Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren Claimed She Was Native American For Harvard Job… She’s Not

Hey Kimosabi.

Far left Democrat Elizabeth Warren claimed she was a native American at Harvard for years. She’s not.
The Boston Herald reported:

Elizabeth Warren said she had no idea until she read the Herald today her Native American heritage was touted by Harvard Law School as proof of their faculty’s diversity in the 1990s — a fact her rival wants her to apologize for.

“I think I read it on the front page of the Herald,” Warren said when asked about the issue.

“I don’t even remember,” she added when asked about a 1996 Harvard Crimson article that quoted a then-law school spokesman touting her minority status. “You’re trying to raise something from 15 years ago.”

Her GOP Senate rival, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, said today the story raises “some questions that need to be answered.” Brown’s campaign went further calling on Warren to apologize for allowing Harvard to claim she was part Native American.

“For years, Harvard has claimed special minority status for Professor Elizabeth Warren as a member of a Native American tribe and their first minority hire,” said Jim Barnett, campaign manager for Brown. “That Warren allowed Harvard to hold her up as an example of their commitment to diversity in the hiring of historically disadvantaged communities is an insult to all Americans who have suffered real discrimination and mistreatment, and Warren should apologize for participating in this hypocritical sham.”

Warren, who has not provided any documentation on her Native American heritage, said she is “proud” of her lineage.

“These are my family stories,” she said. “This is our lives and I am very proud of that.”

Hat Tip Kathy

More… The Volokh Conspiracy has this on Warren, via Instapundit:

The old AALS Directory of Faculty guides are online (through academic libraries) at Hein Online. The directories starting listing minority faculty in an appendix in 1986. There’s Elizabeth Warren, listed as a professor at Texas. I spot-checked three additional directories from when she was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, including 1995-96, the year Harvard offered her a position. Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren.

So, we know one thing with almost 100% certainty: Elizabeth Warren identified herself as a minority law professor. We know something else with 90%+ certainty: (at least some) folks at Harvard were almost certainly aware that she identified as a minority law professor, though they may not have known which ethnic group she claimed to be belong to, and it may not have played any role in her hiring.

But it gets even more interesting: once Warren joined the Harvard faculty, she dropped off the list of minority law faculty. Now that’s passing strange. When the AALS directory form came around before Warren arrived at Harvard, she was proud enough of her Native American ancestry to ask that she be listed among the minority law professors. (Or, in the unlikely even that she just allowed law school administrators to fill out the forms for her without reviewing them, they were aware that she claimed such ancestry, and she didn’t object when she was listed.) Once she arrived at Harvard, however, she no longer chose to be listed as a minority law professor.

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  • paul walker

    She lied about something 15 years ago and forgot about it. Now she resents someone bringing it up . It was so long ago after all it’s just not fair and so mean spirited.

  • 8 My Foot

    Rules only apply to Liberals if they want them to.

  • It’s pretty easy to determine tribal membership in most tribes. My wife is part Cherokee…I’m full-blood AMERICAN…well, I once saw a wooden Indian in front of a tobacco store back in the early ’50s in Texas….does Harvard have any documentation on ANY of their “Native Americans” or other “Diverse” types?

  • vityas

    She is a proud Pootatuck.

  • Remco Kimber

    Never seen in the same room at the same time,

    a Democrat


    the Truth,

  • Diane Harvey

    She’s a squaw in the same tribe as Ward Churchill,

  • You do know she changed her name, don’t you? When she was young, she had a conversation with her father about her name. As she recalled it later over a Latte with her Harvard “Sistern”, she said to her father, “In our ‘tribe’, the father would walk out of the TeePee as soon as the baby was born and name the infant after the first thing he saw, right? Like my cousin, “Soaring Eagle”, and my other cousin, “Babbling Brook”, right?

    Her father put his arm around her and consoled her by replying, “Yes, that is how it is done. You seem a bit disturbed, is something on your mind “Two-dogs-humping”?

  • kato

    Liberal = Liar

  • Taqiyyotomist

    She does look, in the mouth-and-nose shape, to be partly native American.

    Just saying.

    The claims she made for Status reasons, and then didn’t make for other status reasons, are another matter entirely.

    The Race Identity Game For Special Benefits is insanity, IMO.

    Recently-contrived B.S.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    The real controversy is the system which makes us, at times, check boxes that note what particular “race” we belong to, in order for decisions to be made on (or against) our behalf.

    That’s the insanity, and should be the point, right there.

    Not this Gamer.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    For Liberals, the System (our tax money, at its most basic level) is a Game, to be Played.

    She is just a Player of the Game.

  • the struggler

    Must be Slap-a-ho

  • Taqiyyotomist

    She should have also become a Lesbian.

    Then the Game would have been even easier, as she would have had that edge.

    Missed out on that one, Ms. Warren.

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  • Gandalf

    All race claims are discrimination, all of them. They have no place in our society today.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    …and if she had come up with some sort of physical or mental “disability”?

    She would never have to work another day in her life.

    A disabled Native American lesbian?

    SET FOR LIFE. CHECKMATE in the Game.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I mean, what kind of American Game Player can only come up with ONE “disability” (Native American, to the racist Left), and think that they can win?

    You gotta be CREATIVE.

  • Sally

    Elizabeth Warren chose not to pay a voluntary higher tax rate (an option in MA), yet b-ches incessantly at the rest of us to do so.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried! – so hypocritical- so predictable.

    One source on the “do as I say, not as I do” er…

  • paul walker


    I have never heard of anyone in MA or anywhere else for that matter who voluntarily paid a higher rate. It may be an option in MA but actually it is an option anywhere. It is strictly a pose to call for that nothing more. As you said “do as I say, not as I do”. For liberals saying this is like breathing. It is something they do.

  • Gandalf

    She should be returned to Oklahoma for repair and retraining.As I often say to the Mrs. “how can you tell if a liberal is lying? – Their lips are moving”. Hope she loses bigtime.

  • Sasja

    Good grief, Gandalf, we don’t want her here. It’s bad enough that some have migrated from Kalifornia. We work very hard to keep as much liberal idiocy out of our body politic as is humanly possible.

    Now an OT brought to you by PJMedia:

  • valerie

    #17 April 29, 2012 at 8:50 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    It doesn’t take much creativity, at least in California. I qualify as “disabled” in California because I have to wear glasses to drive.

  • donh

    There are enough people of genuine Indian tribal heritage in New England for this to cost Warren votes. Fact is the name Warren goes back to the mayflower and her ancestors were shoving the indians off their land and giving them small pox. So it is an especially strange manifestation of white guilt to claim she is one of them.

  • srdem65

    What is this PC crappola and when wil it end? I’m a NATIVE AMERICAN because I was born here. My ethnic background hails to Eastern Europe, but I’m not a European-American.
    There are people who were here eons before the Europeans and they called themselves by their tribal names. They are not any more “native” than I.

  • midusdew

    another fraud like opinko…………

  • Francesca

    This reminds me of the ‘pseudo-Indian’ at the U of Colorado. He didn’t even have a Phd. and was NOT a native American but was touted as one to show the university’s so-called diversity. His fake ethnicity was the only reason he was a professor there at all. He also plagiarized. Took a lot of time and money to fire him.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    If I had a papoose, she’d look like Elizabeth Warren.

  • Sasja

    Her maiden name is Herring.

    Anyone born in the US is a native American. Calling American Indians, Native Americans, is just plain silly, as with all PC drivel.

  • OxyCon

    Google “Maude Frickert” under images.

  • Francesca

    It was Ward Churchill, who went around with hair in braids and wearing a headband. Bah!

  • Dave-O

    Pocahantas Warren should release a copy of her employment application to Harvard in order to prove she didn’t “check” the Native American box – but she won’t – and Harvard certainly won’t release it. Seems like a lot of smoke to me – and where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  • Marsh626

    The proper term is “American Indians”, not “Native Americans”.

    The scientific evidence is increasingly mounting that actually Stone Age Europeans were the first humans to set foot in the Americas.

    Therefore, being of European ancestry herself, she is “Native American”.

  • tommy mc donnell

    “your bringing up something from fifteen years ago.” seems that was okay when it was herman cain!

  • MN Jim

    I am a native American. My ancestors came from England in 1765.
    Warren’s case sounds a lot like another high-profile politician who clamed to be a foreign student to get college admission preference even though his grades were mediocre, but now claims to have been born in Hawaii.

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  • owl

    She is a Dem. Dem’s are better at some things than others. Lying and cheating ballot boxes rate highest on the list.

    Dems are special people. They are never punished for their behavior. MSM said it was not a story.

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  • Flintstone F.

    Ward Churchill was aka “Chief Walking Eagle” because he was so full of ….it. Warren could be known as “Squaw Ting Pigeon” for the same reason.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “These are my family stories,” she said.

    And stories they are, and nothing more.

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  • Will

    My mother is part Cherokee so I’m used to looking at relatives who look Native American. This fraud doesn’t qualify in the slightest. If she were any whiter we’d all need sunglasses to protect us from the glare of her pasty skin. This is one WASP that definitely needs to be swatted down in November. Native American? Good one, Lizzy!

  • squeaky
    an oped about the cherokee attempt to disenfranchise the descendants of slaves from membership in the tribe. the comments at the end are interesting in a way.

  • 1RedBeard

    My heritage is interesting, containing a lot of history of ancestors who were persecuted, involuntarily expatriated, and even murdered, just because of ethnicity. But I never suffered any of those things, so my ancestry should NEVER be used to discriminate in any way whatsoever, for me, or against me.

    Even if Warren could claim a tiny percentage of American Indian blood, and that sure looks difficult, it means NOTHING in terms of entitlement.

    Racial pigeonholing for any reason is abhorrent. Period. Full stop. End of discussion.

  • squeaky

    ms warren is worth between 4.6 million and 14.5 million give or take. maybe she has a need to cling to a more sympathetic image. john kerry’s magic hat and elizabeth’s family stories.

  • Mark1957

    Her Indian name is ” Walks with Mao “.

  • Nightfighter

    Most Liberals now claim to be Vietnam Veterans after spitting on them during the war

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  • raybojabo

    She’s an Indian trapped in a “cracker” body. For libturds childhood fantasy becomes their reality and facts are illusion.

  • anti-bho

    Any self respecting “tribe” member would have swapped her for a good rifle (or bottle of whiskey) and a buffalo robe and been much warmer for the bargain.

  • Holder’s AK-47s kill Mexicans

    She may not be an Indian, but she did watch Dances With Wolves last night – and that Kevin Costner fellow – ohhhh, how he makes the ladies swoon.

  • donh

    So she used to listen to Paul Revere and the Raiders while taking pottery class back in the glory hippie days …. and now wants to build a casino in Massachusettes….That makes her one of the tribe…>

  • Dave (in MA)


  • havok

    Lying seems to be common among theives err I Mean Democrats:

    Biden: 1. plagiarized his life story in 1st Pres run. 2. Lied about his Graduation Position/grades in law school, 3. in the VP Debate lied about Obama saying live on TV he would negotiate with terrorists 4. in same debate that he had sat at a Diner talking with a woman and her struggles the week before, when that Diner had been closed for over a decade..

    Hillary: 1. lied about being under sniper fire 2. being named for Sir Edmund Hillary, and 3. lied about being Captain of a Women’s sports team..that didn’t exist.

    Insane Ward Churchill: Lied about being Native American to not only get a job, but to Consider himself a Minority to get Chair of a dept that requires individual to be a minority.

    Bill Clinton: Everything involving getting his Rocks off, based on lies, deceit or non-consensual/forced sex.

    Obama: basically everything out of his mouth..

  • valerie

    #52 April 30, 2012 at 9:29 am
    Dave (in MA) commented:


    Squeaky, thanks for the extra background.

  • If the GOP is smart it will find some way to dig up the truth about Obama and his two years at Occidental college.

    In order to receive student aid I am certain that he lied about being a foreign student. If he did not lie he is not a Hawaiian born American. It is one or the other.

  • I am a registered member of the Cherokee Nation and enrolled in the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, both authentic federally recognized Cherokee governments. Elizabeth Warren is not a part of either.

    I have studied Cherokee genealogy and historic records for 30 years. I worked for the BIA Branch of Acknowlegement and for the Cherokee Nation.

    We Cherokees have endured fakes claiming to be us for various reasons since the 1840s, usually to get land or money. Today the wannabe Cherokee craze has risen to a tremendous threat to our tribe’s sovereignty. Having a wannabe like EW in Congress is sure to threaten it even more.

    All across Academia, where research must be well documented and repeatable, whites and some blacks are permitted to call themselves American Indians to fill minority quotas when they have Ni connection to our people whatsoever. A couple that come to mind are the now notorious Ward Churchill (Univ. of Colorado) women of color activist Andrea Smith (Univ. of Michigan) and Rayna Green (Smithsonian), Rennard Strickland (Univ. of Oregan). They all have made a life out of lying about their ethnic identity.

    The Cherokee Nation has identified over 250 groups falsely claiming to be Cherokee tribes. Several, through political machination, but no proof, have even achieved state recognition, mostly in the south.

    The US census has revealed there are over 800,000 individuals claiming Cherokee status. Since the combined membership of all three federally recognized cherokee governments only totals 300,000, we are now outnumbered by the Elizabeth Warrens. If there were enough Cherokees to make that many descendants we would have never lost the war!

    I believe EW should be held accountable for her lie. But I also believe Harvard must be held accountable as well. I implore each of you reading about this injustice against the Cherokee people to learn more and speak out against ethnic identity fraud. The Cherokee Nation, by treaty, placed ourselves under the protection of the people of the United States. Now is your time to step up and protect us from this fraud.

  • bruce Caissie

    I can Prove my Genealogy < I don't have to make up Stories!

  • CommieJuice

    If this were from the movie Cowboys and Aliens, where the Cowboys and Indians teamed up to fight the Aliens, she would be the latter.

  • Badger Pundit

    Hey, check out Warren’s new campaign song:

    Also, Howie Carr on the problem of “ethnic imposters” like Warren:

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  • It looks like a lot of people owe her an apology,
    “A genealogist in Massachusetts has uncovered evidence that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren does have Native American heritage as she claims.Christopher Child of the New England Historic and Genealogy Society said Monday he found an 1894 document in which Warren’s great-great-great grandmother is listed as Cherokee, which would make the Harvard Law School professor 1/32nd American Indian.”

  • rvn_sgt6768

    If you 1 part anything it still counts. All you repugnican trolls are 100% full of s**t.

  • JoeAmerican

    As someone who has some Native American/Indian heritage, I think it is important to distinguish three points from each other:

    First, there is nothing wrong with being aware of and even proud one’s heritage. I have studied both my American Indian heritage and my European/Welsh heritage, heritage that is, in fact, mine, regardless of any tribe’s registries. Included in that understanding of the heritage is also to have to face the realities of the horrific violence of the Western expansion period in North American history, violence that was perpetrated by all sides.

    Second, there is nothing wrong in claiming tribal membership if you have it. Tribal membership is a formal legal status, and includes registry with the tribe, and usually comes with ancestry checks etc. But that is entirely different than legitimately claiming some ancestral heritage.

    Third, claiming minority status is a different matter altogether, and was, when EW was in school, a nebulous and poorly defined idea which was defined by the individual college and its subcultures, not by Federal law or any Indian tribal registry. Especially back in the 70’s and 80’s there was an honest attempt to look for ways to include minorities into traditionally all-white institutions, and it was inevitable that mistakes and overstepping would occur.

    I think we do ourselves a disservice if we don’t acknowledge the messiness of the beginning of the inclusive period. It was an exploratory period, and frankly, that exploration hasn’t ended yet. Indian tribes claiming the exclusive right to claiming Indian racial heritage is, on its face, ridiculous. Some 1/2 or so of the so-called “white” population has Indian ancestry, and has legitimate claim to some heritage from that ancestry. However, claiming special employment or other advantages because of a slim portion of one’s genetics having been inherited from a ‘Native American’ is admittedly both unfair and rather absurd. Equally absurd is applying a 21`st century perspective to a late 20th century period of history.

  • Keely Denning is the researcher who uncovered the “Tahlequah artists” lies about his ancestry. She shared those documents with me and I refused to release them to any other party without her permission. The only reason she’s attacking me is because her friends revealed her writing notes to fake Indians making claims about my research behind my back. She claims to be against wannabes and fakes, but takes any opportunity to side with them if it suits her hateful agenda. I confronted her on it, explained she was no longer a part of my universe and dismissed her. Which is what I suggest anyone reading these posts do as well.

    You will note that she claims I say the genealogist is wrong, and that is not to be found anywhere in my post. In fact, my post was made before the genealogist went public with his alleged findings. I do believe his findings are inaccurate and that will be revealed through actual documentation as soon as Twila Barnes (a certified genealogist and another person Keely has unjustly attacked) gets her son out of the hospital.

    You can expect that this thread will now be hijacked by Keely Deening in her never ending jealous rage. I apologize to the readers of this thread ahead of time.

  • Twila Barnes

    The above comment by T_Barnes is made to look like I made it, but I didn’t. I only came here because someone told me someone was posting as me here. Keely Denning is notorious for doing this kind of BS. But, there is a claim that Warren’s ancestor’s son supposedly listed his mother as Cherokee on his marriage certificate in OK. I would urge everyone to look up the actual application and certificate that is online at The word Cherokee is not there. Warren and her genealogist need to produce the document. Right now, all they have is their word, and anyone can say anything they want about their ancestry but it doesn’t make it true.

  • Keely Denning

    EXCUSE ME! I JUST GOT HOME FROM OUT OF TOWN! I DID NOT POST THAT POST WHICH HAS MY NAME! David, I am sorry some sorry ass has posted FALSELY USING MY NAME, too f’ing chicken to use their name so they use mine. I would be VERY INTERESTED in the IP address that was used.
    It is a crime to steal peoples identities.
    David Cornsilk is a known wannabe fighter, and though he and I do not see eye to eye on every issue, I would NEVER say anything CLOSE to what was written.
    Churchill is a well known FRAUD.
    Hell, that post isnt even written in my style of writing…
    IF I find out, the IP of that post, I will be contacting the proper authorites, there are TOO MANY of us in public, and in private, who fight the wannabe issue, no one, NO ONE will undermine the efforts.

  • Keely Denning

    PS not only can I prove I was out of town, I have receipts from where I was shopping at, furniture shopping to be exact!
    Again, David, I am sorry some sorry ass is pretending to be me.

  • Keely Denning

    Also David, you have my permission to release all genealogy research I did on that person from Tahlequah. It is public record and you really do not need my permission, but please feel free to share it.

  • EBL
  • Siobhan O’

    Elizabeth Warren doesn’t need to lie …she’s genuine..down to earth..and extremely bright. So glad she proved these idiots wrong..Can’t get over how Brown and his stooges were all over her for this.

  • Savannah Rose

    Even the 1/32nd claim is unlikely – at the most Warren could be 1/64th. Turns out a columnist at is an amateur genealogist and checked the documents more closely:

    “Mr. Child found that Ms. Warren’s great-great-grandfather, Preston Crawford, had a brother, William Crawford. In 1894, when William Crawford was about 57 years old, he submitted a marriage application to the officials of Logan County, in what was then Oklahoma Territory. In that application, William Crawford stated he wished to receive a license to marry Mary Long, and he further stated that his mother, O.C. Sarah Smith, was a Cherokee.

    Here’s the problem with that evidence: Nowhere do the records of that time support William Crawford’s claim.

    We know that between 1794 and 1799, Wyatt Smith and Margaret “Peggy” Brackin Smith had a little girl they named O.C. Sarah Smith. There’s no evidence that “Peggy,” O.C. Sarah’s mother, was Cherokee, and her father’s father—Andreas Smith—was the son of two Swedish immigrants, Hans Jurgen Smidt and his wife Maria Stalcop, who settled in Delaware shortly before Andreas’ birth in 1731.

    O.C. Sarah Smith—known in some records as “Oma” or “Neoma”—appears to be the mother of both Elizabeth Warren’s great-great-grandfather, Preston Crawford, and his brother, William Crawford, who is said to have claimed she was Cherokee on that wedding application.

    It is upon this claim by O.C. Sarah Smith’s son that Ms. Warren’s assertion of Native American ancestry precariously sits. But under the best case scenario for Ms. Warren, her great-great-great grandmother O.C. Sarah Smith was only half Cherokee and half Swedish, making her not 1/32 Cherokee, as most press reports have stated, but 1/64 Cherokee.

    However, it is more likely that O.C. Sarah Smith had no Cherokee heritage. Census records that listed O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford (her married name) as a resident of Tennessee in 1830, 1840, and 1860 classify her as white, not Indian.

    So why would Ms. Warren’s great-great-grand-uncle make up such a thing? Perhaps he showed the same kind of tendency towards ancestral “embellishment” that she herself seems to exhibit, or perhaps there was some logistical or tactical benefit to claiming Cherokee ancestry.”

  • d4texas

    I wonder if I’d qualify for minority benefits and special advantages if I claim to be part Indian and member of the famous Fahkowie tribe who kept getting lost (as in “where the ‘Fu_k are we‘ tribe”).

  • Perplexed

    Obviously she intended on getting special consideration or she wouldn’t have listed herself as an ‘Injun’. I am of Cherokee ancestry but I have NEVER listed it on any application or resume.