Figures… Neo-Nazis Patrol “Occupy Phoenix” With AR-15’s – Media Silent (Video)

Extremists are patrolling the Occupy Phoenix camp with AR-15’s.
Of course, since they are not tea party members, the liberal media could care less.

From the Video: Morpheus heads to down town Phoenix at the Cesar Chavez plaza to join with other individuals to DEMONSTRATE for the right to exist! The demonstrators get some protection from JT Ready and

Oh, and they’re not your ordinary far left extremists. They’re Neo-Nazis.
The man being interviewed, Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready, is a Neo-Nazi with a long criminal record and who received a bad-conduct discharge from the Marines in 1996.

Neo-Nazi Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready pictured on left patrolling the Occupy Phoenix protest and on right at Southern Poverty Law Center website.

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

Related… The liberal media completely overlooked the AK-47 at the #OccupyAtlanta protest too.

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  • Bobbi

    How does a guy with a criminal record get a license for a gun?

  • Gus

    Where is LIBTARD DREW? He likes this stuff.

  • Valerie

    Drew’s got a reading assignment.

  • Gman

    Obama stands with him.

    I thought the Tea Party were supposed to be the racists? There are actually confessed racist Nazi criminals at OWS but we hear nothing from MSM.

  • Bob Z

    He did make some good points

  • M1

    By “the media” you include Fox News Network, right?

  • O : F

    Neo-nazis, what is that?

    The real nazis of 1930s Germany would never walk with communists. They where starting street fights with the communists, taking a daily turn through the communist part of the city (yes they they had “commie town” in german cities) armed with baseball bats and machine guns.

    Who are these morons, really?

  • d_fitz

    Who are these morons, really?

    Avid listeners of Alex Jones.

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  • Patty

    Look at these two bafoons you tell be do they have their acts together. If they represent America then there bosses should fire their B#@ts! They need to either get out of America or get educated on why America is great.

    They should have `1 minute of our time

  • Snertly

    Neo-Nazis would be far /right/ wing extremists.

    On the other hand, it’s Arizona. So what passes for the center there might still be far to the right in a more liberal state, Alabama for instance.

    How far do you have to go to the right before you start thinking Nazis are to the left?

  • KR

    Nazis= National Socialists

  • StandUpChuck

    I dont agree with some of his opinions but he is correct about how the first amendment is protected by the second. Also agree with him on border security or lack there of. This occupy movement is not just unions and commies that you make it out to be. As a person who identifies with much of what the tea party stand for I also agree with some of the occupy movement ideas. Many americans agree that our government has become out of control. Corporate interest now control our political system. We are no longer in a capitalist system, what we have is facist.

    I have concluded that most Democrats and Republicans are of the same, just have a different letter by their name. We have let this happen to ourselves because we as a country refuse to stand up for our freedoms by letting politicians run this great country in the ground while taking money from every special interest group (corporations included) to stay in power. Take the money out of the political system.

  • Millitant Conservative

    His criminal activities must not rise to the level of Felony convictions.

    Or his “friend” did a straw purchase.

    I will let Joe Arpaio know about this as Jason lived in Meracopa County.

    Loser, powder is dry.

  • bg
  • Studious Citizen

    This guy doesn’t sound like a Neo-Nazi, he sounds like a veteran who knows the constitution and wants to make sure nobody tries anything stupid.

    Looks like the leftists are trying to disguise themselves as patriotic, constitution-loving gun-owners.

  • Kim

    If you can’t see the danger in this, and the wave of coming violence as more and more MORONS take their garbled whining to the streets with thugs like this as cover fire, I pity you. Alone, this was a jumbled group of disenchanfrised idiots with mixed messages, complaints and desires, BUT, WITH NODS OF APPROVAL FROM THE PRESIDENT, and others in government, AND BIG MONEY SUPPORT FROM THE LEFT, AND NOW BIG GUN SUPPORT FROM BUFFOONS LIKE THESE, AND POSSIBLY EX GANG MILITARY, OR POLICE, these people will continue on with their plan to fundamentally transform our country… Hmmm… Heard that before. They will take what hope we have left, and change us into A NWO. THAT WAS THE PLAN FOR CHANGE ALL ALONG PEOPLE. WAKE UP.this was no grass roots movement, but a community organizer sure would have known all the right people along the way, and a boost into the presidency… Check. Mate.

  • KR

    I hear what you are saying, but the OWS people have their scorn directed mostly in the wrong direction. It is government that creates laws and regulations for business. Greed is everywhere, from rich to poor, public sector to private sector. If the government is inviting corruption from private business, it is silly to think the focus should be on the private business. Yes, they are unethical, but we have to start with government since they make the rules and create the environment for business.

  • Studious Citizen

    Wrong, Snertly. Dead-f***ing wrong. Revisionist history teachers and curricula in schools have taught you that Nazis and Fascists are far-right…but they are not…

    National Socialism is a leftist, statist ideology. International Socialism (communism) is a leftist, statist ideology.

    The international socialists in Russia (Leninists) wanted all socialists around the world to swear loyalty to the communists in Russia. However, national socialism was a far more popular ideology, because people with common national pride have a much greater feeling of fraternity with each other than a worker in Moscow has with a worker in Rome or Munich. So, the national socialists in Italy, for example, wouldn’t not swear allegiance to the soviets, so the international socialists labeled them “fascists”. The communists refused to recognize anyone as socialist unless they swore allegiance to them.

    Fascism IS socialism IS communism. They’re all flavors of the same left-wing Marxist ideology.

  • bg


    President Obama

    University Tuition’s & Staff Salaries

    Hollywood Film Makers et al, Actors & Actresses

    sacrificing their incomes as an example of the NEW

    hey, i can dream too..