THOUSANDS turned out today at the Madison Tea Party at the state capitol building.

It was a beautiful day in Madison. The sun was out. The temperature was perfect. And the leftist goons got shouted down all day long.

Thousands of patriots turned out at the Wisconsin Tax Day Rally at the Capitol on Saturday to show their support for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his pro-freedom agenda.

Speakers Included:
Fox News Contributor – James T. Harris
Conservative Talk Show Host – Vicki McKenna
Big – Dana Loesch
Gateway Pundit – Jim Hoft
PJTV – Stephen Kruiser
Nashville Recording Artist – Krista Branch
AFP WI State Director – Luke Hilgemann

Click here for more info.

On Friday Stephen Kruiser and I snuck down to the #Occupier hobo camp here in town. They informed us that the #occupiers and union goons would be out in force. But, come Saturday, the far left failed to impress. Only 20-30 leftists turned out to counter protest.

Dana brought the pain- Here she screams at the left.

Here’s my speech at the rally Saturday:

It was a great day! The crowd was excited and the weather was perfect.

Also check GatewayPundit, Dana Loesch and Stephen Kruiser on Twitter for coverage of the rally.




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  1. Jim, you rock.

    Many, MANY good lines.

  2. I’m at 2:31 in your speech, Jim.

    And I’m wishing someone would transcribe and post the full text.


  4. Some great lines Jim. You did good. Glad you mentioned Andrew. Great to see you standing up for we/us that cannot be there.

  5. Rock it ladies and gentlemen!!! Freedom forever!!

  6. Wow! This was the best one yet. You and Dana did Breitbart proud.

  7. Excellent speech!

    Going OT

    This latest flash mob….

  8. great job! Jim.

  9. Thanks Jim.

  10. Key words, “Shout them down”….thank God for people who stand up to these small minded, useful idiots.

  11. Great speech Jim. Loved every minute of it.

  12. Woulda made Breitbart PROUD, Jim! Keep up the good work.

  13. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! I’m glad I found your blog!!

    Common Cents

  14. ++


    great going GP & all!!


  15. swwn elsewhere on GatewayPundit:
    “Hopefully, all the voters who voted for Obama in 2008 are paying attention to what their Democratic party really is. Maybe they’ll try voting for someone with integrity this time around.”
    Wow…..maybe the People in Wisconsin will figure out who Walker really is:
    Several Top aides face Felony indictments for campaign law violations…secret off the books email accounts, computers siezed, etc….

  16. I believe that Breitbart was standing right by your side during your speech. Thank you, thank you for speaking for all of us. We have had it and we aren’t taking their C..P anymore.

    You have hit it all.

  17. Walker is what we need more of! Can you imagine the audacity of Walker doing what he said he would do and saving the state BUNDLES of CASH,

    IN the AGE of OBAMA this is incredible and mind BOGGLING!

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