Retired Lt. General McInerney: Military Heroes Make Us a Great Nation Not Scumbags on MSNBC (Video)

Retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the controversial statements made this past weekend by MSNBC analyist Chris Hayes. The far left crank, Hayes, told his fellow panelists he had a problem with calling the war dead “heroes.”
This prompted McInerney to make the following statement,

This guy’s a jerk, look… We’re a great nation because many serve unselfishly and many are killed. And unselfishly those families continue forward. And that’s why we’re a great nation, not because scumbags like MSNBC puts on the air.

Can I get an Amen?

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  • bigkahuna

    Bullseye…nailed the bastages

  • Matt


  • demasque

    Did you see the look on that general’s face? Chris Hayes would wet his nappy going up against him.

  • USMC Thomas

    I salute you, General.

  • Tim in Cali

    It makes me wonder..Are the fathers of these metrosexual,new castrati …er….men…happy they raised such pansies ?

    Orrr….Are the they happy ,their PANSIES work for MSLSD ?

  • SpideyTerry

    I think I found my new ringtone.

  • Old One

    Liberalism it is becoming more obvious with each passing day is slashing itself to death as did their marxisst of the former east bloc and Russia. Liberalism rather they call themseves progressive or whatever is a totalitarian death cult. Hayes like all cultist of his stripe will destroy himself. We must see that Hayes and his madmen cohorts do not take millions of us with them as the eat their own.

  • sandy

    Those of us who love this country know that anyone who appears on MSNBC is a jerk. Thank you General for confirming it.

  • Robert

    It is MSNBC that is the bunch of scumbags. It is MSNBC that is the hypocritical leftist cheerleader of Obama’s drone attacks while Axelrod sits in on the meetings deciding if the political impact of the strikes will hurt Obama’s chance for re-election.

  • noway


  • FurryGuy

    Leftists want Hayes’s moronic utterance to be excused, because they agree with the sentiment, but are ready to violently censor the speech of people like Rush Limbaugh simply because they don’t agree with the views being expressed. And they don’t see the the sheer hypocrisy of such a stance.

    This is nothing new. This has been the MO since the Democratic Party was subverted by the Far Left.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, these are my troops and if it weren’t for Me they would suck! I am the Real Hero. I am the one and only Hero. Please remember that.

    I can’t answer any more questions. My limousine is running and I have new Styrofoam white columns on the 0bama telecast set and a new Greek toga with a ecologically friendly green leaf head band to try on. And, Barney Frank will be there – he is part Greek. Good day.

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  • Gary

    I fast forward whenever that muslim guy’s talking.
    Hannity used to put him up against Brigitte Gabriel, but she was too much for him.
    I’m guessing he refused to do the show with her anymore.

  • MAJ Mike

    …and what exactly has Hayes ever done for the Republic? What personal sacrifice has he ever made for the good of the country?

  • campfollower

    I noticed last night that Bill O’reilly was going on about the veteran’s high rate of applying for post-service benefits. Not ONE commentor so far has brought up the fact that military retirement planning ENCOURAGES service members to apply for their benefits and in fact treats them as perks of service, in part to make up for the incredible op tempo of the last decade and more. Thank God for Dr. Monica Crowley, who pointed out to Bill the uniformed that if the veteran’s unemployment rate wasn’t sky high, there would be a lot fewer applicants for those clearly deserved benefits.

    On the other hand, you have the scumbags who weren’t anywhere near combat who pretend they have PTSD. Let’s weed those guys out asap.

    My husband served 30 years and saw major combat, had double shoulder surgeries due to on the job incidents and hearing loss from flying, but refuses to apply for even partial benefits, because his sense of personal honor tells him that those are for the guys who were really wounded and lost quality of life. While I’d love to have a check for $100 or $200 a month coming in from the VA, I am proud of his decision and wish Bill would give a spotlight to those vets who come back strong after service, contributing to their communities DESPITE Obama’s policies, economy and/or the left’s continuing stereotypes of them as either victims or NOW LEECHERS. And how about a few stories about those who’ve done multiple deployments while in the service, but have no choice — due to the Obama economy — after retirement but to go BACK again and again. My Marine, with a stellar resume, retired five years ago and has a job here but is way underemployed and has been back to Afghanistan twice in the last three years as a contractor to make up for the loss in pay assumed at retirement.

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  • Kate

    McInerny was nicer than I’d be. If we were ever, heaven forbid, under direct attack from our enemies—enemies people like Chris Hayes placate, and take on collective guilt for the atrocities they commit, and the hatred of America (and the West)—if this should ever occur, those like Hayes would be the first to start crying for those soldiers to save him. And they would probably behave with honor and integrity and do just that. And then return to the same rhetoric as before. Because they are just that incapable to think critically of their intellectual philosophy of critical thought.

  • bobdog

    I cannot allow this calumny to just slip into oblivion without objection. There are limits of civilized discourse.

    I condemn General McInerny’s cruel and vicious characterization of Chris Hayes as a scumbag. It is grossly unfair and I will not permit scumbags to be slandered in such a way. There are thousands of good and honest scumbags in this country, and we deserve better than this.

    Good God, man, have you no shame?

  • mg4us

    Spot on General!

    I salute you and our troops. . . thoses serving, those that have served and those who paid the ultimate price because
    Freedom isn’t Free!

    Sad how Libtards and Leftists spew malice towards our protectors & defenders of our freedom and country. The wussies on MSNBC and other talking heads would run like scared little girls if we had another war like WWII.

    I say, if we ever do, serve them to the enemy. . or let them defend themselves. . . LOL!

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  • Patty

    Alright, GENERAL! Thank you for your commenting and thank you, Hannity.

    Of course, Jim Hoft, we appreciate your posted this.

  • Amen here General…….

  • lemonaide

    Give that little scumbag twerp a rifle, send him to Afghanistan, and he’ll be crying like a baby for those “heroes” to save his sorry butt.

  • valerie

    #7 May 30, 2012 at 12:01 am
    Old One commented:

    You got it partly right, but we aren’t looking at Liberals. The Liberals will be voting with the TEA Partiers and Republicans this time around. The Democratic Party at the national level has been busy repudiating Liberal values, and using dustbin-style socialist policies to justify what is actually theft from the public treasury by rich, white people.

  • bg


    Yes Sir Lt. General Thomas McInerney!!

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • bg


    valerie #28 May 30, 2012 at 8:50 am

    and you got that half right..

    as the theft of the treasury includes the Obamas, the
    Wrights, the Farrakhans, Jacksons & Sharptons et al..
    just to name several, ALL RICH BLACK MEN, and there
    are many more..


  • msmbc doesn’t put them on the air, corporate america puts them on the air. every penny it takes to put a chris hayes on the air comes from the boys and girls in the boardrooms of corporate america. msmbc’s goal is to destroy private enterprise and corporate america pays them to do it.

  • Bag of scum

    As a bag of scum, and on behalf of all bags that carry scum, I take great offense at being compared to MSNBC.

  • Mike

    I don’t see McInerney dying for the oil companies. He was smart and collected his pension before Congress cuts it.

    Let’s get real, NO ONE in the past 70 years has died for our country. They have died in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Yemen, Iran, and Columbia for the politicians who are owned by big finance and the war profiteering companies like Haliburton. Soldiers are no different than miners or other workers who die on the job. They gave their lives for the bosses plain and simple.

  • James McFarlan

    The General should be a recruiter. He’ll keep his promises. Join up and you’ll get the chance to come home in a body bag. Oh yeah, you get to keep the flag too.