China has a monopoly on rare earth metals and Americans suffer

Thanks to US lawmakers the labor-intensive compact fluorescent lightbulb production is thriving – in China.

By closing or nationalizing dozens of the producers of rare earth metals — which are used in energy-efficient bulbs and many other green-energy products — China has sent the price of compact fluorescent bulbs soaring in the United States.

But democrats don’t care.
Its democrat policy that has allowed China to monopolize the rare earth metals market.
The Tatler reported:

The administration’s harsh regulatory environment is harming yet more sectors of the American economy, rare earth minerals mining and electronics manufacturing. We use these minerals every day in cell phones, high tech industries and leading edge medical tech, even jet engines. DoD uses them in some of our most sophisticated information systems and weapons. American businesses want to purchase these minerals from domestic sources, and the US is among the world’s leading sources of rare earth minerals. A huge new source for one rare earth element, niobium, was announced in Nebraska just this week.


It currently takes up to five times longer to get approval to mine for minerals here than it does in other countries, driving investment, production and jobs away from America. From the time a project request is submitted to the time a final ruling is made, a decade can slip by and paperwork as much as 6 feet high filed and reviewed – repeatedly. Not surprisingly, when investors are ready to move on a project, they turn to countries that are ready to do business, rather than tackle the Byzantine regulatory review process here in the United States.

One of those countries is China, which also possesses large quantities of these minerals. American businesses are finding it easier to do business with the ChiComs than with the American government to get these minerals. Democrat Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania writes that China is leveraging its position (and the Obama administration’s regulatory hostility to mining) to hold a monopoly.

How does China maintain its control over rare earth elements? For one thing, it controls production. The only mine currently producing rare earths is based in China. They also ensure that most of the supplies remain in China by deliberately limiting exports through strict quotas and stiff duties. These illegal measures operate to chill exports and drive global prices through the roof.

As a consequence, today American manufacturers struggle with ever-escalating costs of production, compromising the ability of American companies to compete and create jobs.



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  1. Barack Obama: screwing over America, one industry at a time.

  2. It’s not just Obama.. it’s been a long march towards the current regulatory noose around each and every sector of America based enterprise..

  3. ++

    fact is we’re lucky they haven’t faded the world to black yet,
    but i’m certain it’s in their “if all else fails” contingency plan..

    April 5, 2012

    How Saul Alinsky Taught Obama to
    Say One Thing and Do the Opposite


  4. Otraitor and all law makers and EPA and all regulators need to be jailed…period…we have become such a wussified nation…can’t drill might hurt a little bird…ca’nt mine it might endanger a butterfly…WTF has become of this once great country…and these commies laugh all the way to the bank as they get illegal kickbacks

  5. #2 – True. Very true. But you can rest assured of the fact that Obama isn’t helping. he has to try and make the environmentalists happy, after all.

    Time to abolish the EPA.

  6. I bought a five year supply of incandescent bulbs.

    Now I’ll wait for the LED bulbs to become cheaper.

    The curly fry light bulbs are crap. Toxic too.

    Obama is just a plain ole socialist in a dark suit.

  7. Folks, you can still buy incandescent light bulbs. They are being manufactured here in the US. Here is one place, but there are others. I think this company is one of Rush’s sponsors in their local market.

  8. ++

    in case you missd it:

    Proposed UN Environmental Constitution For The World Would
    Establish An Incredibly Repressive System Of Global Governance

    [Most people have no idea that the United Nations has been drafting an environmental constitution for the world that is intended to supersede all existing national laws. This document has a working title of "Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development" and you can read the entire thing right here. Work on this proposed world environmental constitution has been going on since 1995, and the fourth edition was issued to UN member states on September 22nd, 2010. This document is intended to become a permanent binding treaty and it would establish an incredibly repressive system of global governance. This "covenant", as it is being called, claims authority over the entire global environment and everything that affects it. Considering the fact that everything that we do affects the environment in some way, that would mean that this document would become the highest form of law for all human activity. This proposed UN environmental constitution for the world is incredibly detailed. The U.S. Constitution only has 7 articles, but the UN document has 79 articles. If the U.S. eventually ratifies this treaty, any national, state or local laws that conflict with this covenant will be null and void. This is potentially one of the greatest threats to our national sovereignty that we have ever seen and we need to warn the American people about it.

    Essentially what this proposed environmental covenant does is it takes
    the sustainable development principles underlying Agenda 21 and turns
    them into global constitutional law.

    more here, and here, in connecting links, and threads..


  9. ++

    re: #8 April 5, 2012 at 8:10 pm bg

    oh yeah, this sounds like fun too.. /s/


  10. The Obama Plan for Dummies:
    Shut down your Counrty.
    Turn in it over to your enemies.
    Retire in comfort.

    (No charge for this)

  11. China has been purchasing rare earth mines all around the world. There are not a lot of them. “Rare Earths” is rather mis-named, actually. But, the substances ARE needed for such as magnets, all sorts of electronics items, airplane engines and tens of thousands of things. In the USA, in California, there is Moly Corps reopening mine close to highway 15 which leads to Las Vegas. There is one other mine in the USA with rare earths production. The USA government, as it has with oil production, been a huge stumbling block to production. Rare earths consist of a number of elements, and they are very difficult to separate out of the ‘dirt’ that comes from these mines. Production of enough for the needs of USA industry will be a big problem for many years.

  12. When the Chinese go to war, they flood the market with cheap products.(Easy to do when you have a large manufacturing base and cheap labor).If cheap products don’t kill American manufacturers, then it will be just a matter of time before the American Unions do.

    Once the Chinese gets a monopoly on manufacturing end, then the price shoots up.Naturally, they jack up the price because they no longer have competition. The $5 cost to manufacture jeans becomes $10. Still,it is not as much of an increase to make American manufacturers go bargain shopping in another country.

    For awhile now, the Chinese have been cornering the market on rare earth metals. The plot thickens because the Chinese, which is the world’s greatest polluter, is sitting in these UN conferences driving the Global Warming agenda, while doing nothing to curb their own manufacturing output and pollution.So they drive up demand for their products through various green energy schemes that 1st world countries are far too happy to enact. The rest of the world puts a stranglehold on their energy and manufacturing output and the Chinese become more powerful and richer.

    WWIII has been waged by the Chinese.Meanwhile,we have Neville Chamberlain in the White House waving the white flag around and declaring there will be peace in our time.

  13. Immelt and his buddies at GE maybe. Speaking of GE I have never seen so many ads for GE.

  14. china is a communist country, why shouldn’t a communist president help them.

  15. The EPA needs direction. It is an agency that has accomplished a large part of its original mission, and it is looking for new tasks. That is why it has sought to lower pollution limits and procure a mandate to regulate non-pollutant gases.

    This agency could be required by Congress to set forth a description of what an approvable manufacturing site plan would include, so that people would not have to wrestle with long processing times.

    We know how to clean up our messes, now, and the agency should be required to facilitate the installation of clean manufacturing facilities.

  16. The US could compete in the global arena in a number of areas if regulations were loosened and unions kept out. Using our own supply of that great stuff called oil would be a plus.

    Anyone know how Mittens plans to deal with these issues?

  17. The Obama-Immelt Administration Flexes Its Muscle

    GE has announced that it is transferring its 115-year-old X-Ray manufacturing operations from Wisconsin to China. It has also announced that it will invest two billion dollars in China, open 6 new research centers there, and train 65 new Chinese engineers. This is the same mega-corporation that last year payed exactly no U.S. corporate income taxes at all despite profits of 14.2 billion dollars, and that now, after a series of job cuts in the U.S., employs more people overseas than in the U.S. To add insult to injury, GE received a 1.1 billion dollar tax credit from the U.S. government as part of the financial industry bailout.

    To put this amount of money in perspective, keep in mind that the cleanup of PCBs that GE has been fighting for decades will probably cost only hundreds of millions of dollars. And yet, GE says that it will sue if the EPA makes them do any cleanup at all. Apparently building China’s economy is more important than cleaning up toxic PCBs from the communities that previously supplied GE’s labor force.

    Here’s a quote from Jeff Immelt.

    “When I am talking to GE managers, I talk China, China, China, China, China. You need to be there. You need to change the way people talk about it and how they get there. I am a nut on China. Outsourcing from China is going to grow to 5 billion. We are building a tech center in China. Every discussion today has to center on China. The cost basis is extremely attractive. You can take an 18 cubic foot refrigerator, make it in China, land it in the United States, and land it for less than we can make an 18 cubic foot refrigerator ourselves.”

    So, what the heck, give China the light bulbs too. If a republican president did what Obama and his friends have done to American jobs, his head would be on a platter.

  18. A few months ago,one of my CFL bulbs(while still illuminated) started putting of a burning odor..not knowing the origin ,I started checking small appliances,ele. plugs(everything)..I finally found the source,replaced the bulb and spent the next few hours with a massive headache from the (toxic odor)IMO…..don’t leave your kids alone with these lights on..You see where I’m from…the bulb NEVER burned out,continuing to put out a toxic odor..

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