The Seattle police made several arrests Tuesday at the #Occupy May Day protests.
They seized bombs, rocks, pry bars and bags of sh*t from these far left goons.

Via SeattlePD: These are homemade incendiary devices. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

The proud young leftists brought their own bags of sh*t to throw at cops.

Via SeattlePD: We’re not sure what this is but we know what it smells like. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

Leftist radicals smashed windows, started fires, threw smoke bombs. Riot police were forced to take out the leftists before they could cause more damage.
(Graphic Video)

Hat Top Mike

Via SeattlePD: Hammer, pry bar, rocks and paint. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

Masked protestors use bats and wooden poles to destroy the glass storefront of an American Apparel store during May Day demonstrations that went violent in downtown Seattle May 1, 2012. Demonstrators, including hundreds in black masks, hoods and armed with bats destroyed the windows of a Wells Fargo Bank, NikeTown and an American Apparel store during one of the numerous marches throughout downtown Seattle. (REUTERS/Anthony Bolante)




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  1. in midst of the destructive violence from the Left, some words from Trappist Monk Thomas Merton:

    “The only thing that is to be regretted without qualification is for a person to adapt perfectly to totalitarian society. Then he is indeed beyond hope.”

  2. ….that baggie….oh, yeah, that’s an OWS anarchist’s ID card.

  3. Yep, just like the Tea Party.

  4. Yet, the national press decides to take a pass on it all. But, if even ONE Tea Partier is accused, with no evidence, of saying a racial epithet, then it’s national headline news. Geez!!

  5. @KIP ALLEN: Name ONE violent or otherwise disruptive incident which occurred at ANY Tea Party rally that wasn’t caused by an ignorant liberal commie!

  6. OT

    Soros wants Murdoch”s Fox Licences

    Rupert Murdoch’s Fox broadcast licences targeted by US ethics group

    Breibart is gone and so is his coroner now they want FOX NEWS.

  7. The “occupiers” are just a bunch of lazy, bratty thugs and hoodlums who believe the world owes them a living.

  8. Five “self-described anarchists” were arrested in Cleveland today, after plotting to blow up a bridge over the Cuyahoga River. They have been liked to OWS, but Cleveland OWS is frantically attempting to distance themselves from the bombers. Does this surprise anyone? How far is this administration going to let this “movement” go before they take action to identify the ringleaders and arrest them? Will people have to die first?

  9. @ #5 GregInDenver: Kip was joking!

  10. Analogy, OWS May day riots

    a real bust. Wait till the REAL

    99% (TEA party) voice thier

    opinion in November. Obama

    Is going to lose in a huge

    Way. America is not socialist.

    Nor doe is put up with poor

    affirmative action performance

    skippy has a lot in common w

    The bag o dung, minus the


  11. They may be Goons – but they are my Goons!

    Let me be clear, if you throw enough crap at the wall some will stick! So, keep throwing!

    My limousine is running and… This sucks! Who threw that turd on my limo! I will have Eric Holder arrest you.

    Nobody gets away with crapping splattering my limo. Driver, please wipe the crap off of my window. ((((splat!)))) Not another one! America Sucks!

  12. Bags of $#!t. . .

    I say let’s make them eat it while they sit in prison. . .

    Then send them to Guantanamo for a long holiday!

  13. No shock here…Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News showed a short clip from NY and mentioned it got a little roudy (happened to be a clip of police taking down protesters), but narry a word about the violence in Seattle.
    Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!

  14. RE#4. The msm have become the enemy of freedom and the Constitution. It has never dawned upon them that they have forever alienated non progressives. The msm will never regain the confidence of the people. We are seeing the results of this already. Time, Newsweek NYT are all on the skids and newspapers all over the country belly up and bloating in the sun. They have completely cast their lot with progressivism and they are sinking with it. And it’s hilarious to hear the NYT scum cry about the “Gray Lady” cutting their pensions. The morons can’t process the fact that their support for Obama caused it. Daft bastards!


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