China Puts Squeeze on Rare Earth Metals Resulting in Compact Flourescent Bulb Prices to Skyrocket

Thanks Congress. Thanks EPA. Thanks global warming junk scientists.
Thanks to US lawmakers the labor-intensive compact fluorescent lightbulb production is thriving – in China.

Terrific. By closing or nationalizing dozens of the producers of rare earth metals — which are used in energy-efficient bulbs and many other green-energy products — China has sent the price of compact fluorescent bulbs soaring in the United States.
The New York Times – Yahoo reported:

In the name of fighting pollution, China has sent the price of compact fluorescent light bulbs soaring in the United States.

By closing or nationalizing dozens of the producers of rare earth metals — which are used in energy-efficient bulbs and many other green-energy products — China is temporarily shutting down most of the industry and crimping the global supply of the vital resources.

China produces nearly 95 percent of the world’s rare earth materials, and it is taking the steps to improve pollution controls in a notoriously toxic mining and processing industry. But the moves also have potential international trade implications and have started yet another round of price increases for rare earths, which are vital for green-energy products including giant wind turbines, hybrid gasoline-electric cars and compact fluorescent bulbs.

General Electric, facing complaints in the United States about rising prices for its compact fluorescent bulbs, recently noted in a statement that if the rate of inflation over the last 12 months on the rare earth element europium oxide had been applied to a $2 cup of coffee, that coffee would now cost $24.55.

An 11-watt G.E. compact fluorescent bulb — the lighting equivalent of a 40-watt incandescent bulb — was priced on Thursday at $15.88 on Wal-Mart’s Web site for pickup in a Nashville, Ark., store.

Wal-Mart, which has made a big push for compact fluorescent bulbs, acknowledged that it needed to raise prices on some brands lately. “Obviously we don’t want to pass along price increases to our customers, but occasionally market conditions require it,” Tara Raddohl, a spokeswoman, said. The Chinese actions on rare earths were a prime topic of conversation at a conference here on Thursday that was organized by Metal-Pages, an industry data firm based in London.

Soaring prices are rippling through a long list of industries.

“The high cost of rare earths is having a significant chilling effect on wind turbine and electric motor production in spite of offsetting government subsidies for green tech products,” said one of the conference attendees, Michael N. Silver, chairman and chief executive of American Elements, a chemical company based in Los Angeles. It supplies rare earths and other high-tech materials to a wide range of American and foreign businesses.

It sure is a good thing we shut down all of those light bulb plants across the US, huh?

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  • KOW

    Dont forget shutting down all those oil rigs off the Gulf because we would be using less energy because of all these Green technologies.

  • Ginger

    OT… Is she going to run? Hope not! She does look good!

  • rbosque


    Please don’t cast your vote again for an idiot Communist.

  • uncivil & right

    Horde incandescents. I do. :mrgreen:

  • CT

    The CHICOMS are not our friends they are an ENEMY state!

    Hope the message gets through before it’s too late.

  • chris

    I have 32 rental units – I do not let tenants put CFL’s in – too much liability – wait until you see claims against property managers become the new asbestos and mold jackpots for deadbeats. What a joke

  • Swifty

    CFLs are most likely more dangerous than they have let on at this time.

    Horde the old or go right to LEDs instead.

  • Valerie

    There are LED manufacturers in the United States.

  • squeaky

    [China has said it will not use exports of so-called rare earth minerals as a diplomatic bargaining tool.] as we slip off the saudi hook onto the chinese hook.

  • Valerie

    #2 September 16, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    Ginger commented:

    Looks like regular skin treatments, to me. No surgery, no down-time, no strange results.

  • yourmaster

    Don’t worry, I have a plan to lower these costs by billions…
    all people have to do is use the blood of liberals/progressives/libtards/global warmists
    as the new energy source for the flourescent lightbulbs and all green jobs.

    only problem is… they need to be massacred first
    ….but your sacrifice will not be in vain libtards for… IT SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT!


  • P. Aaron

    I got yer damn ‘settled science’ right here!

  • dfbaskwill

    One of Thomas Edison’s original bulbs has been burning continuously since he first turned it on. These stupid bulbs will never do that.

  • mg4us

    Beside these bulbs being indebted to the Chinese, they are environmentally hazardous materials for disposal and when they break. . they they get discarded, they will pollute and contaminate our water supplies and water tables. . . and may even get into our food supply. .

    Think mercury was bad. . the stuff in this is mercury on steroids. . .

    As for China and how they play. . look at this coming to a theater near you:

  • Rock

    WTF strikes again, what a waste of DNA. Only difference between WTF and a snail, Escargot is not cheap, WTF a cheap empty suite.
    I have always argued WTF was not stupid, I stand corrected, he is, his handlers are not. Dummy on a string, comes to mind.

  • Sasja

    In one of our inserts the city sends with our water/garbage bill, we were instructed to dispose of these idiotic bulbs by taking them to the hazardous waste site. They are not to be included with the regular trash pick up. I am buying up incandescents, Sylvania before GE, where I can find them.

  • KOW

    I will say that these bulbs do last a long time. I was changing bulbs 3 or 4 times a year, now one of these has last 2 years, that being said, my mom broke one and just picked up the pieces. I told her that there was hazardous material in it, nothing has happened, but she is 74, not good.

    Of course fracking is bad, but all the mercury now being sent to landfills, that is fine, because we are saving our preventing Global Warming.

  • mg4us

    Perhaps this is Obama’s strategy . . . use the dimwit bulbs so he can be the brightest in the room. . lol lol lol


    Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced and radical too!

  • Taqiyyotomist


    F’n hilarious, (hey, sometimes he does this rare thing!):

    (The Political Commentator, via, condensed from a 195-character link — via the magic that is tinyurl — leaving me 195 characters with which to have my way.. So to speak.)

    Jon Stewart on Obama’s “Jobs Speech”. If you laugh out loud only once today, it may be from watching this clip.

    Besides, tomorrow is The “DAY OF RAGE!!!!!”, a peaceful assembly of leftists in several American cities, planned for months by peaceful demonstrators who will kick your windows in and assault you randomly.

    Laugh today, at least.

  • Bob Z

    I’m sure Sores and Buffett will make some money from this and gladly pay some extra taxes