120 days in 2012 so far as of Apr 29th = 1.1333 a day times 365.

  • mg4us

    So let’s see what HOPE & Change got us?

    In Obama’s 3 1/2 years vs Bush’s 8. . .

    – Twice as Many Deaths of Soldiers in Afghanistan
    – Much more and deeper government debt
    – More than Doubling of gasoline prices
    – More than doubling of real unemployment rate
    – Significantly more Americans out of work or in part time jobs
    – Significantly less Americans working
    – 50% more Americans in poverty
    – 50+% more Americans on food Stamps (Obama the Food Stamp President)
    – Lower housing prices
    – More Foreclosures (and still more to come)
    – Less trust from our allies
    – More turmoil from our enemies
    – A significantly weaker dollar
    – More racial tension
    and the list can go on and on. . . but don’t let facts get in the way. . . especially for the Lame Stream Media (LSM) who act more like White House “Repeaters” than “Reporters”.

    But Obama did do one thing better than Bush. . .
    Obama got many more republicans elected to Congress in 2010 and hopefully even more come this November.

    Come November, Let’s HOPE there’s CHANGE!

  • democraps suck

    that’s because the commie in chief hates america hates the military and wants to see them get killed…anti american kenyan turd needs to be flushed in November

  • stonedome

    all have given their lives so that hussein can have secret negotiations with the taliban…hussein is the enemy within supported by progressive leadership in the military. why do you think patreus was moved to head the cia and panetta made secretary of defense??? hussein doesn’t want to hear opposing views because he’s a dictator.

  • Don’t worry we have plenty of illegals to fill in while they are gone. Again, BOTH PARTIES ARE AIDDING AND ABETTING THE LOSS OF THIS NATION. The REPUBS quite busy with trying to cajole and wheedle the “fastest growing demographic” group. They don;t worry with dead ranchers on the border.
    The Age of Treason

  • arnonerik

    The tragedy is their sacrifice will be for nothing as our feckless leader will end up bowing to the enemy.

  • Mary

    Yet while GWB was in the WH we were subjected to a “body count” on the nightly news. Damn the liberal media. They have no respect for our military families.

  • succotash

    Pathetic! Lord,deliver us from evil. Good [email protected]

  • tommy mc donnell

    almost all coverage of the war by the media stopped as of jan. 2009. this after years of front page coverage of the bodies coming home, the grieving families, the waste of human life. then poof like magic it disappears, same as the anti-war protests.

    any business that pays to advertise in these politically biased media outlets should be boycotted. people in the boardrooms have an obligation to support the truth not a lying political agenda. conservatives are the people that invest in these companies thru the stock market. we are the people that own the mutual funds, have IRA’s that hold the stock of these companies. its about time we started using that economic power to have a media that is honest and truthful.

    an honest and independent media is necessary for a free country. that is why the founding fathers included freedom of the press so prominently in the constitution. with regard to government the media is suppose to be the citizens watchdog. instead we have a willfully biased, politically controlled media that is neither free or independent. you are never going to change the wolf blitzers and soledad o’briens and all the rest of the people in the media because they are not forced to be biased they do it because they want to do it. however we can make it economically impossible for them to continue to do so.

  • Godfrey

    My dog got ten puppies, it”s OBAMA’s fault……..YAWN..

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  • aprilnovember811

    And this is why those that could have prevented this from happening, are doing everything in their power to keep Zero’s true birthplace hidden.

    They let a horrible act of terror occur. They let a foreigner usurp the White House, and direct our wars. It’s too late now with all of this damage done, to fess up to what they let happen. They know they will be blamed for the carnage in the country and out of the country. There is no keeping it from God though. He said vengeance was his in the Bible. Life will get them one way or another both those that are directly responsible and those who kept quiet.

    Romans 12:19–21

    “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave itto the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” 20 To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

  • noway

    My dog got ten puppies, it”s OBAMA’s fault……..YAWN

    hmm well godfrey, i’d keep those puppes away from obama especially at dinner time.

  • bg
  • bg


    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!


  • Marian L.

    #17 April 29, 2012 at 1:10 pm
    bg commented:
    Thank You for that post!

    Our Soldiers are the True Peacekeepers, and such Mighty Men and Women of Valor, that we are very privilege to have!

  • As a combat veteran myself, who served proudly, I to thought at one time that we were in Southeast Asia for all the right reasons. That is until I woke up and realized that it was all politic’s. I didn’t like being a political pawn. It made me feel small. The job I was doing couldn’t be done by a small person(not sizewise, a person who is of low value). It took a person who believed that they were a very important asset, and that without what they did the war effort would be seriously set back and possibly could cause us to loose the war. You can find people to drive truck or cook food or type up reports all day long to fill in when people leave. But it took a long time to train someone to do the job that I did and we could not be readily replaced. So it was imparitive to make sure that every one of us in my company were not wasted or misused.

    Our soldiers in Afghanistan are being wasted and misused. We are doing a great disservice to our soldiers to use them in a country where the enemy is being supported by our own government politically, and may even be supported financially, who knows. I wouldn’t put anything past Obama and his love of the Muslim terrorist jihadist. Since he rarely meets with our military, and even less time meeting with our soldiers in the field, and even less time meeting with our wounded soldiers in hospitals who’ve lost limbs, eyes, and more in the service of our nation, it’s pretty obvious what he thinks about our military.

    And if there was a better way of killing off some of our best than to keep them in a country where the rules of engagement are made to keep our soldiers from protecting themselves and they can’t go where the enemy is because it might cause civilian casualties, and calateral damage to their country, then our governments priorities are backwards and are made to advantage the enemy not us.

    We need to get the hell out of Afghanistan. That country is not going to be better off because we’ve been there helping their women go to school or learn to drive. As soon as we leave they will shut the schools down and take the cars away from the women. It’s already happened in Iraq, so there you are. Iranian’s have already taken Iraq from the people who wanted freedom and have began a supression of those who wanted a government that was free of dominance from the Mullah’s. Afghanistan will be even more quick to change back to what it was before we got there. As soon as we drew down our troops when the war shifted to Iraq, the Taliban came right back into Afghanistan and their numbers have been growing ever since. We can’t keep up with that when our government has already told the enemy when we’re leaving. We need to leave now. The Corizi government wants us to leave now, so let’s do what he’s telling us to do.

    And then our remaining troops won’t have to worry about dieing in a godless piece of crap country that could care less about our ever having come there. Sure, there were people who didn’t want the Taliban to take over the country and were being murdered by the Taliban to punish the people. Well, there are people right here in America who don’t like the Communists who’ve taken over our country to finish taking over our country and want them to stop. And there are people being killed right here in America by the Obama administration to punish the our people for opposing Obama. So I believe it’s more important to save our troops for the war that is going to break out here in America soon. We need to bring them back to protect American’s from the enemy that our government allowed to come into the country who by their Islamic beliefs are here to kill us and take our country from us. And Obama is behind every bit of it.

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  • bg


    Marian L. #18 April 29, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    you’re welcome..

    WillofLa #19 April 29, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Thank You..


  • Patty

    This is sickening and Obama has helped tremendously by eliminated our Defense to pay for his Debt.

    US Troop Deaths in Afghan War Under Obama Now Twice That Under Bush OCT. 2011

    More US Troop Deaths in Afghanistan in Obama’s Two Years Than … FEB. 2011

    This was a problem long ago, why now talking about it. There could have been lives saved but this administration changed nothing. Do you think they have blood on their hands? YES, THEY DO.

  • CommieJuice

    God bless them and their families for their voluntary and ultimate sacrifice! We appreciate and salute each and every one of you, with the exception of Bradley Manning. You are all in our prayers daily.

    Do any of you readers/contributors remember when the absentee ballots of the military wasn’t counted because the regime delayed the sending and reception of them which caused a delay in receiving them and ultimately lead to the military absentee ballots not being counted, but the prisoners had lawsuits that lead to their mail in ballots being counted immediately?

    Anyone remember that? Or remember how much the 0bama regime respects the troops while disregarding their votes, their ranks (corpse-man), using them the same as he does minorities and kids aka other ‘props’ for political exploit, their memories and ultimate sacrifice by taking pictures of the coffins coming home when they promised not to? Anyone remember that?

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  • dunce

    I hold obama personally responsible for every one of these deaths and many more like the ones that resulted from fast and furious. Had bush done the same thing and flooded Mexico with weapons to arm the drug cartels, the UN and amnesty international would have called for him to appear before the International Criminal Court. Murder is not a crime in their eyes if a socialist does it. It is international community organizing for their own good. They consider it good as a means to consolidate power and they look at their political opponents as better off dead.

  • JoyO

    Yes, the newspapers stopped reporting daily on the FRONT PAGE the number of Americans killed daily and cumulatively in Iraq and Afghanistan on Jan 20, 2008. The Administration hasn’t taken any more prisoners either — now, they just kill everyone with drones. It is strange that all of the people “who cared so much” about imprisoned terrorists are NOT BE CONCERNED AT ALL the drone kills since Obama assumed office. If Bush was still in office, we would still be reading daily about many soldiers have been killed, how criminal it is to imprison terrorists without trials, and how unmoral it is to use the drones. Their actions concerning the war before and after January 20, 2008, make as much sense as their trying to make Americans provide healthcare coverage for “children under the age of 26” while handing out condoms to 12 year old boys! It is not logical!

  • Marian L.

    WillofLa THANK YOU for your sacrifices. We are forever grateful to our Military and couldn’t agree more with you!

  • owl

    You never ever hear one word of this from the Professional Poop Scoopers.

    They scream and print Abu Ghraib on the frontpage for years and then go into Silence for Obama. I hate that one soldier is under Obama. Bring them home. Now.

    I expect he will announce this in Sept/Oct. This flipping no good thing intends to run on killing Osama and bringing all the troops home. Get them home now. He bargains and pays our enemies. He is the enemy and uses the troops as props. He does not give a flip.

  • Joanne

    Obama’s administration of guilty of purposing having Americans troops killed. When you have to load your rifle after you’ve been shot at, who’d think it would take such a toll on the lives of Americans troops! Duh! Hate that guy and all his traitor cronies.

  • Lilly

    Why no mention of Obama changing the ROE back in 2009? I suspect the tighter rules are the reason for the high count of our troops.

  • Lilly
  • Liz

    When Bush was president, I remember the media counting every single war death.

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  • Bill

    It shouldn’t matter what president is in office when a certain amount of soldiers die in Afghanistan. It is still one too many dead whenever one more soldier is killed in that godforsaken land. It will NEVER be the lawful democratic country that the west want it to be. Just look at what history has shown us in the past about Afghanistan. Unfortunatley, the Taliban will always take advantage of that situation and the rest of the world will just have to sit back and watch as that part of the world just evolves into an anarchist regime, and that a centain, small but powerful amount of very bad people will be happy to keep the status quo. It will take a massive shift in power that will give the good people a country they will beproud to call their own. But I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime.

    “Rejoice O Young Man in thy Youth”. Ecclesiastes 11:3

  • AFCPctrler

    Of course, the body count would be ZERO if we never went there in the first place.

    Monday-morning quarterback all you want, but refresh my memory as to the U.S. interest that was and is threatened by Afghanistan?

    Troops. Home. NOW!

  • Turner

    Ummm…. I was with 3ID 3BDE at Fort Benning and last I checked this Brigade was not in Afghan. during that time. So whats wrong with this picture? or am I reading it wrond because it does say 3ID and then 3rd Brigade.

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  • Linda

    #35 It shouldn’t matter what president is in office when a certain amount of soldiers die in Afghanistan

    There is something very wrong when there is a new Commander-In-Chief and not only does the number of deaths double but the number of AMBUSHES GOES UP…THERE IS SOMETHING VERY SERIOUSLY WRONG HERE!!!!

  • befuddled

    For all of Obama’s kowtowing,it almost seems to have only emboldened our enemies even further.

  • buzzroid2001

    OOOHHH. I saw one of them dirty dems peaking in my window, while it was performing an abortion and the lame stream media was filming it. Ya know it just ain’t america anymore. I can’t sit in my comfy chair watchin fox news, swallowing my oxycotin as my hearing gets destroyed in privacy.

  • Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like
    you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you
    can do with a few pics to drive the message home a
    bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog.
    An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

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  • John

    If we had deployed tactical nukes early in the ten-year old war in Afghanistan…when Bin Laden and his tela-tubby buddies were hiding in their caves in the mountains…then today that “God forsaken” $hithouse country would be a glass covered parking lot and there would be a lot more American military men & women alive. God help our once-great nation. The present occupant of the White House, who is no more qualified to be the leader of this country as he is qualified to be a bus boy, needs to be $hit canned and replaced.

  • finabiscotti

    Judicial Watch – a non-partisan government watchdog organization based out of Washington, DC –
    submitted an FOIA request – to Obama as a US Senator –
    to acquire information on his “junket” to Iraq and Afghanistan –
    leading into the 2008 presidential election.
    Obama abused our US Taxpayer money – to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan to “campaign” for the 2008 presidential election.

  • Doug Lyons

    So did everyone conveniently forget Iraq?

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