Obama’s Freeloading Illegal Auntie Pens Book “Tears of Abuse”

Yup. You can tell they’re related.

Zeituni Onyango and her nephew Barack Obama pose for a picture back when he traveled to Kenya in his 20’s. Onyango lives in a disabled-access flat in a South Boston slum. She has lived in public housing for 5 years. She even illegally donated to Obama’s campaign. (Rush Limbaugh photo)

In September 2010 Barack Obama’s illegal alien Auntie Zeituni told reporters, “I didn’t take advantage of the system – The system took advantage of me.”

Now, Auntie Zeituni is about to release her first book (by a ghost writer, no doubt) where she describes her life of victimhood and freeloading.
Howie Carr at The Boston Herald writes a brilliant review of Auntie Zeituni’s road of abuse and freeloading:

Auntie Zeituni has written a book. It’s called “Tears of Abuse,” on account of how tough she’s had it.

Have I read it? Of course not. Have you read her nephew’s best-seller — Dreams from My Ghostwriter, I mean Father? No one has — it’s sold millions of copies, but until two weeks ago, not a single reader got far enough into it to learn that Obama was a dog-eater with “composite” girlfriends.

Anyway, I have the press release on “Tears of Abuse,” which describes Auntie Zeituni’s journey to the United States “where she faces the unthinkable; failing health and quarantined in a hospital while on vacation in a foreign country.”

Vacation? Surely she meant to say “welfare.”

“As her story unfolds she becomes a resident of (a) homeless shelter and a subject of deportation.”

How dare they! Just because she’s an illegal alien, they want to deport her.

Have they forgotten the immortal words of Marsha Coakley: “Technically it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.”

And if you don’t believe Marsha, just ask Uncle Omar, Auntie Zeituni’s brother, or half-brother, or whatever. Technically, it is also apparently not illegal to be driving drunk illegally in Massachusetts, at least if you’re an illegal alien.

Auntie Zeituni was victimized in Kenya but, believe it or not, “she was later victimized in the U.S.”

Read the rest here.

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  • kato

    The system failed her. She was supposed to be getting all sorts of Obama Money, just like the other black parasites in this country.

    Couldn’t the system have at least given her a zero-down mortgage loan so that she could be squatting in a nice five-bedroom colonial in the suburbs?

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  • Midwestengr

    Wonder how long it will be before the book is mandatory reading in all public schools, so Auntie can make her millions!

  • Fionnagh

    Does she mention in her book that she was present at his birth? (Like The Won’s Kenyan grandmother stated she was…)

  • Economan

    “…she was later victimized in the U.S.”

    Really? Awww. Then why didn’t she leave?

  • tru

    So Bill Ayers has written another book. Yawn

  • donh

    She looks exactly like Opra Winfrey aged another 10 years. So poor and broke yet dripping in $3000 worth of 14K gold jewelry purchased with our tax money.

  • Remco Kimber

    The title Tears of Abuse will actually be on target.

    Tears of Abuse from all the WELFARE !!! And I’m talking about all the WELFARE, to those cheaters like this one to even those who are not cheating. Get rid of it all.

    Years of Abuse, again, and again, and again, . . .

  • Patty


    Restaurant group: ‘Let Obama eat his hot dog’

    A group funded by the restaurant, food and beverage industries called a petition for President Obama to stop eating junk food before cameras “absurd” and the product of a “vegan agenda.”

    The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) also blasted the health advocacy group behind the call as a front for animal welfare organizations.


  • Blackbird

    I would love it if someone paid one of Obama’s relatives for a vial of their blood to run a DNA sequence on, and then published the results to public record. I do believe it would make Barack more nervous than a cat in a rocking chair factory that someone would get a hold of some of his DNA to run a comparison to see if he really is related to Obama Sr. Perhaps the term I’m looking for is “panic” that he would loose track of a single drop of blood or a single hair follicle. I bet you could buy a vial from his aunt or drunk uncle for $100 cash, or one from his mud hut brother for a pack of cigarettes. And if it did work out that he really is Obama Sr.’s boy it would put that question to rest once and for all.

  • Gary

    I like the title.

    Is it co-authored by the taxpayers of this country?

  • Patty

    Makes you wonder when Obama applied for Citizenship. Birth certificate, oh, yes. Seems Obama cares little for his relatives. The family is the most important part and faith in one’s life. But in Obama’s case, let them eat DOG.

    That also goes for his feelings towards America. Seems if he cares so little for his extended family, aren’t we in a way all a Family of Americans who want better and do expect a leader to do what is right for all of us.

    Obama certainly isn’t the man, he has an inflated ego and he remembers only what he wants too. He even forgets we are in a poor economy. And he promised his stimulus would bring down the unemployment to 8% by 2009. Some of us haven’t lived is slums but while some are Obama is living the high life with Clooney and the Celebrities, while Auntie pens books about her tears of abuse. I hope there is more then dog meat on her dinner table.

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  • Patty

    Obama Ad Claims to Have Helped Man Get a Job, but Man Claims Employment Since 2006


  • Charlie

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! Wait a sec. Look at those cheek bones. She’s gotta have some first nation’s people in her. I mean look at those cheek bones. Look at those cheek bones! They’re screaming Algonquin Squibnanhansett tribe of the upper Mikosaki estuary like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so obvious. It’s a plain as the face on her face.

  • befuddled

    How the hell did these freeloaders get into this country?

    “When we combine the populations of non-payers and non-filers and look to see what overall percentage of each group is not paying taxes, we find that: 50.7 percent of African American households pay no income taxes, 35.5 percent of Asian American households do not, 37.6 percent of White American households do not, and roughly 52 percent of Hispanics pay no income taxes.”

    62 percent of immigrant households in Arizona, 61 percent in Texas, California and New York, and 59 percent in Pennsylvania are on welfare.

  • HadEnough

    Is that a bag full of puppies over the @ssclwns shoulder??

  • LarryG

    So, why doesn’t Obamarrhoid bear ANY resemblance to any of his relatives?

  • Whitey

    Throw that bitch in prison do she can see real abuse!

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  • Redwine

    This illegal piece of crap is the abuser, just like her nephew and the illegal boozer uncle. Send them all back to Kenya.

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  • befuddled

    They’re screaming Algonquin Squibnanhansett tribe of the upper Mikosaki estuary like there’s no tomorrow.
    Now it all makes sense! Someone noticed her toiling around in Kenya and immediately notified the State Department that the Kenyans had kidnapped one of our high cheekbone native American Indians. We immediately kidnapped her back,put her dazed and confused onto a plane, and set her up on welfare for life.No need to worry about rent,income,medical bills,and food. I shed tears now just thinking of all the injustice that has been inflicted on this poor lady.What has this country become?

  • Two words – GO HOME

  • MN Jim

    Google their oictures. obama looks like Frank Marshall.
    Barrack Obama senior wore thick glasses and looked like Gary Coleman.

  • Patty

    You cannot tell me that we will ever again, allow media to win elections. The background of a person is important. But let’s not lie, deceive and ever again listen to the brainwashed of media on the left. Their opinions have always been to keep it in their pocket.

    Report the news, respect their jobs, real journalism with truth and honesty. Past elections was woven in lies and had no journalistic integrity. The media can’t work its Magic anymore.

    Americans are burned out and have had it. Whether the economy is getting a bit better or not Obama has had his turn and it is all about real issues and less government in our life.

    Auntie was abused? Think of the unborn who have never had a chance in life at all. She could lift yourself up but murdered babies, they haven’t a chance at all.

    I could talk about the abuse when Obama never heard the cries of the Iranian People needing his support and he ignored them. The abuse of his words every day on others who have lost so much and are the citizens living in America. Brian Terry for one. And the abuse of Zimmerman by the Black Panthers and his family living in fear. And Obama’s abuse of power.

  • #24 – I second the motion. She’s miserable here – she’ll definitely be happier to be back in Kenya. Also, all the taxpayers will be glad to deport her back to Kenya!

  • Jack Berry

    Calling an Illegal Alien an Undocumented Emmigrant is like calling a Rapist an Undocumented Sex Partner.

  • [email protected]

    Just ANOW.

  • TeaPartyNation

    Obama’s Freeloading Illegal Auntie Pens Book…did American terrorist bill ayers ghostwrite this one, also?

  • stonedome

    can we demand that romney’s first action as president be to fire bernanke and the second to deport obama’s two freeloading relatives after they payback the u s taxpayer? makes me want to go find these two a$$holes and throw them out myself…

  • dan9el

    As everyone can see, nobody say anything……bribe and intimidation has been served and so fear to make any type of comment on this is just out !