Back in October we reported that Neo-Nazi Jason Todd Ready was patrolling the #Occupy Phoenix camp with AR-15’s.

Neo-Nazi Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready pictured on left patrolling the Occupy Phoenix protest and on right at Southern Poverty Law Center website.

Of course, since this was not a Tea Party rally the story was never picked up by the liberal media.

From the Video: Morpheus heads to down town Phoenix at the Cesar Chavez plaza to join with other individuals to DEMONSTRATE for the right to exist! The demonstrators get some protection from JT Ready and

Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready, is a Neo-Nazi with a long criminal record who, also, received a bad-conduct discharge from the Marines in 1996.

This week Jason Todd went on a horrific shooting spree.
Yahoo reported:

Arizona vigilante Jason Todd “J.T.” Ready’s final act might have been his most horrific, say police.

Police have identified the former Marine with ties to neo-Nazi and Minutemen groups as one of the five people killed in a shooting spree in Gilbert, Ariz., a Phoenix suburb on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

It also appears that Ready, who was running for sheriff in Arizona’s Pinal County, killed four people, including a 15-month-old baby girl, her mother, and grandmother, before he turn the gun on himself, reports The (Ariz.) Republic.

Hat Tip Ed

As Jim Treacher says, “The Occupy Camp is a great incubator for domestic terrorism.”
That’s an understatement!

More… It looks like poor unhinged Charles Johnson jumped the gun on this one. JT wasn’t a rightwinger after all, huh Chuck? Hopefully Mr. Johnson will be honest enough to post an update with corrections.




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  1. He’ll be called a rightwinger.

    Even though he’s an “occupy” guy.



    Police are looking for 12 female suspects wanted for allegedly taunting two teenage girls on a subway before hauling them off by their hair at a Bronx station and stealing one of their phones.

    via Drudge. You don’t have to guess the ethnicity, as there is video at the site.

  2. This whole thing has the makings of a set-up.

  3. If he had a long criminal record, how the hell did he get the weapons? Why wasn’t he arrested when he showed up?

  4. This guy needed to be put away long ago. Talk about 15 mins of fame. Let him have many in Prison locked up with the rest of scum of the earth.

    Once a screwball always one.

  5. Too bad he was the only one left.

  6. Oh wait, there was the 19 y.o. daughter of his girlfriend who managed to survive. Still…

  7. Notice the MSM isn’t mentioning that he was running for sheriff as a DEMOCRAT:

  8. Looks like the 24-hour rule needs to be applied here. There are a number of conflicting stories arising from this event.

  9. HE! IS! THE 99%!!!

  10. The Criminal Zerobama Regime just murdered four more American Citizens.

    (Not five – the perp doesn’t count.)

  11. Guy looks like he used a lot of ball powder.

  12. I read he was a former member of the Minutemen. Don’t know how much credibility to give that. Can’t remember where I read the article.

  13. he also spent two decades as a Republican, as a member of the Minutemen, as a strong advocate for “border security”………. are you people too warped inside to understand that:

    a) the conservative movement has some genuinely despicable people in it
    b) not everyone fits into a clear right wing/left wing construct

    He’s a monster regardless of what team he plays for and trying to score political points off of this should make you all extremely skeptical of Jim Hoft, not angry at the left or the “lamestream media”

  14. “When Tea Partiers carry signs with the face of the President of the United States, elected by a large majority of Amerindians, imposed on a monkey and don’t denounce those carrying those signs, the rest bear the consequence.”

    I agree. I detest people who carry signs portraying Bush as Hitler or as a chimp.

    Oh, wait, what decade am I in, now? People these days have such short memories.

    People ask me why I’m jaded. I imagine it’s the same people that have those sweetly-short memories. I would love to be able to go through life believing in nothing but what I’ve been told is true today. An ocean of ignorance, and me on a sinking raft.

  15. it was Bush’e fault

  16. Watching the video, he seems a bit more on the political right side of things, based on what he’s saying. Could be a set up of some sort, but he seems genuine. A tragedy no matter where he comes from politically.

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