WOW!… Michelle Malkin BLASTS Crank Juan Williams For Comparing “Poo-Flinging” #Occupy Terrorists to Tea Party (Video)

Michelle Malkin BLASTED lib Juan Williams for comparing the #Occupy terrorists, rapists, criminals and thugs to the peaceful tea party movement tonight on Hannity. Michelle nailed Juan for calling the tea party patriots “racists.”

“There is no, absolutely no parallel, between the peace-loving, tax-paying, hard working people of the Tea Party Movement and the anarchist, POO-FLINGING, Marxist Monkeys of the #Occupy Movement!”

Wow! Michelle was on fire!

From the video:
“These occupiers and the Democrats behind them, can no more disown the violent agitators, than they can disown the stench that comes from these filthy encampments!” said New York Times #1 Best Selling Author, Michelle Malkin, in a smackdown debate with Juan Williams regarding the recent May Day terroristic actions displayed throughout the country by the Occupy movement.

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  • Sheikh Hassan bin Sobah

    You go, girl.

    Williams, like liberals generally, are quick with the accusations, but they can never put their money where their mouths are.


  • Michael

    My thoughts exactly @ # 1 – You go, girl.

    Juan Williams once again be-clowns himself as he tries to pick up the clean end of a turd.

  • Jim

    Juan Williams has gone the extra step in the liberal cool-aid drinking cycle, he now makes his own.

  • The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street in pictures.

  • bigkahuna

    Don Juan is a moron and cant deal with facts… Throw 10 facts that proves OWS is dangerous, racists, antisemites, criminals, vile, vulgar, dirty, vandals, cause tens of millions in damages to property public and private, increase police cost, disrupt everyone elses day and infringe on everyone elses right while demanding special treatment, free stuff, laws be broken and changed, and murders, drugs, rapes and sex acts go on all around them.

    So he changes the topic and says The tea Party is racists….Where Juan? Oh I cant say but a search on google shows them easily…. Yeah Juan maybe 3-5 people in 3 years..

    OWS has 50 morons and jerkoffs and criminals in every 5 minute video clip and you defend them you scumbag

  • regularguy

    And, there is absolutely NO use in trying to carry on with some sort of civil discourse with liberals, period. It just isn’t possible.

  • befuddled

    Criticize Obama…racist.
    Criticize Sharpton/Jackson…racist.
    Criticize the government…racist.
    Criticize the Mainstream media…racist.

    Sit down, shut up, and hand over your money.

  • Justice Beaver

    Wow, MM is on fire there, she was really getting ticked off. Great job!

  • bg


    the Mama’s & Papa’s the Postman & the Rockefeller’s..

    [In 1953 Strong was hired out of the UN Security section and sent
    to Kenya by the Sidley Austin law firm acting for New York-based
    Rockefeller Family trusts which now handle university endowment
    funds and $55 trillion in the Carbon Disclosure Project.


  • Jingo
  • Conservative Women Need To Speak Louder

    No one does it better than Michelle.

    Juan, as usual, makes an utter fool of himself. Liberals at THAT dumb. And, liberals can LIE that easy.

  • bigkahuna

    Michelle Malkin would make a great VP

    She would kick Obama and Bidens @ss bad.

    She is by far the most well spoken, best researched, fact based and sexy journalist in the US maybe the planet.

    I love to se her debate anyone any time any where.

  • Sally

    Michelle Malkin is brilliant, courageous and always 100% correct.


    Michelle Malkin had to defend the Tea Party?

    Thought the Tea Party was tough enough to stand on its merits,,

    but perhaps that was before they tied their apron strings to the Republicans,
    Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, and the like, and went on the take?
    and then fractured multiple times

    hard to stand up for yourself, when their are so many strings attached

    a unifying issue, is needed, right about now

  • Amjean

    I don’t understand why those on Fox News, in particular Hannity, haven’t countered Juan
    Williams’ strategy which is to talk over and interrupt the opposing viewpoint response to his liberal talking points cover, then taking over the conversation once again. Juan ends up with
    most of the time in the segment.

    How stupid are they? All they need to do is tell him to wait until the other person has
    finished their point. Keep cutting him off.

  • bg


    re: #10 May 2, 2012 at 9:56 pm bg


    “Our directorate must surround itself with…persons prepared by a special
    super-educational training in our special schools…. Needless to say that
    the talented assistants of authority, of whom I speak, will be taken not
    from among the goyim… De facto we have already wiped out every kind
    of rule except our own…”

    disclaimer: have no idea as to any of it’s authenticity, as with all else,
    you decide for yourselves, i on the other hand have been researching
    since 9/11, and aside from it being obvious, i’m thoroughly convinced
    that Obama did not happenstance upon US “by chance”..

    more here, and please scroll for more..


  • bg


    re: #17 May 2, 2012 at 10:17 pm bg

    well, that would explain the Jewish vote.. 😆


  • regeya

    “These occupiers and the Democrats behind them, can no more disown the violent agitators, than they can disown the stench that comes from these filthy encampments!”

    She should be more careful. By that logic, TEA Partiers cannot disown Stormfront.

  • bigkahuna

    Face it…. What a moronic post… The tea party and its supporters use common sense and when they are falsely accused of being racists over and over to distract from the idiot freakshow that is the OWS movement( yes they are a bowel movement) They defend themselves and demand that the racist Juan show proof of his charges.

    He ignores the tons of footage showing OWS as goons, criminals, vandals, terrorists, murders, drug users and dealers, anarchists, morons, scumbags, jerks and basically worthless by basically saying…Hey its not that big a deal…they just dont believe america is fair…. Wow Juan what awesome insight Life isnt fair…Lets destroy a bank or many other private businesses, break a car window, trash a park, throw rocks at the cops who are there to protect these idiots and tons of other illegal activities. Brilliant analysis by a liberal POS

  • regeya

    “I don’t understand why those on Fox News, in particular Hannity, haven’t countered Juan
    Williams’ strategy which is to talk over and interrupt the opposing viewpoint response to his liberal talking points cover, then taking over the conversation once again.”

    Juan, Ann Coulter, and Bill O’Reilly should have a show together.

  • Amjean, exactly. That’s why I clicked off that segment as soon as Juan Williams started speaking. Then I’m brought back to again here so I watched and suffered the insufferable that I knew in advance I’d be suffering. Finally. The end was worth waiting for, I suppose but they did let him slide with he doesn’t have to prove anything, just take 5 seconds on the internet which you have the skill. My impulse is to punch him in the face and that is why I do not watch him.

  • Matt

    Michelle Malkin is very smart and she’s definitely knows her stuff.

  • Swamp Thing

    Juan used to have a couple of brain cells to rub together to spark a coherent flame. But since he was booted from heaven, he’s just been spouting the sludge that the circus Carney sends out every morning. It’s sad and pathetic.

  • Tjexcite

    Juan: There are no facts but the tea party is racist

    Reality: There is this fact and this and this and this and this that Occupy is evil

    Juan: I don’t care about facts. if I and we say a lie about the tea party going on 2 years and continue enough it will become a fact.

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  • bg
  • bg


    re: #27 May 2, 2012 at 10:38 pm bg

    Jaun = Juan.. 😆


  • Here’s an exercise you can do in a few seconds. I did this. Freeze frame the video at any random moment when Juan Williams is speaking and do that five times in rapid succession and you will see five perfect representations of a big mouth jacka**.

  • Toa

    Although I have some respect for Juan Williams (but disagree with him most of the time), I’ll say this: any “Liberal” who thinks they will clean the clock of the Fightin’ Filipina has another thought comin’! 😀

  • noway

    juan didn’t have any facts. maybe he should have done the research he has michelle to do.

  • Tortuga

    Hannity said at the end of the video: “I’m trying to be fair”. What a maroon! Cool aid drinking liberals aren’t interested in being fair. On all of the fox programs the moderators make the mistake of being fair and what happens. The liberals won’t shut up, blahblahblahblah and nobody else gets a chance to say much. It’s a tactic that is written in rules for radicals and the Fox Anchors still don’t get it.

    Michelle Malkin has bigger ones than Hannity or O’Reilly.

  • Jack

    After watching that exchange I now understand how the world could end because of a rapidly spreading disease that re-animated the dead, who would in turn attack the living.

    It is almost as if Juan Williams wants us all to die.

  • USMC Thomas

    Nancy Pelosi, with that trowel applied make-up, looks like Michael Jackson.

  • bg
  • bg



    USMC Thomas #34 May 2, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    re: MJ

    Liberace’s lover said he & MJ had a thing.. 😆


  • harry

    That Schultz guy talks like Elmer Fudd.

  • bg


    harry #37 May 2, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    he looks just like the mask of Anonymous to me..


  • gus3

    Michelle Malkin for Press Secretary!

    Oh, and make Newt Gingrich our ambassador to the UN.

    Both of them will go toe-to-toe with any incompetent “progressive” mouthpiece.

  • M Anderson

    Juan “I don’t have any evidence” Williams. No credibility = whatever you say is rubbish!

  • CommieJuice

    Juan’s favorite person on Fox News is without a doubt Bob Beckel. If not for Bob Beckel, Juan would be the dumbest man on Fox. He is already the biggest racist on there, but Bob keeps him from numero uno dumbo.

    Someone please package this fecal head up and send him back to NPR… oh wait, they don’t want him either! Maybe it’s time just to flush him!

  • bg
  • rk

    i couldn’t believe Williams went there wrt the tea party. He knew what hannity/malkin would do to him. So, he says he has ‘no evidence’? Weak, Juan…weak

    A better angle would just have been to say that barry/pelosi said all those sweet things about ows early on…and who KNEW what was going to happen?

    Who Knew?????

  • bigkahuna

    Liberals prove daily on FOX how ignorant, ill prepared and foolish they are.

    I would think they go home and look at themselves and change…. But they come back each day and spew BS all over again…. Definition of insanity..

  • Taqiyyotomist


    I may have mentioned Gotye before:


    “Eyes Wide Open”

    With our eyes wide open, we…
    With our eyes wide open, we…

    So this is the end of the story,
    Everything we had, everything we did,
    Is buried in dust,
    And this dust is all that’s left of us.
    But only a few ever worried.

    Well the signs were clear, they had no idea.
    You just get used to living in fear,
    Or give up when you can’t even picture your future.

    We walk the plank with our eyes wide open.

    We walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…
    (Walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…)
    Yeah, we walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…
    (Walk the plank with our eyes wide open.)

    Some people offered up answers.
    We made out like we heard, they were only words.
    They didn’t add up to a change in the way we were living,
    And the saddest thing is all of it could have been avoided.

    But it was like to stop consuming’s to stop being human,
    You’ll want to make a change if you won’t.
    We’re all in the same boat, staying afloat for the moment.

    We walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…
    (Walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…)
    Yeah we walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…
    (Walk the plank with our eyes wide open.)
    We walk the plank with our eyes wide open,
    We walk the plank with our eyes wide open,
    We walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we…

    With our eyes wide open, we walk the plank, we walk the plank.
    With our eyes wide open, we walk the plank, we walk the plank, we walk the plank.
    With our eyes wide open, we walk the plank, we walk the plank.

    That was the end of the story.

    the whole album Making Mirrors is worth purchasing — good music.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    The next song on the album:


    The Obama Song, if there ever was one:

    “Smoke And Mirrors”

    You’re a fraud and you know it
    But it’s too good to throw it all away
    Anyone would do the same
    You’ve got ’em going
    And you’re careful not to show it
    Sometimes you even fool yourself a bit
    It’s like magic
    But it’s always been a smoke and mirrors game
    Anyone would do the same

    So now that you’ve arrived well you wonder
    What is it that you’ve done to make the grade
    And should you do the same?
    (Is that too easy?)
    Are you only trying to please them
    (Will they see then?)
    You’re desperate to deliver
    Anything that could give you
    A sense of reassurance
    When you look in the mirror

    Such highs and lows
    You put on quite a show
    All these highs and lows
    And you’re never really sure
    What you do it for
    Well do you even want to know?
    You put on quite a show

    Are you watching?
    Are you watching?
    Are you watching?

    You’re a fraud and you know it
    And every night and day you take the stage
    And it always entertains
    You’re giving pleasure
    And that’s admirable, you tell yourself
    And so you’d gladly sell yourself
    To others

    Are you watching?
    Are you watching?
    Are you watching?
    Are you watching?

    Such highs and lows
    You put on quite a show
    All these highs and lows
    And you’re never really sure
    What you do it for
    Well do you even want to know?
    Yeah you put on quite a show


    “Mother. Stanley Ann. What monster have you made me to become?” — BHO

  • Multitude

    So how do we free some of those entrapped in the progressive spectacle production? Juan’s too close enough to power (not that he’ll ever be given any, but he’s allowed to lick the progressive master’s boots and he appears to delight in that special slave recognition) so he’s obviously hopeless.

    But it’s apparent, 51% or more of our society has an opinion that is totally produced and controlled by the progressive plantation and its manufactured media sycophants. One would suspect that decent critically-thinking persons reach out to these manipulated souls and turn them into being able to critically think, or we face certain oppression, totalitarianism, and war.

    The progressive machine wants blood again. The beast thinks it is so much closer to total control, it wants to fire up the war machines and toss the multitude into its grinders.

  • jane

    Breitbart said it best at CPAC. There is Occupy and there is America. Pick.

  • AquaStar

    I saw fire blazing from her eyes.

    Warrior Woman!

    I LOVE it.

  • inspectorudy

    I don’t think some of you realize that Beckel, Williams, Powers and Shepard Smith are there as the token liberals. They are paid to disagree with the conservatives at Fox and that’s what keeps Fox’s ratings so high. It is easy to be like MSNBC and just have all one kind of view and no opposing views but it is bad business. Williams is not that stupid. Remember his comments that got him fired from NPR? He said if he was on a flight and some Muslims started acting weird he would be upset want them thrown off of the flight too. As much as I dislike Beckel on the air, I know he is not that stupid in real life. Powers even sides with common sense sometimes. Smith I am not sure of. I know he is gay and that is no reason to not like him but he slants the news so badly that I cannot watch him. Remember it is SHOW BUSINESS!

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  • If we had a million women like Michelle Malkin and a million like Sarah Palin we wouldn’t be in such a clusterf*ck as a nation. C’mon, gals, step up and show the timorous males how to save the USA. 🙂

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  • mg4us

    #13 bigkahuna & #52 S. Wolf

    Agree with you both. . Michelle Malkin is awesome. . she has my vote. . .

    For anyone to try to compare Leftist-backed (and coordinated) OWS with the patriotic grass root TEA Party is either ignorant or worse. . they are a sympathizer!

    As I have said to my colleagues, what happened to all the Commies when the Soviet Union disappeared? No they did not disappear themselves. . they became teachers, university professors, journalists, newscasters, government bureaucrats, EPA, and even politicians.

    Our forefathers knew quite well the concept of enemies. . . foreign & DOMESTIC. . .

    OWS is not, I repeat NOT, a Freedom-of-Speech protest. . it is a militant, anti-capitalist, anti-American movement that seeks to intimidate & destroy to get their way.

    This is just the beginning. . . it will reach a fever pitch this summer & right before the elections, along with black youth flash mobs – – orchestrated and (wink, wink) supported by Obama, his friends and Union thugs. . .

    Obama is a Racist. . . and a Radical as he says in his book where he made up (fabricated his girlfriend):
    “Why black people were so angry all the time. I said it was a matter of remembering. . . ”

    The girlfriend did not say this, Obama did. . it is all contrived and fabricated by Barack

    That is why Obama condones violence. . like Malcolm X. . he is an Angry Black Man. . .
    angry and hates America as it is today and why he wants to CHANGE & transform it. . .

    Juan Williams knows this. . and soon ALL of America will too!

    2012 will not be the love in like 2008!

    PS Was at the first DC TEA Party Event on the Mall with OVER 1MM working, tax-paying American Patriots with people of all colors there being treated with dignity & respect and where they left the grounds cleaner than when they found it!!!

  • Some Guy

    Juan Williams, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Louis Farrakhan, Julian Bond etc, etc, doesn’t need or require evidence of raaacism. They are Black. Therefore, any opposing opinion or evidence is raaacist. Now you understand what it is to live in America today. Well, At least Sharpton is black. Have you ever noticed that the most militantly racist “blacks” are what used to be and still are called in the Black community ” high yeller”. Seems these lighter skinned blacks feel the need to PROVE their blackness and are usually the most hateful of other races. Sad but true.

  • Gary

    Look how exasperating it is to try to convince a liberal to do any critical thinking.
    The thing I really hate about JW is his stupid smug ridicule routine where he tries to laugh off valid points as if they were ridiculous.
    You’d think getting fired unceremoniously by his own ilk would have been an eye-opener.
    Guess not.

  • Gary

    Jim #4

    Good line.

  • Finncrisp

    Juan is somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine when it comes to Barry or the Tea Party. There was a time that he was attempting to see the objective point of view; Maybe he is trying to get his old job back at NPR. At this point, I hope he does.

  • Gary

    Big Kahuna 13

    I’d like to see her as Atty General

  • Gary

    Amjean 16

    That’s right. And the worst is that chick that makes all the nasty faces when she talks. She spends her whole time talking and then the other guy’s whole time talking.
    Fox thinks they’re being fair and balanced.
    We’d need at least 7 news networks without a single liberal or moderate to even approach “fair and balanced”.
    What’s fair and balanced about 7 leftist in the tank news networks and one middle of the road network?
    Where do our views get to be heard without a lefty shouting it down or laughing over it?

    Oh yeah, Rush Limbaugh.
    Thanks Rush for everything.
    (Thanks to Jim Hoft too for this site. We hold our own against the libs who pull that crap here!)

  • Gary

    regeya 21

    What happened to Ann Coulter?
    Either she changed or I did, but she seems so squishy nowadays.
    She even used the term “right wingers” in the derogatory the other day.
    In her early books, she was like a Breitbart superstar on our side.
    Now she does that stupid Christie schtick until I could throw up.

  • Gary

    gus3 39

    Respectfully disagree. Press secretary is kind of a defense attorney position.
    Michelle would do better as AG, it’s more of a prosecutor position.

  • Militant Conservative

    LiberLism is a mental disorder. This is the only way to explain why Juan is still a liberal after they threw him under the bus over the “Muslim garb” in ident

  • Gary

    Multitude 47

    I have to disagree with that number.
    I think it is actually more like 30% of the country that is totally lost in the left’s way of thinking (or having them think, rather).
    Maybe 53% elected Obama, but that was pure voter turnout. There were far, far more people who could have gone to the polls that day and reversed our fate, but chose to stay home and pout or just didn’t care.
    My take on the US electorate (and not the country as a whole, which is harder to measure) is that we’re about 40% Conservative, 30% liberal, and 30% indifferent (i.e. independent)
    We definitely have the advantage starting out, but often our side rolls over and lets the other side control the narrative.

    How much have we talked about the economy this year, and how much have we talked about OWS, Trayvon Martin, dogs in carriers, dogs on dinner plates, Michelle’s dresses, Ann Romney’s dresses, and everything else? We have to get the narrative back. We have a major advantage this election if we don’t let it slip away.

  • Arch

    Tea Party members are acting because the government is ignoring them. We have written letters, sent emails and made phone calls to our senators and congressman expressing our opinions on many issues. If we get answers at all, it’s to say we don’t understand or what they are doing is in our best interests. Most of all, the Tea Party Movement is about reining in out of control government spending.

    TPM is not supporting republicans. Ask my congressman, Spencer Bachus, (R-AL) who just won a primary, something he has had to do twice since 2010. Although it wasn’t illegal at the time, he did some insider trading in 2008.

    Ask Orin Hatch (R-UT). Ask Dick Lugar (R-IN).

  • Gary

    Inspectorudy 51

    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I do think it’s important to point out that Kirsten Powers most likely sides with common sense when it doesn’t cost anything so that she can have credibility with Fox viewers when she has to get out a talking point.

    e.g. I think it is reprehensible that a Democrat congressman would say such a thing. He should apologize for that. But if you look back at what Reagan did in 1986……..
    She’s sacrificing a pawn to capture a bishop.

    But I do think that the libs on Fox understand what their role is and play it well, except for Alan Colmes who is a total lib basket case.

  • Gary

    Some Guy 55

    (re-posting, hope it doesn’t show up twice)

    You’re exactly right.
    I’ve been pointing that out to people for years.
    Just look at Ben Jealous. He’s half white!! (not unlike Obama)
    And what a perfect name for him.

  • JimmyT

    #64–I would say the country is about 30% real conservative, 20% hardcore liberal, 20% “what’s in it for me” and 30% “go with the flow”. And, we don’t have to worry too much about the liberal distractions at this point. The average voter doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on until Sept./Oct. #63–I totally agree–Liberal=Metal disorder.

  • JimmyT


  • Happy Fun Ball

    #50 So FNC is entertainment, but I’m sure that you consider CNN/MSNBC/ABC/etc. to be hard-facts-only news stations, right? Gotcha! Maybe you should go back to inspecting t-shirts for flaws.

  • lethargic

    I love her.

  • Chris

    First, she is totally correct. What I would give to see her in a debate with Mr. Obama.

    Second, there aren’t too many women on this earth who are that smokin’ hot when they’re angry. Keep pissing her off, liberals…

  • Joe College

    I just put this info on a prior threat. I should have put it here.

    That San Francisco building the poo flingers are throwing bricks from is owned by the Roman Catholic Church, which Obama just happens to be at war with now.

    What a coincidence that Occupy should physically attacking the Catholic religion while Obama attacks it from his White House office!
    The building, owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco, was the site of a previous failed attempt by protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement to take over the vacant structure a month before.

  • Ryan M.

    Strings attached? You mean like the union and various communist party ‘sponsors’ of OWS? Or do they not count as strings if they are from the left?

  • fustian

    I like Juan. I like that he comes on Fox and tries to hold down a position for the “reasonable” left. I like that he will occassionally part ways with the lock step left. I like that his son is a conservative.

    But I saw that clip and he really had the worst of it. It was clear to me that Juan was trying to describe the Occupy movement as he wants it to be and not as it really is. He was also trying to suggesst that all of these movements have a few whackos, but he picked the wrong movement to make that point. The Tea Party events I went to had people policing the edge of the crowd chasing away anyone that had any signs that had racist slogans on them. A very few showed up and in the shouting it was pretty clear, to me at least, that those signs were carried by leftist activists wanting to make a point. The Tea Party was having none of it.

    Poor Juan was skewered, though. Michelle had him tied up in knots.

  • Joe College

    The most prominent person I know of who’s been fired for being a racist is Juan Williams.

  • Arch


    Turnout was very important in 2008, and Obama’s campaign did a masterful job energizing his base. The McCain/Palin campaign, not so good. Although more Americans voted republican in 2008 than in 2006, independents and young voters bought the undefined message of hope & change, voted democrat at 65%. Blacks voted for Obama at 91%, which will probably happen again.

    American Jews supported him at 78% and Catholics, at 56%. After throwing Israel under the bus and forcing Catholic institutions to pay for abortions, he will not see those margins this November. College freshmen who voted for the One, are living in Mom’s basement looking for a job. Seniors, who turn out at 80%, are appalled that ObamaCare has raided the Medicare trust fund for $500 billion. Independents have reversed and now support republicans at 2:1. An incumbent should have a job approval rating in the high 50s. Obama does not.

    There is the Bradley (or Wilder) effect that taints polls when person of color is running against a white. The theory is that white voters are reluctant to express disapproval of a black (or Latino) candidate for fear of being accused of racism. In 1982, Bill Bradley was running for governor and led in the polls by up to 10 points. Exit polls actually announced a Bradley victory, but George Deukmajian won. Obama’s personal approval rating may be above 50%, but across the board, his policies are underwater.

    Finally, there is the money. In 2008, Obama raised a lot of cash, much of it untraceable. The donors (especially on Wall Street) aren’t writing those big checks. Yet, Obama is in full campaign mode, burning 80% of what he is taking in. Romney’s staff is lean and mean waiting to ramp up in the Fall. The conservative super PACs are flush with funds.

    Things may change, but Team Obama cannot like thees trends.

  • chris

    I’m tired of the left’s penchant for labeling EVERYTHING racist. I’ve been to numerous Tea Parties. The big one in D.C. included. People attending would have been thrilled if black people would have gotten involved with the movement. But 95% carry water for Obama.

    The fact that they aren’t at the rallies is not because we don’t want them there. It’s because they choose not to be involved. That hardly makes the Tea Party racist.

    But of course that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative of divide an concur.

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  • dba…vagabond trader

    Facts mean nothing to commies.

    lol, little fireball.

  • Kissmygrits

    What was really telling was when Juanito admitted he had no evidence but it was all true anyway. Next time, Sean, get outta her way.

  • Arch

    I was in college in the 1960s, so I know all about street theater.

    In recent years, I have participated in several political demonstrations. In 2007, I drove to Washington to protect the Vietnam Wall from anti-war ANSWER demonstrators. During the Obama tenure, I attended in some Tea Party events. Despite media stagecraft and deliberately false reporting, the left has lost the streets.

    At “Gathering of Eagles” at the Lincoln Memorial, you could see it. The Soros funded anti-war crowd was supposed to be 100,000 strong. They had chartered busses and printed signs. We hoped to put 15,000 patriots on the Wall. It was cold. Soros’ numbers were 5,000 to 7,000; ours, closer to 30,000, including 10,000 bikers. As usual, TV vans took tight shots of the leftists, but ignored the fact that they were completely surrounded. Not only did we protect the Wall, we put teams on every memorial on the mall. The Leftists were afraid. It was a sea change in street politics.

    In 2009 and 2010, I went to Tea Party demonstrations in the Birmingham area. The first was at Veterans’ Park; the second, in Hoover. Attendance at these events was grossly under reported or not reported at all.

    Veterans Park is across from Jefferson County Community College and Just down the hill from Spain Park High School. Our grandsons run cross country at Veterans’ and play baseball at Spain Park. The rally was scheduled for 5:00 to 9:00 PM Tuesday April 15th 2009. During rush hour it takes about 30 minutes to drive up. That evening it took 1:45. The park has 1,000 parking spaces; the college, another 1,000 and the high school, 5,000. They were all full. Lots of Minivans. It took at least 7,000 drivers to park them. The Birmingham News reported “several hundred” demonstrators. I cancelled my subscription.

    The atmosphere was more like a 4th of July picnic. The signs were hand painted and free of profanity. There were lots of strollers and dogs on leashes. Masters of Ceremonies were local DJ’s, Rick & Bubba. People of all ages and all races were there. Black middle class is as concerned about the growth, reach, and cost of government was are the white middle class and Latino middle class.

    How many strollers have we seen at Occupy whatever? Zero. The “leadership” are burned out aging hippies. These new Occupy anarchists are unemployed males in their 20s who evidently can’t tell C4 from PlayDough.

    All the media are doing is digging their own grave.

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  • valerie

    I’m glad you included Juan Williams’ opening remarks, as well at Michelle’s. Juan Williams was correct to say there’s no support among normal people for the OWS anarchist weirdness. I think his remarks about the monkey cartoons, and expulsions from the TEA Parties based on racism were factually incurrect, but those kind of lies are widely circulated in print, and he did say they aren’t the heart of the TEA Party message.

    That he raised those points gave Sean and Michelle the opportunity to point out that the OWS is a fake, astroturfed “organization,” that the alleged racism of the TEA Parties does not exist, and that the behavior of the OWS participants is uh, different, to say the least.

    The details of story about the origin of OWS, how it was a Democratic attempt to respond to the popularity of the TEA Parties, it’s funding, and the way its numbers were deliberately inflated with the gullible and the homeless the violent, the players and the playees, remains in the blogosphere, for the most part.

    The summary, that OWS and its Democratic sponsors need the weirdos to inflate their numbers and hide their identities, is seeping out.

  • Gotta LUV Malkin!

  • Kate

    Ah….Michelle Malkin having a battle of wits with a perpetually unarmed man. Love it. One is a fool to go up against Michelle with no proof of what you are saying. Propaganda just doesn’t swing with her.

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  • Gary


    No need to remind me. It’s all still fresh in my mind from 2008.
    That’s why I get frustrated with the “I’m more Conservative than you” crowd on here making noises about staying home in November or writing in.

    I think I can correct one of your stats, though. As I recall it, the black vote for Obama was between 96 and 98% depending on what poll you like. I think 91% is the normal black support for the Democrat candidate.

    If you listen to Rush, and it’s anecdotal, in the past 3 years, several blacks have called in to the show to say that they voted for Obama last time, but would happily vote for anybody else this time. Percentage-wise blacks don’t vote as much as whites, and of course they make up a much smaller percent of the population. Hispanics have overtaken blacks as largest minority population in the US, so they will have a lot more say in the election. And in pure numbers, we could have offset the extra black vote (8% of 20%, or 1.6% of the vote) that Obama got over and above the usual black support for the Democrat if two million more conservatives had gotten to the polls that day. I sure hope we don’t see that phenomenon again.

  • Gary

    Kate 86


    Don’t get into a war of words with Michelle if all you have is made up info and fake stats.

    I spent two years trying to get a username on Michelle Malkin’s blog before I finally gave up and migrated to this site. For those who don’t know it, it’s nearly impossible to get a username to post comments on MM’s site. I still love her though.

  • Patty

    “Obama and his frustration word. Expressing how the feel about the economy poor Obama has endure as president.”

    Pelosi “God bless them.”

    Both are sabotaging the Tea Party and for their political expediency and to hit the past administration with more attacks.

    Obama uses capitalism he has made a killing on it. Pelosi, wants the 1% to make more so they can take more” who says this crap other than Obama and Pelosi.

    Rape, Pooping, killings, disregard for government property, lying in their filth, disrespect for cops and they want to do more radical things like blown up bridges.

    The reason Obama loves these Occupiers is because they are helping him to get to the Oil companies, Coal Companies, Bankers, those who create jobs this is the teachings of Rule for Radicals.

    Vote all of them out of Office. If we want to be a voice to end this insanity and renew this nation, Vote Obama out of Office.

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  • Patty

    Occupiers give Obama a rush. While they are committing Chaos, he can continue to destroy America while focus in on the Occupiers. Media isn’t going to report as a top story for very long or at all, the filth, crimes, rapes and damage these occupiers have done.

    Obama is saying they are frustrated, who is frustrated Mr. O, are the Oil companies, Doctors, Investors, Businesses large and small, Jobless, Homeless, those millions you have put on Food Stamps, Issa who can’t get records on Fast and Furious, your habitual regulating and mandating the Church, your lies about the Republican Party, your imposing more regulations on our freedoms and liberties.

    There in lies our Frustrations and more importantly your Health care plan that will create more debt and hardships on families.

    Shall I go on.

  • tcircle

    What would you expect? Juan Williams is a member of the Board of Directors of Fecal Flingers.

    Ever notice how the Deadbeats, Derelicts, and Dropouts of the left openly encourage this sort of mayhem, then went it gets violent (as if they didn’t know it would happen) they distant themselves from only the violence and compare it to the Tea Party.

  • burt

    Fox NEWS is just like the rest of the media – 99% morons. When Juan Williams went to Fox it is not like he left his religion, communism.

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  • @#82 Arch commented:

    That was a great day – March 14, 2007! Cold but great! We were the original Tea Partiers!

  • Arch


    Too bad Jane Fonda decided not to show. There were lots of buttons, patches and stickers with he name on them.

    What did your Dad do in the Marines?


  • owl

    #84 “I think his remarks about the monkey cartoons, and expulsions from the TEA Parties based on racism were factually incurrect, but those kind of lies are widely circulated in print, and he did say they aren’t the heart of the TEA Party message.”

    Valerie, almost all of Juan’s defense circles back to someone saying or pictures about Obama that are racist. Say the sky is blue or overcast, he must come from it isn’t fair or calling it blue is racist. It can never be about the sky. Juan is actually one of the liberals I tolerate because I do not think his heart is in it. They will probably vote DEM until the day they die, but I suspect some truth has seeped into their world.

    You say those kind of lies are widely circulated in print. Bingo. Lucianne links to an article at American Thinker that does a very good job explaining the DEM/MSM campaigns using Zimmerman/Martin case. One thing it did not really explain was about the ‘facts’.

    It has always been the same. Someone publishes, then someone shows on tv, and then they all quote until it is fact. This is the part of politics that has always caught my attention. I still see Repubs quote the Left’s facts that they established. I watch Mr Bill be caught in the net.

    Poor Juan never stood a chance and Malkin was the best I have ever seen her. She did good.

  • Merovign

    Juan is lying and he knows he’s lying. He doesn’t work where he works without being exposed to the reality of the false accusations against the TEA Party.

    I repeat – he’s lying, and he knows he’s lying. He’s a sick, twisted person. A reprobate. A liar.

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  • Go Michelle!

    She absolutely owned Williams’ moonbatty arse! Yes!