Police Seize Bombs, Rocks, Pry Bars & Bags of Sh*t From #Occupy Seattle Goons (Video)

The Seattle police made several arrests Tuesday at the #Occupy May Day protests.
They seized bombs, rocks, pry bars and bags of sh*t from these far left goons.

Via SeattlePD: These are homemade incendiary devices. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

The proud young leftists brought their own bags of sh*t to throw at cops.

Via SeattlePD: We’re not sure what this is but we know what it smells like. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

Leftist radicals smashed windows, started fires, threw smoke bombs. Riot police were forced to take out the leftists before they could cause more damage.
(Graphic Video)

Hat Top Mike

Via SeattlePD: Hammer, pry bar, rocks and paint. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

Masked protestors use bats and wooden poles to destroy the glass storefront of an American Apparel store during May Day demonstrations that went violent in downtown Seattle May 1, 2012. Demonstrators, including hundreds in black masks, hoods and armed with bats destroyed the windows of a Wells Fargo Bank, NikeTown and an American Apparel store during one of the numerous marches throughout downtown Seattle. (REUTERS/Anthony Bolante)

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  • BridgetGB

    in midst of the destructive violence from the Left, some words from Trappist Monk Thomas Merton:

    “The only thing that is to be regretted without qualification is for a person to adapt perfectly to totalitarian society. Then he is indeed beyond hope.”

  • ….that baggie….oh, yeah, that’s an OWS anarchist’s ID card.

  • Yep, just like the Tea Party.

  • Yet, the national press decides to take a pass on it all. But, if even ONE Tea Partier is accused, with no evidence, of saying a racial epithet, then it’s national headline news. Geez!!

  • GregInDenver

    @KIP ALLEN: Name ONE violent or otherwise disruptive incident which occurred at ANY Tea Party rally that wasn’t caused by an ignorant liberal commie!

  • Patty


    Soros wants Murdoch”s Fox Licences

    Rupert Murdoch’s Fox broadcast licences targeted by US ethics group


    Breibart is gone and so is his coroner now they want FOX NEWS.

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  • MaryW

    The “occupiers” are just a bunch of lazy, bratty thugs and hoodlums who believe the world owes them a living.

  • Highlander

    Five “self-described anarchists” were arrested in Cleveland today, after plotting to blow up a bridge over the Cuyahoga River. They have been liked to OWS, but Cleveland OWS is frantically attempting to distance themselves from the bombers. Does this surprise anyone? How far is this administration going to let this “movement” go before they take action to identify the ringleaders and arrest them? Will people have to die first?

  • J. W.

    @ #5 GregInDenver: Kip was joking!

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  • Militant Conservative

    Analogy, OWS May day riots

    a real bust. Wait till the REAL

    99% (TEA party) voice thier

    opinion in November. Obama

    Is going to lose in a huge

    Way. America is not socialist.

    Nor doe is put up with poor

    affirmative action performance

    skippy has a lot in common w

    The bag o dung, minus the


  • Limousine Barry

    They may be Goons – but they are my Goons!

    Let me be clear, if you throw enough crap at the wall some will stick! So, keep throwing!

    My limousine is running and… This sucks! Who threw that turd on my limo! I will have Eric Holder arrest you.

    Nobody gets away with crapping splattering my limo. Driver, please wipe the crap off of my window. ((((splat!)))) Not another one! America Sucks!

  • mg4us

    Bags of $#!t. . .

    I say let’s make them eat it while they sit in prison. . .

    Then send them to Guantanamo for a long holiday!

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  • Mary

    No shock here…Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News showed a short clip from NY and mentioned it got a little roudy (happened to be a clip of police taking down protesters), but narry a word about the violence in Seattle.
    Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!

  • Crackermike

    RE#4. The msm have become the enemy of freedom and the Constitution. It has never dawned upon them that they have forever alienated non progressives. The msm will never regain the confidence of the people. We are seeing the results of this already. Time, Newsweek NYT are all on the skids and newspapers all over the country belly up and bloating in the sun. They have completely cast their lot with progressivism and they are sinking with it. And it’s hilarious to hear the NYT scum cry about the “Gray Lady” cutting their pensions. The morons can’t process the fact that their support for Obama caused it. Daft bastards!

  • mg4us



  • donh

    The folks who called us teabaggers prove to be sh!tbaggers themselves.

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  • Nahanni

    At the rate these thugs are going alot of them are going to end up dead because eventually they will be stopped with force. They will be stopped either by the reluctant police forces of Democrat run bleu cities whose mayors have no desire to go down with the sinking ship and order the cops to stop them by any means necessary or the general public who are tired of having their homes/businesses/property/lives threatened and have gotten the clue that they are on their own.

    I know that is exactly what the OWieS and their enablers hope for so they can go all ‘Kent State” with it. Unfortunately for them they will not get the reaction they seek for the vast majority of people in the country will be more inclined to the attitude of “kill ’em all and let G_d sort ’em out” then “oh those poor, noble babies who were slaguhtered by [insert their favorite derisive term for those not of their ilk]”.

    At the end of the day it will not only be the death of some feral anarchists but the death of Marxist “Liberal Progressivism” in all its Hydra headed forms.

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  • Greg

    Real jail time would do a lot of good for these felons. Police and District Attorneys let them go far to often using their time to manage headline grabbing issues such as lower elementary school bullying

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  • SeniorD

    Obama’s devoted followers at it again.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Where are the Seattle cops?

  • Luke Duke

    Cops? Where are the Korean shopkeepers as in LA 1992?

  • rabble-rouser

    what numbnuts! tearing up their own city

  • MVH

    The Dem Party’s base at work.

  • owl

    These are Obama and Pelosi’s. I wish every thug pic had a Tea Party pic, sitting on their lawn chairs with lovely, clean ,green grass around them. Wonder which group would terrify San Fran Nan more?

    I sure hope all those Professional MSM Poop Scoopers are out there shovel ready. Being a corrupt DEM media poop scooper is hard work. Shovel on……………..forward……………Is that Sheppard Smith up there behind Obama? Shovel on……………..forward………….

  • Are you sure those were bags of sh*t to throw, and not just lunch?

  • noway

    let’s keep it simple. stop calling them all these names that some immature think is so attractive. they are criminals pure and simple and should be treated as such. put their backsides in jail and let them make friends with bubba. that works for me.

    i have to smile. yes there was some damage and i feel for those affected but this obama inspired group is now falling behind just like he is.

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  • dba…vagabond trader

    Only sociopaths who had toilet training issues are so anally obsessed. These freaks are whack.

  • Ridge

    Why have the police allowed this? First, the mayor and his thugs have tried to disarm the people so that we cannot protect ourselves. Then the police allow the OWS thugs to riot in the street attacking people and creating havoc and property damage. Please representatives and senators, pass laws giving a minimum of 20 years in prison for these thugs. Or give them life under the RICO act.

  • Ridge

    These goons and thugs are the 1%. Not the 99%. 99% of us don’t riot and assault people in the streets. I’m a disabled man and these thugs do not represent me or anyone I know. If I found one of my children were involved in this. They would not be part of my family anymore.

  • donh

    These beautiful people will not get a real beat down from the police because they are 3rd generation UNION progeny….the great grandchildren of Eugene Debs and the Haymarket square strikers….The workers of the world who united to sieze political power and use it to crow bar the means of production from the hands of capitalist slavemasters. The progressive utopians who took the great leap forward . The saviors who liberated the workers from such evils as wages based on free market supply and demand. Pay scales that reward merit and productivity….and that evil capitalist notion that a human being will only be hired when the free market demands your talents. Why EVERY human being has a fundamental human right to a $28 per hour job for life and the people must knuckle up to protect that right by any means necessary. Let some shop keeper in fear for his life pull a George Zimmerman…THEN you will see the almighty power of the fascist police state come down full force on the individual wielding a big stick.

  • Mama Grizzly

    These are nowhere near representative of the 99%.

    They are an insignificant percentage of non-working communist, HezBULLah-backed agitators, trying to invent some kind of “for the camera” media photofest in support of Bari Shabazz, aka Barak Obama.

    Pretending to be “representin'” is seriously going to backfire.

    We’re all just trying to work and live and survive Obama’s attempt to stage a New Age Communist takeover of America.

    These people are pathetic, and are acting out longstanding issues from childhood and adolescents. I guess you can feel, theoretically, sorry for them in that respect, but almost ALL criminals are from a similar experiential background of trauma, abuse, etc.

    It’s the CHOICES that are important. Plenty more, like 99% of people who also suffered are trying to make a difference for the better and are taking responsibility.

    I think this is just a “dream of return” to the free love free drug days of the 60s for the organizers and supporters of Occupy. They are trying to relive their teens and twenties since it didn’t work the first time. THEY are the real organizers of all this nonsense, and really . . . it’s pretty frickin’ lame if you ask me.

    How dare these spoiled brats bash up stuff they never worked for.


    And Obama’s legacy. Not a word from him to stop it, naturally, since he’s supporting it. Just like the border thing, the Trayvon thing, the Islamic infiltration in US government thing, the betray out military thing.

    You get the drift.

  • Buffalobob

    Seattle, are you so far gone to the prog mentality that you cannot see that thugs dressed in black, wearing masks and carrying large truncheon are up to no good. Do yo not see them a criminals bent on destruction of private property? Why do you not encircle them and disarm them before they cause mayhem? Are you as clueless as the shop keeper shown on one of Briebart’s clips on the OWS movement. This blatantly ignorant store owner just could not bring himself to condemn the movement. He was astonished that these thugs destroyed the business he worked so hard to build. His brilliant comment “I am not the man”. Well stupid yes you are, you have stuff and they want it period.

  • Buffalobob

    Every one of the marchers is responsible for the damage to the private property. Your march gives cover and feeds the destruction. There are no peaceful protesters.

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  • KornKing

    Somebody has to pack the baggies, talk about a s*** job

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  • tommy mc donnell

    this is the “hope and change” that president obama has brought to america!

    that video should be a republican campaign ad, here look at the van jones inspired obama supporters bringing you that hope and change.

    if anyone is from seattle, where the hell are the people, how can you just sit back and let them do this. if your not willing to fight for your freedom then you aren’t going to have any.

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  • Goodness gracious!

  • E

    @ #5 The Tea Party gets its name from one of the most well known acts of vandalism and theft in pre-independent America. Add to that the fact that most Tea Party fools also carry guns, if there had been a weapon-toting liberal at a Tea Party rally it would have been a disaster. Both movements are ridiculous and unAmerican. The Tea Party was funded by rich pricks that don’t care about the working class, OWS ONLY cares about the those below the poverty line.

  • E

    @ #48 You are right people should do something, but that something is call the insurance company. This isn’t the wild west; we can’t have open brawls in the streets. The police should have stepped it up. As far as fighting for freedom, if you constantly have to fight, you aren’t living in freedom, you’re living in fear. That’s why we have the military and police.