Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam (Video Report)

Barack Obama takes his shoes off at a visit to a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. (White House)

In a shocking interview yesterday on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, author Ed Klein said Barack Obama’s former pastor helped Obama accept Christianity without having to renounce Islam.
The Daily Caller reported:

Klein also said Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his “Islamic background,” which Klein said he has on tape.

Here is Ed Klein on Hannity talking about his interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Klein spoke more on this in a separate interview with NewsMax:

Klein says Obama originally sought out Wright to discuss community activism.

“Quickly the conversations turned from picking up garbage on the street and getting streetlights put up on street corners to political matters and religious matters,” Klein says. “And the Rev. Wright turned into really a substitute father figure, who guided Obama in the two major areas of his life.”

The first area was Obama’s identity — just who was he?

“Obama was steeped in Islam but knew nothing about Christianity,” Klein says.

Klein asked Wright if he converted Obama from being a Muslim into a Christian.

“He said, I don’t know about that. but I can tell you that I made it easy for him to come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is and not feel that he was turning his back on his Islamic friends and his Islamic traditions and his understanding of Islam,” Klein says.

The second area was Obama’s political philosophy. Wright introduced Obama to Black Liberation theology.

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  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    Pass the popcorn.

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  • Redwine

    Many of us knew it. Few had the courage to admit it.

    Comrade Hussein’s descriptions of Christian belief are not evocative of the way Christians speak. If you listen to the way he speaks at lavish WH Iftar dinners or the Cairo sermon. It’s obvious that he is more comfortable with speaking about Islam, or, as he said in his interview with Stephanopoulos, his “Muslim faith”.

    In any case, according to Islam, the faith is passed on by the father – and his Kenyan father was a Muslim, as was his adoptive Indonesian stepfather.

    He is neither a Christian, nor an American.

  • Patty

    On topic: Who is Jeremiah Wright to give clearance to anyone on Faith. And who is Obama to talk about any Christianity. He is destroying American values and the Catholic Churches beliefs. They have to defend themselves against a Social Radical.


    Obama Announces Plans to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act

    Obama plans to repeal defense of Marriage Act

    You spoke too soon, Rand Paul. It sounds like the President’s views on marriage just got even gayer.

    Somewhat buried in CNN’s story on Barack Obama’s fundraiser in New York is this little tidbit about his administration’s plans for marriage equality—

    He also outlined goals he hopes to accomplish under a second term, including the repeal of the Defense Of Marriage Act, which the administration has already stopped defending.

    This is the first time Obama has said that he will actively work to repeal the law.

    Correction: Another CNN story clarifies this point. While Obama said, “Congress is clearly on notice that I think [DOMA is] a bad idea,” he did not say he would get Congress to repeal the law. Obama has called on Congress to repeal the law in the past, including in a 2009 speech to the Human Rights Campaign.

    At the fundraiser, hosted by openly gay pop star Ricky Martin, Obama called same-sex marriage the “right thing to do.” He also said that contrary to what many rightwing pundits have alleged, marriage equality will help families. Read ON.

  • Facauwee Tribe

    Those garlic-nosed Italian mobsters pick up the garbage, don’t they?

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know what the problem with SH*T SANDWICHES is?

    You can serve someone a sh*t sandwich dressed up in a toasted bun with fresh lettuce, pickles, tomato, onions and some mayo. You can even convince them there is a real hamburger in there.

    But eventually they have to take a bite. Once they realize that that’s really sh*t and not a burger you are gonna be damned hard pressed to convince them to take a second bite.

    This is Obama’s dilemma.

  • Warthog

    But this time the sh*t sandwich is NEW and IMPROVED fortified with HOPE & CHANGE and vitimins and minerals and stuff!

    Won’t you have another bite?

  • shibumi

    Not surprising at all. You see, Islam does recognize Jesus, but just as a minor prophet- no one particularly special. So I can see Wright letting O gloss over the “son of God” thing in order to get him involved in “black liberation theology.”

  • Patty

    The furthest thing from most Americans minds is Obama and His Christianity. His faith and his values are too extreme, especially for someone who believe in Gay marriage and Abortions. We have bigger fish to fry. And so does the Catholic Churches, no pun intended. We are sick of the distractions of Obama and Rev. Wright trying once again to get into the Limelight in the Year of the Election.

    Conned, used, manipulating, crossed, out spent, failures, mandates, regulations which are destroying American ingenuity. Countless reports on Solar, Green, Cars failures by Government who have no business in Businesses. They can even run this nation and do the duties that President and Congress should do.

    Nothing is being accomplished under the foot of Racism, Hate and attacks. We need to get on course. I could careless what Wright does now. We tried to tell American Obama was wrong, well, now, Obama has a record of lack luster failed accomplishments and Our Focus will not be taken off Obama. Wright can take a flying leap for all I care. Both of these men have serious and dangerous emotional problems.

  • shibumi

    Also… if O is indeed Muslim, than Wright has made it so he’s not an apostate in Islam- so he doesn’t need to be put to death in the Islamic world. Plus… Islam is totally OK with lying to infidels, so who are we to assume that O isn’t really a Muslim who likes black liberation theology?

  • Patty

    they CAN’T EVEN RUN


  • dba…vagabond trader

    He was raised a cultural muzz. I have my doubts about him believing in anything other than marxism. They seem to go rather well together, misery for all. Except the elite.

  • Patty

    Questions: Is Obama Gay, Muslim, Born in America, WOW, think about it. There were so many questions about Obama. LOOK at what I just Posted.

    Tell me, What President has ever had so many unbelievable background and be elected?

    Truly incredible when records are hidden from the public and that same person is elected in this Nation. PRAY TO GOD THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

  • Christopher Taylor

    That quote isn’t exactly accurate, basically he said that he helped President Obama come up with a version of Christianity that he could hold to without violating his Muslim worldview, his ideas of life that were founded on Islamic teachings.

    President Obama worships no one but himself. As someone else said above, he’s not Muslim. He’s not Christian. He’s a narcissist.

  • Patty

    So incomparable that no one cared enough, in this glorious nation, with many patriots, why did this happen and who could vote for this. I realize that their are secret society that some believe happened in 08, I may not have phrased this right.

    But for even the left media to betray so many is sinful and not just a lack of journalism but next to Treasonous in my opinion.

  • Patty

    I couldn’t even give Wright the scrapes from my Cat’s dish. I couldn’t give him the time of day. I heard what he said in his rants about my Ancestry and I knew that my grandmother and grandfather would be turning over in their graves. I snob my nose at Wright and Obama for sitting their for 20 years listening to some mindless lowlife and now we must believe what this racist and radical has to say about a President who has been such a failure.

    Once again, another distraction from our Children’s future. Our Nation’s debt of course and I just can give another second of my time on this topic.

  • Patty



  • Fuquay Steve

    Nothin’ to see here – keep movin’.

  • bg


    yeah, he’s a freakin’ saint that Uncle Jerry is..

    do you still think Obama is alone in his
    endeavors to deconstruct America??

    then you too believe in UNACORNs.. /s/


  • Texas_Treeroach

    I smell a new book coming out of Wright:
    “Ease on down the Road: The Islamist’s Guidebook to Compromising a Christian Nation.”

    Wright’s candor accentuates Obama’s ‘confusion.’ There, of course, never were 57 United States that Obama claimed to have visited during his 2008 campaign tour. However, there are 57 Arab States that I’m sure he had to memorize in his youth.

    We’ll find out in November whether or not American wants to be America, anymore.