Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Barack Obama Has Done Nothing For Black Community (Video)

Ouch. Barack Obama’s former pastor and mentor Jeremiah Wright told author Ed Klein of The Amateur that Barack Obama has done nothing for the black community. Wright also said Obama was selected. Klein played the audio today on the Sean Hannity radio show.

Wright is right. Barack Obama owns the highest black unemployment rate in 27 years.

Ed Klein also said Jeremiah Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having to renounce his “Islamic background.” Klein also has this on tape.

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  • Bunni

    Ohh, Rev W knows where all the bodies are buried (probably literally).
    obummer should not have thrown him under the bus so fast.

  • Name

    oh wait, it was played on a Sean Hannity radio station? It must be right then. Must be.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Pour it on, Rev Wright, pour it on.

    In the meantime, let’s all sit back and watch the show.

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  • Mitch Rapp

    I guess Rdverend Wright’s tongue was not destroyed when Obama tossed him from the Big Spenders Bus.

    It seems to be payback time

  • illini guy

    Baaarrrakkks chickenz are comin home to rooooost!!!

  • Mad Hatter

    The Ed Klein interview is very damaging to Obama. The Alinsky Media will ignore this book, and will never mention it since they won’t do anything to make Obama look bad.

    The audio portions of this will be played on talk shows, both nationally and locally up until election day.

    “Obaaaammaaa’s chiiiickens, c’mon home, too roost”

  • Multitude

    He’s also done absolutely nothing positive for Occupy, nor Communists, women, gays (any gay who looks at exactly what Obama said last week would realize it was a setback and a punt to the states from a President who believes in leaving almost nothing to the states, let alone Congress and the Supreme Court).

    Obama has been a brilliant president for anti-American globalists like Soros. Strange… they’re the same ones backing him. Go figure!

  • susanm

    its about time someone comes out with the truth…and a close someone? how long do
    ”WE THE PEOPLE” get justics? soon i hope, both obama & michell land up in JAIL..

  • BurmaShave

    Well, for once I agree with “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright. In fact I will go him one better. When the dust settles concerning the Obama presidency, it will wind up being an enormous blot on American history, reflecting very poorly on the black community, which went “all in” for this fraud. One could easily argue that they were suckered – I very much think they were. Nevertheless, until they accept the fact that they were duped and regret it, they will be stigmatized by this fiasco; it could take a generation or two for race relations to recover.

    Liberals will have to take the fall, if we are ever to move on. The best way for this to happen is the election to be not just a landslide, but a total wipeout.

    The sad story here is this is what affirmative action has led to, and that is another thing that will have to be accepted eventually.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    What is this “black community” I keep hearing about?

    Is anyone asking Romney “What are you going to do for the White Community?”

    No, because that would be racist and divisive, just as the former is.

  • mg4us

    I have to politely disagree with Rev Wright. .

    Obama (both Barack and Angry & Mean Big Mama Moochele) have helped Black folk get up and exercise by marching with jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton over Trayvon Martin Case.

    And Obama has helped Black you with some physical activity – – Those so called Black Youth Flash mobs to beat and intimidate Whitey.

    And let’s not forget or the brothers & sisters that have gotten some government handout, especially by Acorn. . .

    As Moochele says – – just move it. . .

  • donh

    Obama made Judas out of his own pastor with 30 pieces of silver. Now the Reverand can feel judgement day approaching. He can smell to odor of sulfer as Obama leads the black community deeper down the pit of darkness. Reverand can hear the echoing bark of the hounds guarding the gates of Hades. He is afraid. He does not sleep well. For all his God damning America Reverand Wright wants to be saved and spend his eternity with Christ. He wants to come clean.

  • BurmaShave

    @#7 Mad Hatter

    Ed Klein’s book may get more play than you think, via superPAC advertising. It’s possible and very much in order. We’ll just have to see.

  • BurmaShave

    @#2 Name

    Oh wait, it’s been ignored by the DNC media? It must be not right then?


  • TammyChicago

    I wasn’t interested in this man’s blatherings when he was pro Obama and I’m just as disinterested now. The man has no credibility whatsoever. This POS does not get my ear just because his remarks are critical of Obama. His opinion is worthless.

  • Patty

    So, with that statement, Wright is not to happy with the way the DOJ has been with their inaction of Bounty by the Black Panthers on Zimmerman or the Case dropped by Holder when the Black Panthers held clubs in their hands at Voting Places. And what about Obama weighing in Favor of a Trayvon the son he would have would look like Trayvon. And Wright isn’t happy about Obama siding with Prof. Gates in Cambridge Police Case.

    Or is that Food Stamps are at their highest levels since Obama became President. Obama cannot seem to get people up off the couch and stop receiving more entitlements.

    Wright like Oprah, they both got their little feelings hurt. Oprah was too fat for Michelle and Wright was too flamboyant.

    Ego gets the better of Obama when he now sees he will be president. And when you think about this, Obama has never held the office of Character, Great Moral Values, Positive outlook on himself and positive outlook for America. Obama and Michelle have been terribly cheated in life. There had to be some good as they were growing up, instead they choose SELF SERVING BIAS, THE SHAME, THAT BREAKS MEN.

  • ponderon

    Obummer’s second father is getting some revenge for being thrown under the bus..

  • Patty

    I am still waiting for the man who has tapes of Obama and Michelle and girls, in Wright’s church during the rants. Because they are out there. Someone, maybe even Wright has them. Hannity played the rants over and over during the Campaign for elections of 08.

    But in that Cardboard box of Wright’s I would love to know what is in there. If not tape, what else. That was no mentioned. I too, don’t care about Wright, I just want the real Pandora.

    Bribes, Lies, Cheating, Cons, people are dropping like flies. I can’t imagine what Wright gains from this now. And for Wright as I see here, others could careless what he says now.

    Those who follow all the politics know that we do have an Amateur and a person with lack of moral character in the White House. I just hope the nation will come November.

  • USMC Thomas

    The 97% of the black vote that went to SØBama wasn’t being suckered, but was strictly a racist vote for color.