Obama Chicago Staff: A photo posted on Barack Obama’s Tumblr page shows the campaign’s Chicago staff. www.dailycaller.com

Affirmative Action for me, but not for thee.  This is what Obama’s “post-racial America” looks like in Obama’s Chicago campaign office.  With a staff of almost exclusively white people, in a city where approximately 1/3 of its population is black, a civil rights lawyer told the Daily Caller that Obama’s campaign office appears to be in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

According to the Daily Caller,

Civil rights lawyers told The Daily Caller that President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign managers may have violated employment law by hiring an overwhelmingly white office staff for his campaign headquarters in Chicago.

That skewed workforce is starkly visible in an April photo released by Obama’s Chicago office, which shows roughly 100 of the office’s staff.

Only two of the people in the photo, far in the back, are clearly African-American, far below their 13 percent of the national population, and their 33-percent representation in Chicago.

“Were I the general counsel of an employer in Chicago with the workforce in the picture … I would be concerned,” said Charles Shanor, a law professor at Emory University and the former general counsel at the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

“The workforce is overwhelmingly made up of young white males [and is] a demographic profile that could raise red flags under both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act,” he told TheDC.

If asked by managers, “‘Do we run a risk of legal liability?’ I would say ‘Sure,’” if a company’s picture showed only two African-Americans in a staff of 100, said Northeastern University’s Roger Abrams, a left-of-center law professor and former dean of the Rutgers School of Law.

Skewed hiring happens, Abrams told TheDC, because “people are simply not aware of what they’re doing … [or that] the racism, the sexism, the discrimination on the basis of other grounds, are just a way of life.”




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  2. They are disproportionally stupid, too. Obvious discrimination against those with a brain.

  3. “Only two of the people in the photo, far in the back, are clearly African-American..”

    I may see the two in question, but there’s nothing “clear” about it. Once again, this statement illustrates how the press is doing all they can to stick up for obama.

  4. thats ’cause white people have work ethic

  5. In the lower middle, there’s at least one Oriental-looking individual…

  6. Do as I say, not as I do, you lowly subjects.

    Don’t criticize the Great and Powerful Oz.

  7. Maybe they’re all black the way Elizabeth Warrren is Indian.

  8. I’d say there was some age discrimination too. Not a gray hair in sight.

  9. and maybe only one or two over the age of 30… lol…

  10. that’s because anyone over 30 a) knows better and b) makes enough money not to want to get raped by tax increases

  11. Why hire black campaign workers? Obama has 95% of the black vote without trying. He needs white voters. Ergo, white campaign workers.

  12. Big surprise there. He wants the best people for the job, everyone else has to hire based only on race, religion and sexual orientation.

    Isn’t equality and diversity wonderful when it’s shoved down your throat? Do what I say, not what I do!

  13. Good for you, Daily Caller.

    Alinsky Rule #4: Make them live up to their own book of rules.


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