Obama's Deadbeat Auntie Onyango: "I Didn't Take Advantage of the System – The System Took Advantage of Me" (Video)

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”

Obama’s illegal immigrant Auntie Zeituni Onyango moved back to her taxpayer-funded apartment in Boston last year.
She was granted asylum by an immigration judge in May.

Zeituni Onyango and her nephew Barack Obama pose for a picture back when he traveled to Kenya in his 20’s. Onyango lives in a disabled-access flat in a South Boston slum. She has lived in public housing for 5 years. She even illegally donated to Obama’s campaign. (Rush Limbaugh photo)

Obama’s illegal alien Auntie claims she didn’t take advantage of the system – the system took advantage of her.

WBZTV reported, via FOX Nation.

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.” Those are the words from 58-year-old Zeituni Onyango of Kenya in a recent exclusive interview with WBZ-TV.

Onyango is the aunt of President Barack Obama. She lived in the United States illegally for years, receiving public assistance in Boston.


Aunt Zeituni, as she has come to be known, first surfaced in the public light in 2008, in the final days of the Presidential election. Then-candidate Obama said that he was not against the possible deportation of his aunt. “If she has violated laws, then those laws have to be obeyed,” he told CBS’s Katie Couric. “We are a nation of laws.”

Onyango had violated the law, and she knew it.

“I knew I had overstayed” she told WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias when the two sat down one-on-one.


Zeituni Onyango said she came to the United States in 2000 and had every intention of leaving. Then, however, she says she got deathly ill and was hospitalized. When she recovered, she said she was broke and couldn’t afford to leave.

For two years Onyango said she lived in a homeless shelter, before she was assigned public housing despite thousands of legal residents also awaiting assistance. “I didn’t take any advantage of the system. The system took advantage of me.”

“I didn’t ask for it; they gave it to me. Ask your system. I didn’t create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system,” she said unapologetically…

“To me America’s dream became America’s worst nightmare,” she said adamantly. “I have been treated like public enemy number one.”

Yeah, she definitely sounds like an Obama relative.

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  • Khan Krum

    Allama Obama Mama!!!

  • Illinois Patriot

    The Ruling Class. Remember how Obama says “I am my brother’s keeper”? yet, his aunt lives in a slum courtesy of the MA taxpayer, his half brother lives in a hut in Africa on $12/YEAR! He’s really good at ensuring the general welfare with our money. Just not his own…..Typical Marxist.

  • Dave-O

    The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • sliderblaze

    i didnt land on plymouth rock…plymouth rock landed on me…

  • Militant Conservative

    Get out and come back LEGALLY. Next we impeach the illegal president. powder is dry.

  • Faye

    Whine, whine and more whine. Would she like a little WINE to go with her Whine?

  • StandUp4Chuck

    Get the **** out of our country then. We dont want you.

  • Freddy

    Free healthcare, free housing, free food!

    That corrupt socialist give-away system has destroyed my life!!

    … and I thought only Tea Partiers thought like this …

  • katy

    Proof that victim hood is genetic.

  • Ginger

    Did anyone notice that she called him by his last name? (sarc) I do not call my niece’s, nephews, grand children by their last names! I just find it strange. Has any one ever thought maybe she is his mama? Rumors are flying as to who is really his mother and father!

  • daryl

    I’m betting we couldn’t stand the stink if this can of worms was delved into any deeper.
    “Came here with no intention of staying”, my aching a**.

  • http://www.americasculturalstudies.com Donovan

    It’s really amazing that the left doesn’t focus on the illegality of Barak Obama’s aunt’s entry into this country. Something has to be done to protect the borders. For a great outlook on the situation we are facing as a nation, I urge everyone to read http://americasculturalstudies.com/198/1000000-illegal-immigrants-per-year-constitutes-an-invasion-of-america/ for the true scope of the problem we face with illegal immigration.

  • chuck in st paul

    We’re oblitgated to give her citizenship because she’s here illegally? Is she from Mexico…?? Sure sounds like it.

    If anyone really did not understand the self centered world view of Osama bin Bama, the plight of his family while he is the most powerful man on the planet tells all. There are so many things he could do or have his Congressional buddies do such as a “personal law” that would grant her immigration amnesty and a green card or even citizenship. Ditto for the rest of the family in Africa. But no… nothing for them and gold plated vacations for Teh Won.

    Libtards. Wool. Eyes. Some assembly required.

  • http://dialr4infinity.blogspot.com The All Real Numbers Symbol

    “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”

    If you came here and overstayed your visa, the only thing I’m obliged to do is make sure you get thrown out. You’re lucky your nephew is president or you might have been kicked out. We know what’s happening with immigration so don’t try and pin this on them. We’re getting it fixed. 1070 was just the start.

    Scram, lawbreaker.

  • Oldpuppymax

    Look for THIS to be heavily covered on MSNBC!!

  • Stanley

    “I didn’t ask for it; they gave it to me. Ask your system. I didn’t create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system,” she said unapologetically…


    No shame in her game.

  • Chkn Fryd

    Great plan to cut taxes, restore jobs, and keep America safe,… …Mr. President. Now for you whiners (AKA, “distraction accomplished”)…

    Illinois Patriot @ 2: someone from the People’s Republic of Ellanoise calling someone else a Marxist? That’s like a deadbeat pundit running for office as a standard bearer for the party fiscal responsibility. And wasn’t Palin praying to end witchcraft (Sinatra=warlock?) about the time her protoge broke up with her goth novio? See, prayer works! Hermine says not to touch your wand or you’ll get Hogwarts?! Is this where the birthers tell me not to delve into someone’s long lost past?

    Faye @ 5: What box of whine do you want? The red-scare or the really, really, really, really white. Don’t like whinning, then cut it out.

    Yeah, give us your energetic, your wealthy, your stand-offish, yearning to be taxed less. Ahhh, I love the smell of Christian charity in the morning. Apparently she understands immigration law about as well as you all understand the Constitution and economics. RABBLE, RABBLE RABBLE!

    And could the picture of the President be more Photoshopped? I’m sure that Che and Stalin REEEEEAAALY were in the background. Honest.

    Wit is dry; Conservatism, all wet; Chkn Fryd=super soaker

  • Rob Crawford

    Chicken Fred is a moron.

    As for Auntie:

    “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”

    No, we have an obligation to make sure you get back home safely. That is all.

  • Chkn Fryd

    RC @ 18: Thanks for making my point.

  • Stanley

    Chkn FrydNo Gravatar
    September 21st, 2010 | 9:16 am | #17


    It’s good that you can make people laugh.