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  • JimR

    Personally, I’m not stunned by this.

  • Toa

    “Environmentalists” do this every time they have one of their public childrens’ parties…uuh, I mean environmental rallies.
    I remember one of the groundsmen’s comment as he and his men were cleaning up the massive mess left after a huge rally in Brazil (IIRC) years ago: “These people talk big about taking care of the environment, but in reality, they’re just pigs!” I thought he put it very well.

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  • Hardnox

    No surprise here either. It’s part and parcel with everything the left does. In other words, “clean up after me”. I see it all the time in the back country. Trash everywhere and the parking area is full of Volvos sporting “save the whatever” bumperstickers. Libs are hypocrites in everything that they do.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Hahaha, San Francisco deserves it.

    If it weren’t for the excellent dim sum that I buy on occasion at a particular shop in Chinatown, I wouldn’t care if the whole city collapsed and slid into the Pacific.

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  • FurryGuy

    I’d have been gobsmacked if the brain-dead Gaia cultists hadn’t trashed the park. More hypocrisy from the enviro-nazis who demand others live up to the standards they willfully refuse to abide by.

    I bet they all felt good about “saving Mother Earth” as they piled up their garbage. The former Soviet Union did the same thing, lecturing the world on environmental issues as they made a toxic mess.

  • Matt

    So liberals who love the earth trash it….yeah I agree…go figure.

  • Toa

    Everything the Left does is just a small preview of what would come down if they realized their long-held dream of absolute power: the “Enlightened Elite” living like spoiled teenagers, while we slaves live at their beck-and-call.

  • chris

    A clean earth, water, and air is not remotely part of an environmentalist’s agenda.

    Interesting how you will find many conservatives say that they consider themselves conservationists.

    Liberals call themselves environmentalists.

    Two totally different agendas.

  • David, Self Defense Retailer

    I have nothing against Earth Day in particular. In and of itself it seems pretty innocuous. Of course preventing pollution’s a good thing. Trying to make it left-wing or right-wing doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of a global unifying holiday. There are absolutely right-wing environmentalist arguments. They’re called property rights. This kind of thing is to be expected though. Just look at the Occupy camps.

  • richard

    these clowns always shoot themselves in the foot,doorknobs

  • Christopher Taylor

    Hey, there’s no need to pick up trash on Lenin’s Birthday… sorry, Earth Day!

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  • Bill Mitchell


    Has Obama had any good news in the last week or so? No, only pretty horrible news right? So then why, according to Gallup, has his approval rating skyrocketed by 7 points and has gone from trailing Romney to leading him by 7 points?

    Seriously? Is there ANY explanation for this at all other than being complete BS? Meanwhile, on Rasmussen, Romney leads Obama by 4 today. Hey that is ONLY 11 POINT different than Gallup.

  • FurryGuy

    #11 April 24, 2012 at 1:30 pm
    David, Self Defense Retailer commented:

    I personally have lots against Earth Day, especially since it was and still is touted as a Secular Religious Holiday. The basic concept from the start was Leftist Conformity, not about doing something worthwhile and sustainable. Showing forced respect for Mother Gaia is for those who Leftists deem heretics (hint, anyone who thinks even a micron differently).

  • FurryGuy

    #15 April 24, 2012 at 2:00 pm
    Bill Mitchell commented:


    Breaking News! Water is WET!

    Something fishy at Gallup? Well, DUH! There is only one poll that matters, the one held nationally on 6 November, all others are propaganda pushing an agenda, subtle or not.

  • Economan

    I celebrated with these swine by cooking pork with charcoal and by smoking cigars. If they can trash the earth, so can I!

  • Kissmygrits

    They must have come for the free love, just like the last time and the time before that. Nothing changes with this bunch.

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    To be fair, from this story and the story in this morning’s S.F. Chronicle, this mess appears to have been left by yuppies partying in the sun, not by greenies. The “Dateway” reference is to the Marina Safeway grocery store, which has been an upscale neighborhood singles’ cruising spot for decades. The run on beer, and the discussion of caloric content of different vodkas, says yuppie, of which the Marina District has an abundance.

    It’s not hypocritical environmentalists … this time …