Vatican To Obama-Agenda-Supporting Feminist Nuns: We’re Cleaning House

By: Andrea Ryan

Leftist nuns be warned.

The Vatican put feminist nuns who betray church doctrine on notice today.  The Holy See’s five-year plan will sweep the Catholic church clean of Leftist nuns who betray Catholic values and support Obama’s agenda of funding abortions and attacking religious freedom.LifeSiteNews has the story,

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has launched a 5-year reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the association of the leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States representing more than 80 percent of the 57,000 women religious (nuns) in the country.

Based on a 2008 investigation into the nuns, the Vatican evaluation was candid, noting, “The current doctrinal and pastoral situation of the LCWR is grave and a matter of serious concern.”

The CDF doctrinal assessment, released today, criticized positions espoused at LCWR annual assemblies and in its literature as well as the absence of support from LCWR for Church teaching on pro-life issues, women’s ordination and homosexuality.

The CDF said that the documentation “reveals that, while there has been a great deal of work on the part of LCWR promoting issues of social justice in harmony with the Church’s social doctrine, it is silent on the right to life from conception to natural death, a question that is part of the lively public debate about abortion and euthanasia in the United States.”

“Further,” the CDF report said, “issues of crucial importance in the life of the Church and society, such as the Church’s Biblical view of family life and human sexuality, are not part of the LCWR agenda in a way that promotes Church teaching. Moreover, occasional public statements by the LCWR that disagree with or challenge positions taken by the Bishops, who are the Church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals, are not compatible with its purpose.” …

The Vatican is attempting to present the measure as a friendly renewal.  However, even the initial announcement of the assessment in 2008 was greeted with severe hostility by leftist nuns in the U.S. The sternly-worded assessment document is not likely to be received with any greater enthusiasm. …

The intransigence and betrayal of many of the women religious in the United states toward Catholic values have been keenly felt in recent months by Catholic bishops – particularly in the fight over religious freedom and abortion funding in President Obama’s health care law, in which religious sisters have played a key role, in Obama’s favor.

In 2010 Speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked the radical Catholic nuns for helping Democrat’s pass their pro-abortion health care bill.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Draining this swamp will take time. There is much evil influence inside the church.

  • John in VA

    It’s about darn time. Time to do the same with the liberal Bishops. As my Grandfather used to say “they’re gummin’ up the works.”
    If the nuns, from whom I received an excellent education in the 60’s & 70’s, have become more feminists than Catholics, then they should secede. Good luck finding funding from the Protestants…
    It’s time the Catholic church reestablishes itself on the basic principles on which it has always thrived: Communion and Charity.

  • Practical Jane

    Good! Very, very good!

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  • Moonbat_One


  • Deeman


  • Deeman

    I bet there’s a bunch of nuns, conservative nuns, ready and willing to follow Church teaching and frothing at the bit to take over the positions of leadership left vacant by the leftist nuns. The extremist nuns should start their own church. Hasn’t that been their agenda all along for the last 40 years? And are they for lesbian rights over fetal rights? Whazzup with all that?

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  • jpd

    There’s an incredible amount of hatred in these comments so far. Is this christianity?

  • Lady Kurobara

    This is a good start, but it will accomplish little unless the entire Catholic hierarchy renounces the devil’s bargain it made with Big Government in pursuit of “social justice” (which, after all, is a very left-wing doctrine).

  • RCL

    Kudos to John in VA. Same thought…

    It’s about damn time! Most white “American”* nuns I’ve run across have little or no allegiance to the faith or the Holy Father and thereby no allegiance St. Peter nor Christ Himself. The orders in the Bay Area are full of despicable heretics dabbling in every form of paganism and perversion.

    They have the right to be stupid. They don’t have the right to pretend to be Catholic. Let them find the gates of Hell on their own time.

    *Yes, it IS a race & culture thing. The 3rd world orders or Polish and Eastern European orders are old school faithful. They remain great loving teachers and guides for our young. Sr. Berta handcuffed in a CHP cruiser or pigging out in the Watermelon Eating Contest at our Parish Roundup will never be forgotten.

    God bless all our Servants of Christ.

  • Valerie

    Oh, good. We are watching “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” as it plays out in real life.

    ” I didn’t betray you – I put a stop to you!”

  • RCL

    To jpd,

    “Hate”? Look it up fool. That isn’t present here.

    Clowns like you vomit up the liberal pablum you were fed in college. You are a brainless tool. I have to put up teaching “educated” idiots like you at work as it is. I don’t have to be nice about it after quitting time.

    Besides, you’re obviously not Catholic or Christian so STFU.

  • RCL

    Once more for John…

    It’s time the Catholic church reestablishes itself on the basic principles on which it has always thrived: Communion and Charity.

    Well said sir.

  • Beef

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The liberal hold on the Church is strong. This was a 2008 study that they are just getting around to.

    While they’re at it, maybe they should get serious about purging homosexual priests.

    I wish this Pope good health and time to see this job along.

  • arnonerik

    It would also be a good time for the Pope to re-examine the church’s support for “a new world order” and thier promoting and backing of Social Democratic Parties (Socialists). Its a failed system and it has weakened the faith of the laity. With friends like that they have no need of other enemies.

  • gail

    To Comment #14

    “It’s time the Catholic church reestablishes itself on the basic principles on which it has always thrived: Communion and Charity”.

    If they do that, I might even become a catholic!

  • lethargic

    Ditto #1, 2, and 16

  • havok

    The Catholic Church MUST Excommunicate the likes of the Pelosi’s, Kennedy’s & the idiot fool Biden…etc, to regain credibility on the issue.

    These people have as much murdered innocent Infant blood on their hands as any abortionist…and aren’t satisfied…they want more tortured babies with holes drilled in their heads.

  • Redwine

    The excommunication of Pelosi might in order, too.

  • MaryW

    It’s about time! Thank God!!

    To quote Pope Paul VI during his papacy: “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church”.

    The previous and current popes have been working on shoveling out the stables. Time to clean up the gaia-loving nunneries and toss in the trash heap their labyrinths and other pagan attachments.

  • Highlander

    Kudos to the Vatican. Liberalism is a disease and it has no place in the Catholic Church. It has invaded the church just as it has invaded the rest of America, and it’s destroying both from within. It’s about time they finally woke up. Now, what will it take to wake the rest of America up?

  • tommy mc donnell

    good, these people are not in the church because they believe traditional church doctrine, they entered the church to destroy it to advance a marxist agenda. destruction of the church has always been a goal of the marxist. now if the will just do away with the reforms of the second vatican council the church may become a vibrant, growing institution that is interested in the spiritual well being of its adherents. all the church, post vatican council II, has become is a cloister to shelter people hell bent on its destruction.

    to the catholics here, we were told the reforms of the vatican council II were necessary because the church was dying. well now only 20% of people who identify as catholic attend sunday mass. prior to vatican council II when the church was dying 80% of catholics attended sunday mass. we see the tremendous lack of vocations in the church another reason for the reforms. the council was in 1960. the decade with the highest number of ordinations in the U.S. was in1950’s. they really fixed that problem. we have seen the loss of the catholic educational system in the U.S., there are still some catholic high schools, populated by lots of non-catholics, but most of the grammer schools are closed. in my view another deliberate consequence of the council. i hope they are serious about this, if they weed out the people that are hiding in the church to advance a political or social agenda maybe the can get real catholics to start rebuilding the church. a good book to read on this subject is “goodbye good men.”

  • Tim in Cali

    Burn a scarlet ” L ” in their forehead

  • midusdew

    That’s a start. Next up eliminate a gay priests.

  • RCL

    To quote Pope Paul VI during his papacy: “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church”.

    The Lord foretold his Church would grow from “a tiny mustard seed” to a “great tree” and that “the birds of the air would roost in it”. The birds in his parables were servants of The Enemy seeking the ruin of souls. That His Church includes evil is not really a count against it. After all, the Lord Himself chose the twelve Apostles and among those twelve was the worst sinner that ever lived. Why would we expect to do better than our Lord?

    Au contraire, one reason I came back to the Catholic Church is because it encompasses the whole of human experience; good and bad. As Fr. Groeshel puts it, “What ever you say about the Catholic Church, it’s true. We’ve been around for so long and include so many people that whatever you say, it’s true… Some of the worst people in history were Catholics, true. Some of the best people in history have been Catholics, that’s also true.”

  • Peter Warner

    Tommy @23:

    You write valuable insights, and show reverence to accuracy and accountability. Thank you.

    With respect, I’m honestly curious why you choose to not capitalize the first letter of each sentence in your writing. Is there some reason you choose to write in that style?

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Brae

    When are you going to start excommunicating leaders that defy your beliefs? And pass laws that are the opposite of your beliefs? I can think of two names right off the bat~pelosi, biden just to name two.

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  • Let me state that I am a FORMER Catholic and they can start with my first cousin nun in California who PROUDLY voted for Obama. When I had a discussion with her about Obama before the election she gave me the Democrat line about how during the Clinton Presidency abortions went down because there are less abortions during good economies. I have attended one family gathering during the first part of Obama’s Presidency. I was told in no uncertain terms by my spouse that there would be no political discussions.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #27…peter warner i can’t type. thank you for your comment.

  • wanumba

    #9 April 18, 2012 at 9:19 pm
    jpd commented:
    There’s an incredible amount of hatred in these comments so far. Is this christianity?

    Yeah? IF the wrong doctrine leads people to eternal damnation in the fires of hell, THEN how much hatred do the Leftiest nuns have for people by deliberately leading them astray from the salvation of the Word of God?

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  • CharlieZangelGurl

    Looks like the nuns are pushing a OWS May offensive . I cant stand these marxists(LCWR) trouble makers. They are trying to destroy the church. Someone forgot to tell them , “The Gates Of Hell WILL NOT prevail” Matthew 16:18

    Here comes the Catholic Church !
    The Church has outlived EVERY major Empire, think twice.

  • chilipalmer

    I know an actual nun just like this, not happy about abortion but completely zoned into far left politics, completely obsessed with the idea that tax hikes will solve everything. Not concerned with billions lost in waste and fraud every year.

  • njinfl

    Its not hard to understand why the late medieval kings broke and nationalized the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic heirarcy is as utterly hostile to the Anglo-Saxon concepts of free markets and limited government as is Big Labor and the Socialist Democrats.

    The Church is profoundly corrupt and thoroughly deserves whatever fate it receives at the hands of the socialist mobocracy it perpetually enables.

  • It’s a start! Hopefully the cleaning will go beyond those wimmyn and sweep out people like Obama operative “Father” Flagler and others who have been enabling, rather than standing against, evil and sin.
    I have a post from February that is related, it’s about how so many in Catholic “leadership” sold out to shill for Obama:

  • Bitter Clinger

    Great. Then let’s move on to the radical priests. Michael Pfleger comes to mind immediately.

  • dan’l

    In his book “Rules For Radicals,” Alinsky spoke of priest candidates from a nearby seminary who used to come to him to learn his craft. Tell me that Lucifer is has not infiltrated all Christian churches.

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  • GrimJim

    Make it double quick, send these marxist dikes packing today

  • SturJen

    About flipping time.

    When I saw a nun helping a woman enter an abortion clinic, professing that this her calling, I lost all respect for them.

    I think it is the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters that had that nun in their fold. Another reason why I don’t give any money to the Madison Diocese. I don’t know if they are in that particular diocese, but even Lib Catholics flock together under the guise of ‘community organizing’.

  • JoyO

    The Catholic Church needs to take some lessons from Hillsdale College — it takes NO government money. Hence, Hillsdale can make its own rules and not waste money trying to comply with all of the government’s rules and regulations.

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  • A friend of mine, who was once a seminarian, has some insights about this and related issues, and he links to the above GWP post:
    There’s a lot of good information there that I think some of you may enjoy reading.

  • Patty

    Good, this makes me feel a bit better. It is time that the Church stops beating around the bush. It is time for the Church to teach what it believes in, in the Church and in the schools.

    No more Hypocrisy. And I wish when the nuns were cracking my knuckles and the priest who came in every Friday to teach religion but first he had to embarrass me and verbally abuse me, WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED OUT TOO.

  • Patty

    Correction: Cracked my knuckles with ruler.

  • the real wow

    It’s about time. What took them so long. They should also do something about the so-called Catholic institutions like Georgetown. Don’t limit this swamp draining to nuns.

  • Patty

    All I care about is that The Catholic Church gets a many of their congregation to Vote against Obama.

    NUNS, liberal nuns, aren’t any better than you or I, but all I want now is Obama out of office.

    There is a force in the United States that won’t be stop and that is the LIBERALS IN COLLEGES AND IN OUR SCHOOLS. They are teaching kids things that THEY believe in personally, I feel we need our kids to tells us what exactly in meaning taught. Our they learning about a career that will be productive or a mind set like Obama and others.

    Watch dogs in the class would be nice because what I went through wasn’t.

  • Patty

    tell us exactly what is “being Taught” in our classrooms.

  • Patty

    the Vatican has had it with Obama. I have had it with all those who are giving their life to God and then they abuse the kids. THIS WAS SOMETHING THAT GAVE THE CHURCH A BLACK EYE.

    You give your life to God, ACT LIKE IT. Walk in His shadow. So, yes, clean house but also, TAKE THE TRASH OUT.

  • R

    Let the pruning begin. I feel the Catholic Church is going to be stronger than ever in the future.
    Throw out the heretics.

  • Patty

    If we had a president with gumption maybe the White House could be cleaned out too.

  • PJM

    The problem with publicly excommunicating the likes of Pelosi, Sebelius and Biden would be a retaliation by the federal government against the Church the likes of which we have not seen before. We have to tread carefully here. Remember, they have already excommunicated themselves.

  • I am a former Episcopalian and they have all the livberal womenb the numns might need. But loook at what they have done to the Episcopalians?

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  • junie

    They should look at the plight of religious women in Kenya and see the persecution, rape and capture funded by Obama, and implemented by Odinga Obama’s cousin.
    Churches are being burned down, Christians are killed, forced abortions, Gays killed.
    Islam is the way of life, and whites especially missionaries are persecuted and driven out.
    The same pattern in South Africa, whites driven out, many killed.
    Whites in America should also wake up and see the plans in place for them.
    If you are white, you should study on the topic of BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY.
    This is a part of the Obama agenda, hate for whites, use deception, take everything from them.
    Look at his friends, Jerimiah Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, and others.
    Do whites really believe that Obama is to be trusted?
    The Churches are in great peril, and the freedoms of all the people.
    Wake up before it is too late.

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  • John

    I wish they would have cleaned house of the priests involved in the molestation scandals… this seems kind of like they are trying to deflect attention.

  • David

    The nuns should not worry about this reprimand. They should ignore the Taliban in the Vatican and continue with their good work. By the end of this year, the Christ will have returned openly to everyday life in the world. He will straighten out these bishops who think they are the boss and have the authority to speak for God. See for more info

  • Karen

    The nuns need to leave the order/the church if they don’t like the rules. Period.

  • In 2008 I told people I could not support or vote for Obama.

    The immediate accusation was “You can’t vote for him because he’s black?”

    My answer: “No, I can’t vote for him because he’s a babykiller!”

  • Stanley Jacobs

    Of course Obama supports the anti-Catholic “nuns”. These subversives have been allowed to operate far too long within the church community. In fact, one of their Progressive sisters has been convicted of sabotaging a nuclear facility most recently. The whole lot of phonies should be put on their bus and shipped out of town.