Lib High School Principal Fired For Creating Phony Facebook Page to Spy on Kids

Dr. Louise Losos created a fake Facebook account to spy on kids at her school. She resigned this past week as principal at Clayton High School. (SLPD)

Liberal St. Louis high school principal and Obama donor, Dr. Louise Losos, resigned this week following allegations that she was spying on students via a fake Facebook page.
KSDK reported:

Clayton High School principal Dr. Louise Losos has resigned.

According to a statement released by Clayton School District spokesperson Chris Tennill, the district and Dr. Losos had a “fundamental dispute concerning the appropriate use of social media.”

Her last day is June 30th. However, Tennill says Dr. Losos will remain on a leave of absence for personal reasons for the remainder of the school year.

Meanwhile, Clayton parents say “Suzy Harriston” is the name on a Facebook page which may have led to Losos’ resignation. School district officials are not confirming that Losos created the page. There is no longer a Facebook page connected to someone named Suzy Harriston.

Clayton parent Richard Nuell said, “Facebook is quite the epidemic and I’m concerned about my daughter’s safety on Facebook. I’m looking forward to finding out what the reason was and what the outcome will be of this investigation. If she was just trying to do it for the safety of the children, or just what her reasons were.”

In response to a reporter’s question on Facebook, Clayton parent Andy Brown said, in part, “If the district is aware this allegation is true they should be up front and honest and clearly explain to parents what has happened. These are our children, that we entrusted to the care of Dr. Louise Losos. If she is guilty of these allegations it is our right to be informed. It was our children she was monitoring. Neither us or our kids ever gave any permission or authorization for Dr. Louise Losos to view and monitor their non-school related activities.”

The Post-Dispatch has more on Losos, or

Harriston wanted to be friends on Facebook.

The profile said she was from Clayton and had more than 300 friends, many of them from Clayton High School.

No one seemed to question who Harriston was. That is, until the night of April 5, when a 2011 grad and former Clayton quarterback posted a public accusation.

“Whoever is friends with Suzy Harriston on Facebook needs to drop them. It is the Clayton Principal,” wrote Chase Haslett.

And then, Suzy Harriston disappeared, say those who saw the profile.

The timing of the profile vanishing has had some at Clayton High School wondering: Did Suzy Harriston actually exist? Was it a fake profile? Did someone set it up to see what students and parents were up to on Facebook?

The day after Haslett’s allegation, the district announced that the high school principal, Louise Losos, would begin a leave of absence the following Monday.

For weeks, the district released no details about the leave. Then on Friday night, Losos resigned.

The resignation is effective June 30. The district said the administration and Losos “had a fundamental dispute concerning the appropriate use of social media.”

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  • donh

    Probably trolling for a 16 year old boy to make a man out of…..while spying to find out which students are ” right wing undesirables ” so their homeworks can be unfairly maked down and their achievements slighted. Got to make sure all those school awards and honors go ONLY to carefully screened future Obama cult members.

  • southernsue

    ditto donh

    we definitely live in a depraved world.

    facebook, imho, is not good.

    i will not join in on it.

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  • Remco Kimber

    One of the BIGGEST jokes of all. This principal is a so-called “Doctor.” What of course that means is that this POS went through some “education” school program, slung around a lot of BS “pedological” lingo and was given a PhD.

    And from thenceforth expect the rest of us to address them as “Doctor.”

    Give us a break. Whenever I run into characters like this I deliberately go out of my way to address them by their first names. Sometimes they even have the gall to correct me, “My title is Doctor Full-of-Shiitte” if you don’t mind.” I never give them the satisfaction.

    Real doctors don’t need the title. They just do the work expected of them.

  • donh

    Hope and change. …A chicken in every pot…A listening device in every home.

  • Tom

    I dont have a problem with it. While she is a liberal dope, she is responsible for the safety of her school. Kind of depends on what she was trolling for but just reading comments is fine. Parents that have a concern about FB should terminate their kids account.

  • Dylan

    She sounds like another Obummer hack… I think F.B. is a waste of time (how about reading a book and learning something?) She is a principal, not the network police. Just another example of our nanny state problems under this regime.

  • Facauwee Tribe

    Tom doesn’t care, so why should anyone else? Brilliant! His “Parent of the Year Award” can’t be far off.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Smacks of Obama’s snitch websites. How many is he up to by now? I turned myself in on all of them.

  • juandos

    Great! Yet another creepy libtard on the back of taxpayers…

    A “fundamental disagreement“?!?!


  • Old One

    Losos ia another classic example of the bungling boob bureauceats that have been put at the top of the steaming pile of dung that is government operated schools. Losos is a perfect example of a gift of affirmative action.

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  • clarityrising

    They can’t help it, Big Brother is in their blood.

  • Ann Ominous

    Damn, I gotta get me uh “ITIN” too.
    Ain’t got no kids?
    Better git some ‘fore this slot machine quits paying off or goes broke.


    Additional Child Tax Credit

    Indianapolis News Video | Weather Video Forecast | Sports – 13 WTHR Indianapolis

  • Stella Baskomb

    It’s the only way she could have any “friends”.

  • Uggg

    Why are all these libtard women so awfully butt ugly? Well this one’s toast. Maybe she can get a job bussing tables at the diner. Oh wait, maybe not, too scary looking.

  • bigL

    Weird, because employers and lenders and business people you use have SAID they are looking at
    Facebook and twitter and the others to get info on prospective contacts or employees.
    They are asking for the passwords.
    It is not a fake page situation. They are SAYING it. Listen! Posting on these public outlets is
    and can be damaging to you. And WE are doing it to ourselves!There are no private areas!

  • waicool

    Clayton, MO high school principal Louise Losos’ behavior regarding her fraudulent facebook profile fits into typical textbook socialist’ liberal groupthink. This “know-it-all” and “do-gooder” gathers information to apparently control and manipulate the people around her with little regard for honesty or privacy. I am glad Louise Losos has been removed from the public trust and my only question is what additional details involving this fraudulent act have yet to be discovered and/or released. It seems to me that Louise Losos’ fraudulent facebook page is quite a convenient gateway to some other more nefarious behavior. I would say buh bye Louise! but something tells me this ordeal isn’t over quite yet.

  • paul52

    Losos has her precious Ph.D. We know it stands for Piled High and Deep. I taught for 25 years… most Ph.D.s I ran into couldn’t find their butts with 2 hands and a flashlight.

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  • I think it’s unfair to bash Facebook because someone used it in an unacceptabe way…the social media can be an amazing tool for many reason!! People drive too fast, so we should stop driving, alcohol makes you sick, so no one should drink, work cause stress, so no one should work…individuals are going to mess it up for the group EVERY TIME!!! She should be punished…not Facebook…if you take no DRAMA to Facebook, it’s a fun place to hang out and socialize!! And I am NOT a kid…52 here!!!!

  • Stonedome

    Taking lessons from big sis at homeland security…imagine what all of the good little comrades in the federal government are doing.

  • Stonedome

    She’s the man side in her relationship

  • Highlander

    She must be a Cass Sunstein supporter …

  • Staci

    Actually, Andy Brown… “concerned parent” the second your child clicked friend and added even an unknown person your child DID GIVE CONSENT to be monitored!

    If parents are actually concerned who is seeing their children’s facebook page maybe it’s time to step up and be a parent. Monitor your children!

  • Neotroll

    should be registered as a sex offender for life

  • Patty


    And that is exactly what is wrong with the youth of today. Too much free time and facebook and texing, too little parenting.

    If there kids are out of site and not bothering the parents, they must be okay. Right? Wrong.

  • Patty

    Liberal teachers are some of the lowest creatures on earth. They don’t teach by the books, they teach their personal views and in the end the kids are growing up with no skills to carrying them through to College. No wonder some many students CHEAT.

  • Liberal teachers are the ruination of our schools … they are NOT there to teach their politics, get rid of ALL OF THEM.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Spend years and years indoctrinating kids? Why that’s fine. Encouraged even.

    But ‘spy’ on them? Well, you’re fired.

    What she did was wrong – and I’m glad she was canned – but worse stuff than this goes on every freaking day, in damn near every freaking school.

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  • GP Fan

    Didn’t the admin just tell the schools not too long ago, that they are now supposed to monitor the kids behavior online to watch for “bullying”? Wasn’t it even suggested they do it after school hours?

  • Dylan

    Jeri – too bad you added your age at the end, that made it even more pathetic.

    When you say FB can be an amazing tool for many reasons, you forgot to mention one (or more).
    Too bad hanging out and socializing no longer means getting together in the same room and actually hanging out and socializing. When people say they have 300 FRIENDS on FB, sadly, it probably means they have no friends in actuality.

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  • David

    This isn’t what y’all are making it out to be. It’s some butthurt parents who created a vendetta against the principal because she had the temerity to fire a football coach. She then foolishly tried to monitor the campaigns against her online and paid the (appropriate) price for it. It has nothing to do with Ph.ds or liberal teachers and everything to do with the bubble that is Clayton schools. The kid who “outed” her started a protest against her firing of the football coach and all her biggest detractors have ties back to the football team. Let’s not jump into some petty sports squabble and make it about politics.

  • Administrator

    Monitoring student pages is vital in this day and age as parents do not and much trash occurs on Facebook. Students would friend each other and then begin the bullying and threaten. All of these events wreaked havoc on the campus. Fights were even ‘arranged’. Angry parents want administration to do something about Facebook threats. Really? But we are not supposed to monitor? We expect the schools to educate and protect students from themselves. Where are the parents? It also shows that students are so ignorant that they will friend anyone who comes along….probably would include real predators of all types. Also,students exchange phone numbers and locations……Just stupid!

  • Jimmy

    Hey David,
    So now it’s the kids and parents fault?….. Her actions were horrific!…. The football thing ended a year ago and the 300 plus students she was spying on…… I don’t think they all play football!. This women is a freak show!…

  • David

    No, the football thing didn’t end “a year ago.” Because of the timing of the firing of the football coach, they kept him on as PE teacher and let him go from that position just a few weeks ago. The announcement that Harriston was actually Losos was made by a former football player in the FB group supporting Harrell. People attacking Losos are still calling for coach Harrell to come back. It’s not their fault that she did something stupid enough to get fired for. It is their fault that they’ve been looking for any reason to get her fired for some time. If you want high schools run by football parents, feel free to make this into some egregious behavior. I don’t think that’s the reality of it.

  • Jimmy

    Parents and football people did notable the decision to oust her. Whatever she did was bad enough that they thought she should resign. The backstory is not relevant. It was the BOE and superintendent who decided.